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kathyhirokane 03/30/01 3:34 PM            RE: Welfare rage


 hello! i know what you mean. some people actually need welfare, but others take advantage of the system. just recently they caught that lady who was charged with welfare fraud. she was seen driving a brand new ford explorer with vanity plates and had like, tons of hawaiian bracelets. people that knew her were getting suspicious and they reported her. good for her!!! i hate to hear about greedy people taking advantage of the system when it is there to help the unfortunate. then they go and use that money not for their children, but for themselves. how selfish! i hope that in the after-life, they are those children who need the money, but can't because their parents spend it all on themselves!!


sakodash   03/30/01 1:08 PM                 Welfare rage


 I never really got mad before about those people who receive welfare. I always thought that they needed the help and the extra money would help feed and clothe their children. However, I just recently found out a person I know is receiving welfare checks. She definately doesn't deserve it!! She may have a child but she is perfectly capable of working that lazy ass of hers!! She works part-time, just moved into an expensive house that she is renting for a ridiculous amount of money, drives a pretty expensive car, and still has money to go clubbing and drinking on the weekends. How do you figure that? I don't understand our welfare agency!! Don't they check on these people? Oh yeah, plus she's receiving child support every month. To me, it just seems like she's getting free money and just eating it all up. I don't even know if this money is being used for the baby or for her.


sakodash   03/31/01 5:17 PM     RE: car rage


 Hey Kathy!! We had a loaner last weekend and we had the same problem too. The car needed to be dropped off on Thursday afternoon and my mom thought it would be back by Friday. She called Friday afternoon and they told her it still wasn't ready so they'd call her when it was finished. She didn't want to keep calling so she waited...ALL WEEKEND!! Plus, Monday was a holiday. I thought they at least worked Saturdays!! On Tuesday, she called them back and they told her they JUST started working on it. She was pretty irritated by then. Since she doesn't like driving cars, we switched and she drove my truck and over the weekend we put on over a 100 miles on this 2001 Corolla!! I hope they didn't get too pissed off!! Well, have fun with your loaner...sorry it went so bad for you. My mom was pretty mad at the car people too!!


kathyhirokane 03/30/01 3:27 PM            car rage


 i had to bring my car in to get fixed (the window wouldn't go up sometimes), so i called the dealership and made an appointment and made sure i was able to get a loaner.i get to the dealer today and drop my car off. then i go to pick up my loaner, but obviously they forgot that i had requested one - we ended up waiting for half an hour to be helped and to get a loaner.then, i called the dealer around mid-afternoon, and they hadn't even started working on the car yet! they said that they were closed over the weekend, so...i probably won't even get my car back till tuesday! i can't believe it! why even make an appointment if they aren't even going to be looking at the car until days later?plus, the loaner they gave us had so little bit gas! why is it that whenever you get a loaner, there is never any gas in the tank???


skyblue   04/01/01 5:27 PM                    RE: dumb people rage


 You go girl! I would've been upset if anyone blocked the driveway of our garage without asking my family/me permission first. I can empathize with your rage because one afternoon, I came home to discover a huge 4x4 truck blocking our two-car garage driveway. The owner of the truck was our neighbor's friend. I stepped out of my car with a digusted look on my face and was about to tell him to move his truck. However, the truck owner rushed out and apologized for his actions. It's amazing how some people are so rude and inconsiderate that they don't think to ask before parking their vehicle. I'm glad that you spoke up! I bet the guy was embarrassed for making such a foolish mistake.


kathyhirokane 03/30/01 3:38 PM            dumb people rage


 last night i walked outside the house and noticed a big white car parked right in front of our driveway. i didn't know who owned the car, but figured they were around somewhere. i was debating whether to have the car towed when the owner comes walking out of my neighbors house. i told him to move his car, since it was obviously blocking our driveway (which is illegal, duh!!!). the look on his face was like, 'oh, did not know i parked in front of your drive way, blocking the way so that no one can get out'. hello???? what if there was an emergency and i had to drive somewhere? i wouldn't be able to get out of my own driveway! some people have no brains!


virtual-b 04/04/01 12:04 PM       RE: court rage


 Well, the hearing was held this morning. In a way, I feel like there is closure, but another way, I feel empty. I admitted guilt and took what the judge gave me. Then, the other party had this one last jab. That hurt, but I guess when you're at fault, you just have to take it and say I agree. I guess, "carlisle" is right, what makes me feel the worst is my disappointment and shame in myself, rather than anything a judge says. I keep thinking that I should have not done that, and I should have done this. It's a self-rage in a way. We learn in psychology that in the abc model, the antecedent event leads to consequences, but is mediated by our beliefs. Thus we have abc. The incident and court hearing are the antecedent events, which are mediated by my beliefs or thoughts of "I should not have done that" and "I made a big mistake" lead up to the consequences, which is guilt, sadness, shame, and remorse. So I have to change that b to get a better result. I feel funny analyzing myself. A psychology major trying to use psychology to heal himself/herself. That's ironic.


carlisle   04/02/01 8:36 PM         RE: court rage


 I understand to well about getting into trouble and then having it catch up with you. Someone that is very close to me is going through almost the same thing. But, what this person did can never be changed. The person made a mistake and they are paying for it. The only thing that I can do, is be there. And tell this person that they need to pay there dues and get on with their life. You can rage only so much, until you make youself sick. My close friend is dealing with it, and my friend is not blaming him/herself anymore. It will take time. But, as long as you know what you did was wrong, than good. Blaming yourself and kicking yourself in the butt is not going to solve anything. But, it just might make you a little angrier at yourself. Pay your dues, and live you life that is the only thing you can due. Getting on with your life is a lot more important then raging against yourself.


oshale   04/02/01 12:28 AM        RE: court rage


 I know what going to court is all about. Whatever it is, it is very intimidating experience. But what i noticed was, it is not as bad as it seem to be. I had to go court for not having insurance card in my car when i got pulled over but I went to the insurance company right away and got affadavit and when I went to the court, the judge was pretty understanding and i got away without any fine. But while you are in the court room you get to see a lot of people and the judge was very understanding and considerate, of course to certain degree. Someone just told the judge i couldn:t afford to have insurance but i got insurance right after the citation, the judge didn:t fine him for his effort. Isn:t that great? I think it is not as terrible as it seem. Just calm down and try to handle your current situation because what:s been done is done already and nothing you can do only but the present and the future. So just calm down and think honestly and don:t get stressed out because it:ll be all over by then. Good luck!


virtual-b 03/31/01 10:35 AM       court rage


 This week I have to go to court, district court. I won't say the allegations, but it's the worst trouble I've been in my whole life. I'm stressed out from the other week when I got the court order to appear in court. I've been trying to build my defense, but really I don't have any. I've resigned myself to just apologizing and receiving whatever the judge gives me as punishment. Sure, the whole situation with having to go to court is killing me. But, what bothers me even more, is how and why I got myself into this mess. It's more rage against myself than rage against going to court. Scared, frustrated, worried, disappointed, sad, all rolled up into one. Geez, I wish that I could fast forward time and be done with this thing. Or better yet, rewind time and just avoid being in this situation. The hardships in this semester are just kicking my butt. I can't wait to get this next few months over with.


shaun56   04/01/01 10:24 PM                 RE: Violence In The Fish Tank Rage


 That is pretty ironic how you happened to find the shrimp before the eel. You should have let me know you were into saltwater aquariums. I could easily catch you stuff from the sea. Whenever we go fishing, we catch some cool stuff that is aquarium compatible. Anyways, as for the shrimp, their screwed man. They have not more than a week at the most I think. Maybe you should take them out and scampi them for me.... Joke man.... Anyways, I don't eat shrimp. But I guess they'll be gone in a little bit. Later~


Daniel1978   03/31/01 10:52 AM            Violence In The Fish Tank Rage


 So over the vacation I bought another fishtank and set it up. I started out with some beautifully colored shrimp and hermet crabs. I let them sit for a few days to test the water. They did great! I was out a few days later (yesterday) shopping some fish for my little sister (she's 4) when I came across a fish that I've always dreamed of having. The pet store had a Zebra Moray!!! Such a beautiful, powerful fish. I got a few eels, but nothing that compaires to this. I knew I had to buy it. I shelled out the money, took it home and let it get aquainted with it's new home. When I bought it, I knew perfectl;y well that it ate crustacions. My poor, poor shrimp are crustacions. They've been ok so far, but I have a feeling it's only a matter of time... This stinks. I'm a vegetarian and I don't want to see my shrimp get killed (well...I kind of do...) AND they were'nt cheap! Now I wait here knowing it's only a matter of time before the eel's tank mates go bye bye. It makes me angry. Oh, well.


purple848 04/07/01 4:12 PM      RE: Smoke rage


 I feel rage against people who smoke inconsiderately of others. Probably, the woman who was smoking when she was walking ahead of you wouldn't even know if you stopped and waited to avoid her smoke. You are a victim of inconsiderate smoker as many of us have been. Maybe the smokers don't mind the smell of the cigarette smoke, but they should know that there are many people who don't like that smell. The smokers may think they are being polite when they ask people "Do you mind if I smoke?" befoer they light their cigarette, but it's hard to say, "Yes, I do. So please don't smoke." I especially don't like to smell the smoke of the cigarette when I am eating. It ruins a good taste of food. I hope smoking people are aware of the direction where their smoke is heading. I think people who smoke in the place where a non-smoker can inhale their exhaled smoke are being selfish. They are satisfying themselves by smoking, while they know the second-hand smoke is a possible cause of cancer.


gemini-gal   04/02/01 12:13 AM             RE: Smoke rage


 I hate smoke from cigarettes too! I'm not saying that smokers are bad and dirty people because friends and relatives of mine smoke. However, I hate it when the smoke around me makes me smell bad. Second hand smoke sometimes give me headaches and makes me gag a little. I don't like it too when people aren't considerate and they blow their smoke all over the darn place. I'm glad that most places are non-smoking areas now. I think that one of the worst places for smoke is nightclubs and bars. When I come out, my hair and clothes smell so bad and what's worse is that the smoke smell clings on to your clothes for days.


