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AnimalLover 04/22/01 8:45 PM RE: Pedestrian Rage


 Don't you hate people like that? I swear they drive me crazy. I seem to see a lot of those people because I walk around town a lot and I swear town is filled with a bunch of impatient people who think they are above the rules of the road because they have better things to do. I also hate those people that turn right when the light says walk and I have to stop in my tracks to avoid getting hit by them. There are a lot of people that do that and then they give us the stink eye for almost stepping on the road, I want to give them the finger. I guess that would be an example of me not having much control over my pedestrian rage.


lavaflow 04/20/01 11:19 AM      Pedestrian Rage


 It was really a scary moment. Several days ago, I was waiting to cross the street and there was a small traffic due to construction. When the light turned green, another woman and I took some moments to look at left to make sure if it was safe to cross the road. And there was a driver who didn't stop at the traffic light and didn't care about pedistrians. A young woman in the car was talking on the cell phone and was looking only ahead with a frustrated look on her face. She never looked at us. It appeared to me that she was angy about the traffic, but this can't be an excuse for ignoring the rode rules. My heart started beating fast when I saw the car and I felt anger toward her behavior. An accident could have happened if the other woman and I were less careful or started walking immediately when the light turned green.


SpoiledBrat 04/22/01 8:11 PM                RE: getting sick rage!


 I just recently got sick and am still getting over it. I hate being sick. It interrupts daily tasks and having fun. When I worked at a baby store I did not have a choice to call in sick. I had to work and the only time I could call in sick was if I could not get out of bed. There were few workers and not everyone was available to work. The worst was that I worked in a baby store. It was hard to not cough and help all these pregnant women. When it comes to school I definitly don't have a choice. All my classes require me to go to class. Missing one day is like missing a whole week. I hate coughing in class and spreading my germs, but I can't stay home. If I could I would stay home gladly no complaints. But, I can't cause nobody else is going to do my work for me.


meow24 04/21/01 11:52 AM      RE: getting sick rage!


 i'm really sick now. i don't cough, but i have runny nose and a real bad headache. my husband followed me to one of my class and told me that people were coughing, sneezing, and blowing their nose. i really didn't notice it till he told me that day. since then i've been sick. i don't know how i'm holding up right now. i don't even know how i'm sitting in front of the computer and complaining about it. i got out of my bed because of this bad headache. i hope people don't come to classes when they are sick. they are giving their germs to other classmates and it's really not fair. i hope i get better by the time i have to study for the finals. i got an early final exam, so i need to study from next week.


charisseo   04/20/01 8:20 PM     RE: getting sick rage!


 i can understand what you mean about people who spread their germs! i work with children and once one gets sicks, especially when the wether is bad. one of the worst situations is when the cough right in your face, or sneeze on your arm, or lick their hand then a few minutes later come and hold your hand. it's not quite the sames as your co-workers who are sick becuase children that young don't quite know what is right and wrong yet. sometimes we have parents who know that their child is sick but don't keep them at home. it's like they dont know that their child won't get better unless they get some rest. when they bring their sick child the cyle begins and a whole bunch of the chilren get sick.


ikibobo 04/20/01 1:37 PM                      getting sick rage!


 It really pisses me off when people who are sick (coughing all over the place, sneezing, and blowing their nose-and germs everywhere) come to work instead of calling in sick. These co-workers are the ones that you know call in sick when they are not. They also end up getting everyone else sick, then you have a little "outbreak" epidemic going on in your whole department. I just think that those particular people should have some respect for others' health and do us all a favor and stay home! I really hate getting sick!!!! Can anyone else relate???


kakela   05/01/01 11:13 PM        RE: sunday class rage


 In all my classes we have taken a vote as to whether we will have class on the weekend. All of my professors don't want to come in as much as the students so we are just having conferences and having class on the days that were supposed to be the study days. All of my professors have been really good about the strike.


