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gemini-gal   03/18/01 11:44 PM             Verbal Road Rage


 This weekend, I went to Walmart with my cousin, her boyfriend and my sister. My cousin's boyfriend was driving and everything was okay until we approached the H-2 freeway. We were just passing the stadium exit on our way to the H-2 when we saw a cop and a Euro car pulled to the side. The cop was writing out a speeding ticket and gave it to the driver of the Euro. My cousin's boyfriend yelled out to the cop and the Euro car "Yeah, good for you, you f@$kin Euro"! Of course he yelled that out with all of the windows rolled up. We were all taken aback by his angry response. I asked my cousin's boyfriend, "did you know that guy?" He said no. Then I said "Why did you say that for?" My cousin, in his defense, said "he hates Euros." I found that answer quite interesting and weird. How can someone have so much hatred for a certain type of car? Then I said, "you just exhibited verbal road rage." I don't think he cared because when we were leaving Walmart, he flipped the bird to another Euro car that was in the farthest left lane on the freeway! Geez, he REALLY has a problem with Euro cars. I wanted to ask him why but I didn't want to pry and psychoanalyze him in front of my cousin and sister. I thought to myself, what's with his anger? I guess all I can come up with now is that it has something to do with that good old classical conditioning theory. Euro cars are the conditioned stimulus and anger is his conditioned response. But that doesn't really solve anything and doesn't fully explain his verbal road rage. The last thing that I can apply to this situation (for now at least) is that in a car with tinted windows, he was artificially detached and isolated from other drivers and it could have fostered his irrational and impulsive thoughts. His anger came out of nowhere because he didn't even know who the drivers in the Euro cars were and they never did anything to spite him. He created his own rage. Is this kind of self rage a new kind of rage where people create it out of nowhere just to feel powerful? That's a tough one to call and I don't know what to make of it! Any ideas?


BC3   03/20/01 7:09 PM            RE: S City Hall rage


 Yes, I agree, those people should take more pride in their work. But I think one reason they don't care is because they don't want to work there, they have to because they can't find better jobs. Plus, if you're stuck in a job for a certain amount of time, why hurry, there is no quota they have to fullfill, so why even try. Yes, beauracracy is a great thing. Don't worry though, just remember that the best way to get a job in hawaii is to know someone in the inside. To those city hall people "caring" for people is not job 1, it's not even job 2, hell, it's probably not even on the list of goals in their coffee office. (Oh, can you tell I've had to visit one of these sites recentely, it was a taxing jaunt all in itself). In short, I feel for you.


JEDI1x 03/19/01 4:53 PM                      S City Hall rage


 It's that time of the month. No, it's time to renew my car registration. So, the city hall in ala moana has been renovated a couple of years ago. Are the city merchandise, such as HPD t-shirts and mugs suppose to make me feel better about going in there? I approached a line of thirty people. And we all created an aura of impatience. Long line, expensive fee's, I really love doing this.What really made it worse was the workers behind the counters. This is how I felt...I was ignored, treated like I was stupid because I simply asked if they had a stamp for my check, listened to them giggle and whisper and talk about the previous person they helped as the guy next to me and I gave each other "I feel your pain" kind of look. Is the job that unfulfilling that they don't care, or is the job so fulfilling that they don't care? If they can get away with that*@#%, hey sign me up for the next city and county job! One day someone is going to go ballistic and drive an expired car through there. Ah, the beauty of irony.


charisseo   03/21/01 1:09 PM     RE: Doggie shower rage!!


 well, i'm glad to hear that your dogs got a nice clean bath! as for them giving you a hard time on your bad days.. maybe your dogs out smarted you, again. maybe your dogs aren't giving you a hard time for havinng a bad day. maybe they just know when you are having a bad day and as their andetdote they make troubles to you as a way to get your mind off it! i'm not totally serious about dogs knowing how humans feel and stuff, but i wouldn't be too surprised :)


shaun56   03/19/01 5:21 PM                   Doggie shower rage!!


 Okay, here it is!! Today I decided to give my pups a bath. Since I unwillingly and unfortunately attained the nickname of "Stinky" (courtesy of a nice and sweet C.O.), I decided to not let my dogs follow after me. Okay I had the hardest time giving my dogs a bath today. Usually they are very good about bath-time, but today was entirely different. IFirst of all, I could not get them into the shower. They seemed as though there was a ghost in the shower or something. Secondly, while giving them a bath, they would not stay still. I could not keep them from moving all around and playing with each other. Lastly, they did not want to be wiped. What kind of wet dog does not want to be dry?? Anyways, I think they voluntarily decided to give me a hard time. It's like they can sense me and my bad days; and they are always naughty on my bad days. All I can say is that it is over, and they smell goooood! But, they are still messing with me right now as I am typing this, I guess they just wanna play. See ya later gotta wrestle!!


cjn   03/19/01 9:15 PM self-rage about bus pass


 This morning I got on the bus showing my bus pass to the driver only the bus pass that I showed was that of febuary. I did not realize that I had forgotten this month's pass at home until the driver pointed it out to me. I was surprised and mad at myself for not being careful about such a thing. I should have checked it before I left. I have taken it out on friday but forgot to put it back. I was about to pay the dollar for the ride but the driver stopped me and told me that it was ok. It was actually when I sat down that I felt mad at myself. Then I checked to see in my wallet if I had one dollar bills to get back home and was again disappointed. I had none. During the ride, I kept thinking about getting some change and even thinking about what I could buy in order to get change. I had to think about it because I did not want to end up with something I did not need. Once the bus got to the campus, I thanked the driver for letting me on the bus and I explained what happened. He was so understanding. He even handed me a bus transfer for my return. I was so happy and grateful. He made my self-rage disappear in just a simple gesture and smile.


TVR   03/22/01 12:47 PM                      RE: more grad session rage


 yup, I know exactly what you mean. I've also been trying to get a grad session for a long time already. But, it wasn't the people at the Arts and Sciences that were giving me a hard time. It was the people at the Psychology department. You know how you have to turn in your golden road forms so they can evaluate them first before they sign it off. Guess what, they lost my forms and I had to do them all over again. I wanted to get into the grad session in march but now I'm stuck in the april one. Anyways, at least they fixed the problem about my forms and hopefully now I'm ready to grad from this ridicuous school already. I've been here to long already!!!


mightymousesa   03/21/01 10:08 PM                   RE: more grad session rage


 I totally agree with you on that one!! But the only way to combat the evil forces that try to keep us in college forever is to do three things: 1) figure out what your goal is (in your case graduation) 2)locate someone in the psych advisement department or the arts and sciences advisement department and make them get to know you and your goal. 3)The final thing and most important is to ask every possible question imaginable, no matter if you think you know the answer and write down all the information discussed. Then have them re-read it to make sure the information is correct.By doing these three things you are holding your contacts responsible for the inormation they give you. I have come to find out that very few people care about your success here at UH, so you have to watch out or yourself. It stinks!!!!!


kathyhirokane 03/20/01 6:06 PM            more grad session rage


 i have one thing to say: i hate school!!!!i called to make an appointment for a grad session and was pretty happy since they finally had openings. well, the girl on the phone said that i had to turn in my goldenrod form first before i could even make an appointment!! what is up with that?? and when i did pick up my goldenrod forms at the psych department, they didn't explain what i had to do, even after i asked them. i am now convinced that this school is trying to make us stay here as long as possible! i'm never going to get out of here! why do they make things so hard for students? i am pretty irritated!


BC3   03/20/01 7:02 PM            Rain Rage


 I can't believe how many accidents were on the pali this past weekend. I was going home and ran into the biggest traffic jam I have ever seen on the pali. In total there were 15 stalls and even a head on collision. Talk about rage! I think everyone, including myself was about as mad as possible. It took me an hour and a half to travel the distance I usually cover in 20 minutes. I really think I had a right to vent though, I mean come on, I left in plenty of time to get home, how was I supposed to know it would take almost 5 times as long to get where I wanted to go! Of course I wasn't the worst, there were the maniacs who tried to change lanes every 5 seconds, that got old real fast. Be mad, but stay in your lane and we'll all get there a lot faster.


purple848 03/25/01 1:04 PM      RE: waiting for bus rage


 I sometimes take the Express bus. I noticed that, too, that the bus drivers sometimes make people wait before they start driving the bus. Maybe the drivers who arrived the bus stop earlier than the scheduled time wait until the time they are supposed to start driving. Some drivers don't even let people get on the bus while they are talking to a guard in the booth on our school. It is unpleasant to wait outside under the sunshine, so before they go talking to the guard, they should let people get on the bus and explain why and how many minutes they have to wait before the bus will take off. Yes, the drivers need to be concerned about the people who take the bus.


lavaflow 03/23/01 6:39 PM        RE: waiting for bus rage


 Was this happend to you in the late afternoon? It's happened to me a couple of times when I tried to catch the express in the afternoon. One time I saw three buses in a row that said "NOT IN SERVICE" when there were many people already had waitedd quite long. I got really frustrated at the time because I could have walked home or caught a regular bus instead of waisting time. I saw two or three regular ones passed by when I finally could get on the express. I can imagine how frustrated you were at the time of this incident. I think the drivers don't care about passengers for making them wait.


cjn   03/20/01 9:35 PM             waiting for bus rage


 Right after class, I thought I would catch the express instead of the usual bus. I knew I would be waiting but I did not expect to wait that long and have to witness little incidents which increased my rage even more. So while I was waiting, one bus came but was not in service so I just looked at it drive away, away from us people standing there waiting. Then finally comes the second bus and it was crowded as hell. Just a few feet away from passing the door, the driver makes us wait while he is talking to a colleague who apparently has been waiting for him to come so the driver kept on talking. I assumed that they were talking about technical problems another bus must have had; at least I hope they were otherwise, it would be just rude to make us wait any longer. Once on the bus, it was really really crowded. I kept wondering where the other buses were and why the first bus was not in service when there were so many of us at the bus stop. I just wanted to get to my destination and out of this bus. Stopping at almost every traffic lights was not even helping at all with the situation. My rage slowly died down as I got off the bus and walk home.


skyblue   03/21/01 9:36 AM                   SWR#9: To Sleep or Not to Sleep


 The night before I intended to stay awake in the evening so I can continue writing my self-observation report for psychology and go to sleep around 10:30 pm since I have to drop off my mom to work at 5:30 am the next morning. Instead of staying up late to finish my work, my eyes and body felt sluggish around 6:00 pm and I just couldn't keep myself awake any longer, so I set my alarm to wake me up at 6:30 pm. I didn't feel energized when I woke up so I slept until 8:00 pm. Then, I finally took out my pen and paper and began doing my homework. What really irritated me was I felt that I wasted two hours of essential time that could've been well spent on completing the assignment. However, I struggled with the idea of "Should I go to sleep?" or "Should I stay awake because I can finish the assignment earlier?". However, I knew if I didn't go to sleep, I wouldn't have been able to think clearly and write all my thoughts down on paper.


