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Who Am I?

I study the most powerful thing in the world which is located within the skull. I am a senior in psychology at the University of Hawaii and I graduate this December 1996 (finally!). However, I do hope I have many more years of school because I will be applying to medical school to become a doctor. What do I like? I like to watch and play practically every sport. I also like to lift weights and hit the beach.

My Reports

Report 1: Studying the Online Generational Curriculum in Traffic Psychology- a brief look into the online generational curriculum for education; also tips on how to do a personality driving makeover.

Report 2: My Learning to Use Web Search Engines: Yahoo- a diary of the experience in searching for information on mantra meditation in Yahoo.

Topical Index-a listing of reports 1&2 broken down into an alphabetical listing of key words and phrases for easier reference.

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