lavaflow 03/31/01 11:59 AM      Smoke rage


 Last week, I caught a bus to go to Hamilton library. It was Saturday so that only two other people and I got off at the school. One girl and I seemed to go to the same direction and she was walking in front of me. As soon as start walking, she lit her cigarette and I was surrounded by smoke as I followed her. I don't nomally care smells of cigarette smokes but there were no other people around the campus since it was on Saturday so it seemed that her smoke was really destroying clear fresh air. Also, I didn't like when my hair smelled like the smoke because I just took shower before I left my place. I became a little annoyed and thought about alternative path to the library but I didn't want to take a longer path so that I kept walking. I recognised afterwards that I could have stopped walking and waited at somewhere until she'd gone.


kakela   04/01/01 4:02 PM                     RE: Tailgating rage


 I guess sometimes people have to make doodoo really bad or something. That is what I have to tell myself so that I don't get all mad with people who drive like that. If I make it funny then it doesn't seem that bad. I know that if I had to go really bad, i would be driving like that too. Gotta try and make excuses for people who drive really crazy, unless they are driving around in those little custom honda jobs. Then it can be assumed that they drive like that because they like too. Well, maybe they have to go and make doodoo really bad too sometimes.


sakodash   03/31/01 5:24 PM                 Tailgating rage


 On our way home today, there was this guy in a Civic tailgating everyone!! He wasn't even tailgating us...we were behind of him but we were getting so angry just watching him tailgate one person after another. The other people just like didn't really care, they just moved out of his way. Guys like these need to be brake checked!! I don't understand the point of isn't gonna get you anywhere any faster. He could have changed into another lane many times but no he just recklessly went his merry little way. What a dick!!


gemini-gal   03/31/01 5:53 PM                Too many commercials on TV rage!


 You guys know what this is about right? Darn, there are just too many commercials on tv now days! When I was watching one of my favorite shows on MTV, it felt like it took forever to get back to the show. I can even remember when I was watching a show and then the commercials came on so I switched the channel to MTV just to avoid watching commercials. I remember watching an entire music video that was at least a little over three minutes long and when I switched back to the show I was watching...the commercials were still going on! I just wanted to throw the remote at the television! Instead I screamed at the tv set "Come on you f--#%^$! tv station...too much f--&^$ commercials! Ah, commercial rage! The commercials now days are really dumb too. Like this one commercial was advertising perfume and cologne and it came across like a condom commercial. It was very sexual with a lot of bare skin and at the end of the commercial I was like..."oh, they're selling perfume!" DUH! Nevertheless, there are way too much commercials and I can't stand it especially when my favorite show is on and it feels like forever to get back to it.


meow24 04/04/01 4:12 PM        RE: Sue the State


 i really don't think that the strike will last more than a week even if it happens, but if we have to be in a situation to sue the state, i won't just sue them for the tuition. i would sue them for all the time i invested in this semester plus the time i would have to waste to come back to school again for the following semester. i was planning to start working as soon as i graduate in this may, but if this thing goes too far to a point where i can't get my degree, i will sue them to make up the whole thing.i don't know why cayatano's keep saying he doesnt have the money to pay our teachers and professors. i don't even want to mention about all the projects hes planning to do or did. i wonder where hes spending the money he gets from the cigarrett companies. i know they are getting like millions of dollors.


Number11BUS   04/03/01 3:25 PM        RE: Sue the State


 Watashi NO and the gang, Just sto you will know, the legislature can call a special session and/or a special hearing any time they want--including the negotiations for the unions and the state, including a strike settement, including a budget that works, including about anything that affect the well being and safety of the State of Hawaii. The stale mate the Gov is helping to fuel does not have to be this way. The whole bunch of elected officials need to work all this out in a democratic process. This divide and conquer approach does not work all the time. HSTA and UHPA are not asking for unreasonable items. Education is important and the citizens of the State need to keep the pressure up on the Governor, Legislators, Mediators to come to a fair agreement. It really is silly the elected officials are not paying more attention to business and less attention to ego trips about who is the most important here. I must assume the elected officials don't mind being embarassed at a national level for not taking care of regular business. Keep this in mind during the elections of 2002. You still have power too. Number11BUS


mightymousesa   04/02/01 10:47 PM                   RE: Sue the State


 Here is an update that will give you some more rgae! It appears that the legislature will go out of session on May 2, 2001 so if the strike is not resolved by then, then the faculty will probably strike again in the fall!!Things are really going to get bad before they get better!! BEWARE!


kakela   04/01/01 4:07 PM         RE: Sue the State


 Yeah I heard the same thing. I also heard that UH will be required to give back tuition after so many days on strike and that if they don't or can't, then the students can sue for their tuition. Somebody who knows all these rules should put out something that we can read to let us know what the hell is going on and what we can do. In my english class we discuss this stuff often and most people think that because o this rule about tuition, that the strike will not last more than the 2 weeks or 20 days or whatever because UH and the state can't afford to reimburse all the students.


Watashi_No 04/01/01 2:18 PM   Sue the State


 I don't know if this is going to happen, like anything else that affects us right now with the teachers strike and all but I heard it on the news. The news report said that the ASUH president was inquiring whether the students can sue the state (I think it was the state) to get back our tuition or something if the teachers strike longer than 20 days. Now I very, truly hope that the state and teachers settle this strike business, but it would be very good for the students if this thing did go on for awhile if the students did sue. I know that if this whole semester was for nothing I am going to be really mad! I worked hard since the beginning, and I will not lose all that hard work just because of this whole thing not being settled. I atleast want my money back, it doesn't make sense for the school to be able to keep the money if we aren't getting our credits!! I don't know anymore, I just hope the students can do something, and we wont get screwed over!


SpoiledBrat 04/01/01 9:15 PM                RE: gas pump rage


 I totally understand what you are writing about. I go to the Tesoro gas station and they have twelve pumps, three in each row. I hate it when some people don't go behind the first car and stay at the third pump leaving the middle pump empty. I don't think anybody likes taking the time to parallel park. The other thing I hate about gas stations is when there is a little gas left over in the pump and when I take it out to put it in my car the gas spills out right onto my feet. That has happened to me many times. I have never been really upset because usually I'm wearing slippers, but it worries me to have gas soaked into my slippers.


kakela   04/01/01 3:57 PM         gas pump rage


 At the Chevron by Kahala Mall the gas station is set up so that two cars can fill up at the same time in the same lane one car in front of the other. I think there are for lanes with two sets of pumps for each lane. This means that 8 cars can be filling up at the same time. Where the rage comes is when you follow a car into the same lane and instead of moving up to the second pump and allowing you to pull in behind at the first pump, they stop at the first pump and block you out. This has happened to me twice at this Chevron. Both times the station was packed with cars trying to fill up gas and others trying to get to the car washes that people have there so often. There is not a lot of space to ove around so it is good that people cooperate. the first time the bastard gets out of his car at the first pump and starts to fill up the gas before realizing that he is blocking people from getting to the second pump. The second time this happened the guy got out and realized that he was blocking me from the second pump and got back into his car and moved up. It is good that they both realized that they were being inconciderate to the other drivers waiting for the pumps but tht first bastard realized a little too late.


kakela   04/01/01 4:01 PM                     Punahou Punk-ass Kids


 I put this episode of rage in my report 2.One night a while ago my brother and I were watching some TV and heard cars driving up and down the road so we went outside to see what was going on. There were these kids setting up cones in the middle of the road and trying to knock them down with their cars. These were nice cars and the kids were dressed well, so you can arrive at the conclusion that they were preppy kids who were just acting stuid. There was about 10 of them mostly boys. They were also throwing the cones at eachother's cars and putting the cones on the tops of the cars, then accelerating and braking really hard to get the cones of the cars. What pised me off was the fact that they were hitting the cars that were parked on the street, my truck included. When I saw that I went into the house and grabbed my baseball bat and stood out in the street. They saw me and immidiately stopped the cars and pulled over. Some of them began to pick up the cones and put them away. My brother's friend who goes to Punahou lives a few houses down and saw what was happening and came over. He told us that they were Punahou punks and confirmed my initial feeling that they were just preppy punks acting stupid. I walked over to the honda that was driving the most wrecklessly and tapped on his window with the bat. He rolled down the window and I stuck my head in the car and got right in his face. I could tell that he was scared. He was mumbling and appologizing and couldn't look me in the eye. I told him in a not so nice way to pack up his cone and go away. They went away and I went back in to watch the rest of my TV show but I did miss about 30 minutes of the movie, piss me off.


shaun56   04/02/01 4:47 PM                   RE: Thoughts on Preppy Punk-ass Kids


 Yeah man I totally agree with you. There are some people who just have to learn to keep their fricken mouths shut. One time at this bar in Pearl City, we were drinking and singing karaoke. This young punk walks in with a group of friends. Everyone knew that they were not of age so it was just a laugh to the people of age. Anyways, I was standing at the bar, and this young punk asks me what I am looking at. I tell him his hair, and he says, what problem. I gently put down my beer and say, only if you got one. We walk outside as his friends gather around him. My friends stumble outside, laughing and joking, telling me to kick his ass. He makes all big for a second, and then I pushed his ass onto the ground. He got up and swung at me, but I dodged, and pushed his ass on the ground again. As he was trying to get up, I put my foot by his face and he cringed. I told him and his friends to beat it, and of course as preppy punks usually do, they did. We all had a good laugh at it, and partied the rest of the night on. I guess what they need sometimes is just a reality check. Most of the time, they go around in their flashy cars punkin' people out, and running away. Next time you run into these lil punks, give them a reality trip. Hopefully that will teach them from actin' as if, you know. But then again, some never learn.....


kakela   04/01/01 5:21 PM                     Thoughts on Preppy Punk-ass Kids


 I love to hate them. I went to a private school and I can tell the kind so fast. Most of the popular boys in my class were like this. They act stupid like running up the escalator that goes down and are really loud and drive custom job hondas and crap thinking that all of that makes them Speed Racer. I wrote about one experience I had with the Punahou punks that were acting stupid with the road cones. I knew that I could threaten them and they would not fight back because kids like them are hollow. They probably never got into a real fight before and poop in their pants when some stranger threatens them. I know because some of those guys I went to high-school with had experiences like that where they pissed some guy off and the guy got right in their face and made them all scared regardless of what they say later. One time my friends and I were hanging out and there was a big group of these punks that were making stupid comments at us so we walked over to the one that looked like the leader of the group and grabbed him. He and all his friends were shocked and did nothing as we kicked the hell out of the guy and threw him back at his friends. they picked the guy up and just went away. I is really funny to see how they react when the people they want to irritate or intimidate are not intimidated and walk up to them and threaten them back or actually start hitting some of them. What do they expect? You pick a fight, your gonna have to expect a fight.