Watashi_No 03/22/01 12:53 PM             RE: SWR#10: Picky Eater Rage


 Wow, that is a picky eater. I thought my cousin was a picky eater when she wouldn't eat green onions in her saimin, or take out the pickles and lettuce in hamburgers. And after you said that he wanted the pizza too. If that were my dad and he brought home pizza for me and I didn't want to eat it because it was brown on the bottom, he would have told me go to my room, and starve then. There was and is no if's and's or but's about eating something. If a person in my family doesn't like what someone cooked then either make yourself something or don't eat at all. Even though he is still young, he should appreciate what is given to him. It's sad only because my other cousins, who are 6 and 7 now are exactly like what you described, but the only thing is my uncle caters to them. If it's too brown he'll either cook another one, or scrape or cut off the piece they don't like. It gets me angry, but if that is the way he wants to raise his kids...but when they get into the real world I hope they realize that things arent' going to be so simple.


skyblue   03/21/01 10:04 AM                  SWR#10: Picky Eater Rage


 I have a cousin who is five years old and is such a picky eater. My uncle brought home fresh cheese pizza from Pizza Hut just for him (my cousin). Cheese pizza is one of my cousins' favorite food, so I was surprised when he wouldn't eat his fresh pipin' hot pizza just because the underneath of the crust was brown. The crust wasn't burned or black! If anyone consumes pan pizza, you probably know what I'm talking about! My family and I (except my uncle) scolded my cousin because he should be thankful that he has food to eat because there are other starving children out there in this world. I began fuming internally when my cousin still wouldn't take a bite of his pizza. He sat on the chair and had such a long frown on his face! I just don't understand my cousin! He has eaten cheese pizza from Pizza Hut many times before so why didn't he consume his food when he asked my uncle to buy it for him. Any explanation or reason?


meow24 03/21/01 2:41 PM        RE: watch your kid rage!


 one of my personal logo is do not have kids if you can't take care of them. i really hate those people who have children w/out thinking and planning ahead. eventually, they will ask their family and friends to help raise the kids, babysit them, and so on. i don't know why they can't think ahead.i've been married for over 3 years and my parents and relatives are constantly asking me why i don't have kids yet. i tell them im not ready to have babies yet. but honestly, i don't want to have children. its a real big responsibility and i dont know if i can handle it. i want to get a good job and enjoy my life. i want to travel around the world. i don't know if i can do all these if i have kids. i know there are a lot of people w/ children and do things i have listed here, but not me. plus, its not like i can just throw away or return it if i don't want them anymore. i gave a lot of thoughts about having babies, but it just wasn't for me and my husband. fortunately, my husband agrees w/ me.i think other people should really think about what they can do for their kids and if they can really give them what they plan to give them. because in many cases, you just can't do all that and it will be the children who will suffer for your thoughtless decision.


Dahlin 03/21/01 2:12 PM           RE: watch your kid rage!


 It is the parents' responsibility to watch their children. No matter where you are the parent or the adult caretaker should assume total supervision of the child. I can't stand it when people come over with their small children and allow them to run wild. I expect children to not leave the room and go into another room and bang on things and pull things out. I think that is common sense to not allow your child to do something like that. I hate to say something, like "Can you not let your child do that". I hate even worse to go chasing after anothers' kid. I just want to scream at these people to do their job. One time I went to a get together and a father had brought his six month old baby. He seemed to forget about the baby and left it with the women, who had their own babies, and went over by the men. I thought what a inconsiderate jerk!


charisseo   03/21/01 12:58 PM                watch your kid rage!


 yesterday afternoon i was driving down north king street. i stopped at this really long red light, so once it turned green i was ready to go. shortly after the light turned green i noticed a car parked in the driveway of one of the small shops on the side. from the car three women and a little todder were getting out of the car. all the women were getting out but no one had a hold of the baby. so the toddler walked toward sidewalk then all of a sudden began to run toward traffic. i slowed downed till i stopped as the todder ran toward traffic! one of the ladies yelled at the other and other lady, finally, grabbed the todder as he was about to step onto the road from the curb. i could not believe that out of the three women no one thought of picking up the toddler as soon as the door opened. it kinda scared me to think that what if i did not get stuck at that long red light would i have been able to notice the toddler running toward traffic?


Dahlin 03/21/01 2:00 PM           neighborhood kids rage


 The unit next to my house is vacant right now. My family and I noticed some activity over there and saw a few of the neighborhood girls go in and out. I did not recognize one of the girls so I just assumed that her and her family had moved in. Later that day my husband and I noticed that the front and back doors of that house were wide open. When we came back they were still wide open. My husband went in to see if everything was alright. He found toys, candy and other little trinkets thrown all over the place. He went upstairs and found no one there. He attempted to lock the back door and noticed that the lock was broken. Those neighborhood little girls had either broken the lock or found the door open and played around in that vacant house. Where were the parents? Where were the parents all day long, because I noticed sporatic activity all day there.I was angry because those unsupervised girls could have turned on the burners and burned the entire complex down. It futher angred me to think that I always see those same sisters running wild around the place. I never see the parents even open the door to see where they are.The next day I saw one of the girls near the gate of the vacant house. I asked her if she had gone into that house yesterday, she replied "no". I thought you little liar. I said "you didn't go into that house yesterday?". She again said "no". I told her to stay away from that house and not go into it. Then she kind of mad dogged me and walked away. I thought you little sh!t!!


SpoiledBrat 03/25/01 6:19 PM                RE: cat hair rage


 I completely understand what you are talking about. I have two chihuahua's and they constantly shed. All dark colored clothes have to be kept in a separate place away from the animals. I hate it when it's summer time and they shed a lot. Their fur is everywhere and no matter how much it is cleaned up there is always fur around. I use to have a rabbit and they shed a lot too. I use to vacuum him and he did not mind it. He actually liked it. I wish my dogs liked to be vacuumed. The worst thing about their fur is when my allergies are kicking in. The fur just makes it worst.


virtual-b 03/22/01 12:53 PM                   RE: cat hair rage


 Cats are like that. Long-haired cats are a nuisance. I have one at home. My cat sheds hair too, however what peeves me more is the flee problem. My cat is finally cured of flees. But previously, I tried flee collars, baths, shampoos, etc. None of them worked. Then I went to the veterinarian, paid fifty bucks and all's fine. Pets can cause rage, even though pets are said to have a relaxing and calming effect on people. I remember when my cat clawed everything in sight. But with patience and a designated stratching rug, everything is cool.


meow24 03/21/01 3:02 PM        cat hair rage


 i can't believe how much hair my cat is losing... my sister has a cat too, but her cat doesn't lose as much as my cat does. i have to vacuum everyday, brush her three times a day, and can't wear anything dark. when i brush her w/ the comb, it gets full really fast, so i constantly have to remove her hair from the brush. i think i can even make a sweater out of her shedding hair. =Pshe loves being hold, so she's constantly asking me to pick her up, but my nose and skin get itch when i hold her. i don't know if she's sick or what.. i'm really tired of having to clean home everyday.. i hope she will stop shedding so much hair soon. she literally became a hairball..


cjn   03/24/01 8:58 PM RE: computer lab rage


 It's so funny how sometimes people think that because they are talking in a different language, nobody can understand them. This is why I am careful about what I say especially in public places. Some people may not appear to be speaking your language but one has to be very careful. I think you were right to let them know how you felt. It would make them think twice before they decide to air out their private stories the next time. More power to you


cjn   03/24/01 9:17 PM RE: computer lab rage


 I have to disagree with you on this. I think the Chinese are the ones who talk the loudest. I always try to stay away from them when I am on the bus or in other places. This might sound mean but I do. I admit it. I don't like it when they talk loud. It annoys me, and it gives me a headache. This might be weird to hear me say this but it's true and I am Chinese. I think that Japanese are nice people. I think it depends on some Japanese people too. The next time, try to notice how loud the Chinese speak. Oh, I just thought about Koreans. They are also as loud as the Chinese. My neighbors are Koreans and they can speak very loud. Sometimes I think they are arguing but I have no idea what they are talking about and I don't want to know. I don't want to sound like I'm putting down Asian people. It's just something that I have noticed. Anyway, anybody who talks that loud gives me a headache, especially when I don't want to be bothered. Many times, I've been waken up in the middle of the night by my neighbors'conversation outside my bedroom. It's really irritating, especially when you're too tired to get up and let them know how you feel, so you end up listening to the whole thing.


lavaflow 03/23/01 6:31 PM        RE: computer lab rage


 I've noticed a couple of times that Japanese people tend to talk loud in many public places. I don't know if it's because of nature of the language or type of voices of Japanese. But somehow their conversation sounds a lot louder than other people talking loud in some other language. I often annoyed by them when caught a bus coming from Waikiki because many Japanese were talking really loud and it was like a school bus for elementary school children (the children might behave better). I thought it was funny that the lab monitor left his seat because he misunderstood that you were giving him a clue. I have to admit that I probably talking loud when I'm with my friends and that may causing other people to be annoyed.


snowhawaii 03/21/01 7:43 PM                computer lab rage


 I was working on my homework at the computer lab this afternoon. Two Japanese studnts were talking. They were not just talking, talking LOUD!! They were talking about their private story. Usually we don't talk loud to let others hear our private story.But they were speaking Japanese, so they might think they didn't have to worry about somebody can hear them. But I was there, and heard every single words what they were saying.Not intentionally, they were just talking so loud.It was so disturbing. I tried to read the book, but their loud voice disrupted me.I was irritated. And looked at them, but they were facing the other side. So I cleared throat. They didn't realize. Instead the lab monitor who was talking on his celphone went out the room because he thought I cleared thoroat because of him. The guy and the girl were still talking loud as if they wanted people to listen to them. I wanted the lab monitor to tell them to talk softer. But he didn't.Finally, I stood up, and told them to talk low!Since I told them in Japanese, they looked really astonished because they assumed they were the only Japanese in the lab,and probably never expected somebody else could understand what they were saying. But it's not my fault that heard their private story. It was them that didn't pay any attention to others!


mightymousesa   03/21/01 10:24 PM                   If your going to do a job, do it right!!


