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carlisle 04/10/01 2:10 PM RE: more strike rage

Some people do not know when to keep their opinions to their self. And sometimes it makes me upset and stunned that they would of said something like that in front of a person who is involved in the (strike). Yet, people are intitled to their opinions and if other people like those that are on the pickett line cannot handle the comments and opinions of others then to bad for them. There is a time and a place to say something, and the dinner table is not one of those times. The teachers need to listen to what other people are feeling. Because no matter what they feel towards the governor, they are certainly not the only ones that are being effected from this strike. Personally, I am getting fed up with the strickers yelling at me because I had to cross the pickett lines. I am not going to put my education at a hault for their benefits yet, I do support them. That kind of sounds contradictory interms, but I cannot help it. I am also not going to stop working on campus, because they are fighting for more money. Because, I need the money too. Sorry this may have gone off of the topic, but sorry.


Daniel1978 04/09/01 5:50 PM RE: more strike rage

Well....They WERE parading around with a giant skull wearing a graduation cap...What kind of message does that project?I DO want them to make enough money. I DON'T want to be a hostage...


kathyhirokane 04/09/01 1:41 PM more strike rage

on saturday my boyfriend and i went to his grandparents house for a get together. of course the subject of the strike came up, and his uncle said that the teachers are using the kids as leverage to get their raises and that the only reason why they are striking now is because graduation is coming up and there will be an urgency to give the teachers their demands. well, what he didn't know was that his nephew's girlfriend (who was sitting with us)is a teacher. of course she didn't say anything, but we all were like, stunned. he shouldn't have said that, especially in front of her since she is involved in it. and anyways....the teachers would not do such a thing anyways!


silverfox2001 04/12/01 7:23 AM RE: Strikers

Its call the first ammendment right what you are doing but I feel sad for your girlfriend sister I feel bad for her because she is so timid. I would not want to be in her shoes knowing that these professors got radical in my approaching campus. However, you have to stand up for what you believe in. So I take my hat off to you.


kakela 04/09/01 9:27 PM Strikers

I think it is pretty funny that these strikers are getting all mad with the students who want to cross the picket line. They are all yelling and crap and I am thinking "What the hell? I can't give you a raise and it doesn't matter to Ben if I am on campus or not, he is still a stubborn ass." I want to just go and walk up to the picket line and have them yell at my face and just stand there. I wonder how long they would yell at me before they realize that I am not moving. Then I would say something to them like "I am right here, you don't have to yell, I can hear prefectly fine. You can just talk to me." Or something stupid like that. My girlfriend's sister is really timid and got all scared so she turned around and went home. Her prof is a picket line crosser so she is supposed to go but when she saw what the faculty was doing to the other students she wasn't going to go through that. Knowing her she probably would have started to cry. So sad.


AnimalLover 04/16/01 12:01 AM RE: retard at the stop light

Oops! The spoiledbrat reply is mines but I forgot to log in with my user name so it automatically signed me up as theirs. Sorry!


SpoiledBrat 04/15/01 11:58 PM RE: retard at the stop light

That sounds hilarious! I think that if I were there I would think he was an idiot and be irritated at him but it sounds funny when you say it. If you're going to run the red light, why are you going to stop across the intersection? Maybe he wasn't thinking when he passed it and then he stopped because he felt guilty for running it. Either way, I think that's really funny and I would have liked to be there to laugh at him. What makes it worse is that he is running a red light and the other cars with the green are waiting for him to go through so that they can go and he's just holoding them up. I think he probably gave a lot of people road rage when he did that.


kakela 04/09/01 9:33 PM retard at the stop light

I was at the stop light next to Players on University when I saw the funniest red light rusher ever. We were pulling up to the light and it was turning yellow. The guy started to slow down and I slowed down behind him. As we approached the line, the light turned red and I began to stop, but the guy infront continued to move past the line really slow. He crept through the intersection against the red light going around 2 or 3 mph and I could see him looking very carefully both ways. The cars with the green light had to wait for him to make it through the intersection and when he did he pulled over before the bus stop at the corner and waited. I was thinking "What the hell is he waiting for? A cop to give him a ticket or something?" The light turned green and the guy was still there so I began to go and he started to go too. It was like he was waiting for the rest of us to get through the intersection so that we could all get on the freeway together or something


meow24 04/10/01 12:42 AM RE: Football Technique to Crossing the Picket Line

Im really sad to hear your story. I heard of situations where students have been yelled at for going into the parking structure on Thursday, but I think we should still be supportive. I personally havent experienced any bad moments w/ the faculties, but I understand their situations. I've been to the campus only once since the strike, because I want to be supportive as much as I can of their strike. I really don't think you should have described them as you posted here in the message board. You are free to speak as you wish, but remember this, they are our professors. They are the ones who educate us and we are part of the UH. If they are what you say they are.. what are we then? You should have realized that we won't be better than what you have said here.I want to respect my professors and want community to respect them as well. So when I graduate, I can proudly say I graduated from UH. And I believe that this strike is a step to bring up the UH reputation.


kakela 04/09/01 9:50 PM Football Technique to Crossing the Picket Line

I am getting some kicks out of crossing the picket lines. I love it when they are yelling at me and they are all irritated. They are sweating like pigs in the heat, out of their air conditioned rooms and they are getting more exercise walikng around in circles than they have had since high-school.I figure it is like a football game. You are the running back determined to get through the defense. Look for the holes, the weak links in the picket line. Charge the weaknessess in their line, bloodshot eyes, grunting, drooling, stiff arm there! Faint here! Another stiff arm, spin, dive, TOUCHDOWN!!! Roar!


skyblue 04/10/01 11:44 AM SWR#12: Fed-Up with Union

Hey! I just found out that a public school instructor refused to participate in the strike because he feels the HSTA (union) should be striking for the teachers. The reason comes down to the fact that these teachers pay their annual dues of $500-$600 to their union. If the union's purpose is to support the teachers in a time of crisis, they should be the ones holding the picket signs. Why should teachers be picketing when it is the union's duty to negotiate a higher salary for the teachers with the governor? Unions, in general should be concerned with salary, while instructors should be concerned with educating the students. I don't think it's fair for the teachers to strike and negotiate for a higher salary when they pay their dues out of their own pocket to the union. The union board members should be striking!


TVR 04/13/01 11:16 PM RE: Who is really defending the students?!

yup!! I know what your talking about because I also believe that the professor's are doing the right thing by striking. But they can't forget who is responsible for the strike and who are the victims of the strike. I believe that the professors should be more supportive of the student's and concentrate more of the energy on the Governor and law makers that can solve this issue.After reading your post, I was wondering if you are also a teacher or something here at UHM. If you are, what do you think will happen to the semester? If your not in the union, I really hope we get our credits for this semester because I really need to graduate!!!I guess the only thing that we can do know is just wait!


mightymousesa 04/10/01 12:40 PM Who is really defending the students?!

Okay, I'm sick of this! I don't want this "second spring break" when it is costing me my education! This is total chaos on this island!! I have to cross the picket lines because of the cheerleader try-outs I have to administer, and I am sick of being harassed at my own University!!!! The teachers are doing what they think is right. I am crossing picket lines because for me it is what is right. But if I get harassed one more time I will not be in support of anyone anymore!! The more people I talk to the more I realize that the faculty is losing support from the students because of the faculties behavior and lack of addressing the issues that concern the students!!!


oshale 04/10/01 5:51 PM library rage

I'm sure everyone noticed that the Hamilton's library was closed for a week or so. Anyway, I borrowed a book and it was due on 4/3 and I returned it at sinclair library on that day but got a notice of overdue book. I was mad and when i came and talked to the librarian at sinclair she was telling me to call the hamilton. And I said, 'but i returned it here and it is not even my fault. It was you guys who lost the book.' Then she offered to call the hamilton library and they were laughing and joking, (I could tell because she kept on saying, "Shut up, Shut up" while laughing) and all she said was they were going to search for it told me to check back on Friday. It is just the way they handle things that makes me mad. Why can't they do things more organized! I think while the Hamilton library was closed the books returned that week is all screwed up. I wonder if anyone else is having my problem is had that problem. It is tiring already. The strike and all, everything is really screwed up here!


Supreme-Finess 04/10/01 11:28 PM MORE STRIKE RAGE

Damn! When will this thing ever end? You know what? I was watching CNN and the strike got publicity. We just went global everybody, and that is a damn shame. It's embarrassing to the state, and the University. I mean, how the hell are we suppposed to higher more teachers from here or out of state when we are treating them like crap?! Both UH faculty and the public high school teachers. Its really sad that the students have to suffer this way. This is so not what i had expected this semester. My mom is on me asking so many questions about this strike and i dont know what to tell her most of the time except of what i hear on the news. Which doesnt provide that much either.