SpoiledBrat 04/01/01 9:27 PM                Parking lot rage


 I truly dislike driving through the walmart parking lot. It is constantly crowded and people walk in the middle of the road. What is extremely irratating is when people wait on the side or drive up and down the rows looking for a close parking space. If a car is leaving and the person waits that is fine, but there are people who just park on the side just waiting for somebody to leave. Everybody likes to park close so they don't have to walk far. That is just irratating. Who cares where you park just park the car. And who cares if you have to walk just get off your lazy butt and walk. I'm sure a lot people need the exercise. Another problem is when people are walking they choose to walk in the middle of the road and not to the side. I also hate it when they walk their kids on the outside of them leaving them closer to the passing cars. They need to pick them up or move them on the inside away from the cars. That concludes my parking lot rage at walmart.


purple848 04/05/01 3:06 AM      RE: feeling OLD rage


 I can relate to your story, although I have never involved in any type sports. I feel like I'm getting old when I can't remember things like I used to. I am reminded of that every time I take exam. I am lazy, so I don't study for the exam until the last minute. Since my memory is getting bad, I can't remember all the terminology and concept that I learned, and I get bad grade as a result of that. It wasn't like that before, you know. I couldn't get a good grade since back then, but I could get an OK grade by studying a night before. But now, I can't do that any more. I can't stay up all night to study either. I try to stay up and study a night before the exam, but I become sleepy soon and end up waking out of sleep on my bed in the mornig of the exam day. I don't wanna get old anymore!


virtual-b 04/04/01 12:19 PM       RE: feeling OLD rage


 I understand what you're saying. A lot of times I look back and say I wish I knew then what I know now. I would change a bunch of things. I guess that's a part of growing old. When you grow older, you realize how much more important the simple things are. I'm not just thinking of physicality. I'm talking about precious memories that can't be relived or done over. I cherish those moments, but when I was actually experiencing them, I thought nothing of them. The young want to be older, and the old want to be younger. Weird. Not so much as a rage against time, but a growing acceptance of it.


shaun56   04/01/01 10:33 PM                 feeling OLD rage


 Well, here it is..... I coach a soccer team for the HYSA league rright... I have a team of 13 and under boys who I just started coaching for the spring season. They are good kids, with okay attitudes for their age, but lets not get into that. So every friday nights we have pick up games for anyone in the soccer club of Mililani. Since I am a coach, I am expected to show up and monitor. So I decide to play, to see if I actually retained my skills up to par with my soccer knowledge. I can honestly say that I do still have it, and I'm not being concieted. But I can honestly admit that I do not have the same legs as I did before. I did fine that night, but the next day and today, I am just killin'. I feel like an old fart. I cannot believe how a couple of years can harm you so badly. I honestly feel like time is flying and I am getting older faster. It kinda pisses me off because there's so much still that I want to do. I guess I'll just have to do them all quickly.


oshale   04/02/01 12:19 AM        waiter rage


 This is another one from the restaurant where I felt rage again. It just happened today and I was reallyin a good mood. The hostess placed us(my boyfriend and I) into this corner area. We were given the menu but the waiter failed to show up.Usually they ask for drink first but I think we waited about 10-15 minutes waiting for him but nobody even looked at us. I looked around waving my hand trying to get there attention and finally someone said(one of the waitress) who is suppose to take care of them? I was so astonished. They totally didn:t know we were waiting. They didn:t even know we arrived or someone who was in charge of that area didn:t care enough to look around for us. Finally he arrived saying he didn;:t see us. Ya, right. I wasn:t fuming or anything. But the more I thought about it more mad i got. It wasn:t the wait, it was the fact that they didn:t eeven notice us. Anyway, the waiter was really apologetic so I didnt stay mad for that long. I calmed down and enjoyed my dinner and I was no longer mad. So the night ended up to be pleasant after all.


kingwheelah 04/02/01 1:12 PM   A Personal Accident


 Speed, leaving late, etc. are just some of the things that describe my driving style. I realise that I have bad driving habits as expressed by myself and by my passengers. I feel all of this has changed in a matter of a day. I have never really gotten in trouble with driving besides a very minor fender-bender. Last night, my girlfriend got into a three car accident that left her without a car. I am happy to say that she came out of the accident with no harm done to herself or anyone else. She was not the cause of the accident, but the fact that she was driving under the speed limit is what I think saved her life. A bus was coing off the on-ramp and entered into the highway. The bus entered the lane, but went over into the next lane causing the car in front of my girlfriend to slam on his brakes. Luckily, my girlfriend was at a safe distance when she slammed on her brakes. She hit the car in front of her which then hit the bus. The driver and my girlfriend had the same story to tell, but the bus driver had a different story. A couple of witnesses stated that it was not my gf's fault nor the driver she hit, so the cops ruled it as an accident. The point I am trying to make here is that this has drastically changed the way I drive. I went to the movies last night and I was driving about 5 mph under the speed limit the whole way to and back. I abided by all the rules and I shocked my passengers. I have realized that I have to stop putting myself in the situations that I do (for example speeding)that could put myself in danger and also endangering the life of another person. I drove this mornging also and I am still overly cautious of the way that I am driving. I plan to use this to my advantage and to curb the bad driving habits that I have. There's nothing like an accident involving a loved-one to kick you in the ass to make changes! Pardon my french...


carlisle   04/02/01 8:50 PM         RE: Girl rage


 hello mr. man. Well, sometimes it is easy for guys or people in general to blame the female hormone on the monthly period. My husband gets pissed of at me when I bitch at him for no reason. But, we have come to an understanding. I told him to tell me to cool it, if I am raging about nothing. Maybe that is what you have to do. You men need to stop blaming the monthly period on womens mood swings. Sometimes it could be that the girl is just naturally in a moody mood. Understand your friend a little, and talk to her about her raging feelings.


kathyhirokane 04/02/01 6:01 PM            RE: Girl rage


 hello. you have probably heard this a thousand times, but until you have a period, you wont know how it feels. it's not just cramps, but it's bloating, headaches, bodyaches, etc... i don't think your friend is mean to you intentionally, but you could be more understanding, especially if you know she is having her period. also, don't be quick to blame everything on the menstrual cycle! some people are just like that, regardless of their period! and why do girls always have to be energetic, lively, and refreshed? why aren't guys like that?


shaun56   04/02/01 4:34 PM                   Girl rage


 I have this friend who is a girl. We are close, but yet we are far. Every month, she starts to take things out on me and makes me feel kinda crappy. I don't understand why some girls must take their hormones out on other people. Why do they seem to choose the closest person to them, and bash the hell out of them. I do not know how it feels to lose a bunch of blood every month, but I do know that the emotions are still controllable. I wish that all girls were to feel energetic, lively, refreshed, and happy like some girls do when they get their period. I think that a part of the problem is the learned helplessness of the feelings involoved with the period. I think that girls are brought up to think negatively about their period. I know some girls who are totally the same when they have it or when they do not. I guess the only reason this bothers me, is because the horror is shed on me. What can I do???


purple848 04/04/01 3:05 AM      RE: RAGE AT LIFE


 I am very sorry for what had happened to you in such a short period of time. You must be hurt very deeply. It may seem so hard for you to view the world surrounding you as bright right now. Maybe this is a commonplace remark, but I believe that time heals your wounded heart. I believe in the power inside us human beings, and even though we may be overwhelmed by grief, we can get back to our lives as time passes by. There will be the time comes, for sure, that you will be able to think back these sad incidents and accept what each incidents really meant to you. And you know what? You've experienced too many sad incidents already, so from now on, only the good, pleasant, wonderful things will happen to you. So please hold on and pass through this difficult time.


ktootree 04/03/01 6:48 PM         RE: RAGE AT LIFE


 I have experienced a similar situation to yours, but not exactly the same. A few years ago, my great-grandmother died a somewhat unexpected death. It was hard for me to deal with it because that was the first death/funeral that I was old enough to remember. Then less than a couple months later, my great-grandfather passed away. He was so distraught with his wife’s death that his own health began deteriorating and he passed away. That was another blow to our entire family. I think the one of the hardest things for me to deal with was seeing my mother so sad about her grandparents death. Although, the most difficult thing was seeing my grandmother and aunties (the deceased were their parents) having to deal with such a great loss in less than two months. Since then I have experienced 6 deaths that have occurred close to me—2 of my uncles, my aunty, 2 friends, and the most recent, my grandfather. The death of my grandfather in ’99 was definitely the most difficult to deal with because I was very close to him. I still shed some tears when memories of him enter my mind, so I feel your pain. The most difficult times for me personally have happened within the last 2 years and I too went through a period of despair and telling myself, “I just want to disappear from this earth. I don’t want to be here no more.” I think I was more distraught than in a rage. The way I have tried to deal with those kinds of thoughts is whenever I feel them entering my mind I quickly try to block it out and not think about it. Then, I pray that those kinds of thoughts be removed from my mind and for comfort. Although I do stumble once in a while, I have been doing much better than before. Well, I thought I’d share my story with you and tell you that you’re not alone. Life definitely has its lows, and although we may not see it right away, certain events happen for a reason and may turn out for the better. I've heard that life’s trials and tribulations should not be looked upon as the end of the world, but as life lessons, which teach us and mold us into stronger beings in the end. I’m very glad to hear that you are not giving up. Although fighting on is difficult at times, it is a definite step in the right direction, so keep your head up. =) “…also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us…” Romans 5:4-5 (NIV Bible)