 I am sick and tired of the lack of responsibility and pride people take in their work out here. It appears that people only care about doing a good job if it will give them an immediate positive effect to themselves. As a result this greatly affects their customer service abilities. The other day I was in a restaurant with a group of friends. One friend in particular had already eaten. She asked the waiter if it was all right that she be seated with us even though she was not planning on ordering anything. He (the waiter)goes on with this long speech on how cheap it looks to come to a restaurant and not eat but if that's what she wanted to do then go ahead. We were all shocked and wanted to leave but she insisted we stay. So we did. As the night progressed she decided to order a diet pepsi. He then goes and brings her a regular pepsi. As soon as she tastes it she realizes the mistake. When he comes by again she explains the mix up and asks for the diet again. But rather than saying sorry he says "Oh well, what do I care it's not not like you were tipping any way!" I was shocked and the whole table was full of dropped jaws. We promptl left and left a two cent tip so that he was aware that we had not forgotten and then spoke to the manager. What happened to him I will never know. But I do know that Goldman would say this man had the EQ of a door knob!!!


Watashi_No 03/22/01 12:42 PM             Riding a Bicycle Rag


 The other day I was riding my bike and this happens more often than when it doesn't happen, but a car clipped my bike handle bar and I almost fell off and hurt myself. I think that some drivers can't judge how fast the bicyclist is going, so I have seen some near accidents where the bike just barely stops in time so as not to get hurt by the racing car. I've also seen that some cars can't judge how far away they will come to the bicyclist and some cars really do come very, very close!! I usually try to go the back roads and stay out of the main roads, but it's hard sometimes. And some of the bike paths isn't anything that I would call a bike path. It is really tiny and bumpy, that is why some bicyclists ride on the road because sometimes the road is smoother. I don"t understand why drivers must pass pedestrians or bicyclists at top speeds and try to beat the bike so they don"t have to stop!! I mean that people have to think that a person walking, riding a bike, or riding the bus for that matter, is one less person on the road driving! That means that there is one less car to clutter up the roadway. But no....people (drivers!) have to speed around, knowing full well that if they get into an accident with a bicyclist or a pedestrian it is the pedestrian that is going to get hurt!! It just makes me mad that some drivers think that they are the only ones on the road when there are other people, who are not in cars, that need to use the roadway sometimes also. It's scary too, because I remember on the news last week that a lady was hit by a car and she was riding her bike, and it was a hit and run. Please as drivers, be courteous to other people that need to road too, just remember that the car wont get damaged that much, but the person may be seriously injured.


MAX676 03/25/01 11:45 PM                 RE: Stink people rage!!


 I'm glad you found a way to cage the rage. I came across a similar situation in a class where we were watching a video. It was pretty bad. It's really agrivating and totally uncomfortable because in an elavator you are stuck. You are fortunate that it was only a couple minutes, although it probably felt like an eternity. Imagine how many people had to experience this same stench. It's really difficult for me to tell someone they stink, because you never know how they are going to react, but I bet some people do it. It may hurt this persons feelings, but he will probably think twice about carrying a deodarent stick. Although, the chances you run into this same dude is highly unlikely, especially because you came across him in an elavator, so you definately did the right thing


meow24 03/24/01 3:11 PM        RE: Stink people rage!!


 whenever that happens, i always wonder whether that stinky person can smell him/herself. in my case, most of them were males. i think it is very rude to attend or go to public places w/ such a horrible smell. i also can't stand people who wears lots of perfume..there is this one guy in my class that really stinks (always). i accidentally sat by him one time and for the rest of the class, i couldn't concentrate on the lecture. i wanted to move, but i was sitting w/ my friend and i didn't want to bother her, so i just sat still breathing through my mouth.. =( i didn't ask my friend if she could also smell it, because she didn't seem to be bother by it.i really wish i could give him a soap to wash up or something!


TVR   03/22/01 1:04 PM                       Stink people rage!!


 Have you ever been in an crowded elevator and there was some horrendous odor that you just couldn't stand. Will this happened to me the other day and this really pissed me off. I had just parked my car in the lower campus parking lot and I wanted to catch the elevator to the top. When the elevator came I could already smell something but I just entered. But, then it got worse. I didn't look if the other people in the elevator were bothered by it but I was!!! I think someone went to the gym and they didn't even wash up. I thought this was so irritating and inconsiderate!! I could feel myself about to rage but I didn't want to make a scene. Especially, in a crowded elevator. Anyways, as soon as the elevator got to the top I just pushed myself out and left. I wanted to say something but I didn't. Later, I was so happy that I didn't make a scene.


virtual-b 03/22/01 1:05 PM                     interview rage


 I had an interview yesterday. But the interviewer was ten minutes late. People say that the interviewee should be about five minutes early, not too early, but late. So, I arrived at the place two or three minutes early. The administrative assistant tells me that the guy is not in, and no one knows where he is or when he will be back. So I explain that I have an appointment with him and tell her that I can wait. So I'm waiting and as the minutes go by, people enter the office. I have no idea how the guy looks like so, I just wait. Finally, the administrative assistant gets up and tells me that I missed him coming in, that I should've stopped him. I explain that I have no idea how mister so and so looks like. She gives me this dubious look and tells me to follow her. That annoyed me, and my interview probably was affected by it. A day later, and I'm still thinking how the situation could've been better handled.


leis 03/22/01 10:16 PM Tip Rage


 My husband and I often go to a Noodle Shop in Waikiki at night.The other day, a waiter who always serve us whenever we go there noticed that we are resident and gave us a member card for resident.He said that using the card, the price was going to be 15% OFF.Last Sunday, as I was so busy and did not want to cook dinner, we went to the noodle shop. Then we found only a new waitress there. As usual, we ordered, ate noodles and asked her to check out for us. As the waiter told us, the price was 15% OFF on the bill. Then we left there with the bill plus tip a little. The reason we left a bit of tip was that the new waitress's attitude was so bad. In spite of our eating, she started to clean up our table! And another reason was that we had heard from somebody that we did not need to give tip at the fast- food shop, which has only a counter table. We always leave the total amount, rounding up the bill. (The waiter who always serves us never complained to us in doing so.) Then when we were about to get out of there, the waitress calls out toward us so rudely, " I haven't got tip, you should remember 15% tip on the bill!" Her attitude was as if it were natural that we gave her tip. First we were astonished and felt upset. She said that Kamaaina price is the price without tip, so you should 15 % tip on the bill. Although my husband is a calm person, he complained strongly. " We customer decide how much tip should be given, not waiters and waitress. We never come back this shop which has such a rude waitress like you" On our way to home, we felt so upset. We understand that workers in such a fast-food shop receive a low wage in Hawaii so that they need tip. However, I feel sad and upset whenever I meet such a rude waitress. Only if her attitude was good, we were pleased to leave tip....


AnimalLover 03/23/01 12:55 AM            Paranoia


 On Tuesday I had to borrow my friends car to go meet my other friend and it was just nerve-wrecking. I usually don't like to drive other people's cars because I don't like the added responsibility, especially since her car is still pretty new and nice, not to mention in really good condition because she is an extremely picky person. The whole time I was driving I was thinking "Be very careful, the last thing you need to do is screw up her car, the only thing worse than having to answer to her is to answer to her parents". I can honestly say that I would have really had road rage if anyone had done anything stupid to me because it wasn't only a responsibility to me, it was also to my friend. I can't tell you how good it felt to get back home and bring her car back in perfect condition.


Gemini-gal   03/23/01 2:56 PM               To strike or not to strike...that is the question!


 Hey all! I know that most of you are concerned about the strike and its implications. I am graduating this semester and I am scared about what's gonna happen about graduation, if it's going to be delayed or not. Anyway, I am all for the teachers getting their raises but I now have mixed emotions about the strike. In my community psychology class, Dr. Marsella voted against the strike. He said that he felt like the students were being held hostage because the teachers were going on strike and the students don't really have a say in its outcome. I really don't know how much leverage the students have against the strike but at this point, I feel utterly helpless and confused. I know that EVERYONE, graduating or not, will be screwed if the strike lasts for a long time. Yeah, we may have an extended spring break vacation but let's put things in perspective here. First, the teachers aren't getting paid for everyday they strike and I don't think they'll be covered by medical insurance if the strike lasts long. The teachers who are going on strike are the very ones that need the pay raises and some live paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet because of the high cost of living in Hawaii. I don't blame them for going on strike to get raises because they truly need it but on the other hand, I don't know how much teachers have deep pockets to cover them for the strike's duration, no matter how long it lasts. I am hoping that it will be a short strike lasting only a week at the longest. Second, what about students that come to class during the strike and can't cross the picket lines. The reason I bring this up is because some students have instructors who are grad assistants that aren't working for a professor but employed under the department. Technically, these TAs need to go to work because they are contracted to work through the administration not faculty. So students in these classes will still need to come to school. How will they be greeted by picketers? I am scared that they'll be threatened and shouted at. But damn, it's not even the students' fault. Is is really worth the student's expense to go on strike? I don't know anymore. I feel that we're being cheated out of our education because we don't have a choice. We just have to go with the flow. And what about tuition? Is there any clause saying that we can sue the school for the refund of our tuition money if the semester is canceled? And sometimes I feel like it would be better to forget the raises and keep the teachers medically insured and keep their retirement credits. It's a complicated situation all around and I am sick and tired of being in the dark about certain things concering this strike and its consequences. I am glad that Dr. Marsella helped some of us shed light on this situation and he gave me a new perspective on the strike. So now, I pose to you the following question: To strike of not to strike? It's your call. What do you think?