charisseo   04/20/01 8:07 PM     RE: sunday class rage


 i can understand your rage on this one. i didn't think they were seriously going to have sunday classes. 2 of my classes on on t/th and 2 one once a week on monday. and so far only two of my classes are going through with the sunday classes. the one class that i'm worried about is my Soc 225. attendence won't be taken on sunday but if i miss the lecture i'm going to be so lost. for my otehr class i i have two unexcused absences i can use us so i'm going to use it on for the sunday classes.


virtual-b 04/20/01 3:04 PM         sunday class rage


 I know that we as a university have to make up the classes that were missed. But does it have to be sunday class? I have a class scheduled for sunday, and I really respect the professor who will be lecturing that particular class. So I don't want to miss the lecture, but I don't want to drag myself on campus on a sunday. I guess that the professor is pretty much feeling the same, yet he is obviously willing to sacrifice his weekend. So I should too, I guess. I pity those students who are taking introductory foreign language courses, they usually meet everyday, and so have much more to catch up on. I remember learning spanish was difficult, but imagine having trying to do that without the professor for three weeks.


charisseo   04/20/01 8:37 PM     cell phones


 well here's some cell phone troubles. last night i didn't charge up cell battery. then today my battery died. i later turned it on just to check for any messages. i had one message but i couldn't retreive it. every time i got to the part where i choose to listen to the message my battery died. so i would try again and it would died right about the same part. my brother was driving us home so through the whole way home i was wondering who it was and kind frustrated at myself for not charging up my battery. they i got even more frustated becasue i kept on calling and getting cut off then calling again hoping it would get through. yet knowing that it wouldn't


Number11BUS   04/22/01 6:17 PM        RE: plenty homework


 Hello Charisseo,I'm not so sure I could say I spent the time "off" not doing homework. The taxes got filed, I studied for the GRE, I spent a good amount of time e-mailing legislators about the strike of UHPA and HSTA, I prepared preliminary work for a course next semester, I read ahead on some course work. I watched a lot of news on China and the EP3 and its crew. I got a good overview of what the media choose not to tell us about Seattle and WTO last year in a documentary. I became familiar with the ADB to be held here in May and the Free Trade meeting now being held in Canada. It has been a very eventful two how the time flies when you think you are "off." Now I can go back to "as usual" and concentrate on assignments with real due dates. I never work so hard as when I'm my own boss. Do you ever find that to be true? Number11Bus


charisseo   04/20/01 8:51 PM     plenty homework


 well with the strike over i now have to face the reality of school work. looking back at the days during the stike i think that i could have done more studing than i did but i don't regret not doing so. some of my classes have reduced the work for the semester. but some have not. for my case it is hard to believe that that the semester is almost over and i still have so much work left.during the strike i was a such procrastinator. i did homework but i had to delay it a little bit before i actually did it. but the one think that the strike did was give me a little break for the reality of school. so right now although i have assignments to do now, i feel a little more refreshed.


Number11BUS   04/22/01 5:37 PM                    RE: Aftermath of Strike


 Hello Silverfox2001,I remind myself that the University Professors had NO contract. Wasn't that nice of them to work for two years without one? I remind myself that Gov Ben refused to write a new one for two years while he was touting himself as the "education governor". I remind myself the University is "on Probation" for accreditation RIGHT NOW. I remind myself the reason for the probation is lack of funding for books, professors, and whole schools of educational diciplines. I remind myself that lecturers (Graduate students, Teaching Assistants, Ph.D Candidates that are all but dissertation) get additional funding now because of the settlement. I remind myself that some classes have labs that cannot be cut--biology, language, etc. I remind myself that professors spent the "time off" walking the picket line, day after day after day, after day. I have watched the govering body of the state of Hawaii cut funding since 1992. I have watched journals disappear from the library. I have watched supportative services disappear. But I have seen lots of construction--even buildings that could not be furnished for lack of funds for equipment and furniture. I have watched good professors return to the mainland because they could not afford to live in our beautiful state. I have classes meeting on Saturday and Sunday as well. Direct your disappointment at the Governor and the Legislature of the State. They controlled the purse--what was left of it. This is a demonstration in political activism--we were all part of it--and it worked. Now we just need to keep supporting the HSTA until they get for K-12 what they need to fill the classrooms with qualified teachers that can stay in the state once they take their place in our system. Remember this as a story you can tell your were there when the State of Hawaii allowed the education of its children be suspended while the Governor balked about monies that were there that he wanted to spend on something else. Welcome Back!!Number11Bus