Number11BUS   04/03/01 3:38 PM                    RE: RAGE AT LIFE


 Supreme-Finess,When you are "down" and depressed because of real events happeing in your life you need to give yourself a break. You can't always be everything to everybody. Getting on line is a time-consuming task. You have to weigh that with sleeping, eating, other classes--turn the volume down where you can, make allowances for yourself, request a "make-up" approach to your semester schedule. You appear to be getting the spunk back in you and can accomplishe all kinds of great things when you get the extra servings off your plate. Pat yourself on the back for sticking in there and getting all the things done that you did get done. All is not all a waste. Yes, it has been a tough period for you. And you are okay. It won't be this way all the time. Take care of what you can, ask assistance when you need it, and leave the rest to a higher power. Get a good night's sleep and start fresh again in the morning.Number11BUS


carlisle   04/02/01 8:25 PM         RE: RAGE AT LIFE


 Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and in turn you hate the world for it. You hate the life that you are currently living in and sometimes you wish things were different. I have not experienced two deaths so close together, and a break up too. But, I have experienced lifes curve balls. It is not any fun let me tell you. Depression is all part of the mind. But, sometimes it can take over. It can take over in ways that can destroy your life. I suffered from it for 3 years until, finally I went into a downward spiral. Doctors put me on medication to keep me sane and to help me deal with the depression and anxiety. But, what did it do? It made me feel sick to my stomach. Relationship problems was part of the whole rage against life situation. Until one day, I decided to take myself off of the medication, with the dissaproval of doctors. Then I made the first step to turn my negative feelings against my life, into positive ones. I could not blame life for the trails that I went through, because I am what makes my life. I was tired of life running me, so I took full control of it. I fought my depression, which was very hard but, I made it. My grades have never looked better, and let me tell you, my grades suffered because I LET my life's rage take control of me. Stand up for yourself, that is the only way that you can make your self better. People can help pull you through things but, you are the only one that can truely understand. Because you are what makes life worth lively, not anybody else. I am glad that you are getting your life in order. I am glad that I did, because everything that I went through was a learning experience, and it might just give me the knowledge to help other people. e-mail me if you guys want to talk.


Supreme-Finess 04/02/01 4:44 PM                      RAGE AT LIFE


 Life's trials and tribulations has put my life at an all time low. Honestly I feel that life has dealt me a bad hand and I am forced to play them. 8 months ago my grandmother had passed away. A month and a half ago my grandfather had passed away. And my girlfriend of six years has decided to move on with her life without me. This has been one unbearable year and semester. I haven't got online for almost 8 weeks because I just felt like giving up on everything. All I want to know is how could life be so cruel sometimes. It can kick you on the ground while your down and you still have to find a way to keep on moving. I am just about out of strength and tears to go on. But I have come to a point in my life where I must go on. I cant let them win. If i give up now, I admitting to my self that it has got the best of me. I would have surrendered all of my will if I just give up on school, work, and ultimately my mental and emotional well being. I cant do that just yet. Not when I am so close to graduating and nearing the end of my academic career. So this is my rage. Rage at life! Rage at all the negative things that has decided to take me down. My rage is to fight back and to block all the negative things that has tried to bring me down. So now I am back, I am gonna take control of my life once again; though it is tough, I must do it for my sake or get swallowed up in the darkness of my life. All I do is remember what a person said to me before they had passed away- that is; "Through the darkness comes a brighter day"- well, I am still trying to find it but i believe one day i will.


cjn   04/08/01 8:28 PM RE: Boyfriend does not like shopping


 I totally agree with you. I always feel like I have to rush things when I want to take my time and look at things. Even if I ask my boyfriend's opinion on stuff, it is like I am bothering him. He does not even pretend to be interested in it.


leis 04/06/01 2:18 AM    RE: Boyfriend does not like shopping


 I understand that it is happy for you to enjoy shopping with your boy friend. However, I know that there are some guys who surly don't like going shopping!!! My husbund also doesn't like going shopping with me. (Even when he used to be my boy friend.) He often says that he has something better to do than shopping, or that he feels tired soon whenever he goes shopping. However, I want to enjoy shopping with him. What I do to fill this gap is to give him a chance to do what he wants equally as much as possible. During shopping, as I often notice that he seems to be tired, I usually say to him having a seat and waiting for me. Otherwise, as there are some shops that even he wants to go, I let him go to the shop. Then we continue to do it. This seems to be a fuss, but it is still happy for me to go shopping!


meow24 04/04/01 4:02 PM        RE: Boyfriend does not like shopping


 do you know what you can do to change them? do the same thing next time you go out w/ him to the one of his favorite place . he will ask you why you behave that way. then you tell him that's how he behaves when he goes shopping w/ you. he will surely learn how to behave next time you go to shopping w/ him. if he doesn't learn his lesson, there is no sense of wasting your time w/ a guy who doesn't respect your way of life.


TVR   04/03/01 12:36 AM                     RE: Boyfriend does not like shopping


 I guess your right about consideration. But how I see it is that if you don't want to be rushed and you know your boyfriend will rush you. Why don't you gals just go shopping by yourselves! Why do women insist on having their boyfriends come with you!I think the reason why guys don't like to go shopping is because they feel they have better things to do. There's nothing that they can learn or find interesting about look at clothes. Especially, if they aren't for them. But, I do feel that we should more considerate about this topic. I know you girls try to make us happy by going with us to places that aren't interesting to you gals. This is why I totally agree that guys should be more sensitive to womens needs.


mightymousesa   04/02/01 10:54 PM                   Boyfriend does not like shopping


 Okay, I understand that many guys do not like shopping BUT tell me why they have to make the girls they are with uncomfortably rushed while they are shopping! We sit through your crazy hiking trips that go no where. And we go with you to look at cars etc. Consideration goes a long way!! Learn that lesson and learn it quick!Your girlfriend will appreciate it!


TVR   04/03/01 12:17 AM                     RE: Obsession rage


 I know exactly how you feel. I also have a girlfriend that acts this way. She always seems to get worked up whenever a certain person is talked about or is present. She total hates this girl and it seems like she can't forget about it. Even if their on the opposite side of the building she can't get over it. Anyways, what I wanted to know is how does your boyfriend react whenever you feel this way. Most of the time I feel that i'm stuck and there isn't much for me to do. Most of the time I may just listen to her and that usually makes it a little better. How about your boyfriend?As for me, I usually tell myself that it's not important and is stupid for me to feel this way. Why should I feel bad when it probably doesn't bother the other person. I'm putting added stress on myself when I don't really have to. When I think like that I usually feel better. Maybe this could work for you also!!?


sakodash   04/02/01 11:41 PM    Obsession rage


 I'm raging at myself. I don't understand. I feel obsessive!! I've noticed recently that whenever I get mad at something I think about it constantly...I just can't stop. I let it bother me and bother me until I get so worked up that I can't think straight. It usually has to do with a certain person that I hate because of her selfishness and bitchiness but yet whom I cannot avoid due to circumstances beyond my control. Sometimes, the things I've heard she's said about myself or those that I love bother me so much that it actually interferes with my daily life. I was sitting tonight watching Friends with my boyfriend when all of a sudden I started bitching about "how could she say this" and "how could she say that" right out of the blue. Tell me that's not a little crazy!! I just wish I could just drop problems and just forget about them. I don't understand why I think things over and over and over again until I get madder and madder and madder. Help!!


rie2001 04/03/01 12:22 AM                    Sky Rage


 I just came back to Hawaii this morning. I took 7 hours trip by plane. 7 hours is long enough to make me tired. Plus, there was a kid keep screaming in the airplane. I tried to go to sleep but his shrill voice drove me crazy! What made me even mad was that his mother was sleeping for whole time her kid was making such a annoying noise. I almost cried out... God, help me!!


Supreme-Finess 04/03/01 1:11 AM                     RE: Strike Rage!


 Here! Here! Personally,I dont know what to say about the whole thing. All I know is that the professors are very imortant to the University and the State and should be getting their due. Its pathetic what they are getting paid as compared to the other states. Classes like psych 409 has made me open my eyes into my own self, and how i deal with rage. I've never done that before until being in a class that has made me deal with those issues. I also admit that i needed it the most, because i feel that i lost many important things in my life due to rage. Rage at myself and rage at people, so you see, it would be ashame to lose professors and classes like ours, that make us search and explore our own minds and self and teach us to grow. The state has money to build fountains and pave the roads, then surely the state has money to make the cost of living much better for our professors.


TVR   04/03/01 12:54 AM                     Strike Rage!


 Gosh, why can't the State and UHPA make some kind of agreement that will make them both happy. I know that the State can get the money some how. They seem to have to money to fund programs that are totally unnecessary. So why can't they cut those funds and just give them to the teachers. I feel that the teachers do deserve it and would be a good investment for the State. This is what the Governor has to think about. It might put a strain on them for a couple of years but if the university has good professors they probably can attract other good professors. And with these professors they probably can make more money for the university. Thus, both the State and the University will be happy.If the teacher's go on strike for a little while that would be alright. But what will happen if it lasts for a long time. They better find a way to save the semester or there will be a lot of anger students there well have to talk to.