Supreme-Finess 04/10/01 11:36 PM rage of the heart-Physical symptoms

You know what bother's me the most about this whole "love thing" is all the deception. Whatever happened to "keeping it real"? There is nothing more beautiful than true passion and emotions unparalleled. That's what i had. And i feel rage almost everyday because i start to thinking about the relationship and what we had and how we lost and I could feel my heart beat faster, and my breathing getting deeper and heavier and my eyes lock on to my ceiling and for a moment in time I am back there. Its strange. Then as suddenly as i am phasing I come back to reality. Its really weird. I all of a sudden notice that my heart is beating faster and my breathing heavier and then i start to calm down.


sakodash 04/14/01 9:22 PM RE: RaGE oF ThE HeArT II

Hey Supreme-Finess!! Keep your head up!! :) I know things must be going really tough for you now but hold on, things just may look up soon. Several years back, I was with this guy for a little over 3 years and he always talked about marriage and everything like that. Well, needless to say, our relationship did not work out because he was seeing somebody else. He kept calling me and telling me all these things that just confused me completely!! For like the whole year I tried to figure out why he'd do this to me and why can't he just give me a straight answer. I cried so many times that I was just exhausted already. I gave up. I realized that I couldn't wait around for someone like him. He didn't know what he wanted but yet I think he wanted (and me also) to hold on to what was familiar, what was a sure thing. After a while I realized that getting mad and going crazy was just not worth it. Why would you let one person do this do you? It's like if you don't let go you get obsessive after awhile. Somethings are just not worth wasting all this energy over...especially if you're the one getting hurt. I hope that things work out for you...


Supreme-Finess 04/11/01 12:05 AM RaGE oF ThE HeArT II

The deaths of both my grandparents and the my rage of the heart has been a major cause of stress and rage in my life at this past year. I am still trying to deal with the loss and i am clutching on to what is left of my sanity. Its a crazy life the one i live. I posted a topic about this "love thing" and I was gonna talk about that but then i got caught up in the emotions and i started to feel the physical symptoms of those emotions in my body so then i started to type about that. Sorry but Ill try to focus on a single topic okay? Now back to what i was saying. I sincerly believe in honesty and trust in a relationship. I guess that is why me and her were together for six years. I know her well and she knows me very well. We couldnt hide anything from eachother because we knew eachother so well. So to make this story short, When she needed her "space", she always told me not to worry because we would still get married later on and we will be together in the end. Now here's where it gets confusing for me. She says she still loves me and all but she hardly calls, not only that but she is seeing somebody, i kind of know who it is but not quite. All i want to know is why tell me we are going to be together in the end and keep me hoping for something when it will never come to me? THis causes me great rage. because if she loves me she would just tell me its over and tell me to move on. WHy prolong my suffering and tell me in my face that we will be married when i know she isnt being totally honest with me? It hurts me more that she would do that to me. I beg her to tell me. I told her i know about it but she still denies it. Just let me go if you love me just let me go- that goes through my mind all the time. i want to believe her when she says she's going to marry me. But when she doesnt call me for days- how can i believe that? I mean is she just going to wake up one morning and go "okay, i think im going to marry him today!" - i really dont think so. So what if she doesnt call me for weeks? can you see how its hard to believe her when she doesnt keep in contact? Why cant she just tell me? All i want is the truth..Thats all i've always wanted. It makes me mad that she wont tell me! I asked her if it was because she was afraid of breaking my heart but she said "no". I told her I wont be mad at her if she found some body else just tell me the truth and i promised i wouldnt be mad. I gave her the opportunity to come clean and she still said "no". I told her if i ever found out i would be really upset because that would have meant she lied. But she still says "no". I know she isnt being honest with me. i get so mad thinking about this. my heart rate is like a going crazy while im typing. Anyways, All i ever wanted the truth. She had a chance to let me go softly and nicely. I feel that if i find out otherwise, I would feel even more betrayed. That would be so cruel of her to be with somebody else and have me find out by seeing them together. But i need to know the truth and if she wont tell me then i am going to have to find the truth out on my own. The truth will always come to light people so remember if you love someone be honest with them, even in the end because if they meant something to you before, you at least owe them the truth. DOnt let them rage in the heart and make them want to find out themselves or find out in some other cruel way.


kathyhirokane 04/11/01 2:04 PM share your strike experience!

today i actually drove to school! i was kind of nervous because i didn't know what to expect of the picketers. i entered through the entrance near the baseball field and i was relieved to see that no one was picketing! but, as i drove further, there they were!! they were block the gate into the school. so i stopped and this lady comes up to me and hands me a paper and asks me the usual questions...why are you here, are you a student, etc...then, she asks if i would support the professors by calling the governor. i said yes, thinking that she would give me the phone number and i could call later. nope. she busts out a cell phone! she told me that the gov and the senators were in a meeting, so if i could leave a message on the senators machine! i couldnt believe that! i did it, because i felt like i couldn't say no anymore. after i left a brief message, the lady yelled, she left the message. you can let her in now! yikes! what has happened to anyone else? any horror stories to share???



Yup, I know exactly what you mean. I was coming to school one morning and those dumb picketers started yelling at me. I didn't do anything because I believe that they should get a rise. But, I started to think to myself if this was the right way of getting it. I found myself getting irriated and mad that people could act this way. I guess I feel the same way like you. I could feel myself about to rage but didn't because of the situation. Is there any other way that the teachers could have done to get their pay raises. I think this is only hurting the students and Hawaii's economy. Why didn't the teacher's and the State think about this?


virtual-b 04/12/01 11:59 AM RE: STRIKE RAGIN' OUT OF CONTROL!

Well, the professors are trained to educate and not organize a strike, so they will inevitably make mistakes while picketting. However, I have noticed that HSTA strikers are more calm and friendly than UHPA. It is difficult to say that this whole ordeal is the governor's fault. Even the venerable Senator Inouye after earlier supporting the teachers, now, says that he sees both sides' points after speaking with Cayetano. Frankly, I think that a bunch of unions want money, although deservingly so, that the state does not have right now. Hawai`i is pretty destitute place right now. UHPA, HSTA, HGEA, UPW, etc. all want more cash, which comes at a point when the state is scurrying about trying to meet the Felix consent decree deadline posed by Judge Ezra. The budget is so lacking in funds that the lawmakers are pondering legalizing gambling to gain revenue. In the long run, Hawai`i has already lost.


silverfox2001 04/12/01 7:13 AM RE: STRIKE RAGIN' OUT OF CONTROL!

I know what you mean, the other day I was driving up to campus to get to this class and see if Dr. James was in. and they kept knocking on the window of my truck to say, "turn around don't come on campus." I started to get upset at the point we understand that you are on strike. Understand that we have an obligation to fulfill too. I started to rage at the fact that when we have issues on campus no one from staff is there to back us up. Half of the time we have to back ourselves up. My point is where were the professors when we got the tution hike?


carlisle 04/11/01 6:10 PM RE: STRIKE RAGIN' OUT OF CONTROL!

The whole strike matter is getting a lot of people upset and fed up.. I know that I am feeling that way. Some professors are doing things that are uncalled for. But, keep in mind that they are going to do what they are going to do, in order for their voice to be heard. According to the associate dean that I work for at the outreach college. He said that not professor is suppose to touch you in any way to get there point across. If they do you can report them, and it will be seen as harrassement. I do not think any professor's are going that far as to shoving and pushing anybody away from campus. Hopefully this strike will not linger on to next week.


Supreme-Finess 04/11/01 4:59 PM STRIKE RAGIN' OUT OF CONTROL!

What is the deal? Man I tried to go on campus to go to Sinclair Library and two of the professors over there told me not to go to the library and to call governor Ben Cayetano's house if i want my grades for this semester. I was freakin out. He even asked what my major was and i replied Psychology and he said I should show up at the rally today and support the UHPA if i want my grades to count this semester. I was totally upset by the whole "shove-it-down-my-throat" attitude about the whole thing. I know what the possible results of this strike may be. When I told him that i support the faculty, he then began to calm down. But sheesh! I mean all this transpired as i was crossing the crosswalk to get to sinclair library. This really got me irritated and i suppose can be qualified as a rage. I felt somewhat enraged at the whole ordeal.


kakela 05/01/01 11:16 PM RE: Bank Rage

Well atleast you have some money to deposit. I am broke ass to the max. It is almost embarassing how much I am spending for grad school stuff and how little money I have now. I guess that is one good thing that I won't have to stand in line at the bank, but I would much rather have rage at the bak than to have rage all the fricking time because I am all broke ass.


PHYRE2001 04/24/01 1:36 PM RE: Bank Rage

I can relate to your Bank Rage, I think it happens to the best of us. No one like to wait in long lines and only see a few people working. My question to you is though, why would you go to a bank that you feel is so short handed. With today's society it seems that companies want to scan thier workers before hiring them . Maybe the bank that you go to does not want some raged fool coming in and shooting everyone for a miserable fifty dollars. Also, maybe you should go to the bank during off times, you could ask the teller, they should know when their busy times are.


ktootree 04/23/01 4:31 PM RE: Bank Rage

I can relate to your experience at banks. The same things irritates me too--standing in a long line, seeing only a couple of tellers working, but what it's make it worse is seeing other workers who seem to be doing nothing or taking their sweet time. I feel like, "You're at work and you're paid to work, so do some work." The good thing is that you recognized how upset you were and was able to cool down. Yes, you may have looked pretty upset, but at least you didn't rage out verbally to anyone because that would have made the situation even worse and like you said, you might have said something that you would regret later. So I think you did a pretty good job of controlling your rage.