oshale   04/22/01 7:31 PM                      RE: Aftermath of Strike


 I totally agree. I have to attend school from monday thru sunday. Isn't that ridiculous. I'm really glad that the professors got their contract and the raise but what about the students. I'm really upset. Nothing was our fault. It was the professors who wanted to raise and the students were kind of used as hostages if I could put it that way. Our education was threatened so that the states would give them the raise. It is so unfair. And even during the strike, the striking professors telling us to call cayetano. I mean, they should do it because they started the whole thing. It is just too much already. I totally supported the teachers before but now I'm not too sure because it is only the students who are suffering.


carlisle   04/23/01 9:35 AM         RE: Aftermath of Strike


 I agree with all that the other two replies said. I have to remember that the teachers had sacraficed a lot for the education of the children of hawaii. But, do the children also need to sacrafice their future for the betterment of some teachers? But, everyone keeps saying the teachers this and the teachers that. And everyone is blaming the governor for everything that is happening to the educational school system here in hawaii. I feel sometimes that it is also the teachers to blame too. They made the decision to hault and walk the pickett lines while, innocent children are at home without an education. It goes both ways and some people do not always think that way. I am all for the hike in pay for teachers, but what we need to remember is that we as college students and the young children of today are the ones that are paving the roads for tomorrow. As long as the teachers are on strike, it will take that much longer for the those innocent children and adults to get their foot into the future. In my point of view I am only thinking of the children, the well being of the children. This whole strike is hitting national news and that makes me scared. Some teachers may not want to come to state where people like the governor and others haulted the education of some children. This whole time should be used for reflection cause everyone young and old, those that are not in school and those that are. Are the very ones that are being effected by this whole strike. Thek governor and the state need to work harder to come to an agreement, because personal future is being put on a stand still. The classes that have to be held during the weeken totally sucks, but if that is what I will have to do to catch up with knowledge that I was not allowed during this strike than so be it. There is much hard feelings towards the state and towards the teachers union. I hope that in the very near future we can all use this as a learning experience because, I know that this whole incident will make the history books. That does not look to good for our educational school systems history.


silverfox2001 04/21/01 9:00 AM                         Aftermath of Strike


 I am outraged that we have to attend school on Saturday's and Sunday's to make up the class time we miss. I don't feel its right, that we have to attend school just because the teachers were on strike and now they need to make up for lost time. In my opinion they just getting back work days that were lost and they did not really lose any pay because they are gaining it back on the weekends that we have to attend school. I feel this is an unfair tactic of using students against their will. Oh! sure we have a choice not to attend and just skip it but who know's what might happen when you are not there, like some extra credit assignment! Better yet a pop quiz. I feel they need to stop using students as their ploy to gain access to their causes. Because where were the teachers when we got a tution hike. I barely saw one teacher ranting and raving about giving students another tution hike in a state that can barely turn over revenues. No one is really worrying about "poor students" who got a tution hike and couldn't attend classess because the professors were out on strike. My point is why should we have to always pay for their causes.


gemini-gal   04/23/01 12:08 AM RE: Amen


 Yes, you can get an AMEN sista! I too am so infuriated with the the way the state has handled the UHPA strike. I can't believe they took this long to settle! It simply does not make sense. If the governor gave professors what they wanted in the end, why did it take him so long? He probably realized that if we cancelled the semester and refund everyone's tuition, the state would've lost money big time! And why do they have to implement this weekend class schedule and take up two of our study days when it's near finals? We already have an enormous amount of stress at this point in the semester being that it is so close to finals and now they wanna pull this kind of crap with us? I really feel for those whose living depends on their weekend jobs and who need to sacrifice working just to attend weekend classes. However, I just want to tell everyone that we have only two more weeks of school and what is two weekends more right? We can do this! We can stick it out! At least our semester didn't get cancelled. I was really worried because I thought graduation was going to be scrapped because of the strike but if it takes weekend classes for me to graduate on time then so be it. We will get through this. Just think of the hard work you've done this past semester. It could have all been for nothing if the semester was cancelled. We can deal with the darn governor later. So take one thing at a time, breathe, and we will survive!