Number11BUS   04/03/01 4:11 PM        RE: Hamilton library rage


 Lava flow and gang,Hamilton is about to undergo an asbestos removal. The entire library will be under the paging system until the work is completed. It's not just the paging of certain works. The moving into the new wing is nice and all that, however, the asbestos removal should have been done years ago, as accoring to regulations. But it wasn't and now we get to have books we can't go look for ourselves. The Grad Students and the Professors will be more impacted than the undergrad students--they research all summer too. I hope you get used to the new routine of making a copy of the citation and taking it to circulation--that is the only way you will get a book or a journal for a while. It is going to be very difficult indeed. Go to the Web for the library and read all about it for yourself.Number11BUS


virtual-b 03/31/01 10:23 AM       RE: Hamilton library rage


 Yes, I totally agree with you. A weeks ago, I was walking down the halls in hamilton library, and I noticed that a lot of books were missing. I didn't think much of it, I wasn't looking for books at the time. But then days later, I needed to find material for some personal research. It was then that I found out what a hassle doing research at hamilton library has become. Students must page the circulation desk to get the books that are missing from the shelves, because they are being moved to the new wing of the library. And yes, the lines are long. It was already a chore for me to find the location of where the book should be, now I have to page for the book. Oh well, I'm beginning to hate this university, especially after this semester's hardships.


lavaflow 03/24/01 7:10 PM                    Hamilton library rage


 I've been looking for several journal articles to write my term paper. Because of the renovation in Hamilton library, I have to put request forms at circulation desk in order to get certain journals. This has been really troublesome because there're usually many other people waiting in a line to put their requests too. First I have to print out call numbers for each request and then wait in a line to submit the request. And I have to wait for two hours to have the journals that some of them may not be useful for my reserch topic. I was frustrated few days ago because I couldn't get two out of three journals I requested because they weren't on the shelf. I was told that I had to submit the same request form two days later. I understand that this couldn't be helped but it would be a lot easier if I could go look for the journals by myself like in usual situations.


cjn   03/24/01 8:52 PM             Bus rage again!!! help!!!


 It seems that anything related to the bus is my source of rage. Friday is normally a very good day for me since it announces the weekend and it just happened that it was the last day of school before spring break. I had everything planned in my mind. Right after class, I was supposed to meet with my boyfriend at HPU then from there buy some stuff in chinatown. So I get to the bus stop for the express around 12:30. I see the bus leave but it's ok because I know from past experience that no matter how fast I walk from my class to the bus stop, it always leave so I wait for the next one which usually gets there 5 to 10 minutes after that one leaves. So far so good, I had hope. Then the bus gets there only at 12:45 when at that time it should have already been rolling with us in it. It not only comes with another bus at its tail but also has a "not in service" sign so I tried to calm down a bit. Luckily when the bus approached the stop, it changed its sign. I was happy to get on the bus but it was still very crowded which caused more delays. This incident would not have mattered if my plan for the day was to head home right away but someone was waiting for me and I don't like making someone wait for me. I was furious. Then off we went on the bus, but the trip seemed to last an eternity. Red lights, people getting off, red lights, people getting on, and more red lights. My stop was at the pali but the bus stop just before it was punchbowl. As the bus started to leave the punchbowl stop, it stopped again a few feet away from the stop. It was 1:04PM and apparently, there was something wrong with the bus. The driver got off to check something in the front of the bus. At the beginning I thought he was just adjusting something in the front but he came back in the bus and waited for some times. There was apparently something wrong and he did not even let us, the passengers know what was going on. He left us in the dark. I thought that maybe it would be taken care of soon but I kept seeing those other buses pass by and I was very late. It was 1:15 before I decided to get off the bus and take another one. I was pissed. I was one stop away from my destination. I would have walked if I was just on a regular bus but it was the express. Who knows how many regular stops there are in between before the pali stop. I should have reacted sooner but I kept hoping that something good would come out of this situation. Anyway, I got to my destination very upset. My boyfriend ended up waiting for 45 minutes when I usually take 15 minutes. It was a hell of a day. I did not want the rest of the afternoon to be ruined so I distracted my mind from this rage incident and I was fine. What a way to start spring break!


purple848 03/29/01 4:07 PM      RE: Funeral rage???


 We all should attend the funeral solemnly because it is a time we send off a person who ended his or her precious life. Leaving the phone on while the funeral is indiscrate enough already, but this person answered the pheone?! I can't beleive how a person can be so inconsidereate. If I was the family member who held the funeral, I would want to ask the person to leave. I would tell him that we don't need him to be present at the funeral of my family member. And about the kids who were misbehaving during the viewing, I think it's their parents faults not to teach the kids how serious to attend the ceremony related to a person who passed away. If they can't behave, the parents should have left them home in the first place. It is very sad that there are people who cannot take the fact about a person's life has ended gravly and misbehave in the funeral.


kathyhirokane 03/25/01 2:51 PM            RE: Funeral rage???


 hey sherri. sorry to hear about your friend's dad. i had a similar experience at baron's grandma's funeral. baron's cousin's kid was sitting next to us, and he is usually obnoxious. well, throughout the funeral, he kept talking and talking while everyone else was quiet. i wanted to slap him! and his dad was sitting right next to him. no respect at all! you would think that people would have some common sense about funerals, you know?


sakodash   03/25/01 1:27 AM     Funeral rage???


 I don't want to give anybody the wrong sounds pretty inconsiderate to say that I was raging at a funeral but here's my story. I felt so horrible this past week because I just found out that a friend of mine's father had just past away. It's been pretty depressing this week. Well, we went to the viewing on Thursday and I was so pissed because I had a couple of kids sitting behind of me kicking the pew. It wasn't like one kick on accident but he kept kicking the back of the pew. Finally I turned around and told him to quit it. Then I see him put his feet right up on the back of the pew and just rested his feet there in the middle of the service in a chapel!! I grabbed his feet and told him to put it down. He just looked at me and told me "No". I was so pissed off at him!! Here's this 8-year old brat who I just wanted to slap right upside the head and knock some sense into him. The whole time I was just wondering where the hell were his parents. Then, on Friday night was the funeral. There's always that one person who HAS to leave their cell phone on. In the middle of the service his phone starts to ring. AND he has the nerve to answer it in the church!! To make matters worse, his phone rang AGAIN ten minutes later. You should have seen all the stink glares he got!! You'd figure people would be considerate enough to not let these things happen at a funeral.


kakela   03/27/01 1:11 PM         RE: High schoolers rage!!


 That is why I love it when they get pulled over. I just LOVE IT!!! AR, AR, AR!!! Sometimes if the traffic is slow enough I say stuff or laugh at them just to piss them off. It's great. My friend is a cop and he was saying that they look for these punk ass kids and pull them over even if they are not speeding because more times than not they are driving illegal cars and can site them for not having legal recondition paperwork. I know when I was in high-school, this guy in my class was always getting pulled over and was given sometimes 7 tickets for various things he did to his car. Plus he was an idiot and didn't wear a seat belt.


ktootree 03/26/01 1:35 PM                     RE: High schoolers rage!!


 I totally agree with you that those kinds of kids are really, really irritating. I also can't stand seeing young kids in these totally suped up cars, driving and arriving in groups at places late at night, only to sit around in the parking lot. I always think, how in the world did they afford a car and then add on all those 'extras' to supe it up...spoiled!! My friends and I go to Zippy's once in awhile and there's always young kids driving by with their race cars, parking, and sitting around in the parking lot. I mean, if that's all they're going to do, they can just stay at their own house in their own garage and do the same thing. Nevermind trying to show off their teeny bopper selves and the kind of cars they 'roll' in. They only make themselves to look like immature fools anways. And yes...they do stare, which gets us pretty irritated. My friends are not anywhere near small either, so if they stare at us, we just stare at them back, walking through them if we have to. Still, they only very slowly move away, but with a look like, "Why the heck do we have to move?" Ahhh! That's drives me nuts! Like you, we never acted with such arrogance back in high school. We had and showed more respect back then. Now, it seems to be lost within this "I'm better than you--look at my car" kind of attitude.


kathyhirokane 03/25/01 2:55 PM            RE: High schoolers rage!!


 hey again. i know what you mean! for one thing, how the heck do they get those cars in the first place? second, what the hell are they doing out so late at night just hanging around in a parking lot? i didn't realize that parking lots were the 'in' place to hang out nowadays! i really think that kids nowadays are so sassy and bratty! i was never like that in high school either. these kids think that they are so tough - they won't think that when they are about to be run over by a car (yours maybe!!)


sakodash   03/25/01 1:43 AM                 High schoolers rage!!