BC3 04/13/01 10:44 PM RE: Bank Rage

Isn't that the same as being at a supermarket with only one or two checkout counters open? I think my rage is greater in that situation. For one thing I'm usually holding something really cold, or really heavy. Secondly, I'm usually in a rush (I should manage my time better). Are those people getting paid for doing nothing? What a crime. I must admit that the bank line really makes me mad as well. Have you ever been to the DMV.....In any case I always want to get on the loud speaker and yell personnel to checkout counters 1,2,4,5,6,7,9!!! Maybe then they would get the hint. Food food all around but not a person to pay.


charisseo 04/12/01 12:07 PM RE: Bank Rage

i can understand what you mean when you talk about frustrations at a bank. the company that i work for does not have direct deposit. so every two weeks i make my way down to the bank to deposit my check. as a student and someone who has a part time job i do not have too much time to go to the bank during the normal business hours. so i am greatful that my bank has extended hours on fridays and stuff. one thing about this is that, like you, all teller windows are not opened, especiall during the busy time of the day


BC3 04/13/01 10:44 PM RE: Bank Rage

Isn't that the same as being at a supermarket with only one or two checkout counters open? I think my rage is greater in that situation. For one thing I'm usually holding something really cold, or really heavy. Secondly, I'm usually in a rush (I should manage my time better). Are those people getting paid for doing nothing? What a crime. I must admit that the bank line really makes me mad as well. Have you ever been to the DMV.....In any case I always want to get on the loud speaker and yell personnel to checkout counters 1,2,4,5,6,7,9!!! Maybe then they would get the hint. Food food all around but not a person to pay.


charisseo 04/12/01 12:07 PM RE: Bank Rage

i can understand what you mean when you talk about frustrations at a bank. the company that i work for does not have direct deposit. so every two weeks i make my way down to the bank to deposit my check. as a student and someone who has a part time job i do not have too much time to go to the bank during the normal business hours. so i am greatful that my bank has extended hours on fridays and stuff. one thing about this is that, like you, all teller windows are not opened, especiall during the busy time of the day.


silverfox2001 04/12/01 7:05 AM RE: Bank Rage

I know what you mean about bank rage. I have been in this situation where it is payday and the bank is packed and it seem like the line is not moving fast enough for me or anybody else. But, the good thing is that you were able to recognize that you had a bad day and you are able to control your rage. Unlike this guy I once saw in the bank, he was swearing up and down and shaking all about because things was not going his way.


carlisle 04/11/01 6:04 PM Bank Rage

I went to the bank today to deposit some money, and they only had two tellers working at the window. While there were five other windows unused, and about eight people in line in front of me and another 6 behind me. How more irritated can I get. I had a bad day, a very bad day. I thought that I was going to be able to stand in line at the bank with no frustration but, that did not happen. I hate going to the bank. The thing that made me so upset was that, there were five other workers walking around doing gosh knows what. I looked at them with the eyes of "get behind that table and help me, gosh dang it." I know that those other workers may have been doing something and I just did not know it. That was just the first thing that came to mind. I have realized that I make a lot of assumptions when I am mad, and most of those assumptions are sometimes incorrect. I had to cool myself down, cause I could not take my anger out on the tellers just because I had a bad day. So, I shut my mouth and clentched my lips together so that I would not say anything that I will regrate. That was my rage of the day.


charisseo 04/12/01 12:18 PM RE: Unfair Boss at Costco

i have had a boss similar to yours. the seem to think that being part time status seems to put you on the career track for the position that you have as a part timer. it seems odd to me that they are so many bosses out their that have the mentality that an employee life revloves their work schedule reguardless of being part time or full time status. sometimes i feel that bosses/managers do not take into consideration that their employees do have other obligations other than their work. in a situation i had with my former manager i called in sick on day because i had a back ache. so i went to the dr. and he told me to stay off my feet for about a week. so i called my manager and she began to question me about how bad my back was sore, etc. she then gave me the example how she and the other managers come to work even if their backs are sore. from working their for three years i knew that all the managers had some sort of back problems, mainly because we did some minor lifting of stock when big shipments came in. so i was just thinking the whole time i was talking to her that the reason that she and the other mangers have such bad back problem is because they do not take time to rest themselves. and i was not going to risk having back problems like them to come to work at a part time job.


carlisle 04/11/01 6:55 PM Unfair Boss at Costco

I know many or you out there have experienced boss's who are so unfair. Well, I have been working at this job for two years now. It gives me no benefits or perks. But, that is only a part tiime job that is giving me extra money to spend. So, maybe I have no right to complain about my boss. But, what I do not understand is why my boss wants me to put this part-time job first, before everything else. One day I had gone into work and she was talking to me about, one of the girls calling in sick, due to a class project. She told me that she does not understand why this particular girl could not plan a group project after this job? The things that I wanted to say to my boss. I wanted to quit on the spot but, I did not. She has been talking behind my back on the same issues concerning school. She does not have a right to tell me or any other person who are trying to put themselves through school, that this dead end job should come first. My boss talks about how school should come first and how important school is for a person's education. Yet, she contradicts herself by saying that my fellow co-workers should put this job before everything else. I called Human Resources on her to find out if she is suppose to do this type of thing. I also wanted to find out if she is suppose to hinder someone's chances of getting another job, by telling them that she can not give them this (?)amount of time off? I am still waiting for human resources to get back to me. My boss also has a thing or to waiting for her when I get to work on saturday. I mean she is going to have a little talk with me on the subject. If she gets written up because I had gone to human resources then good for her. That will just teach her that she can not keep one of her employees from bettering themselves, whether it be for school or for another job. Please do not get me wrong, but I do understand that there are jobs out there that we will need to put first. But, this job that I am holding is only part time, it would be a different story if I was a full-time status at costco.


carlisle 04/11/01 7:02 PM Immature co-worker

I work with this one person at my on campus job. He is so irritating and immature. I just want to slap the living day lights out of him. What the heck am I suppose to do with him, when he irritates me the way he does? Well, I have come up with my own answers. I could ignore him. That only works sometimes, this is because he keeps bothering me until I pay attention to him. Another possible answer could be to yell at him, but then I would look stupid infornt of the rest of the office. The best answer that I came up with is this. I told him in a very polite and sincere tone, that he is bothering me and to please stop it. But, that only lasted for awhile. So, when he bother's me I stand up and go to a different part of the office where he can not bother me. That worked, problem is kind of solved. If the rest of my fellow classmates have better suggestions, please let me know. Thank you.


MAX676 04/13/01 6:19 PM RE: Terminated Friend Rage

Are you really having a stream of bad luck, or are you just feeling down because you have lost a friend at work. Our negative thoughts can really take control of our life, and it is always important to remember that changes always occur when we are not ready for them. There is really nothing you could have done about your friend, and I am glad you realize that. You have a step in the right direction, and it seems that you will be able to get along just fine. Maybe your friend didn't really want to work. If the job was really important to him, he would have done everything in his power to make the boss happy.


Supreme-Finess 04/11/01 11:46 PM Terminated Friend Rage

Damnit! I cant believe it the other day my very good friend was terminated from my job. I was very upset. However, the weird thing about the whole thing is that i didnt know who to be mad at. Should I be mad at him for coming twenty min. late when he already had a final warning? Or should I be mad at management for actually terminating him. Managment can be a real "pain" always complaining. I guess he did deserve to be fired afterall he was late. I think the reason why I am upset is because he and I are really close and its like a friend is moving away. Maybe thats what i am mad at. The fact that i am going to miss my buddy at work. Well there is nothing I could do about it. It wasn't my decision but i guess i am going to have to live with it. Well I told him not to be a stranger. I guess the source of my rage in this case is the fact that I can't do anything about it. SO i figure I should move on with my life. It seems like this past year I have been losing alot of important people in my life i just wish that this streak of bad luck would just stop.


silverfox2001 04/12/01 8:36 AM work rage

Talk about work rage. Yesterday, was my day to go off on a client yesterday. I work in an environment that is high stress and low morale but what i do for my clients makes going to work worthwhile. Anyway, yesterday I was ready to close down my office and I had turn off all the computers where my clients do their resumes, check emails and chat on line. This one client of mines left the room to go and eat, she always does this close to closing time and expect me to wait around until she is ready to come back. While yesterday I just turned her computer off and say I am closing down. She started to call me every name in the book. I stood there for awhile and could feel my rage reaching my neck. I finally blurted out nasty things and said I want you out of my classroom. Then, she came back with more nasty words. I finally had enough, I could feel my face red and strain with every muscle at the brink of popping. I finally had to step away and calm down before my fist start right to her mouth. Security came up and ask me if I was alright. I told them I am fine, but remove her from my classroom. I finally calm down and realize I went into an episode of work rage. I also realize that I should not get upset over little fits that my clients have and should just be calm and just let them go off. But that is impossible at times when you have someone always keep pushing the wrong buttons.



shaun56 04/16/01 10:16 PM RE: nosiy birds

Geez, I've never heard of someone getting so upset with birds. The birds have to have some fun too you know. Also, I heard that birds only make noise around people who give stink eye a lot, so you better watch out. Nah, I'm only kidding! Well, how's your break going?? Are you having a good time in your vacation?? I hope so... I thought you were dead or something, because you never posted for so long. Well, I'm glad you are not. I would not have any one to pick on. So did you have a nice easter? I did, I got to hide eggs for my little cousins... It was pretty fun. Well, I hope you can rid those birds some how. I think the best way is to feed them, then they'll shut up. But then again, maybe that will reinforce them to chirp more at your window. Well, I guess you are in quite a bind huh?!?! I think you should invest in a bebe gun. That would be eliminating the noise easily, but yet in a mean way huh! Okay, I'm rattling on so I best just shut up. I'll talk to you later...