Supreme-Finess 04/03/01 12:55 AM                    rage at wage


 I just found out today that a coworker who has no prior experience at retail was getting paid 11.00/hr. When i heard this I was very upset. Not only because she was getting paid more than I was but she had no experience. I had three years retail experience and my starting was less than hers. I nearly walked out of my job. However after a few hours of thinking about it at work; i realized that it would be foolish of me to actually do that. You see, hears my dilemma; if any employee is found to be talking about wages or salary of another worker or their own, they can be fired. So I could not talk about it because I can be fired for it. Man, I just got a promotion so I really don't want to screw it up yet I feel cheated. Maybe it is because of the fact that I did not receive that much when I first started. Or maybe its because I was at my job when it made its debut;and was there from the very beginning even before and it opened and she just got hired at my workplace like a month ago and she is getting paid more than me when i first started. I think it maybe a little bit of both. Well, I guess its not her fault but i'm pissed! She put 10.00 on her application where it stated her "desired pay". I guess I should have written down a higher amount when i filled out mine. Damn, maybe i'm raging because I feel like an idiot right now and dont know why I just typed that. But anyway, this whole class is about identifying rage and learn how to better manage it and learn from it so you cant deny that I identified the causes; however, trying to dissipate it is what i am left with. I figure that if i cant do anything about, then i might as well live with it. I cant talk about it nor could i do anything about it. Its just one of those times and situations where it was better off not knowing about it, and also one of those situations in life where it sucks and you cant do anything about it. The most dreadful thing about it is that I have been having alot of those lately. Oh well, all i can do is try hard and wait until the clouds go away so I could shine my brightest.


meow24 04/04/01 3:49 PM        RE: PLANE RAGE!!


 i travel quit a bit during the vacations, so i've experienced air rage a few times. my worst rage was when i was on the Korean air on my way back to hawaii from korea. half of the people on the plane were japanese and other half were koreans. however, korean men were continuously smoking in the lavatory. the smokes were filling up the plane and i was really getting upset. i told one of the flight attendant about it but she didn't do anything to stop it. i really hate second hand smoking, so i was really getting mad at these people. but there were too many of them and i couldn't do anything except keep complaining. guess what?! they smoked their way to hawaii. i've been on korean air several times but that was the first time i experienced smokers on the plane. i really wish they would all die miserably from the lung cancer!!


snowhawaii 04/03/01 1:55 PM                RE: PLANE RAGE!!


 Hi,I was working for an airline company before. So I experienced air rage quite often especially when I encountered those passengers who lack common sense.Your story that the guy was talking on his cell phone on the ship made me a bit scared. You know or you may not know, but cell phone-use is prohibited because it puts out of order of mechanics of the aircraft. So in that sense he put all other passengers in danger.If you pay attention, you might hear such an announcement saying please don't use cell phone...I know there are those inconsiderate people everywhere.When you encounter somebody who uses the cell phone on the ship next time, you'd better warn him immediately or tell a flight attendant.Otherwise your flight may be delayed because of mentenance.


PHYRE2001   04/03/01 1:12 PM                       PLANE RAGE!!


 I went to Maui this weekend during spring break for a family gathering. I never really noticed what air rage was about, but doing report one on air rage was almost fictional to me. I never would have imagined in a million years that people could actually act that way. Well, I never really experienced "air rage," but I got a sense of what it was all about. Actually I got a combination of both air rage and cell phone rage. There was this man that was sitting across the aisle from where I was sitting talking on his cellular phone right before the plane was about to take off. There he was talking away, and loudly. I don't understand what was so great about his conversation that he had to let the entire plane know what he was talking about. Anyhow, the flight attendant had came over to inform him that talking on the cell phone was prohibited, yet he continued to talk on the phone. It took almost five minutes before he got off, and I know that the plane was delayed in taking off because he had to finish his coversation. Some people have no consideration!!


Watashi_No 04/05/01 7:52 PM   RE: Petition People Rage


 Yeah I heard about that also. I read in the newspaper a letter to the editor. The lady wrote that a guy approached her in downtown and asked if she supported the teachers strike. She said yes, and was handed a petition, but she looked at the fine print and found that the petition was to legalize gambling. I just saw on the news recently a story about how gambling would help in "this" kind of situation when it does happen. That is really sneaky and low to put the teachers strike and gambling in the same category!! It's sad that the gambling people are stooping so low to get names on their petition, by using the teachers strike. I guess they use whatever edge they can get to get the names they need. The gambling advocates must know that this is wrong so that is why they are using back handed ways to get names onto their lists. I hope that more people become aware that these people are doing this, and if they want to sign the petition for the right reason (because they want gambling) and not the wrong one (because they were tricked into it).


meow24 04/04/01 3:36 PM        RE: Petition People Rage


 i've encountered those people at the campus center too. i was on my way to the bookstore when it happened. a man stopped me and asked me to signed it. at first i thought it was for the UH strike or something like that because he didn't bother to explain it to me at all. so i figured it was for something good. but when i approached the table, the list was blanked and no one else had signed it. so i asked him what it was for. only then he told me it was to legalize the casino in hawaii. i put down the pen right away and told him i can't sign it, because i am against legalizing gambling in hawaii.i was relief that i didn't sign it w/out asking first. but im concerned about people who sign it w/out asking what it is first. because looking back at your and my experience, it seems like its their strategy not to tell the person what it is for. and now that i think about it this way, im pretty upset w/ the people who do this to legalize the gambling here in hawaii. =<


ktootree 04/03/01 5:35 PM                     Petition People Rage


 Some of you may have noticed those people around campus with those clipboards asking you to sign some kind of petition to legalize gambling/casinos in Hawaii. For the past couple weeks or so I’ve seen them almost everywhere I go, and I’m getting pretty irritated by them. My first encounter was at Campus Center. I was walking by those tables that are set up over there and this guy comes to me and tells me, “Here. Sign this.” He hands me the clipboard and a pen. In my head I was like, “What?” He didn’t make no attempt to tell me what it was for, so I asked, “What is this for?” He said, “Oh, to allow casinos here in Hawaii.” Then when someone else came I put the clipboard and pen down on the table and left before he could stop me. When I was walking away I thought the nerve of that guy to tell (not ask) me to sign something without any explanation as to what it was. I was a bit more upset too because I don’t want gambling legalized here. My second encounter was in downtown while I was going to work. There was the same guy and a couple others standing at some of the traffic lights trying to get people to sign. They ask, “Do you live here on Oahu?” over and over again. I passed the intersection about 3 or 4 times that day running errands and then on my way home. Each time I passed they walked fast towards me asking me the same question. At one point I was asked by the same person twice (going up the block and then coming back) within less than 10 minutes!! I was pretty irritated, but I tried not to show it, but I think I did a little by my facial expression. Each time they came to me I said “You already asked me that,” or “I already signed it.” I guess that’s the solution I came to use whenever they approached me. I still see them on campus, so I just try to avoid them now as much as possible before I really lash out in a full-on rage.


skyblue   04/04/01 2:30 PM                    RE: student interruptus rage


 Hey virtual-b...I totally agree with you that she (crazy girl) asks too many questions in class. Majority of the time, I am sitting one row behind of her and I just can't seem to stop rolling my eyes after she interrupts the TA or our guest lecturer from delivering their message. I couldn't help, but intervene on her question when I said, "Imagine there is a four instead of a three!" so she would catch the hint that I answered her question because I wanted her to shut up!!! I also become more upset when she always insist on having the last word of discussion. She definitely has to observe and listen more instead of blurting out words instantly. I noticed that she is hindering the TA and guest lecturer purpose of educating the students on community psychology. Indeed, she is also wasting everyone's valuable time!


virtual-b 04/04/01 12:34 PM       student interruptus rage


 I have this lecture class. I referred to this class a couple of times already. And there is this student who always seems to interrupt the flow of the class. She, yeah it's a girl, says the stupidest things too. Like yesterday, she said that "I just have one question." She previously already asked half a dozen and then proceeded to ask four more. She has this weird personality. When she enters class, she makes noises going to her seat, as if to announce, "it's me, student interruptus." Yesterday, she made this big hoopla over the TA writing the wrong month on the overhead. Dang, I noticed that and I'm sure the whole class already did as well. Just mention it once if you must, and be quiet. If the professor asks a question, she does not raise her hand, she immediately blurts out a stupid remark each time. For example, if the professor should ask, "Is the sky blue?" She would answer "no it's green." I'm exaggerating, but I don't like how flow of the lecture gets interrupted and deviated and askewed to the point that we are prevented from learning more.


gemini-gal   04/09/01 1:06 AM    RE: SWR#11: Tita Rage


 Hi there! As you may already know, I love eating at Ducky's and their meat jun is the bomb. Anyway, I agree that displaying unladylike or "tita" behavior is annoying. They should have more consideration for the other customers. I don't know what the lady was trying to insinuate when she asked how much the cashier made but that was rude. Sometimes people just need to keep their mouth shut. I don't think its appropriate to act like that especially with food preparers. Who knows? What if you tick them off and they put some gross stuff in your food and you don't even know it? Anyway, people should conduct themselves with the aloha spirit. Too bad that's not true of everyone.


skyblue   04/04/01 3:32 PM                    SWR#11: Tita Rage


 I observed three women who were conducting themselves as titas in public when they ordered take-out dinner from Ducky's Korean BBQ in Manoa. The first woman ordered a mini kalbi plate. When she selected her three choices of vegetables, she stuck her whole head in between the partial glass covering and counter (sticking her head way inside was unnecessary to get her message across), and proceeded to speak very loudly. When the cashier called out, "mini kalbi plate" the first time, that same woman wasn't around to pick up her meal. So the cashier called out "mini kalbi plate" again because he didn't know that all three women were together. Then, the second woman said, "Just leave em' dea' cause we're together!" While the third woman waited for her order, she asked the cashier, "What kind of shoyu is dis?" When the cashier didn't respond immediately, the third woman said, "Is this Aloha, Kikkoman, or what?!" Later on, that same person asked one of the cooks loudly, "How much the cashier make an hour?" Finally, the only nice comment I heard came from the first woman, when she said thank you in Korean, so I know she appreciated their service. By the end of my meal, I was flabberglasted when I heard their comments since I couldn't eat my mini meat jun plate in peace! I ate all of my food, but quite frankly, I was irritated with their speech, tone of voice, and lack of public conduct since I felt like saying,"Shut up! You're talking too loud!". Of course, I didn't say that! However, those negative thoughts were running through my mind!


kakela   04/09/01 9:38 PM         RE: where is the money?


 They were planning on auctioning off all the old cigs. So I was thinking that I want to go to that auction and get a bunch of the cigs and sell them on EBAY! Or better yet make a trip down to Roosevelt and become known as Dan the Cig Man. "Eh, meet me in da batchroom, 12:30, I goin' give some deals." That would be a great summer job don't you think? No? That's right, I am acting retarded. Wishful and illegal thinking can be the best and worst. nevermind.


oshale   04/08/01 3:43 PM          RE: where is the money?