 I HATE those high school kids who think they're such hot s--- driving their suped up integras and acting like they own the world!! Tonight, my boyfriend and I went to eat at Sonoya's on King Street. It was like midnight when we finally got out. Standing all around our car, maybe 10 or these dorks were just talking. They see that we're coming and we need to get to our car they're standing in front of but all they do is just stand there and stare at us. My boyfriend and I are not small people, we probably outweigh all of those scrawny little Chinese boys and girls but I guess they figured there's more of them and just two of us with a little baby. I hate people like that. I was never like that when I was in high school!! I knew they weren't going to cause trouble but they just stare AND I was about to run over one of the girls!! We get into the car and she's just staring at us through the window right in front of the car!! How's that?!! I guess having nice cars and being with a big group (no matter how skinny and scrawny they look) kids suddenly get the balls to do things they'd never do if they were alone!! Somebody should teach them a lesson!!


sakodash   03/25/01 1:48 AM     Report 2 rage


 Sometimes it feels like when you need to look for rage it just doesn't seem to be there. I wrote a few rage entries but I wouldn't know how to look for more instances around those topics to write in my report. It's like I've been relatively rageless these past few weeks!! Where's rage when you really need it?


purple848 03/25/01 1:48 AM                  Rage at a Karaoke store employee


 I went to Karaoke last week with my friends. We ordered alcohol, so an employee asked us to show her ID. None of us were underage, but we could not order any alcohol because one of our friends didn't have his ID with him. I think he felt sorry for us, he told the employee that he had been to the store many times and she knew that he was not underage, so let it pass just this once. The employee said she couldn't, so other friends tried to negotiate with her about it, but it didn't work. So we told her that we understood, and we could go to the bar that was located in the same store if we (except the one who left his ID at home) wanted to drink alcohol. My friend and I couldn't spend a whole night without alcohol, so we went to the bar. I asked a bartender to run a separate tab, instead of charging our drinks to our room. The employee who refused to serve alcohol to us came by and saw my friend and me having beer. She told the bartender to make sure not to charge our drink to our room becasue there was a person who didn't have ID. That's fine, I thought, becasue she remembered my freind and I showed our ID to her, so we could have alcohol at the bar. But when she said to the bartender, "They don't like me. They're irretated", I got upset a little. She knew we would hear her because she was talking to the bartender right there beside us. What I was upset about the most was she make it sound like we all were unreasonable customers. I thought, OK, maybe we tried to talk to you into serving us alcohol, but didn't we eventually tell you that we understood the law and she was just trying to do her job. Maybe she was the one who was irretated by us. I am still upset at the employee and I don't want to go to that Karaoke store any more.


TVR   03/27/01 10:45 AM         RE: more report 2 rage


 All the information I think that your looking for is on Dr. James home page. Just click on the in heading that says, "Instructions for Report 2". From the last class he said that he made a lot of changes in the assignment so you should really check on the website. One of the important changes is that we only need 3 incidents other then 10.Your right about saying that this report is more confusing then the first report. There is so much little details that you have to make sure that you do. Anyways, good luck and I guess if you have any questions you should just email Dr. James.


kathyhirokane 03/25/01 2:58 PM            more report 2 rage


 what are we supposed to write about in report 2? i know that it's about self-witnessing events of rage, but then what? are we supposed to analyze our rage? how long does he want our events to be? this is more confusing than our first report. and then we have to make up our own rage test? how the heck do we do that??


kathyhirokane 03/25/01 3:03 PM            parking rage


 i go to costco salt lake and their parking lot is huge. well, there are always some people who are too lazy to park their car far away from the store. they are the ones who clog up the lane waiting for, like, forever just to get a space closer to the store while there are tons of spaces further away. my philosophy is, just park where there is a space. by the time those people actually get a stall, i'm already walking into costco! today i actually saw someone waiting for someone else to leave their stall while there was an empty one not 4 spaces away. how lazy can people be?


AnimalLover 03/26/01 8:52 PM RE: Road Rage


 Hi-lo! Is that really true? Nah, I know what you mean. I think that actually having to watch and think about our actions makes us less likely to have rage. I've been having a hard time thinking about what to write about because I don't even drive that often and when I do drive I don't have as much rage because I'm kind of getting used to the whole driving thing and the other cars don't make me as angry anymore. I think that we will keep it up once the class is over because once you get into the habit of paying attention to your rage It think it becomes natural for good (hopefully). Good luck and keep it up in the future. =)


SpoiledBrat 03/25/01 6:39 PM                Road Rage


 I have not had any road rage recently. Everything has been pretty good on the road. I am much calmer on the road since class started. I am more aware of my emotions and I try to control them at all times. I don't let a lot of things that use to bother me affect me anymore. I have more patience and tolerance. There are times when I will have road rage and don't realize till later how mad I am. Hopefully, as time goes on road rage will not be part of my life. Class is important in reminding me about my road rage. When the semester is over I am going to try and keep it going until I have reached a state of understading with my emotions.


MAX676 03/25/01 10:57 PM                 call it what you want to call it I'm a f**king rageaholic


 A screwy thing happened to my web site, you know, the one titled 'the annotaded bibliography on the age of rage.' I had the damn thing all ready on the date it was due, but then for some stupid reason, the pictures were all distorted. The color wasn't there anymore. I don't mean to bitch, but I don't understand why Dr. James doesn't grade our final web sites, right after the due date. I was all stressing out about making it all perfect, and then I found out that the due date doesn't mkean squat, because he doesn't grade 'em 'till the end of the semester. The reason why it sucks is because I have to go back and fix my web site again, and I don't know what's going on with the pictures. First I had a problem with getting them on my web site, and now I can't figure out how to fix them. I think the pictures might be all discolored because my computer had to be reformated, because I have a picture on my desktop, and that's f*cked too. Do you think I got to put all the pictures in again?


MAX676 03/25/01 11:19 PM                 don't use the F word rage


 What's so bad about it? Are you offended by it? I can understand getting upset if someone uses it against you, because that means thay are disrespecting you, but if your will is good when you say it, should it be sinfull? People use this word in the movies we see, and no one cares. If you listened to the new Limp Bizkit CD, Fred Durst says the F word about 50 times, and he is not being punished for anything. What I am trying to say is some of us have become desensitized to the word, because of it's constant repitition. When I say it, it's not a big deal, because it hardly means anything to me anymore, so why should it matter. Older people may not understand this because times have changed, but like everything else, limits get pushed, and mentallity's change along with them. All I am asking is not to be offended, and try to understand, and I will try to keep it to a minimum. We can all get along.


MAX676 03/25/01 11:36 PM                 Alligator Rage


 I saw this special show on the discovery channel today and it was kind of mind boguling. These antilopes where drinking water from a lake while a aligator was trying to get its next meal, and the aligator would wait for the right time to strike, and he would drag the antelope into to to water, and drown him. The water was all murky, and the antelopes couldn't see the alligator, so the aligator would use the momentum when he swung his tail, and this would fly him into the air for a chance to grab his prey. It was crazy! The antilopes were standing in a huge group, and they never knew when they were in danger. It was the luck of the draw, because there were so many of the antilopes drinking water, this totally helped me appreciate my life, because it reminded me, you never know when your gonna go. Welcome to the jungle baby!


kathyhirokane 03/26/01 6:56 PM            RE: Curb rage


 hey sherri! imagine if a person who was in a wheelchair was trying to get onto the sidewalk? there was a big thing a while back about sidewalks not having curbs that were up to code for people who are handicapped. then the state had to spend thousands of dollars to fix it! what a waste! they should have known the guidelines for handicap accesible ramps. anyways...even able-bodied people need smooth ramps on curbs!


sakodash   03/26/01 8:59 AM     Curb rage


 Did you ever notice that sometimes curbs don't have that ramp thing on it. Let me explain. I was walking my niece in her stroller for the first time and I didn't realize that sometimes there's no ramp to go down or no driveway in sight. Or if there is one, it is either blocked by a car or there's no recieving ramp on the other side of the road to go back up on. Does this make sense? Anyway, I couldn't lift her stroller because it was just way too heavy so after awhile I found myself going really out of my way just to find a ramp to go down then having to find another one to go back up. I was walking from Kapahulu to Waikiki and the residential areas were so difficult to find ramped curbs. Waikiki, on the other hand, was perfect. There were going down curbs and going up curbs all over the place. I was finally in heaven!! :)


silverfox2001 03/29/01 9:08 AM                         RE: small car rage


 I agree with you, I am definitely a truck person. I cannot stand the fact of being in a small car. I have rented a few in my life time and it just gives me the creeps knowing everyone is towering over me. I like having the feeling of a truck and like you I am going to be a truck lover for life.


shaun56   03/27/01 1:02 PM                   RE: small car rage


 Hey man, just because you do not care at all about small cars, does not mean you gotta bag on them. I think that they are cool. I have a bug (VW beetle.. the old ones), and I do not see any problem to them. They are compact, which means that you can fit into tight parking spaces, go around cars when they block your way, and cut into another lane easier. I like small cars because they have a lot of advantages to them. When you are in a small car, you can have the sense of power also you know?? The power has to be there in the engine. I think that people who like big cars only like them because they feel safe.....Think again, because a big car can pack a big punch .,RIGHT!!!