ddestrad 04/14/01 5:20 PM RE: nosiy birds

I'm sorry to hear about the annoying birds, i can completely relate to it, i was staying in lehua over spring break and every morning, when the first ray of sun shined it's little light off in the distance those damn birds housed in the tree chirped their little asses off for a good 6 hours. It was pretty annoying, not to mention it was hot in the rooms so it was a necessity to keep the windows open. I think they were doing it purposely to piss us off too becasue they flew onto the window ledge, a flock of them, and they stared in the window and chirped. I did find that a loud radio drowns them out very well, that's if you can sleep to music.


charisseo 04/12/01 12:25 PM nosiy birds

well i haven't had any rage incidents latley but i have had some frustrations... with the strike i do not have to wake up early to go to school. so i am able to sleep in a little more every morning. that is untill the birds come up to my window and make noisy! the are very noisy alone, and extremely noisy in a group. with them in from of my window and my bedroom door closed the sound of their chatter echos in my room. since i live on the the 4th floor of my building i am pretty helpless to do anything to rid my window of the birds. i in the afternoon and evenings when i am home i have never been bothered by these birds. then to add to my the noise in front of my widow the sounds of children playing and the ice cream truck passing also fill my room with nosiy.


purple848 04/16/01 8:23 PM RE: pervert rage

I can't believe there's a man who looks at porno pictures at school! Yes, he is a pervert, and please stay away from him. I believe it is a sexual harassment to look at pornography in a public place, such as at school. I wonder if we tell a monitor in the computer lab that there's a person who is looking at pornography, the monitor will get rid of the person from the lab? I mean, there must be a regulation that a person who uses the computer at school should not offend others by looking at porno. Even if there was no such a regulation, I think we all should behave as a person with basic moral enough and not to do such a shameful thing. It is not our business whether this person observes pornography in private or not, but he doesn't have to tell a whole world that it is his hobby and he enjoys it. I wonder if he is not ashamed of himself for doing such a thing that others may doubt his mentality for doing in public. I hope he realizes that what he does is intruding peace of mind of others, and quits doing it.


snowhawaii 04/12/01 4:56 PM pervert rage

I've been working on my homework in the computerlab for a while. In this computer lab(the one of social science building), there's a guy who is sitting on the corner. I didn't pay attention to him till I saw something by accident.I left my seat, and when I was going back to my seat, I was astonished.Guess what? I saw this guy in the yellow T-shirt wacthing the pornography!! I couldn't believe my eyes, but my friend saw too.How bold!! How fearless!! There're other students including me here though it's not full. And what's more, he's watching pornograpfy for hours!!I don't wanna opinion for the individual's "hobby" or "entertainment". But I don't think his "hobby" is appropriate for the computer lab at school. I see this guy sometimes in this lab, but now I know he's such a horny. I'd better change seats if he sits close to me next time.


silverfox2001 04/21/01 9:39 AM RE: He's Black

You are right about that, we should not judge others by their skin color.


MAX676 04/13/01 6:57 PM He's Black

It all started last week when I was playing basketball. While we were playing someone made a circus shot, and I said 'damn how'd he do that.' The guy next to me said said 'he's black'. I said 'skin color doesn't matter.' He said 'genetics matters'. It might be true that some black people can jump really high, but can all of them? I said 'he got hops, plain and simple' He's not good because he's black, He's good because he's good. It might be true that some black people are very good basketball players because they are very athletic, and they can jump high, but there are a lot of other poeple who are blessed with incredible athletic ability. It just bothers me that this person couldn't see past skin color, maybe that's why he's no good at basketball. There is a high chance that this person looks at skin color, and never holds on his judgment. Skin color shouldn't seperate us as human beings. When we are on the basketball court, we should be seen as basketball players, and nothing more.


cjn 04/15/01 12:40 AM RE: Cell Phones

It's really nice of you to admit that you answer your cell while driving and to acknowledge that it can become dangerous to do that. Not everybody can sincerely say that. I just hope that you'll be careful next time you feel the urge to answer your phone while behind the wheel. Good luck!


BC3 04/13/01 10:39 PM Cell Phones

I am a bad person. I tend to answer phones while driving my car even though I hate it when others do the exact same thing. I guess it kind of stems from the fact that I don't want to miss a call, because it might be important. (my cell phone doubles as a buisness phone.) Is buisness that important? I think it all goes back to this whole rush thing. I think I feel that I can be more efficient if I settle matters before getting to work or whereever I am going. In any case this must stop because people are already recognizing that this behavior is dangerous. I think from now on I'll through the phone in the trunk.


cjn 04/17/01 1:11 PM RE: Graduation Rage!

It is really becoming scary to think that I might not be able to graduate this semester. I don't want to waste more time and go through another semester just to catch up on it. I've already made plans for after the graduation. My family is coming for my graduation. They have already bought the tickets plus I have applied for a work permit from the Ins. As an international student, I'm only given 1 year of work here in the US so I will waste the permit because of this strike. The work permit starts at a precise date so if i'm not graduating and my permit is in effect, I would lose some precious time.


skyblue 04/17/01 12:37 PM RE: Graduation Rage!

I fully understand your concern. I won't be happy if UH cancels Spring '01 because all of the time, money, and effort spent to fulfill our goals of higher education might jeopardize our future plans/career. I'm trying to remain optimistic that the strike will come to an end soon, and would like to graduate on time (in Fall 2001). As the days go by without no final agreement yet in settling teacher's pay raises, my feelings about the strike is turning in to a combination of unpredictability, fear, and RAGE!!! I sure hope this semester will be saved so we can move on with our lives. I pray that we won't have to repeat a semester!


shaun56 04/16/01 9:41 PM RE: Graduation Rage!

I agree with you totally. I have to graduate this summer. If this semester is blown, I know the summer is going to be worthless. I hope the teachers can be fair to the students. Especially the ones who are graduating soon. If they are harsh to the students, I think we should strike, and let them know how it feels. I am really getting scared about all the rumors spreading all over campus. I wish they could judt forget about the whole thing, let us graduate, and strike later. I am also worried about the accredidation deal. So what's up with that?? I don't know, but I better stop raving already.


mightymousesa 04/16/01 9:04 AM RE: Graduation Rage!

I also am planning on graduation, however, that was depending on the summer classes going on without delay. I have a few big problems with the strike: #1. This may delay my graduation, #2. My flight home was already planned. #3. My lease ends at the end of the summer semester! #4. (and I believe this is the most important) I'M NOT LEARNING ANYTHING!! I go to school to learn, I pay tuition to learn, I moved my whole life to Hawaii to learn!!! STRIKE = NO LEARNING


gemini-gal 04/16/01 12:58 AM RE: Graduation Rage!

I am graduating this semester also and I will RAGE if the semester is cancelled. I have been hearing rumors that there is a small possibility that the semester will be cancelled but that is heresay. I really don't know what to believe because there is so much talk about the strike that no one truly knows what the heck is going on. Hence the term, smoke in mirrors. As the days go on and they are still on strike, I get more worried and anxious. They better not cancel the semester because I have worked hard and I don't want it to go to waste! They are messing up the academic futures of students! How can the Governor sleep at night? I can't believe how cruel he is being to the teachers and it's totally unfair for the students. I hope that they will come up with a way to let the seniors graduate at least! I just want to get out of here!


leis 04/16/01 12:44 AM RE: Graduation Rage!

I am under the almost same situation like you. Although I was able to make an appointment for grad session, strike began and my appointment was cancelled. Now I have no idea what will go on. I have sometimes tried to send e-mail to the govenor to ask him to settle the currently confused situation involving students us. Any way good luck!


virtual-b 04/14/01 11:26 AM RE: Graduation Rage!

Well, at least you guys are set if the semester will be completed. Unfortunately, I'm in a different boat. I neglected to fill out the documents prior to graduation, like the goldenrod and grad session. And the arts and science advisors are honoring the strike by staying home. Therefore, my neglect may cost me big time. If the semester counts, then I'll have the credits, but not the documents. Shucks, I wonder if I should "walk" in the ceremony just for the heck of it. Failing to plan ahead is like planning to fail.


SpoiledBrat 04/14/01 10:52 AM RE: Graduation Rage!

I hope they have something already planned that will help the students complete the semester. I am suppose to be graduating this semester and if school is canceled I will be raging. I have things planned out on what I am doing after graduation and if I don't graduate that will set me back. I don't have time or the patience to deal with another semester of school. I am going to assume the teachers will help the students complete the semester. I just wish they would let us know what will happen with our semester after the strike. I am going to think positive and hope that this semester will be able to be completed even if the strike takes a little longer. It's hard to keep up with school if I start to think school will be canceled and I have to come back. I have teachers expecting me to keep up with my school work, so I hope it is not going to waste.


TVR 04/13/01 11:37 PM Graduation Rage!