 I know what you mean. Politicians are all the same. You shouldn't take their word for anything. BEn Cayetano, especially has no face what so ever. He doesn't care about what people think about him since he doensn't have to go through the election again but I really think if he wants to live in this state, he should get some security. Anyway, about the money, I'm sure a lot of money from the government and the tax payers money go into their own pockets. Their personal extravagant parties they throw, for their personal campaign, I'm mean they are always getting caught about that. Like REne Mansho, she just got caught using her staff in the state office for her personal campaign and probably a lot of money was used illegally to promote her campaign as well. And probably Ben, he probably did the same. Hawaii is especially more about the people connection, and I think Ben probably got reelected in such illegal way because no one liked him from his first job why would he get reelected again? He is using people and returning favor to who have helped him in the past with the money that we pay taxes with which should be using for the people and not himself!!!


shaun56   04/05/01 8:37 PM       RE: where is the money?


 I hear you about this deals. I thought that they would use this cigarette money to pay the teachers off, but I guess I was wrong. But then again, we must be skeptics. We must not suppose things that we actually don't know. I've realized a lot of things from this whole strike deal. I now know that everything lies within someone else's hands. The list of hands is pretty much endless. So there is no set person to blame, no set group to blame, rather just a whole society to blame. I don't know, but I do know that they better get some money real quick, or I will not graduate on time!!


meow24 04/04/01 4:24 PM        where is the money?


 i know that hawaii is getting something like a million dollors every year because of the case they won in the supreme court against the cigarette companies. so far, ive seen a few non-inspiring ads about anti-smoking, but nothing other than that. so, where is all the money going to?? i really hate the politicians in hawaii. they are so corrupted. u know what i mean.. you see them in the afraid that the money is going into the politicians pockets. do any of you know what they are doing w/ the money they receive? i bet there are a lot more of money being wasted by politicians, but i've been always wondering what they did w/ that money wheneve i see the anti-smoking ads.


lavaflow 04/08/01 12:47 PM       RE: lab monitor rage


 I think I saw the same lab moniter before. Now I know the person is always like that. My classmate and I went there to use the computer to do assignment for this class. We entered the lab and I was sure that he knew us coming in because he was sitting close to the door facing this way. We sat down and were about to start our work, then he said "all computers are down, we don't know when those will be fixed" in lazy manner. We left the room wondering why he didn't say the same thing when we entered the room. I remember that he was reading a magazine and it seemed me as if we interrupted his break time. The person we met could be other monitor, but I'm sure that the lab has a strange worker.


carlisle   04/06/01 3:59 PM         RE: lab monitor rage


 If we are thinking of the same lab monitor then, I feel your rage. But, if we are talking about a different one then oh well. Well I see this lab monitor only for about 10-20 minutes on tuesday thursday when I go to my statistics lab. He snorts very loud and only seems to stare at you right? If this is the one then okay. But, this lab monitor that I am talking about is wierd and very inconsiderate. I asked him for help on day, because my pass word would not work. He told me "Sorry, but I do not know what the matter is, I guess you have to create a new account?" I wanted to punch the living color out of him. But, then I told myself that is was not worth it, I am better then him. Besides I only see him for about an hour out the whole week. So, now I ignore him.


snowhawaii 04/04/01 7:21 PM                lab monitor rage


 I went to the computer lab in SSC building. I had to print out the assignment before the class. When I entered the computer lab, I saw there was only a lab monitor. But I didn't think it's weird because usually there are few people in the morning. The lab monitor saw me come in, but he didn't say anything.So I sat down, and logged in. But the computer didn't accept my user name. I tried several times, and I was sure the user name was correct one. I tried with another computers, but it didn't work either.So I asked the lab monitor how come it didn't accept my user name which usually has no problem. Then he said, "all computers are down."Whatever!! How come didn't he say anything when I entered the lab and when he saw me?? He knew my purpose for coming to the computer lab is using computers. While I was trying to log in, he was just pretending not seeing anything. If you have the common sense, you would tell "Sorry, all computers are down now" as soon as somebody comes in, right?He's so mean! Or he thinks his task is just being there. This monitor was talking on the phone so loud the other day despite many people were in the lab. It was obviously private talk.I wish somebody fires him. He's not helpfull at all. Or if this kinda thing happen next time, I will tell his boss!!

leis 04/08/01 11:11 PM RE: UHPA Faculty Strike Rage


 I understand you. I have also experienced that a woman working at the picket line said to me "go home". When I heard it, I really got upset. I felt so annoyed. Then soon, I came up with the following things. I think that it is funny that she is against us a student. The person that she should fight with is not we but government from first to last. The way that students ourselves decide not to show up to school is one of strategies to support faculty. So I respect it. But there are also students who respect their priority to learning. Such students should have right to fight with not only the government but also the university. In doing so, the tumult becomes more stimuli toward government. It is strike. If she said to the state governor "go home" or "do not get out from the government office until making a decision" at the gate of the office, I would understand. However, there are some picketers like her who working on this strike in somehow wrong way.


skyblue   04/05/01 10:25 AM                  UHPA Faculty Strike Rage


 I was driving to the parking structure when the police officer (conducting traffic) flashed the hand signal to stop, so the UHPA Faculty could walk around in a circle. I waited patiently for several minutes, and I didn't have a problem with them protesting for the strike. However, I was very appalled when a Caucasian female(faculty member)turned to me and said, "Go home!". At the same time, she used her hand to shoo me away! I could read her lips, but I couldn't hear her since my windows were up and the music was on loud. I thought, "This lady doesn't even understand my situation why I'm coming to school today, if not I wouldn't be on campus if I didn't have to show up!" The only three reasons I showed up at UH on Thursday is 1)be present at my lab session since it's taught by a graduate student, and this person instructed the students to show up for class; 2)complete my web page; 3)attend a club meeting on campus. I was somewhat upset by the faculty member's action, but I snapped out rather quickly from getting angry to remaining calm. I realized that the lady only said that for her own and the rest of the faculty members benefit because I should support the strike by not showing up on campus. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to stay away from campus, circumstances will not permit me to do so. Therefore, the lady shouldn't judge me for not supporting the strike since I came on campus. I felt that she is on a one track mind!


kakela   04/09/01 9:42 PM         RE: Picket line rage


 I think it is pretty funny when they are yelling full blast. I told some of them that they should take it easy because the sun is going to take its toll on them and they are probably going to be here for a while. Save your energy and breath for all the walking you are going to have to do because it really doesn't amtter how much you yell at a hard ass like me, I am coming through you picket line like Barry Sanders on a mission. Faint here and a stiff arm there, TOUCHDOWN!


Daniel1978   04/09/01 11:05 AM            RE: Picket line rage


 Hey Man, I hear 'ya!!I got harassed, just like everyone else. Do these Professors realize that we may have to be back in their classes within the week? What good does giving us a hard time do? Does it get them any closer to their payraise? I've been fully supportive of the strike, but this is too much. Harassment! And the mascot they had on Friday? A GIANT skull with a graduation cap!! Insane!!


sakodash   04/08/01 6:43 PM     RE: Picket line rage


 I know exactly what you mean. I work on campus and I NEED to cross the picket line everyday. Those that picket at the gate by the dorms seem to be the worst. They just glare at me or at least there's this one man who just gives me the stink eye everytime I have to go through. I hate them!! I just don't understand. I support them getting a strike but it seems like they're turning those who support them against them. I was stopped on Friday and was asked questions and given a flyer as they were trying to persuade me from not going onto campus. Another student helper I work with was told to call in sick from work. Why, so we can get fired? I don't think any of the faculty will be supporting me if I wanted to get a raise. I think UHPA faculty should realize that they're beginning to piss people off especially those that support their raise.


carlisle   04/06/01 3:51 PM         RE: Picket line rage


 Picket lines have been a hassel the past two days but, look at it this way. The UHPA and HSTA are doing what they have to do and that is fighting for their pay increase. And we as students have to do what we have to do. Yes, I have thought of the same things that you have mentioned in your self-witnessing. I have thought that gee, these teachers are fighting for their pay increase, and for the students, yet they are holding us back from getting an education. I raged coming on to the campus this morning. I support the teachers but, I do not like when they say, "Go home there is not school" or "Coming on to campus undermines the whole purpose of the strike." They are going to do what they are going to do, and so are we. If that means crossing the picket line to get my education that I paid for, then so be it. I will support the teachers to the best of my abilities, but I am not going to put off my education for them. I hope that they know that.


ddestrad   04/06/01 3:09 PM      RE: Picket line rage


 I can definitely relate to the picket line rage, yeah it's nice to have off of class but this is absurd, i think that the teachers deserve the raise and i hope to god that they get it. I walked to the bus stop yesterday and on the way i had to cross through a few picket lines, every time i passed they all yelled at me to not go to class and help shut down the campus, so i cheered them on, i said i'm not going to class i'm in support of the teachers and they all cheered and then i continued walking, one of my friends though had a problem with the strikers, he tried to walk through and this guy ran at him and called him a scab, they are starting to get fiesty, it isn't our fault, i don't know why they are trying to project their aggression onto us students, we support them but if some teachers are holding classes, it's our grades that are important, why else would we be going to school.


shaun56   04/05/01 8:47 PM                   Picket line rage


 I would just like to say that some people just don't realize. The picket peoples think that if we must go onto campus, we do not support them. They do not realize that some of us have to go to class for whatever reasons there are. I have a test tomorrow, and I have to cross the picket line... again. Today I crossed and they were giving me total hassels. I just wish they would realize where we are coming from. We are there to learn....... They are there to teach us..... I do not see why they must get mad at us because we want to learn.. That is totally wrong. Well, I can wish and wish, but they'll never catch my drift.....


AnimalLover 04/09/01 1:04 AM RE: Remember: It is the students who are the victims!!


