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My Learning to Use the Search Engine, Yahoo

Yahoo, Here we go!

Table of Contents
My First Attempt at Using the Yahoo Search Engine
Where do I go From Here?
Beginning My Yahoo Search on What I'm Afraid of
Using Yahoo's Options
I Typed in the Word "Phobias", and Look What I Got
Checking Out the Links
Searching on Related Topics
My Experience as a Web Searcher
The Potential of Search Engines
A List of Relevant Links

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My First Attempt at Using the Yahoo Search Engine

Welcome to the age of computers! If you are here reading this
web page then you already have some idea what that is all about. I am pretty new to this, but I am learning. I am going to give a detailed report on my first ever web search. Being my first search ever, I have to pick a place to start. I guess the first order of business is to choose a search engine. The search engine that I am going to use is Yahoo. Why Yahoo? I don't know. Why not? It has an appealing name and I guess that is why I chose it. The second order of business, is picking a topic to search on. For this report, the topics to choose from were limited by Doctor James, to G3's databases. From those databases, I chose to search on what I'm afraid of. Being somewhat of a woory wart, (not a scardy cat, so don't even think it!), being able to explore some of the things that I'm afraid of appealed to me. Anyway, here goes, and if you want to find out how it went, read for yourself!

To summarize what I said before, in case you weren't paying attention, I chose Yahoo: as my search engine. By looking through the G3 databases I decided to conduct my Yahoo search on what I'm afraid of. I figured that this would be a topic that Yahoo would have a lot of related links for, and I was right. Even though, I have never used the Yahoo search engine before I discovered that it was pretty easy to do.

To conduct a net search in netscape, you first have to double click on the net search button. Once you click on this, a bunch of different search engines are available for you to click on. To get to Yahoo, you simply have to click on Yahoo. Once you click on Yahoo, you enter the Yahoo search engine database.

Once I entered the Yahoo database for the first time, by scrolling up and down, I made a point to read everything that was on the screen. On that first screen, is a window where you can type in what you want to search on. There is also, links like: headlines, scoreboard, stock quotes, what's new, what's cool, and write us. Then below that, is a bunch of yahoo topic categories alphabetically from arts to sports. In addition, there is also links and descriptions of all the other search engines.

Where do I go From Here?

The first thing that I decided to click on was what's new. I decided to click on that out of curiosity. I do not know exactly what I was expecting to find. I just wanted to see where it would take me. It took me to a page full of links and descriptions of the links. The links included stuff like, new daily additions, current events, and picks of the week, basically, not surprising, things that pertained to what was new. I didn't read it all that closely because I wasn't very interested in what I saw. I did take some notes and also bookmarked it for future reference. To get back to the search window I simply clicked the back button until I was back to the search window.

Beginning My Yahoo Search on What I'm Afraid of

To begin my Yahoo search on what I'm afraid of, I first had to think of the things that I'm afraid of and things that basically would instill fear in any normal human being. To get a good idea, I scanned through the G3 databases, on what I'm afraid of, to get some ideas on things to look for. While milling all of this over, lots of searchable things popped into my head. Things like: dying, nightmares, chronic illnesses, accidents, spiders and other creepy crawlees, getting robbed or assaulted, phobias, monsters, and then everyday worries like money and school.

The first thing that I typed into the search window was "phobias". I decided to first start with phobias because I thought that there would be a lot of things that I could find on phobias. I also know that phobias are a great source of fear to people inflicted with them. I myself, am phobic about spiders, and especialy bees and wasps. Hence, I figured that this would be a great place for me to start searching about what I'm afraid of. I didn't have to write this down or consult anyone, I just thought of it and decided to start there.

I also thought of different kinds of phobias to narrow it down, and as a backup plan incase there were no yahoo matches on phobias. Some of the variations included arachnaphobia, claustraphobia, and agoraphobia. I decided, that I would use claustraphobia and agoraphobia as a last resort, because I was more intrested on doing my search on general phobias and arachnaphobia. I feel confident that I will find a lot of information by just starting my search with the word phobia. I feel that it is highly unlikely that there will be no matching yahoo sites. However, if it turns out that there isn't any, I will just have to try some of my alternatives.

Using Yahoo's Options

The type of search that I made, was a simple search by category search. The category being, phobias. I then clicked on the options link. The options that were already selected were: Find only new listings added during the past three years, find listings that contain all keys, consider keys to be substrings, and to display twenty five listings per page. I decided that I wouldn't change these options, and left them as is. I left them as is because they made sense to me. I mean, it made a lot of sense to just find new listings. I also obviosly wanted to find listings that contained all keys, otherwise, I would probably have to sift through a lot of irrelevant material. I also decided that twenty five listings per page would be sufficient. The only option that I didn't understand was the one about considering keys to be substrings. I decided that I would leave it as is, but keep in mind that if I ran into difficulties with my search, I would change that option and see what happened. However, I found plenty of matching yahoo categories, so it wasn't neccessary.

I Typed in the Word "Phobias", and Look What I got

When I entered phobias into the search window and then pressed "enter", the first thing I noticed, because it was the biggest thing, was the Yahoo search engine logo with links to other yahoo sites. Then as I looked down, I saw to my delight that there was nine matching yahoo sites. Since, it appeared as though my search was going to be successful, I scrolled down the page to take a look at what the matching sites were. After first scanning down the page I first figured out what the option that I didn't understand meant. Do you remember the one about considering keys to be substrings? Well, what this means is that there is a main Directory, for example; Regional:U.S. States:Ohio:Cities:Lakewood:Health would be the main or parent directory and yahoo searches within that to find subdirectories that contain information on the word that was typed in. In this case, it was phobias. Yahoo then lists the parent directories and the subdirectories that are relevant.