Oh well, I don't know if this is really a rage or if it is more of a fear. With this strike going on, many people iare wondering if they will be able to graduate this semester. For me, it is going to be crucial for me to graduate. If I don't graduate this semester then I'll be set back one year and during this time I don't know what I'll be doing with myself.I'm totally supportive in the professors getting there raises but they should also think about the students. If their not going to teach thdir classes, maybe they should think about doing things that will able graduating seniors to get there grades. I'm really interested to see what will happen to the rest of the semester. But whatever they think of they better not cancel this semester or I'll certainly have something to RAGE and talk about!!!


leis 04/14/01 12:23 AM Persons On The Phone at The Law Offices Rage

I called two law offices for an appointment this week. Then when I talked with the both persons on the phone, who probably the secretaries, I really got irritated and upset against them. One of them was a sort of snob. She seemed to think that the law office deserves only big matters. Probably mine would be not big enough for the office. Her voice tone was as if she talked down to me. While I was talking with her to explain my situation, I became so irritated. When I asked to make an appointment with a lawyer, she reluctantly did it. Although I was almost about to burst into her for complaining, I gave up to do it because I would think that all of law offices were as such and it was meaningless to do it. Another person at the other law office undoubtedly seemed to be interested in big matters. She seemed to be reluctant even to talk with me. Her voice tone was so rude. I cut off the phone soon because I did not wanted to feel irritated and annoyed any more. Fortunately, I was able to talk with a lawyer later. He himself was not snob. He seemed to do his job just without fail. Why do their secretaries talk so unpleasantly? They are not cool office wokers at all.


ktootree 04/23/01 5:02 PM RE: diet rage

Dieting is very difficult and to keep it up is the hard part. I've been trying to change my eating habits and exercise more often as well. It's been difficult as the weeks go by, but the main thing is to stay focused (which is easier said than done). What needs to happen is a whole lifestyle change when dealing with food and exercise. My advice is to be persistent about keeping active and eating right. When you're feeling hungry for a snack, eat fruit or a salad instead of chips or candy. Don't give up on exercising either. That is a very important aspect of losing weight. Sometimes I do 'cheat' with the foods I eat, so when I do, I push myself and spend a bit more time exercising. I'm not one to go jogging, but brisk-walking is just as good and may even be better. I also do some weight training, which I enjoy much more. If you can walk somewhere instead of driving, you should walk. Things like walking to class briskly helps out. It takes persistence, time, and patience. Try not to get angry at yourself when you do falter, but if you do begin to feel angry, try to exert that anger in a more positive way that helps you lose the weight such as taking a walk, doing housework, sit-ups, etc. Losing weight is difficult, yes, but it's not impossible. Just build up that will and determination inside of you and be persistent and you'll accomplish your goal.


ikibobo 04/20/01 3:16 PM RE: diet can do it!

You may not like what I have to say about this, but it is the truth. Just like anything else in your life, if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. I was oveweight for a while, and I always said that I want to lose weight, but i could never do it. I would do stupid sh!t like eat only once a day, or eat stuff you truly know is bad for you. One day I was truly fed up and made a decision that I was going to lose weight and be healthier. I started eating healthy meals, 3-5 times a day (no more plate lunches or McDonald's) and started jogging every day (wait, it was more like trotting, had to work my way up to a jog) and putting moisturizing lotion on my body (I was so determined to lose weight that I knew I would get stretch marks if I didn't moisturize my skin!) Before I knew it, I was swimming in my clothes. I lost thirty pounds in about three months time. My doctor said it was perfectly okay being that I was eating and exercising right. Also, birth control does not cause people to gain weight, it is your lifestyle that makes you gain weight. I used the same exuse, trust me, the only thing that will make you gain weight is not using birth control and becoming pregnant. In order to lose weight, you have to think, you have to completely change your lifestyle (how you percieve food, how you exercise, and how you spend your time) It's not easy at all, but anyone can do, they just have to put their mind to it. Give yourself a little more credit for the things you do and stop blaming other things for your faults and weaknesses. For an analogy, I'd like to compare the body to a car. Say you have a Ferrari. You don't take care of it, like wash/polish it, put crappy gas in it and never take it for tune-ups, it will soon start looking like you don't take care of it, and won't run as well as it would if you put that high octane gas in it. Garbage in-Garbage out... This may make people upset, but, I hope that some of you will agree with me that it is right :) Good luck!


lavaflow 04/19/01 3:36 PM RE: diet rage

I've tried to go on a diet many times in recent years but I cannot keep doing. I've gained about 16-18 pounds since I started studying at UH. In my case, I tend to eat a lot of fatty foods or snacks when I'm stressed about the school work so it is just my lasiness. It seemed your situation was more complex because you gain weight although you don't eat much fatty foods. I don't know if you had a weight problem before receiving the treatment and if it's possible that the chemicals caused you to gain weight easier even after stopped taking it ?


meow24 04/17/01 11:38 PM RE: diet rage

im having hard time losing 5 pounds and keeping off that weight . i would lose five pounds in a week, and i get all happy, then i would gain it back in next few days.. its crazy..i got off depo(the shot) because i gained too much weight. i gained 15 pounds while i was on depo. so i stopped getting the shots. suddenly i started to break out. let me tell you, i never, NEVER had a single pimple throughout my high school. all my friends envied me for my clear skin. so it was terrible when my face started to break out. i did everything i could to clear my face, but it didn't work. i went to see a dermatologist and even took birth control pills. nothing worked. after a year or so, it started to clear up little bit and i told myself i will never use any birth control methods in my life again!back to the food..i hate grocery shopping. plus i can't eat apples.. i have very sensitive teeth.. and other thing is that i don't eat any snacks(maybe once a week) or pigout..


TVR 04/17/01 1:50 PM RE: diet rage

Sorry to hear about your problems. But 20 pounds seems to be a very managable amount of weight to lose. Why did you get off the birth control anyways? Have you thought about using an alternative birth control?Anyways, the way to lose weight is to do more cardio and try to stay away from those fatty foods. Maybe if your hungry you might substitute a snack for maybe an apple. You'll be surprised how satisfying just eating a single apple can be. The point is not to eat so much that your going to explode or feel sleepy. Just eat enough so your satsified and exercise more.


kathyhirokane 04/15/01 3:58 PM RE: diet rage

hello! i hate dieting. i have tried, but the only thing that really works is exercising. i have discovered that you can eat "junk" food if you don't pig out on it, and if you exercise on a regular basis. i have not been exercising and i have been eating alot of junk food. that is why i'm so fat. but, the times that i have exercised on a regualr basis, i had managed to keep the weight off. i am still striving to lose like, 10 pounds, but like that is ever going to happen! but, don't let your weight bother you. we all have more important things to stress about, right? like school and work. good luck!


Watashi_No 04/15/01 12:34 PM RE: diet rage

I know what you are going through, although not from personal experience. My friend goes on a diet like every other week, totally forgoing food some to most of the time. I always tell her it's not how much food you eat, well not all about how much food you eat, but what KIND of food you eat. If you eat fruits and salads, and 'healthy' foods then that is much better than fatty foods. I keep on telling her that she is also at a good weight section for her height. Most people don't know those kinds of things. I'm no expert in dieting, but forgoing food altogether isn't the way. Maybe you can eat little portions of food for breakfast,lunch and dinner, and then snack on carrots or apples when you feel hungry. This is exactly why I hate the thinking of this culture! I can't stand to hear that 'oh she's pretty because she's so skinny'. The models in magazines are NOT whatsoever representative of what the actual population looks like! And yet women want to look like that, even when it is not humanly possible (maybe because it would be detrimental to their health, or the woman doesn't have the body structure). People put too much emphasis on looking skinny.


Watashi_No 04/15/01 12:34 PM RE: diet rage

I know what you are going through, although not from personal experience. My friend goes on a diet like every other week, totally forgoing food some to most of the time. I always tell her it's not how much food you eat, well not all about how much food you eat, but what KIND of food you eat. If you eat fruits and salads, and 'healthy' foods then that is much better than fatty foods. I keep on telling her that she is also at a good weight section for her height. Most people don't know those kinds of things. I'm no expert in dieting, but forgoing food altogether isn't the way. Maybe you can eat little portions of food for breakfast,lunch and dinner, and then snack on carrots or apples when you feel hungry. This is exactly why I hate the thinking of this culture! I can't stand to hear that 'oh she's pretty because she's so skinny'. The models in magazines are NOT whatsoever representative of what the actual population looks like! And yet women want to look like that, even when it is not humanly possible (maybe because it would be detrimental to their health, or the woman doesn't have the body structure). People put too much emphasis on looking skinny.


meow24 04/14/01 3:02 AM diet rage

i have gained more than 20 pounds in 1998 and i've been trying to lose that weight for over 3 years now. i was on birth control (depo) when i gained all that weight. im currently not using any birth control methods because of the weight problem. i even had a terrible break out on my face for about a year when i stopped getting the shots. terrible!!! my skin is still not back to normal. =(i really hate exercising, so i know it will be really hard or maybe even impossible for me to lose my weight, but i've kept on trying. lately, i havent ate anything after 6. but it lasted only a mad at myself for not being strong enough to resist food. i feel so terrible about myself whenever my plan for diet falls apart..