 No kidding it's the students who are the victims! I don't know anyone who knows exactly what's going on. I am supposed to graduate this semester and it would take something like all of this to screw it up. I have so many questions like, is this semester going down the drain? should I even start job job hunting? will I even be available to work at the time I should be available? I know some people have it worse than me but I'm pretty pissed off. I would like the teachers to get their raise and I would love it if the governor weren't such a stubborn jerk but I would also like to graduate and I'm sure there's a lot of people that feel the same way. Just clue us in!!!!


gemini-gal   04/09/01 12:56 AM RE: Remember: It is the students who are the victims!!


 I agree that the teachers are going on strike at the students' expense and it's unfair that we are kept in the dark about the future of our semester. I am graduating this semester and this is not the way I wanted to end my college career. I don't want all my hard work go down the drain because of this strike. Don't get me wrong...I am for the teachers having their raises but to prolong a strike and keep students in the dark about their academic futures is wrong. I really have mixed emotions about this strike and I hope it will end soon. I'm glad that at least one of my professors admitted voting against the strike because he felt it was unfair to students.


Watashi_No 04/08/01 6:58 PM   RE: Remember: It is the students who are the victims!!


 Well it's happened, sooner or later more and more students are turning against support for the teachers. But the reason the students are turning is coming more and more evident because the teachers are turning the students against them. If the teachers persist in calling people who cross the picket line scabs and such utter nonsense it will be only the teachers who will be by themselves. I've seen on the news that even the buses and for HSTA the delivery trucks etc. are not crossing the picket line, but come on teachers!! The students aren't scabs, scab means a person who is in the union but makes the decision to work anyway regardless of the strike! Now that in no way applies to the students, the students paid for their education and it is our grades on the line. I haven't experienced the picketers yet (and hopefully will not) because the teachers assistants and the other people who teach told my class that we don't have to come to class, but if we needed to we could. I hope this all clears up by Tuesday...Wednesday at the latest, but I doubt it. I think the earliest would be the end of the week.


mightymousesa   04/06/01 9:28 AM                    Remember: It is the students who are the victims!!


 Hello!! Does anyone else feel like no one really recognizes what harm this is causing to students!!! All around the state people, children and college age, are being deprived of learning. I'm usually on the side of the teachers, but that was when I thought the teachers were going to fully address what will happen to students!!! For example: If the strike goes on one week, blah-blah happens to the semester. But no one ever did that! That has put us ALL at a disadvantage. I understand the purpose of a strike is to cause noticably disruption so that change will occur, but we should at least be given warnings of what may happen so students can prepare!! I'm in a rage b/c I am taking summer one to graduate and I need an internship during that time! Many employeers are staying away from students at UH because of this strike!!!


ddestrad   04/06/01 3:24 PM                  No Rage!


 I have nothing better to talk about than the fact that i have absolutely no rage at this moment! So sorry if this isn't exciting enough for yous!! I could be stressing over all of my homework that is due or papers to be written or my endless search for a job but i don't really give a shit, I'm not letting anything bother me, life is good!! Well i hope that all of you have a really nice weekend and maybe we'll see each other on Monday, or maybe we won't, unless TA Daniel plans on holding class...(just kidding), maybe i'll go finish up my rough draft due monday for project 2....maybe.... see ya later!!


carlisle   04/06/01 4:04 PM                     Picketers and getting onto campus


 What pisses the heck out of me is that the picketers have a longer time to stroll the streets, then the cars have to pull into the structure. And to make matters worse, the Kaleo said that the someone is trying to get information on how to make the stop lights to stay on red, so that they can cruse the streets and picket. I know that they are doing their civil duty and all. But, people have to do things and be at places. I support them in all of their efforts, but they are making everyone mad. This whole strike could of been prevented and people would not be so mad, and frustrated. So, when the cops finally let me through I jammed my way into the structure, never giving the picketers a second look back. Do not worry, I made sure that they were out of my way before I made my speeding head start into the parking structure.


lavaflow 04/07/01 9:05 PM        RE: Mail rage


 I think it's really rude. She or he seemes tried to look if nothing happened. Or probably the person didn't feel much guilty about opening your letter by mistake. If I made such mistake I would write a note or directly go to you to apologize. I think all types of mails are really private so that I would be really angry if someone else opens my letters. If it was by mistake, a person should at least leave a note then I can forget about what happened. As you said, everyone makes mistakes and only a very small effort can show that a person is considerate.


purple848 04/07/01 4:31 PM                  Mail rage


 In my dorm, the mails are collected and put in a box. Each resident is responsible to check the box to see if she has any mail. I found my telephone bill in there, so I took it to my room. When I was about to open it, I noticed that it was sealed with Scotch tape. I got upset to notice that somebody opened it and replaced it in the box after he/she taped it. We all make a mistake unintentionally, so I think I didn't get upset if the person who opened my phone bill left a note, saying that he/she mistakenly opened it. Since there was no note left, I felt displeased all afternoon yesterday. It was not a big rage I was feeling, but I didn't feel good at all for thinking about how some people can be so impolite to others.


sakodash   04/08/01 6:55 PM     RE: Car alarm rage


 I know this may sound mean but I would have it towed. There was this one car downstairs from my apartment whose alarm would go off every night in the middle of the night. The sound would just echo for what seemed like hours. This went on for several nights and I was about to call the police if it happened again that night but surprisingly it didn't. Waking up to a car alarm is just so damn nerve racking. My sisters boyfriend almost had his car towed too because his alarm was going off in the middle of the night. Good thing they ran out just in time as the tow truck was pulling up. Thank god he only got away with a ticket. He wasn't angry though because he knew it was his fault and that he needed to fix his alarm.


lavaflow 04/07/01 8:28 PM        Car alarm rage


 It happened early in this week. It was around 3 AM, I was awakened by the car alarm. It kept going off probably for at least 20 minutes. I couldn't go back to sleep after this and I had to wake up at 6, This destroyed my entire day, I couldn't concentrate on lectures because I was really tired. On Friday morning around 2 or 3 AM, I was awakened by the car alarm again and it went off for a quite long time. At this time I immediately felt anger and tried to forget about go back to sleep because I knew I couldn't. I understand that it is a serious issue for people who own cars if their cars get stolen but what about other people who just want to rest peacefully at least several hours at night being free from some stressful considerations, about school works and the strike??


oshale   04/08/01 3:34 PM          workrage-manager


 I was really mad yesterday and I really tried to calm down after this incident. I was telling myself, I wouldn't get mad over this over and over again but it is not helping.This rage happened yesterday when I called my manager to call in sick. I never call in sick. I usually need the money so i want to work as much as I can. Anyway, this is like my sick call in over 6 months but yesterday i called in sick. The manager is like how are you sick and I said, i wasn't feeling well from 9pm the night before and right now I have no energy. And she was like "fine, don't come work then." It was just the way she said it. She made it sound like I was making that up. I want to get a doctor's note just so that I could stuff it in her face. What a bitch. She is really nice but she can be really a bitch. I was coming down with a cold and I don't expect her to say care but just say take care or something of that sort. I really can't believe her.Right after i got off the phone, I wanted to call back and tell her off. But I didn't. I would quit that job soon and I don't want to end it in a bad term but she is just so bitchy!!!!! URGHHHHHH!!!! She is really a bad manager. I hope she realize that.


kathyhirokane 04/09/01 1:35 PM            RE: Speaking my mind rage


 hello. maybe you shouldn't worry about writing it down. maybe that's what confuses you. just blurt it all out! it's more natural. when you try to put things in proper order, your flow of thinking gets all messed up. forget about sounding logical...just say what is on your mind!!


sakodash   04/08/01 6:50 PM                 Speaking my mind rage


 Everytime I'm angry I have a million thoughts just racing through my head. I think about all the things I'd say to this person and personally I think it sounds damn good. My words just flow when I'm thinking it but as soon as I even try to verbalize it I start stuttering all over the place. Why? Am I the only person who has this problem? It probably has to do with the fact that I'm gutless. But what if I wanted to finally tell this person off because they've pushed me too far? Would it come out all stupid? So frustrating!!


ikibobo 04/22/01 12:12 AM                    RE: Ignoring Customers


 I know what you mean. Those sales persons are the very ones who also tend to be prejudiced against other people. I remember when I was working in high school and when I used to go to the store to buy some clothes, I would never get helped. It was very irritating. I still get it when I go shopping at Ala Moana, because I don't look like their favorite shopper *the infamous Japanese tourist* (please don't get offended anyone reading this, I am half Japanese myself, and I am certain that I never get mistaken for a Japanese tourist!!)Yeah, I probably look like a broke college kid just "window-shopping" but who knows, I may have saved enough money to actually buy something!!!


meow24 04/10/01 12:11 AM      RE: Ignoring Customers


 i feel bad about what happened to the little kid. i don't have any memories of being maltreated by the salespeople when i was little, but im sure i have one or two episodes that i don't recall.. its really sad that salespeople ignore kids.. but its not just the kids who are being ignored. someone has posted about the bad experience she had at the 'Tiffany'. i bet it happens all around the world, but i can't seem to get used to being ignored by the salesperson as well.. having many "rich" japanese tourists sure add the arrogant behavior to salespeople when they deal w/ the 'locals' here in hawaii. No, i don't blame the tourists. im just sad about the situations like this.i will try to be more attentive to the salespeople when i go to the stores next time. i won't let them ignore the kids! ^.^


charisseo   04/08/01 11:11 PM    RE: Ignoring Customers


 i can relate to your message on how salespeople look pass children as customers. i see this especially at stores where children are the target. for example toy stores. i remeber a situation where a saleperson was totally ignored him. when the child finally got the salesperson's attention she was extremely rude and impatient. it seems rather unfortunate that a salesperson at a store directed to children did not have staff members who would interact well with children.