TVR   03/27/01 10:21 AM                     RE: small car rage


 Ha ha ha..That was funny to hear that you had to drive on the reflectors to get that bumpy feeling back. I thought that people hated the feeling of those bumps. Oh, by the way what kind of truck do you drive? Is it a full size truck? Well as for me I like driving cars better then trucks. The ride is so much smoother and there's more features that I like that are only in cars. The only time when I like to drive trucks is when i'm going to the beach or something. I bascially like to have a smooth and relaxing drive.Well I hope you get your truck back soon because it sounds like you really miserable with that the car you have now! I was wondering would it have been better if the car was bigger like a Maxima or something? And what happens when your a passenger in a small car. Do you still have those feelings that your experiencing now? Good luck!!


sakodash   03/26/01 9:08 AM     small car rage


 I HATE small cars!! This weekend I was driving a loaner car, a Corolla, because my truck was getting fixed. I just honestly don't understand how anybody can drive a small car. I was SO scared. It felt like everybody else was towering over me. I've never really driven a car before, I've ALWAYS driven trucks all my life and I think I want it to stay that way. You can't see a thing behind vans and other trucks that it kind of makes you feel claustrophobic a little. The weird part was that at first I liked how the car felt so smooth while driving but then after fifteen minutes I started feeling almost nauseous, like I needed that little bumpy feeling. I know my niece hated it because she cried in her car seat everytime we went out. It drove me nuts. After a while I had to start driving on those reflecter things (while no one was around) just to get that bumpy feeling back. No more small cars for me!!


ktootree 03/26/01 1:01 PM                     Drive-Thru Rage


 My cousins and I went to the Jack In the Box drive-thru the other night and she was already 'on the edge' because we had a bit of family drama that night. When my cousin told the girl our order there was no response for a while after that. When she finally repeated the order back to us, it was totally wrong. So my cousin repeated it again (in a nice calm manner I might add) and the girl repeated the order with still one item left unsaid. My cousin said politely, "Oh, and the apple turnover yeah." Then the lady said in a really sassy voice, "Yeah. I know. I got that already. Just drive forward." All of us in the car were shocked and while my cousin drove up, she was going off, "Oh no she didn't! I had a lot of drama tonight and I don't need more drama." She said it in a jokingly way, but I knew all of us were a little upset. When she drove up to the window, my cousin gave her the money. She looked at it and said, "I said $8.84, not $8.74." Her face was so, to put it in local terms, 'stink'! Even more so we were shocked and got more hot-headed. We were kind of laughing too though because we couldn't believe how sassy this girl was. After my cousin gave her the extra money she said out loud, "I know she said $8.74 right?" Then my other cousin said, "Yeah. She did say $8.74." She gave us our food and we drove off. The good thing is that we didn't scream back or give the girl any attitude because we easily could have since the night was a stressful one. We basically just laughed it off and vented a little in the car. Luckily she gave us the right food or else we would have turned around and for sure my cousin would probably have given her a piece of her mind.


AnimalLover 03/26/01 8:59 PM Step-dad's Rage


 The other day I witnessed my step-dad having road rage which is something that I'm not really used to seeing. He's usually a really good driver but I guess everyone can mess up. He was fighting with mymom and when he was making a right turn he quickly switched into the other lane when there were people going straight and the other car honked at him. My mother and I both yelled at him and he just ignored us and continued to yell at my mother and I was riding in the back seat but I got freaked out because he wasn't calming down so I just put my seat belt on and waited until we reached our destination. In his defense, he is trying to quit smoking so he is extrememly irritable.


JEDI1x 03/28/01 4:20 PM                      RE: Airport Rage!


 I know exactly what you mean. And I think that people who are employed by the airlines take some special course in customer service where the motto is, "the customer is always WRONG". I understand that under certain circumstances, it's not really their fault. but shit, at least be nice about it. I actually know several people who work for airlines and they always tell me stories about how they like to trash the luggage or take comments of upset people very personally. You'd think that after standing in line, losing luggage, delays, and constant waiting, they would understand the stress passengers go through. The whole airport process is one big aggression bomb ready to explode. Just thinking about it makes me irritated. Anywayz, I hope you have a good time on Kauai!!!


TVR   03/27/01 9:59 AM                       Airport Rage!


 If anyone took a flight on the first friday of spring will know what I'm talking about. Man was it packed. Right after my last class before spring break I went to the airport to go to Kauai. I thought I would go there a little earlier just in case it was a little busy. But, when I got there it was more then crowded it was crazy. I couldn't believe how much people was flying that day. I standed in line to check in. I think I was waiting for at least thirty minutes. I had people asking if they could cut in line because they thought they were going to miss their flight. This got me very irriated because if I let one person in I knew there were going to be more people that were going to follow.Anyways, I finally checked in and I was surprised to find out that we were leaving on time. So I walked over to the gate and stood in line again. Then on the PA they said that my fight was delayed twenty five minutes and come to find out they canceled a previous flight and put them on my fight. I was thinking to myself why didn't we just use their plane. I'm really starting to hate ------! So after around a hour I finally was able to board and I was off. I couldn't believe how bad the airlines handled that day and I was so enraged at them.


silverfox2001 03/29/01 9:05 AM             RE: Fishing RAGE.....Damn eels!!!


 I can really relate to this story. I have had days that I play the tug a war game with the reel, because some eel is on my line and has taken it back into his home and got my line tangled around down their some where. After about the fourth try of tugging and pulling I finally snap the line. And do the whole rig up procedure again. If I did not get so sea sick everytime I get on a boat I would go deep sea fishing. But, I just hate the feeling of being sea sick.


ddestrad   03/28/01 10:29 AM                RE: Fishing RAGE.....Damn eels!!!


 Well Holmes, it sounds like you had a tough day yesterday. I'm sure you had fun despite losing 8 lines though. I'm sure if you were really intoxicated then you wouldn't have cared all that much.(hint for next time) Well i'm sorry to hear that you had to cope with rage over your spring break, I hope your having a fun break anyway!!


shaun56   03/27/01 12:53 PM                 Fishing RAGE.....Damn eels!!!


 Okay yesterday I went fishing with a group of friends. It was a beautiful day with a light wind, blue painted skies, and a bright hot sun. We got down to Mokuleia and set up our poles. Within 5 minutes we got two bites. We both reeled up our poles to find two green head morey eels ( a loser of a catch). Anyways, as you know eels have teeth, and their teeth are sharp, so you tend to lose a hook everytime you catch one. As you also know, eels live in holes. If they run to their hole, you are screwed. You probably are gonna lose your whole line. Well, with that in mind.... Let me tell you what happened the rest of the day. We caught a grand total of 8 eels in 4 hours. So in other words, we lost about 8 lines, not including all the others we got stuck. So as you can percieve, it was not a very good fishing day at all.


kakela   03/27/01 1:02 PM         newspaper boy rage


 Last week at around 5:00 in the fricking morning, I was rudely awaken by the guy delivering the newspaper. He was in the Honolulu Advertiser van and was parked in front of my house sitting in the middle of the road. What woke me up was the fact that the son of a bitch started to blast his horn for 10 minutes or so announcing to the whole valley that he was about to drop off everybody's newspapers. At first I thought I was dreaming about horns. My brother and I went outside and watched him from behind the stone wall. At frist I thought he was a crazy person and didn't want to go out there. He sat there and blasted his horn waking up the whole neighborhood. I could see lights comming on in all the homes. After he woke everybody up, he blasted up and down the street pulling into people's driveways and throwing the newspapers all over the place. He then took off down the road leaving us all wondering, "What the hell was that about?" He came back at around 10:00 am and blasted his horn again for a little while and took of down that road again. After thinking about it, I figured that he is probably going to move over to the Star Bulletin, or he just found out that he was going to get fired. It is a war between the two newspapers and that was the wierdest thing I have ever seen in commercial competition.


kakela   03/27/01 1:02 PM         newspaper boy rage


 Last week at around 5:00 in the fricking morning, I was rudely awaken by the guy delivering the newspaper. He was in the Honolulu Advertiser van and was parked in front of my house sitting in the middle of the road. What woke me up was the fact that the son of a bitch started to blast his horn for 10 minutes or so announcing to the whole valley that he was about to drop off everybody's newspapers. At first I thought I was dreaming about horns. My brother and I went outside and watched him from behind the stone wall. At frist I thought he was a crazy person and didn't want to go out there. He sat there and blasted his horn waking up the whole neighborhood. I could see lights comming on in all the homes. After he woke everybody up, he blasted up and down the street pulling into people's driveways and throwing the newspapers all over the place. He then took off down the road leaving us all wondering, "What the hell was that about?" He came back at around 10:00 am and blasted his horn again for a little while and took of down that road again. After thinking about it, I figured that he is probably going to move over to the Star Bulletin, or he just found out that he was going to get fired. It is a war between the two newspapers and that was the wierdest thing I have ever seen in commercial competition.


skyblue   03/27/01 3:34 PM                    TEST: Standing in Line Rage


 Hi everyone,I am collecting data for a test that I'll be using in my report#2. Please answer these 15 questions using the 5-point Likert Scale--NEVER=1; OCCASIONALLY=2; SOMETIMES=3; FREQUENTLY=4; ALWAYS=5; Add up your score and scroll to the bottom to see your results. Please send a sure to include your answers and score. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for your time and cooperation. Peace,SkyblueQuestion:1) I can't stand waiting in long lines.2) I prefer to stand in line and place my order regardless if the lines are long.3) If I notice the long line(s) at a eating establishment, I give the other person(parent, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, relative, friend, etc.) money to order and pay for my food/drink.4) I feel guilty for cutting in line even if my friend gives me permission.5) I prefer to take my time to look at the menu/selection of food before I place my order.6) I expect to be served immediately when I've decided what to eat.7) I look for the shortest line possible when I'm heading to the register. (e.g. McDonalds, Burger King, Safeway, Foodland, etc.) 8) I will ask the customer in front of me if he/she is waiting in line.9) I mine standing in line for more than five minutes at a eating establishment.10) I cut in line if I see that the other person is unaware of my presence.11)I become impatient at the other customer standing in front of me when I find out he/she isn't ready to order yet.12) I don't mind when a customer tells me to order first.13) I've made up my mind what to order when I walk in a eating establishment.14) I would tell the customer I was standing in line first if I notice that he/she cut in line before me.15) I would argue with a customer saying, "I was here first!" even if I'm not telling the truth.*Add up you score to obtain the results. The higher your score, you are more likely to rage while standing in line.Score15-44 Low level45-59 Moderate level60-75 High level


purple848 03/29/01 3:37 PM      RE: Inconsiderate Friend Rage!!


 Your friend might think you would never be upset with her, and that's why she keeps on cancelling what had been planned between you and her. She should know that to keep on breaking promise with friend can cause an end of the friendship. It is good that you said that you were not going to take it anymore. I think it is a good idea of you to tell her that if she keeps on breaking her promise, it hurts you and lose your trust in her. I hope she realizes that the last thing you want to be happened is the end of a long-lasting good friendship between you and her. Friends make our lives rich. I hope everything works fine with you and her.


Watashi_No 03/27/01 6:32 PM   Inconsiderate Friend Rage!!