SpoiledBrat 04/14/01 11:03 AM Road lane changes

In Waipio Gentry they are building a park and they are changing the roads. I stay in town during the school week and on the weekends I go home. So, I don't really know what's going on with all the construction. What is frustrating is they changed the lanes. What I always thought would go straight was now going left. This caused me to quikly change into the next lane, which can be a dangerous situation. I am sure a lot of cars did not know about the lane changes and did the same thing I did. Later on they changed the roads again. This time it was better planned and caused less road confusion. I am sure the first time they changed it there must have been complaints. It was also pretty obvious the way they made it was just not functional. Since they have changed it, it is functional and safer to drive. I do rage when things change on the road. I am so use to it being one way and when it changes is throws me off.


snowhawaii 04/15/01 3:06 PM RE: incorrect time

I really know how you felt. The similar thing happened to my friend. We were planning to get together yesterday(Saturday) and go to the Japanese restaurant. We were a big group, so my friend had called the restaurant on Friday to make a reservation. The lady who answered told him to call them back on the day we go, which is Saturday. So he called back to the restaurant in the morning on Saturday. Somebody who answered this time said, "we don't take a reservation."Hello! Which is correct?? He couldn't make a reservation, but we still went because his guests from Germany wanted to try Japanese food, and we knew this restaurant serves good food. Fortunately we didn't have to wait for long.But I'm always irritated by such a misinformation. We call and ask because we want to make sure things. People who work there must be more responsible!


kathyhirokane 04/14/01 4:56 PM incorrect time

today i had to go to the pet store to buy fish stuff at kahala pet land, so i called yesterday to make sure what time they opened. the lady said that they opened at 9am. so, i drive down there and am at the store at exactly 9. but the store was still closed and they didn't open until 10!! what the hell! i had to sit around for a whole hour because that girl gave me wrong info! what a waste of time i could have spent doing other things rather than sit and wait! they should get their information right and not give wrong info.


ddestrad 04/14/01 5:14 PM No $ Rage

This strike has been equaling out to be an extended vacation, as much as i love that i don't have to go to class, it is really upsetting that this semester might not even count. I think that the teachers deserve all of the money that they ask for but i think that their anger is starting to be projected onto us students. I read many of the postings and many people have gone through the same problems crossing the picket line. One of the teachers that was striking made out an application for tuition refund in case the semester gets cancelled, I just really hope that this doesn't occur. On top of it all I have a rage of my own and that is i am broke as hell. almost everything costs money, even going to the beach, only because i have to take a bus. So running out of cash, not having a job and still trying to find a job is getting to be frustrating. I'm sure everything will turn out for the best anyway so i'm not going to sweat it. Well i hope that everyone is enjoying their time off and i hope that we all see each other sometime soon and without the semester being cancelled! Take Care!


kathyhirokane 04/15/01 4:01 PM RE: customer rage

people nowadays are always in a rush. even me. sometimes it will feel like i've been waiting for over 10 minutes, when it has really only been like 5. i guess because we are living in a culture where time is money! we don't like waiting around when we could be doing something else.but don't let those kinds of people bug you. they probably didn't know how busy you were. and if you're really nice to them, they'll feel guilty for being so mean to you!


sakodash 04/14/01 9:33 PM customer rage

I've never really worked in customer service before but this weekend I'm helping my boyfriend at his shop. I didn't realize how rude some people are!! His shop is in a hotel in Waikiki and they get a lot of tourists coming there. Well, today this lady was so mad at me because the lady in front of her got her sandwich like a minute before she did. The people making the sandwiches were making hers and the lady in back of her at the same time. We had so many customers that I was taking care of the others that by the time the sandwiches were done, I forgot who was first. I just grabbed the first sandwich I saw and bagged it. As I was handing it to the lady, the irritated lady was just like, "I have a question for you. Why is this woman getting her sandwich before I am when I've been waiting here for SUCH a long time. Look my ice is even melting..." She was waiting for all of what 8 minutes!! She even told me something like since she's been waiting so long, she's decided to change her mind about what kind of drink she wanted. I have it already made in front of her and now she wants me to change it. I just did to get her out of my face. We had so much other people waiting. The other lady just rolled her eyes at this impatient woman. This woman's sandwich was right next to me. All I had to do was bag it!! I don't think I'm cut out for customer service jobs. I wanted to crack this lady already!!


sakodash 04/14/01 9:44 PM bad mother rage

I don't understand our system here. Mothers can just take a child and leave the island and it would be perfectly legal. Fathers have no say in this. If they wanted rights they'd have to go to court. To go to court, they'd have to pay the mother's lawyer, his lawyer, plus court fees. Who can afford all this? This past weekend, this mother from hell has decided to not let the father of their child to see the baby anymore. She is making it extremely difficult for everybody. We've been taking care of this infant since the day she was born a little over 5 months ago. Now, we can't see her. She's threatened us with this so many times that we don't know what to believe anymore. She's just evil. Why use a child as leverage just because they can't make their relationship work? She's just out to hurt everybody who loves this baby. At this point we don't know what to do. Does anyone know who we can talk to, to find out what to do? All we want is to be able to see this baby. We take care of her 4 days out of the week for the last several months. The father is just dying. He works 3 jobs busting his butt trying to make money to support his baby. She works part-time, on welfare, AND recieving child support!! Plus, she's on this Quest insurance where they pay for the childs food up until they are 2 years old. Don't fathers have any rights these days?I hate her. I really really hate her.


AnimalLover 04/16/01 12:08 AM Sisters road rage

I was catching a ride home with my sister today and I was reminded of what it used to be like to drive with her. On the way home, she ran a yellow light at them same time as the limo in the other lane did. I guess she was in the limo's blind spot because as them limo was crossing the intersection they changed into her lane and alomost hit her. My sister got pissed off because they didn't even signal and she had to slow down and nearly hit them so she started honking her horn for a really long time, even after the limo was done changing lanes so the limo started honking back at her and a car coming down the other way started honking at them as they passed I guess telling them to stop. Anyways, the whole thing seemed like it lasted a really long time and it was all very amusing to see a honking argument go on right before my eyes.


ktootree 04/23/01 5:32 PM RE: Sister rage

Sisterly-love...isn't it great? Yeah right! Just kidding. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister, but there are definitely times when she can get so irritating that I just want to move out. There's been a few times when my sister has come into my room early in the morning and like yourself, I was disturbed while sleeping peacefully. When she does wake me up, it's usually because she's trying to find something and asks me early in the morning when I'm still sleeping and when she's in a rush to leave. The thing that gets me so upset is that she could have asked me earlier like the night before, but no. She waits until the next morning. I haven't gotten to the point of telling her shut up because I know she would keep bugging me if I do. Instead, I just say (and sometimes maybe yell), "I don't know" and cover my head with my blanket. Fortunately, she leaves my room unlike your sister. In your situation, I think your sister was asking for it, and lucky for her you didn't react physically. So your sister still ended up treating you after you yelling at her? If she did, that was nice of her (even if she did owe it to you, she could have been worse and not treated you at all). What I learned about sibling arguments is to remember that they're still your sister (or brother) and they'll always be your family, so you have to deal with them the best you can and you gotta love 'em...sometimes...haha.


silverfox2001 04/21/01 9:34 AM RE: Sister rage

I can really relate to that, because my sister too can be an irritating, unrealistic person, that I just want to pound out. I have a sister that thinks nothing of your opinions and feel she is the only one that counts in this world. I get to the point that I just got to go or slap her for her stupidity when it comes down to important matters like sleep. Don't they get it when you say, "let me sleep." I get vicious when I don't get enough sleep. So, in the end I will pick a fight with her just so she will leave me alone, or I will make her do outrageous things so she get off my back, by then I am already outraged and mad at her, that I just take off to the beach and relax.


meow24 04/17/01 11:23 PM RE: Sister rage

that's funny. because i do that to my sister too. hehe~ i wonder if she gets irritated by my behavior too. i usually do that when she breaks her promise and comes home late. she says she will be home by 11'o clock, but she comes home after 3:00a.m. sometimes she says she needs to pick up something from her friend and come home after midnight. i don't know why she makes promises that she's not gonna keep. my mom always stays up till my sister comes home and i feel bad for her. my mom scolds her, but she never changes. that's why sometimes i do things to irritate her to get back to her. my little sister is such a brat! and a liar!


gemini-gal 04/16/01 12:52 AM Sister rage

I had a rude awakening this morning. My sister barged into my room while I was sleeping peacefully. I thought she was going to get something in my room and leave but nooooo. She had to wake my butt up by yelling at me "Are you hungry?" I opened my eyes half-heartedly, didn't answer her, and turned over to go back to sleep. But it didn't stop there! She asked me "Where did you go last night? What time did you get home?" With my back facing her, I said "I went clubbing and came home at 3:30am." I sounded annoyed and I hoped that she would leave me alone. But noooo. It didn't stop there! Then she said "No wonder, you were dressed like a hoochie mama last night!" Then she started singing "You ain't nothing but a hoochie mama" and that's when I raged. I told her "shut the hell up! Can't you get ready in your own room? I'm trying to sleep! Stop irking the crap out of me!" Then she said sarcastically "Excuse me! Fine!" She left me alone after that. I was so pissed off that I couldn't go back to bed. I didn't bother joining her and my mom for brunch. I was too ticked off. But when I found out that she was treating, I went. She owed me that much!P.S. This was posted on Sunday, 4/15/01 at 11:47pm. The message board is posting the wrong time. It's an hour ahead when it should be an hour back! Just to let you know!


ddestrad 04/23/01 12:32 AM RE: Walking in Waikiki

Walking in Waikiki is not only like bumper cars but it is also a circus, i have never seen so many random and odd occurances ever in my whole entire life than one night spent in Waikiki. From the people dressed up and painted to make money, the biligerent loud drunks, the prostitutes, the people playing instruments, rude tourists, a few homeless people and than more random people. It's like a cracked out fruit salad! I had such a weird experience tonight when i went down there with my roomate, we were at Starbucks and I dropped by Zan Za Bar, after that we decided to walk around, my roomate wanted to get some cigars so we picked up some at ABC store, we were walking down the street where Dukes is and this guy(at least 35) came up and was hitting on me about smoking a cigar. He proceeded to ask me and my roomate to come back to his parents house and have some drinks and hang out in the jacuzzi. O.k, now 1. he's old enough to be my father 2. he invited us back to his parents house in Diamond Head, who must be at least in their 70's, who the hell does this?!! it was just horrible, he made such a scene when we walked away, he was yelling about how he wants to watch us walk away because we just broke his heart and some other junk, it was embarrasing and weird. People in Waikiki are different than people i have encountered ever. Over the weekend I met Elvis in the Ala Moana mall.....?????Where in the hell does shit like this happen, I live near New York City and Philly, where there are tons of weird occurances but they have never, ever even compared to the things that i have seen and experienced on this island. I bring my camera with me everywhere now becasue i see the craziest things. I wouldn't be shocked if a person would run down the street streaking and that being followed by an elephant being ridden by a circus midget, it wouldn't shock me. And for the people that are rude and run into you, my advice is to just go with the flow, I found that saying excuse me, nicely but loud gets some attention. I also just push back if someone is being rude and barreling through the crowd, that angers me.


lavaflow 04/19/01 2:41 PM RE: Walking in Waikiki

I can imagine how you feel when someone bumped into but don't say sorry. Some people seem that they don't think it's rude. In place like Waikiki, particularly tourists are busy looking around many stores or other places so they probably not seeing other people around. I can tell you that if you go Japan, a situation is worse and you may get used to it after a while. I felt dizzy when I went to somewhere around Osaka station. The place is always crowded and people are walking really fast. And people there seemed that they had developed some skill to keep walking without contacting with others.