Watashi_No 04/08/01 7:05 PM   Ignoring Customers


 I hate it when salespeople overlook little kids like the kids aren't important enough for the salespeople to talk to. I was standing in line at a store and there was a kid in front of me. He was waiting patiently for the person in front of him to finish. After the customer in front of him was finished, the salesperson looked over him (and I *know* she saw him) and said I can help you. I couldn't believe what she did. I looked at her and said that the boy was in front of me and he could go. She looked at the boy like he wasn't worth her time. It got me mad because I remember when I was younger and salespeople used to over look me and none of the other customers would say anything and they would just get their things rung up. With this kind of disregard it is no wonder kids feel invisible. Kids deserve the respect too, or else how would we ever perpetuate aloha?!


oshale   04/10/01 5:43 PM          RE: court room rage


 My boyfriend and I had a similar situation. WE were actually going to a wedding of my friend's brother and on the way there we got lost in waikiki. It was raining and my boyfriend ran the stop light. He kinda stopped but not really. Anyway, we were really late like 30 minutes but we got pulled over and went through the regular procedure. There were also my girlfriend in the car so total of three people in the car. When we looked outside, there were 3 more police cars. 3! so 4 police car total. I asked them why so many cars and he just said there were 3 occupants in the car. Two of us were girls and we were all dressed up to go to a wedding! What would we do anyway? Anyway, the cop took so long writing up the ticket, and we actually got 2 tickets!!! That was really ridiculous. The other cops were still looking around the car to see if there were anything else they could give us the ticket for. Those extra cops were just there talking story and all... I really don't understand cops. The cop that pulled us over apparently was a rooky so I guess the other cops were trying to train him in writing tickets. It was so pathetic. I totally raged. At first I was calm and I was trying to calm my boyfriend down by saying, it happens to everyone but the more I thought about it and the more I looked at them I was so mad, I got of the car and told them, "would you hurrry up, we're late for the wedding!!!" I totally yelled. anyway, I think cops are dumb and idiots!!! I think your boyfriend shouldn't have gotten the ticket anyway, The cops are such lazy ass people, they don't do half the things right! If he was a good cop and did the follow up, maybe your boyfriend would've got the ticket but like a typical cop, he didn't so I guess that's good huh!


sakodash   04/08/01 7:13 PM     court room rage


 Well, I'm not really raging but kind of upset. I went to the court house with my boyfriend the other day becasue he wanted to contest a ticket he got. The ticket was for diregarding a stop sign but he insisted he stopped, looked, and then went ahead. I sat in the court room listening to all the cases. I would never want to go to court, it seems so embarassing to have everyone know why you're there. What made me mad was that some people were contesting tickets that were clearly their fault. It felt like they were undermining the purpose of all the other people who are there who truly felt they were not at fault. There was this one person who tried contesting a ticket of going down a one way street. His reason was that it was midnight. He brought pictures and everything. The picture clearly showed the one-way sign. He felt that he shouldn't have gotten a ticket because it was late at night and that it was okay since there weren't that many cars. There were a lot of other people who tried pleading their case but the judge just ruled in favor of the state and made them pay their ticket plus a fine. A lot of cases are hard to tell who was at fault. Many people felt they shouldn't have gotten the ticket. It was hard to tell if they were telling the truth or not. My boyfriend was able to get his ticket thrown out becasue the police officer didn't make any remarks on the report. I guess she didn't do a follow-up report so the judge ruled in favor of him.


charisseo   04/08/01 11:30 PM                salesperson rage


 today i decided to return a video i purchased at a music store yesterday. when i purchased the video i asked th clerk if it was returnable and she said that it would be ok if i had the recipt and if the plastic wrap was not broken. upon entering the store i explain to a manager that i wanted to do a return she said that "we don't accept returns" i then explain to her that the salesclerk yesterday said it was returnable she said she would accept the return. as she handled the tape she heard the heads in the tape rattle. she then gave a suspicous glance and decided to walk to the other side of the store to grab another video to compare the rattleing noise. when i asked her about the policy she said, really rudely, that it was posted on the counter and that by law that is all they needed to do to notifify the customer of their returen policy. through this ordeal i feel that if she made a point to be couteous to her custmers while standing by her policy i would have been satisfied than her rudeness that she experssed. in addition to her rudeness i was surprised by her untruthfullness. when i first got to the store she said that they do not accept my return. later when she refered me to the sign taped to the counter, videos where not one of the non-refundable items, and i did make the 14 day return time.


darell   04/09/01 2:22 AM           RE: NO RAGE BUT UHPA Faculty Strike Rage


 I feel the same way as you. There is nothing really that we can do aobut the strike. All that we can do as students in order to better ourselves is to just carry on with our schoolwork despite the strike and all of the chaos that comes along with it. Although it maybe difficult to deal with this, there is nothing really that we can do but wait and see and support our teachers.


leis 04/08/01 11:31 PM NO RAGE BUT UHPA Faculty Strike Rage


 I have no additional and new topic for this week except that I have replied my rage experience for the topic UH faculty rage. Although I have no rage experience, honestly speaking, I have felt embarrassed for all of school schedules. However, I also know that it cannot be helped just being embarrassed. To modify my annoyed feeling, I try to keep up studying, concerning about strike issue as a student in Hawaii, and doing what I can do to make this strike significant for all


gemini-gal   04/09/01 12:50 AM             Clip-art webpage rage


 I was trying to get some cool backgrounds for my report 2 today but the webpages were hard to navigate because there were so many links. I couldn't find backgrounds that I liked and I was getting tired and annoyed. When I got to this one website, I clicked on the backgrounds link and it took me to the page with different types of backgrounds. Then all these windows started popping up with clip art advertisements. At least 2 or three would come up everytime I changed background pages. It was so irritating because I had to close all the clip art windows just to look at the background pages. I started to call my computer names and swore at it under my breath. I just couldn't take it anymore so I closed netscape and started all over. I'm still looking for a cool background. Does anyone have any suggestions on what website has good backgrounds?


SpoiledBrat 04/09/01 1:25 AM                RE: No Car Rage


 I understand everything your are going through. My father's van just broke down and he is using my car. Now I don't have a car and I can't go anywhere. I actually feel lost without my car. It is always there and I always have access to it. Knowing that I don't have it I somewhat feel stressful. Like, what if I need my car and I don't have it then what am I going to do. Also, my plans of going out or running errands is not possible. Having a car is a major necessity and everyone has one. Cars are the transportation everyone uses and probably takes for granted. Taking it for granted might lead to road rage and make people feel they can do what ever they want to do.


AnimalLover 04/09/01 1:09 AM             No Car Rage


 I still don;t have my car because my stepdad is still using my mom's car and my mom is still using my car so I haven't had much of an opportunity to have road rage. I am frustrated at the car repairs though. My stepdad has an older car, normally they would just tell someone to get a new car instead of having to search for the replacement parts but that car is his baby and he has taken really good care of that car so it looks like new and taking that into consideration they are trying to search for the parts and they are taking forever to repair it. I'm happy they're taking the time to fix his car but I wish it wouldn't take so long!!


skyblue   04/10/01 10:48 AM                  RE: car rage


 I don't blame you for getting irritated at your family. I've experienced situations where I let my grandmother and uncle borrow my car to find the top mirror too high, the seat moved all the way to the front, the sun shield cover wasn't put up, car mat folded/tiny rocks left on the mat, one door unlocked, and/or tissue found on the seat. These continuous acts drove me crazy! Whenever I borrowed my grandmother's car, I made sure that everything was in its proper place and I didn't leave any mess behind. The least they could've done was check to see that everything was placed back in its original position or tell me if something wasn't done. From now on, if they ask me to borrow my car, I tell them, "Please don't forget to make sure everything is put back in its original spot, no rubbish is left in the car, and the doors are locked". Ever since I've made my expectations known of what I would like to see when I step in to my car, they have taken responsibility for their actions.


darell   04/09/01 2:35 AM           RE: car rage


 I can feel your pain. My parents always use my car whenever they go out and I am at home sleeping or something. I don't understand why they have to use my car because they have two cars of their own. And the thing that I hate most especially is when they take it and use up all of my gas. I work hard to pay my own things and the least they could do is put gas in my car whenever they use it. And whenever my mom uses my car, I don't think that she pays any attention to the gas gauge because there have been times when I come home late at night from work and I'm tired to stop by the gas station to put gas so I wait until the morning, but I she gets in my car before I do, she uses it until the gas light goes on. Amazingly, she never got stalled yet, and when I am in a rush with an empty gas tank in the morning, I find that the most irritating situation and my parents always seem to manage to do that.


SpoiledBrat 04/09/01 1:47 AM                car rage


 I don't mind when my family borrows my car. One problem I have is when they don't put the mirrors and seat back to its original position. I hate having to put back everything when I was not the one who moved them. If they are going to use my car they should just move everything back it is not that hard and it does not take that long. What I also get angry over is when my brother uses my car and leaves less than a quarter tank gas. He never puts in gas when he uses it all. He could at least give me money to go put in gas, but he does not do that either. I think my brother is the one that drives me crazy when he borrows my car. I always let him use it and everytime I get mad at him when I enter my car after he drove it.


oshale   04/10/01 5:32 PM          RE: more strike rage


 I am really supportive of the teachers. I think the public school teachers really deserve this. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here where I am, and wouldn't have learned a lot of things. Anyway, and even I would have pursued a career in teaching if they had a better pay. I know money isn't everything but it is important and I didn't want to get involved in something that didn't pay enough. But I really respect the teachers because they have survived this much and although they didn't get paid enough, and many of them knew that, they still became teachers. They really should be respected. And the raise is just something that state had neglected for way too long. Even garbage men earn more than they do!But I really was surprised that there are a lot of people out there who don't think like we do. I thought everyone thought as we did as student but some people think the teachers are too demanding and not all the teachers should get the raise! I was so mad! Regardless teaching job is a difficult one and they need to be paid more!


silverfox2001 04/12/01 8:42 AM                         RE: more strike rage


 I agree with you, that people should watch what they are saying. Because they are appropriate time and place for that kind of conversations. Teachers are not the only one affected by the strike everyone on the island is affected by the strike. What people don't seem to understand is that no matter how this turn out students lose. Because there is no way we can recover the money we paid out for tution, books and time we have already invested into this semester. Once again where were they when we got a tution hike.



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