Anyway, as I took a closer look, and read everything that was on that first page, I noticed that all of the sites appeared to be about curing phobias or obsessive compulsive disorders, and not about the histories or origins of phobias. I was hoping, to find articles more about that then about the cures. However, I was still intrested in finding out more, even if it wasn't exactly what I expected to find. So, after looking at these first results for about fifteen minutes, I decided that I would go ahead and click on some of the links and see what happened.

Checking out the Links

The first link that I clicked on was
curing phobias, shyness, and obsessive compulsive disorders. I clicked on this one first because it was the first one that sparked an intrest in me. I wasn't quite sure where this would take me or where I would go from there, but I dredged on in spite of these uncertainties. I figured the best way to explore the results was to read the whole page, take notes, bookmark it for future reference, and then explore any interesting links.

After clicking, I landed on a page that was about Doctor Howard Liebgold a.k.a Doctor Fear. This page gave a brief discription on what he specialized in, mainly curing phobias and obssesive compulsive disorders, and it also listed his credentials. The main purpose of this web page was to promote his book, which you could click on and get a sneak preview, and if you liked it, you could purchase it for twenty one dollars. I was a bit surprised at this, because I had never realy surfed the web, so I didn't know that there was a lot of advertisement. However, after thinking it over, I realized that it should have been pretty obvious to me that people would use the internet for advertisement, because it is a relatively inexpensive way to reach a lot of people.

After exploring that first link, I went back and began searching some of the other links, using the same method as described above. I found similar results, that is, that most of the web sites gave brief descriptions of their therapies and the doctors credentials. Then they gave previews of their book and instructions for obtaining the book. However, there was one link I clicked that was very intresting and informative. It was the link Freedom From Fear Forever. This link was about Dr. James Durlacher's ACU POWER method for curing phobias. He claims that his treatment is permanent because it is a physiological process. Also at this site you can learn more about the physiological impacts of fear on the body. Pretty interesting stuff.

Searching on Related Topics

As I said before, I have a personal phobia about spiders and some other nasty creatures. Therefore, I wanted to find out a little more abut arachnophobia, so I typed it into the search window. Unfortuantely, yahoo found no matching sites. So, I typed in spiders instead. Yahoo found thirty five matching sites. A lot of the sites were not relevant to the type of spiders that I had in mind. However, I did explore a few of the links one in particular, The Internet Jungle. This was a sort of petstore where you could get a brief description of many different types of spiders and their origins. Then, if you are interested you can purchase one (NO THANKYOU!!). Anyway, it was pretty interesting, reading about the different types of spiders.

My Experience as a Web Searcher

Quantitative evaluation of the overall experience
(1) What was your overall level of self-confidence as a searcher?
High: +3 +2 +1 0 -1 -2 -3 Low
(2) What was your stress level?
Highly stressful: -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 Relaxing
(3) How satisfied are you with the ease of using this search engine?
Satisfied: +3 +2 +1 0 -1 -2 -3 Not Satisfied
(4) How useful to you were the results?
Useful: +3 +2 +1 0 -1 -2 -3 Not useful
(5) Did the results give you a better understanding of the topic?
Now clearer: +3 +2 +1 0 -1 -2 -3 Now more confused
(6) How likely is it that you'll find what you need in a future search?
Likely: +3 +2 +1 0 -1 -2 -3 Not likely

As you can see from my table, I believe that my search was pretty successful. From the start I never believed that I would have any problems conducting my search. The way the search engines are set up, makes it very easy to use. I also, was able to find a lot of interesting and valuable information about phobias and spiders. I think that in the future, I will be able to use search engines, to find what I want effectively.

The Potential of Search Engines

Through my experience using search engines, I think that they are very useful resource tools. You can access a wide array of information at the touch of a button. You also, have a ton of different search engines to choose from, so the amount of information that you can find on a subject is virtually limitless. Although, I found a lot of irrelevant information during my search, I still found it to be very interesting material. One drawback, I found, is that there is a lot of advertisement on the internet that you have to weed through. I guess, with practice, it will become much easier to recognize what information is not important.

A List of Relevant Links

Yahoo Yahoo, the database search engine
Curing phobias, shyness,and obsessive compulsive disorders. A preview to Doctor Howard Liebgold's book.
Beyond Shyness For individuals who are experiencing problems with social anxiety, shyness, social phobias, social skills or unstable relationships.
Freedom From Fear Forever teaches the 21st century alternative technique effectively eliminating your fears, phobias, anxieties, addictions, post-traumatic stress and self-sabotage.
Mastering Phobias Hypnotic therapies for curing phobias.
R. Pecarve, Inc Demystify hypnosis with Canada's leading Hypnotherapist. Stop smoking, lose weight, phobias, fears, stress, anxiety, etc.
Creative Life Change Institute Susan Wright, PhD, is a masters level neurolinguistic therapist. We specialize in phobias, disorders, hyponosis and many other areas.
Arachnomania specializes in the sale of theraphosid (Tarantula) spiders.
Internet Jungle everything from snakes to spiders.

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