TVR 04/17/01 12:02 PM RE: Walking in Waikiki

Yup...I know what you mean. I work in Waikiki and everytime I walk to my car from work. I've notice that there's always someone giving another person the stink eye because they bumbed them. I first thought that this was strange but it seems like most people don't even know that they hit them. Usually there's one person that get's mad and the other person doesn't know if anything happened. Honesty, I think it's better that they both don't notice the incident because if they did a fight would probably be the result. Anyways, just wanted to say that these people usually don't do it on purpose. Their minds are probably on something else.


mightymousesa 04/16/01 9:15 AM Walking in Waikiki

I HATE it when I walk in Waikiki and people, tourists and locals alike, walk into other people with out saying "excuse me". First of all I thought it was a general rule to always try to walk on the right side of the sidewalk so that people can pass each other easily. You know, without doing the "dodge me dance". But even still, when people bump into each other they don't even care. And at my height when someone bumps into me, it is usually their shoulder hitting me in the face!!!! Is anyone polite anymore!!!!????


Number11BUS 04/22/01 6:02 PM RE: Water Waste

Hello Watashi No,I have a similar story to relate. I use a slow drip hose on some plants in a place that can't get enough water during this three-going-on-four year drought. I have lost a number of plants in other areas because of this problem. My rainfall is supposed to be 60" a year...guess the plants miss the extra rain. So, my neighbor was cutting his grass and nipped my hose. He did not know. I did not know. My companion turned on the hose, the usual trickle pressure way. The water had no place to go but out the hole cut by the lawn mower. The neighbor called a plumber to dig up their yard because it was standing in water. They thought they had broken an underground pipe. After the hole was dug, we came home.....we were curious, and checked about. We discovered the soaker hose was still running and made ammends by paying the plumming call bill. The neighbor was embarrassed because he cut the hose. My companion was embarrassed because he turned on the water. It all worked out well..except that my waterbill rose for the month. But at least it wasn't the house that got wet, only the yard. Number11Bus


purple848 04/22/01 12:27 AM RE: Water Waste

The place where I am from have water shortage during summer time almost every year, so I agree with you. I had been told my parents and grandparents not to waste water. I was scold when they found me not turning off the faucet when scrubbing my face. My family and I visited here as tourists six years ago. In the bathroom of the hotel where we stayed in, there was a sign said that people on the island needed to conserve water, so if the hotel did not have to wash numbers of towels and bathrobes for its guests every single day they spend at the hotel, it would be a big help to conserve water. We were very impressed and happy to cooperate with it. I don't think the hotels in the place where I am from have this type of sigh in their bathrooms. I think we need to learn that from you.


silverfox2001 04/21/01 9:25 AM RE: Water Waste

I agree 100% with you, we do live on an island and there are times we hear watch water waste. People need to be more cautious about wasting water. Where I live they have no idea of how much water they waste just leaving faucets running and washing of cars. I look at that and think what are you going to do when we have no water. I just feel the board of water supply need to put a flyer in everyone's mail box and let them know how precious water is.


Watashi_No 04/16/01 12:16 PM Water Waste

This past weekend my house was flooded with water. The culprit was our next door neighbor, who live behind us, on a hill. One night they turn on their water sprinklers. Guess what...they forgot to turn it off. The next morning our house is wet because the water flooded their yard and went down the hill straight into my house! At first my dad thought one of our pipes was leaking but come to find out that they didn't even know their water sprinkler was on, my mom had to call them and tell them. Luckily there is no carpet in the living room because we've have been flooded out before. Also it is lucky that a pipe is not broken because that would have been a very costly job to fix. I just see this whole situation as a waste of water. We live on an island and there is no fresh water that will last forever, we have to be frugal in our water use. I hate it when I see people hosing down their driveway, or when water sprinklers are on in the middle of the hottest time of the day! Oh well, even though it was a waste of water, atleast the yard got watered and the grass will be much happier for it.


leis 04/22/01 9:39 PM RE: A potential stalker rage

I also recommend you to tell the school security persons. His behavior is unusual. I think that it is good to take some actions just in case. I donft mean to make you feel scared, though, something bad might happen to your dorm mate. And it is not good even for you. In fact, you have already felt nervous and irritating. If you hesitate to do it directly, I recommend you to tell the security persons indirectly with a letter or a phone call.


virtual-b 04/20/01 2:47 PM RE: A potential stalker rage

That's pretty scary. I guess it would be even more so for a girl. The person who lives at that dorm room should tell campus security and the resident advisor. That way everyone would be informed to look out for her. It's good that you took the good samaritan approach and told the her. Even if the guy may like the girl, as you suggested, resorting to those actions seems criminal, not an act of love. Then again, maybe it's just a misunderstanding. Acting on emotions can be dangerous and ill-advised. Rage for example, as the class always points out, can lead to fatalities and injuries. In my humble opinion, acting on emotions like love, can on some occasions lead to the same repercussions.


ikibobo 04/20/01 2:44 PM RE: A potential stalker rage

I think that you should call campus security or even the police should you see that guy again looking inside ANY of the dorm rooms. That kind of behavior is NOT normal. Even if you were to like someone, would you be doing that? I think not. I think that it is in everybody's best intrest (being safety) that people caught behaving like the man you are describing, should be alerted to appropriate authorities. For me, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened to that poor girl, and I could have done something about it earlier.


purple848 04/16/01 8:11 PM A potential stalker rage

My boyfriend comes and picks me up almost everyday lately after he gets off from work at 11pm, and we see a man who's peeped in at one particular window of my dorm very often this couple of weeks. When we saw him doing that for the first time, he approached us and told us that he left his cell phone at home, so he was knocking on his friend's window to tell her that he came. But as we saw him more than 3 times at night, standing and facing at the same window, and no one has come out to see him, we started to doubt him as a stalker or peeping Tom. So the other day, I went to talk to the dorm mate who lives in the room of the window about the man who I saw. She told me that she had no boyfriend, and had a male friend who has knocked on her window once before, but never happened again since. She said she was scared to hear about the man and would be careful. I get upset when I see him while I wait for my boyfreind to come. If this man likes my dormmate, why he doesn't tell that straight to her? Am I wrong to get angry with the man whose behavior may cause him to be taken for a peeping Tom?


virtual-b 04/20/01 2:56 PM RE: Crazy proffessor RAGE

That's funny. I thought that it was only me thinking that. Yup, that funny dance while trotting in a picket line looked awkward. But, you have to give them credit. Some of them know that the t-shirts, caps, and dancing to no music, is weird, but they also know that they're fighting for us, students, as much as for themselves. Kudos to them, it took guts. Although, I personally feel that J.N. Musto prolonged the strike because of his rift with Cayetano. Nevertheless in the end, everyone seems happy.


kakela 04/17/01 10:59 PM RE: Crazy proffessor RAGE

One thing that definately should stop doing is dancing around like retarded people while they are picketing. I saw them doing that on the news and it just makes them look bad. Like they are not taking the thing as seriously as they want everybody else. Then they also act like assholes to the people who want to cross the line and after the people cross, then they start dancing again. Pick one. Act stupid or act pissed off.


shaun56 04/16/01 10:01 PM Crazy proffessor RAGE

Okay this is going to sound really wacked, but its realit at its best. The teachers are getting a wee bit out of hands right about now. They are turning fricken psycho!! Today, they were marching up and down the street behind BUSAD, yelling some crazy stuff. They would yell at a bunch of me and my friends, "you should go home! You are not wanted here!" I could not believe it. But there was one funny incident I can recall from last week thursday. My friend and I were driving onto campus to go pick up another friend. We are waiting in line to go into the main entrance by East-West center. We pull up and the cop stops us to let the picketers cross again. Then when he lets us go, there is a teacher with a sign that reads: HONK IF YOU SUPPORT THE TEACHERS!" So what do we do..... We honk like hell, her head almost flew off at the loudness of my friends nasty ass sounding horn. I think she'll remember that honk. Anyways, I really don't think they should gets nuts like they are. A friend of mines told me that her car was hit by proffessors. That's insane. They are also dressing up in costumes and other crazy shit like that. I think they must realize what they are doing?? Making them look desperate!! Anyways, I hope it is over soon. LAter~`~~


skyblue 04/17/01 11:11 AM SWR#13: No Blinker Rush Rage

Some drivers don't consider the consequences of getting into an accident if they don't signal their intent to switch lanes. I get upset at drivers that continually weave in and out of the lane and don't even use their blinker to inform other drivers of their intentions. I am driving west on Nimitz Hwy. in the middle lane, with traffic running smoothly, when I seen a SUV zoom and cut so close in front of my car. Further up ahead, the speed racer cut across three lanes to the left and decided to move all the way back in to the right lane. That guy ended up turning right at the corner of Palomino Restaurant. He was driving way too fast because his tires screeched! That speedy driver also cut very close in front of other motorists. He probably couldn't have cared less how others would've have felt/perceived his actions. He could've hit their cars too. My point is I don't understand why some people just don't stay in their lane! It's not like we were driving slow. The other option would be to switch over to the next lane, then cut back in the right lane when the way is clear. He was crazy!!!