 How inconsiderate can one be? Or a better question is how stupid can one person be to let the inconsiderate person push her around for this long?? I think I'm mad at myself and my friend equally, although me for not doing anything about the problem. Well this is the story. My friend and I just started going walking recently, these past two weeks. This past Monday she couldn't go walking because she forgot that she promised her mom that she would go with her to see a friends baby, I didn't mind because it was planned before we started walking. So my friend tells me we'll go Tuesday (today), so I said ok. On Tuesday's she works until five o'clock. The plan was that she was going to come over and we were going to go walking after work. She calls me up about a couple hours later and says that her fiance's father passing away anniversary was today and she was going to go with him to the graveyard to put flowers, and THEN she was going to come over, about six o'clock, and we were going to walk then. So I said that's ok, I understand. It's a rememberance and that was good to go to the graveyard. So I'm waiting and then she calls and says I don't think I want to go walking today, it's going to get dark soon anyway...*and* her boyfriend wants to go to the mall, so we'll go walking tomorrow ok? I couldn't believe it!! I wait all this time, and make amends for her and she does this to me. Just because her *boyfriend* wants to go to the mall. This has been happening for a looong time, and I am SUCH a pushover. I know that they like to spend time together, and I like to spend time with my friends etc. but when a person makes a plan to do something I think that that person should step up and do it!! They've been going out for like seven years, and she still puts her friends aside for her boyfriend, she justifies it by saying that friends wont know you truly like a boyfriend will. Ok, I feel better for getting it off my chest. I've calmed down, but I'm not going to take it anymore, it's been going on for too long now.


gemini-gal   04/02/01 12:49 AM RE: Homework over Spring Break Rage


 I feel better knowing that not everyone had a homework-free spring break! Whew! I thought I was the only one. It validates the point that shared stress is reduced stress! Anyway, for spring break, I had to read my novel for English, work on my 15 minute oral presentation for this class and report #2. I'm such a doofus for choosing to do my 15 minute oral presentation on April 2, the Monday right when we get back to school. Why? I thought I would use spring break to do my report...bad idea! Man, I forgot that the a rough draft of report 2 is also due on Monday! Anyway, I am stressing out over report 2 because I only have one rage to talk about so far. It's still a work in progress and I hope I can find some other rages to write about. I am having a difficult time with report #2 because it is much more in-depth. I know I'll find something to write about but it's a matter of when. I'll just take one thing at a time before I go insane. Well, it's good to know that the end of the semester is near and graduation is coming up. My God, it's exciting yet scary at the same time. I procrastinated a lot during the break. I made sure I gave myself a break from school so I didn't do as much work as I would have liked to but it's the finish that counts.


lavaflow 03/31/01 10:56 AM      RE: Homework over Spring Break Rage


 Spring Break isn't a break for me. I think it is NOT for majority of students. All friends of mine have at least two different paper assighnments that they're working on during the break. I have a couple of paper assighnments plus one exam right after the break. I've just remembered that I never had homework-free spring break during past two years. Before the break started, I was hoping to clean up my place so that I can organize my stuff to make a better environment for studying, however, my place became worse because of all scattered journal articles and books


mightymousesa   03/30/01 10:28 AM      RE: Homework over Spring Break Rage


 My problem with homework over spring break is that I don't know if I should prepare for exams that I have during the designated strike time? I know in theory I should always be prepared but I will be in a huge RAGE if I prepare, waste my spring break, and have my exams postponed by two weeks for the strike. Oh, and get this, two of my teachers are having us mail in our daily assignments to here in the mail during the strike!!! RRRRRR AAAAA GGGGGG EEEE !!!!!!!


meow24 03/30/01 12:53 AM      RE: Homework over Spring Break Rage


 this is the first spring break i got homework to do. and i hate it. i have to work on report2, research paper, reflect question, etc.. i wish i had no homework but what can i do.. plus, it seems like UH will be going on a strike. what a life.. i do feel bad for the professors and the teachers, but i cant stop worrying about the graduation also. i really want to graduate this may!im having trouble w/ report2 because i can't find enough rage situations. although we only need to write about 3 episodes, i've only got one episode and im stuck w/ it. i really need to work on my rage before this spring break ends.. if any of you are finished w/ the report2, could you please upload them as soon as possible?


meow24 03/30/01 12:57 AM      RE: Homework over Spring Break Rage


 this is the first spring break i got homework to do. and i hate it. i have to work on report2, research paper, reflect question, etc.. i wish i had no homework but what can i do.. plus, it seems like UH will be going on a strike. what a life.. i do feel bad for the professors and the teachers, but i cant stop worrying about the graduation also. i really want to graduate this may!im having trouble w/ report2 because i can't find enough rage situations. although we only need to write about 3 episodes, i've only got one episode and im stuck w/ it. i really need to work on my rage before this spring break ends. if any of u are finished w/ the report2, could u please upload them?


skyblue   03/29/01 10:49 AM                  RE: Homework over Spring Break Rage


 Hi ddestrad, I feel your pain too and understand the rage that you're going through during Spring Break. I'm taking a short break to release my frustration. I'm griping because I've been working on my Report#2 web page everyday since Friday and I want to get this work out of the way. However, everytime I look at my page, I find something that I have to add to my report. My goodness...I also have my statistics and community psychology that I need to study! I'm not too thrilled that I had to turn down some social activities with friends just to finish my homework! But I know that I must make sacrifices sometimes. You're lucky that you're going to the beach. Hang in there! There's only one more month until this semester will be over! I'll see you in class


silverfox2001 03/29/01 8:58 AM                         RE: Homework over Spring Break Rage


 You are right about homework. I am piled up to my ears with homework. All week long I have been doing homework and I still have more to do. I try to take short breaks in between but all I can see is more homework.


rie2001 03/29/01 4:09 AM                      RE: Homework over Spring Break Rage


 How are you guys in Hawaii doing? I am writing this in Japan now. It's soooo cold to me, but cherry blossoms are in full bloom and it's so pretty. I am enjoying my vacation but I still have my homework to do, and I have no time for it. Well, I gave up on my homework already. I am going to study to death during the week after spring break. Enjoy your break, and see you guys later!!


cjn   03/28/01 7:29 PM RE: Homework over Spring Break Rage


 spring break is hardly a break. I agree. I try to work on my papers each morning but can't seem to move ahead. I guess my mind is not all there, plus the tv is on, and in my head, I'm planning what I'll be doing the afternoon. Somehow I can't seem to make myself study in the afternoon so it's morning or nothing. This morning I barely finished a paragraph and I saw it as a triumph and stopped there. See I can't even dedicate more than that. What a shame! At least you were able to work on your paper. I just can't.


ddestrad   03/28/01 10:35 AM                Homework over Spring Break Rage


 Boo-Hoo! I found something to bitch about. Well I'm trying to enjoy my spring break but every single one of my teachers has something due the week after break so it results in me having to dedicate some of my days to doing homework. I spent all of yesterday writing a paper and today I'm going to hit up the beach and read the rest of another book and revise two essays. There is still so much more to do..... like anybody reading this even gives a shit. Well just thought i'd let out some rage for you all! See you all on Monday!!


snowhawaii 03/29/01 8:52 AM                RE: co worker rage


 I guess I would've did the same thing as you.I don't know what was going on between the girl and the guy, or just the guy's one-sided love or something. But whatever the reason was, he had no rights to yell and call her slut. He is much oloder than her, and he has to be more generous to younger coworkers.He is much older than her plus much bigger than her. And he thereatened her. This story sounds like a sexual harassment to me. If I were the girl, I would talk to the manager. Calling somebody slut is the last thing to do no matter how we are mad. He must apologize to her.


JEDI1x 03/28/01 4:32 PM                      co worker rage


 A couple of days ago, one of the girls at work was threatened by a man who she supposedly thought was her friend. Though I wasn't there, I heard about it and confronted the guy later. Apparently, there was yelling and swearing between them. Get this, she's eighteen and he's thirty five. She's 5'1, and he's 6'0. Someone had to grab him because he approached her in a very aversive manner. He called her a slut or something and she got angry. I was so mad! This guy probably likes her, and was angry because she, hmmm, doesn't like older guys? I approached him later and there was a verbal fight between us too. We were all reprimanded by the manager. I now know that I should have not contributed to their fight. But, what kind of a dumb shit threatens a girl old enough to be his daughter? I guess that anger is contagious and that anger is easily expressed even if the source of it has nothing to do with you. Oh well, my plan now is to get this guy fired. Just joking, I hope.


snowhawaii 03/29/01 8:23 AM                bus driver rage


 I took the bus to Waikiki on Monday. I was going to Hawaiian Monarch Hotel. I knew where it was, but I didn't know which bus stop was closer. So I asked the bus driver to let me know where I should get off, and he said o.K.As the bus went along Kuhio Anenue, it passed Sizzler and Jack in the Box, and I realized I missed the hotel. But I thought the next but stop might be closer. So I asked the bus driver again if it is the next bus stop that I should get off. And he asked me which street it is. So I checked the address of the hotel, and told him it's on Niu Street. He told me we just passed Niu street, and I can get off at the next bus stop. But the next bus stop was far from the hotel. I told him I should've got off at the previous one, and he said I could've. And I said why he didn't let me know despite I asked him when I got on the bus at Ala Moana s/c.He excused he didn't know on which street the hotel was. But if so, he could've asked me at the beginning. When I asked him to let me know at Hawaiian Monarch Hotel, he said O.K. So I assumed he knew where it was.He obviously just forgot that I had aksed. But he didn't admit his fault and told me I can have an exercise.I was so upset at his rude attitude. Only what I wanted was simply sorry. If he would say sorry, I could say that's o.k.It's not a big thing. But when people who doesn't admit his/her own fault, it makes me upset.


snowhawaii 03/29/01 8:34 AM                touching wrong key again!