TVR 04/17/01 2:03 PM Co-worker Rage!

I know everyone knows the feeling I felt when your at work and there's that one person that seems like he or she isn't putting up their share of the work. This is what happened to me on Easter Sunday. I had to come in to work for a little while until I was done with a special assignment me and another person had to do. So, I was there trying to work a little faster so I could go to a party. But, the person I was working with was just cruzing and fooling around. For some reason, I got really mad and told him to s--- up and to finish his work. He knew I was mad so he did what he had to do. We didn't talk much that day but I did say sorry when we done. When I was on the way home, I started to think about what happened and if I could have handled the situation differently. I guess I could have talked a little nicer and still have finished the work around the same time without getting him upset.


Watashi_No 04/18/01 6:26 PM RE: Haven't done a thing

I know what you mean. I have a paper due next week and I haven't even thought of it since the strike began! Then I have to read a book that's due for another class by Friday, it's going to be so crazy. It's like I was still in vacation mode and I didn't have to do any homework or anything. I'm so mad at myself for not starting (atleast) a rough draft of the paper. The only thing I've been doing was posting these rages, I know alot of people who were procrastinating too so there are alot of them out there. I'm glad the strike is over, because then I can graduate this semester...but I'm sad that it's over also because we have to go back to school. Oh well, I put myself into this mess and I guess I have to climb out of it. I can think of alot of people who are in more of a mess than me I guess I'm not too bad. I just know Cayetano settled with UH first because the state needs the students tuitions!! Oh well anyway that it is settled is good.


sakodash 04/18/01 10:22 AM Haven't done a thing

Whoops!! School starts again and to be honest, I haven't done a thing. I know I should've been catching up and keeping up with everything but it was like a mini vacation for me. After I heard they settled last night, I began to go into a panic. How the heck am I suppossed to finish everything by tomorrow?!! I'm so stupid!! Are any of you in this mess too? I kept telling myself over and over again to do my homework and do my website but I kept saying tomorrow tomorrow...what a mess now!! Well, I guess I'll be bustin my butt for the next few days!! Hope you guys have been keepin up!! Good Luck if not!! :)


silverfox2001 04/21/01 9:18 AM RE: Cellphone rage

I agree with you, I have a cell phone too and I hate it when there cell phone goes off in movies, libaries, labs and business meeting. I feel you should show consideration for others and take your conversations outside when you are done then come on back. Or better yet, put it on silent ring. I try to show courtesy in this respect because I know how irritating cellular phones can be.


cjn 04/18/01 11:05 PM RE: Cellphone rage

I totally agree with you. What is up with those people who can't seem to live one minute without talking on a cell? do they need it to breathe? is it like a life support kind of thing for them? That girl should have taken her conversation out of the lab. I blame the lab tech too. He should make the environment as liveable as possible for anyone working in the lab. Some people want some silence while they are working on something, I know I do. What an inconsiderate person. Too bad you had to be there for the 3 times her cell rang. Once is already enough, the third time, someone should have thrown her out of the lab.


snowhawaii 04/18/01 4:47 PM Cellphone rage

This girl in the computer lab must think this is her private space or something! Her cell phone rang, and she answered and started talking. It didn't last long, so I just ignored it. After a while her cellphone rang, and she answered again. She talks at the regular tone, naver cares other people. She is as if she's talking in her room. She finished talking. After a while, yhe cellphone rang, and again it's same person's! I was pissed. She doesn't show any respect to other people in the lab though this is public space. And what's more, she was using her friend's phone, and while she was talking, her own cell phone rang! She asled her friend to answer her cell phone.Hello! Who do you think you are? Does she wanna show to everybody how she's popular or something? I'm mad at inept lab monitor too. Her behavior is defenitely rude, and lack consideration. He should tell her to turn off or talk outside. Especially for this girl, she did three times!There's the sign saying "No food or drinks allowed in lab". Maybe I should make new one saying "No Cellphone Use allowed!"


ktootree 04/23/01 5:46 PM RE: trying to catch a bus rage

I definitely feel your rage with this one. I have been through the same situation more than once involving the express (A), the #4 and sometimes the #18 when leaving UH to go home or to work. Your situation is so similar to my situations that it if I were to write out my situations it would practically be a carbon copy of yours. When it first happened to me, I didn't get too upset, but by the second and third time, I got really mad and said some not so nice words in my head. I try to reduce my anger by listening to music, but sometimes that doesn't work or just makes it worse. Now, what I try to do (if listening to music doesn't help) is to take deep breaths and tell myself that things could be worse and that getting upset won't make me get home or to work any faster. By taking deep breaths and actually trying to laugh it off (without looking crazy), I've been able to control that particular 'trying to catch a bus rage' more effectively.


leis 04/22/01 9:20 PM RE: trying to catch a bus rage

I would often experience come-and-go between the bus stop at UH to catch the bus as soon as possible. Then I would also encounter with similar experience like you. How irritating it is! After the "hustle" problems, I usually give up to catch the bus, and walk to the next bus terminal, where the many lines stop. For example, I often go to the bus stop at the intersection between South King St and the University Ave. I do not want to walk too much, but i would rather walk for a while than to feel irritating!! When I could sense that I might have problems to catch the bus, I often do it. I hope you could find another way to catch a bus just in case.



lavaflow 04/19/01 3:07 PM RE: trying to catch a bus rage

I probably had similar experiences several times in the past. I was a little confused while reading your experience but I assumed that you walked from one bus stop to another and still had to wait for the express to start moving. It never went OK to me when thinking hard about which one of buses may come sooner and then started walking to the other bus stop, I always had to observe the bus at the original stop passing by. I feel like I can never trust "Express" because it almost always makes me wait particularly in THIS situation. I can imagine how frustrated you were because we have to catch the bus everyday even though this happends.


cjn 04/18/01 10:59 PM trying to catch a bus rage

So I was just about to cross the street to get to the bus stop on university ave to catch the #6 bus but couldn't walk or run fast enough to catch it, so I look across the street and see that the express is still there, so I cross the street and guess what, the express leaves. Now I'm slightly pissed off. I decide to wait for the next express anyway instead of going back to the #6 stop. I then remember that the #18 stops right after the traffic lights on university ave so I walk from the sinclair circle to the other stop close to the lights. I went there in mind to catch the #18 but then I see the express come and immediately I say to myself that I should probably take the express anyway instead of waiting for the #18 since I was not sure what time it would come, so I get on the express which has to stop at the sinclair circle. Once the bus stops at the circle, the driver makes us go out because he is going out and closing the bus. So I'm back at the beginning. At that point, I'm still wondering if I should walk back to the stop where I initially wanted to take the #18 but think too much about it instead of acting and there it goes, the #18 comes and goes. Then I thought maybe I should go back up to catch the #6 but fail to make a move. Of course, then the #6 comes and goes as well, and I was still standing on the lawn waiting for the driver of the express to slowly get back to his seat and drive us home. I felt really mad and tensed. I couldn't take it. Even listening to music barely calmed me down. Why do I have to have this type of day?


purple848 04/27/01 4:42 PM RE: Pedestrian Rage

Talking on the cell phone while driving should be banned. It distracts driver's attention, and put life of everyone around the vehicle in danger. I am glad that you took a moment to make sure whether a car is coming or not before crossing the street. It is awful to think what could happen to you if you didn't wait and crossed the street immediately after the light had changed. Pedestrians should be advocated especially when they are walking on the crosswalk . If not, why the crosswalk is there for? All drivers should stop the car before making and answering the phone. The drivers should let the answering machine answer the phone while they are driving. If it was emergency, the caller will leave a message. It is much better to kill someone than talking on the phone.


Watashi_No 04/23/01 2:01 PM RE: Pedestrian Rage

I know what you mean. Alot of times I could be crossing the street and cars always race to the light because they all want to make the light before it turns red. It's scary alot of those times because some pedestrians don't know that the cars sometimes goes through a red light! Even when I'm driving I don't go right away into the intersection when the light is green. I've seen times where the light turned green but the other cars were going through red lights!! I wish people weren't so much rushing around. And those people who speed just because they can and want to is the worst. I always see them swerving through cars and barely missing getting into an accident. And now it's even scarier because there are cellphones to 'distract' people while driving! I always think it only takes a second to get into an accident. Even turning the channel on the radio can get a person in trouble. It's an outrage what pedestrians have to go through just to cross some streets.



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