 I did it again!My previous topic(bus driver rage) was rewritten. When I was almost finishing writing, my finger touched the wrong key, and it was all dossapeared. I know I touched neither "delete" nor "Backspace" key.But the little finger of the left hand touched the wrong key.I did the same mistakes many times before, but I still cannot figure out which key was the "wrong" one. That's why I do the same mistakes, and it made me so upset everytime.Even though I got upset, the object is my laptop computer. So I cannot vent my anger on anything, and it facilitates my anger.Since I don't know which key is the wrong one, I will do the same mistake again.


silverfox2001 03/29/01 9:23 AM                         Rage with Partner


 This whole spring break I have been bogged down with homework and partner rage. My husband and I have been married for sometime and we have lived in the islands for about six years now. In all this time he has not gone home to visit his folks on the mainland. He has procrastinated to no end in visiting his parents (especially his mother). We have got into philosophical fights over him going home. I have on a number of occassions hinted why don't you go home and see your parents? I get this half nonchalant answer of I will see them when I am good and ready or why should I, my home is here with you and the kids. It sounds crazy that he will not take the opportunity to go home and see his parents. It has gotten to the point now that his mother is not doing too well and he still procrastinate in going to see her. I have gotten to the point of making all the necessary arrangements for him to go home and he still won't budge. In distress of everything else that is going on, I have finally broken down to where I said, like a little child, we will go together. I am so enraged that he just don't go home visit his family and see how they are doing and be done. If it was me I would have my bags pack and on the next flight.


purple848 03/29/01 2:59 PM                  Donation rage


 When I was walking on the Kalakaua Avenue, a man addressed me. He said he was some church member and working to promote people's attention of health and food. He asked me if I was a student, so I said yes. He said he was collecting money as a donation to provide free food for homeless people. Since I already received the booklet that he offered me, I felt like I had to donate some money. So I asked him if it was OK to give him 2 dollars becasue I didn't have much money with me. He said that's fine, but if I could make it 3, that's more better. I told him I had to save one dollar for the bus to go home, and I game him 2 dollars. He said, "Common, you're not gonna go home by bus. You're a student. Where's your Mercedes that your rich parents bought for you?" I got upset at him because he meant that it was all right to collect money from students because their "rich" parents support them. I blew my top and told him that I am using my own savings to go to school and I don't have rich parents. I wanted my 2 dollars back but I left him because I didn't want to talk to him anymore. On the way home, I was angry with myself to believe everthing he said. He might be a fraud, earning money by pretending to be a curch member. How stupid I am! Also, I was upset to know that a person can stereotype students that they have more than enough money to spend becasue their parents support them, which is not true all the time. I was upset at the man who asked me to donate more money than I offered. But I am angry with myself the most.


sakodash   03/30/01 12:50 PM    RE: grandpa rage


 Hi meow24, Sorry to hear about your grandpa. I remember when my grandpa was hospitalized about 7 years ago for stomach cancer. He didn't even know he had it...he just thought he was having a stomachache. The doctors had told our family that they'd do surgery but the cancer had already spread. After taking out more than half his stomach, complications after complications began to happen. The doctors had said that he probably wasn't going to make it. There was nothing they could do but give him pain killers. I guess he knew something was wrong and insisted that he wanted to go back home too. He kept telling us he wanted to die in his own home. But, we needed the help of the hospital since he was hooked up to so many machines. He wouldn't/couldn't even eat solids. Yet, he still wanted to be in his own home. Needless to say, he didn't make it. He died less than a month after we had found out he had cancer. I don't want to speak for your grandpa but as for mine, I think he was just scared and needed the comfort of his own home. I noticed that a lot of what my grandpa did during this time was very unlike himself. Try not to get angry. It must be hard for you and your family and I hope you guys figure something out.


meow24 03/30/01 1:20 AM                    grandpa rage


 my grandpa was hospitalized for ulcer problem some days ago. he didn't tell us that he was throwing up blood, because he was scared to go to the hospital. so when my dad found out about it, he took him to the e.r. right away. anyway, he was in i.c.u for two days and hospitalized for 3 more days after that. while in the hospital, my grandpa refused to cooperate w/ the doctors' orders. he gave nurses hard time, so my family had to be w/ him 24hrs. we don't have any other relatives in hawaii, so it was hard for us to be w/ him all the time. he insisted to my grandma, dad, and mom that he go to his home right away. he wouldn't eat or drink anything. he listened to my sis and me, but we were able to go there only for a short time.on the 5th day, doctors and my sis went to see my grandpa to discuss his condition but my grandpa asked the doctors to release him from the hospital. the doctors couldn't convince him to stay anymore, when he said he wanted to die in his home.he is back home right now and im worried about my grandmother, because he will just give my grandma hard time till the time he passes away..


Watashi_No 04/01/01 1:59 PM   RE: vacation rip off


 I can't believe that lady was doing that! And who knows if she really is legit or what!? The state though is ripping tourists off at Hanauma Bay though. I forget how much they have to pay, but when my cousins came down from the mainland we went down to go swim at the bay and we snuck them in. When the state first started asking for payment to get into the bay they said it was to help keep it nice and all, and I'm all for that...but the newspaper reported that the money was going to some kind of national rifle association or some kind of thing like that!! The money was supposed to go to keeping the beach clean etc. Now the latest thing is they want to use the money to build like an awareness thing for the tourists so the tourists know how to preserve the beach. What a bunch of baloney!! Anyway, I cant believe some people either! They profit off the unknowing tourists. I just hope someone stops that lady soon if what she is doing is not legal.


kathyhirokane 03/30/01 3:13 PM            RE: vacation rip off


 i'm so glad that you told that lady off! there should be officials watching out for people like that! some years ago, there used to be people who woould see water at diamond head for like, $5 to tourists who didn't bring any. of course it is so hot there, they probably paid it! how terrible! also, at manoa falls a while back, a group of people were charging $3 for parking in the lot. i don't know how legit they were, but we didn't pay it - we just parked on the street and walked in. so many people are out there trying to rip others off. what is their problem???


mightymousesa   03/30/01 10:21 AM                  vacation rip off


 No one should try to profit of of things that do not belong to them!! While I was in the Big Island this week I wanted to see the Umauma Falls. It is a triple tier waterfall that is on route to Hilo. We followed the signs to the falls and saw a sign that read: REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT FOR FALLS HERE. My friends and I jumped out of the car confused on what the payment would be for. There was a stand with a woman taking money from all of these tourists and explainning that they just continue down the road and they can see the falls. I got up to the woman and she said: "$7 per person please." I said "$7 for what?" She explained that it was to see the falls and maintain them. I said "Isn't this a public road that the state takes care of?" She stammered. "And hasn't the waterfall maintained it self for years without your help?" Again she stammered. I grabbed my friends and drove straight to the falls without paying what would have been $42 for my group. We saw the falls, which were beautiful, and continued our route to Hilo. I still am angered about this event. It frustrates me to see people try to take advantage of others and exploit the island. God created this beauty for everyone, not those who have $7!!!!


Number11BUS   04/03/01 3:56 PM        RE: Welfare rage


 Hey gang,the folks receiving welfare come in all sizes and dispositions. There are places to report welfare fraud if you truly believe there is cause for a person not to continue to receive welfare. I remind you that the reason folks get on welfare is often because they loose the low paying job they were qualified to do. Without training, no better job. Without adequate jobs in the market, not job at all, even with training. The new rules require 'welfare to work' programs be utalized or loose the benefits. And, another reminder, folks on welfare may be unskilled at managing money, personal lives, or the job market. However, friends do loan cars, the state give a tax break to property owners for the use of the homes, boy-friends, and girl-friends allow the other parent of their children to continue receiving welfare despite income of their own that could be contributed, and unfortunatley, gender-wise, some women are not trained to really do anything except bear children and they can do that very well. Child support is not very much, it is worked on a percentage of what the paying parent makes. Sometimes this is undeclared, unreported income you see being spent. Usually the welfare is broken down into a specified amount of food stamps, so the nature of the eating is monitored by the checkout at the store that records the record for the state. The fraud you wrote about was the woman that was selling food stamps--that system has since been turned into a debit card system. Much harder to be fraudlent now. The whole system has loop-holes and they are used by thoes who can get away with it for a while. But, they do get caught-eventually. When I consider, it is the children, in these situations, that loose--well, what can I say after that. Report it if you really know something, and above all, be thankful you don't have to receive welfare with the general opinion that "those folks are getting a free ride." Number11BUS


carlisle   04/02/01 6:47 PM                     RE: Welfare rage


 I feel the same way about people that are on welfare. I see no problem with people getting help from the state, or is it the federal government? Oh, well. But,I realized that some of those people that are on welfare take total advantage of the money that they recieve every month. I had taken a political science course one semester, and we had to debate against the policies of welfare issues. We researched and called many places that could give us more info on the welfare issues. That is besides the point. But, it really pisses me off that the majority of these people that are on welfarem, get away with abusing the system. I have come to the conclusion that, what goes around comes aroung. And one day, those people who are abusing the welfare system, will be punished for their inconsiderate use of our state money. For those people who are on the welfare system and who are not abusing it, good for you.


kakela   04/01/01 4:11 PM         RE: Welfare rage


 Most of these welfare people piss me off too. I know that some people really need it and are trying really hard to get off, but there are these assholes who complain that their welfare check is going to be taken away after they get a job, so that is why they don't want to get a job. I over heard a conversation of a some people while I was at KCC and one of them was on welfare and complaining about her kids and crap. I am thinking what the hell are you having kids for! Shit! Piss me off! And the best part was that she was pregnant with her third kid! I really hate these leeches.


snowhawaii 03/30/01 10:16 PM             RE: Welfare rage


 I know some people just exploit whatever they can.I don't know who is responsible for this welfare stuff.But they should be more careful to examine the applicants.Some people really need the financial support, but others don't.There's a house for low-income people near my place. I heard it's taken care by the state or something. It's located in Manoa which is more expensive, and it's really nice looking buiding. Since the state pays for this house, it's controversy. Like you said, I think they should work at least as part-time. Some people gets benefit and others who are really in hard conditions may not get those support. And once they are chosen for welfale, they may not go back to work. I think they need to set up the clear scale and fair examination to select applicants.



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