BC3   04/22/01 6:31 PM            RE: Amen


 I totally agree that this situation sucks. I feel that the last chances for me to feel like a college student are slipping away. No more weekends with friends. Instead I must deal with mounds of homework and little sympathy from the system. Ben needs to be put in his place, just because he doesn't care doesn't mean a state should suffer. Hopefully I can last 3 more weeks without cracking. Hmmm. This strike has really thrown my schedule off. I have reserve duty with the US Army on Sat and Sun from 600am to 500pm, how will I go to school if I have to be at reserve duty? I am torn, can't we all just get along?


Number11BUS   04/22/01 5:54 PM        RE: NOT ENOUGH TIME TO STUDY RAGE


 Hello ikibobo,I replied to Silverfox2001 with the following:Hello Silverfox2001,I remind myself that the University Professors had NO contract. Wasn't that nice of them to work for two years without one? I remind myself that Gov Ben refused to write a new one for two years while he was touting himself as the "education governor". I remind myself the University is "on Probation" for accreditation RIGHT NOW. I remind myself the reason for the probation is lack of funding for books, professors, and whole schools of educational diciplines. I remind myself that lecturers (Graduate students, Teaching Assistants, Ph.D Candidates that are all but dissertation) get additional funding now because of the settlement. I remind myself that some classes have labs that cannot be cut--biology, language, etc. I remind myself that professors spent the "time off" walking the picket line, day after day after day, after day. I have watched the govering body of the state of Hawaii cut funding since 1992. I have watched journals disappear from the library. I have watched supportative services disappear. But I have seen lots of construction--even buildings that could not be furnished for lack of funds for equipment and furniture. I have watched good professors return to the mainland because they could not afford to live in our beautiful state. I have classes meeting on Saturday and Sunday as well. Direct your disappointment at the Governor and the Legislature of the State. They controlled the purse--what was left of it. This is a demonstration in political activism--we were all part of it--and it worked. Now we just need to keep supporting the HSTA until they get for K-12 what they need to fill the classrooms with qualified teachers that can stay in the state once they take their place in our system. emember this as a story you can tell your were there when the State of Hawaiiallowed the education of its children be suspended while the Governor balked about monies that were there that he wanted to spend on something else. Welcome Back!!Number11BusYes, you get a qualified AMEN!!Students are challenging the tuition increase. Students are being active in making it known that they are commuter students that must work to be able to pay the tuition. So, once again, the Governor must be more responsive to not only the residents of Hawaii who voted for him, but the entire Pacific Basin and the world students that come here for the education offered on where else on earth. He and the rest of the legislature owe students a university that works and keeps working--without putting students under the pressure of being caught in the middle of the State's lack of leadership.Hang in there and don't loose too much sleep trying to keep up...Aloha,Number11Bus


ikibobo 04/21/01 11:49 PM                    NOT ENOUGH TIME TO STUDY RAGE


 I totally supported the professors in their strike, I really believe that it is a profession that doesn't get what they deserve. I'm also glad that in the end, everyone got what they wanted/needed-that is everybody but the students!!!! I can't believe that we are being asked to come in on the weekends to make-up for lost time. Most of us students are just getting by working part-time, going to school the rest of the time. Usually, the times that are available to us part-time workers are on the weekends!!! I don't get paid vacation or sick leave that I can just take and go make-up my missed classes! I got rent to pay, bills I got to pay (and no, I can't just tell my creditors-"Oh, I'm really sorry, but our teachers had a strike and I can't go to work because I have to go to school on the weekend to make up for the missed classes, hope you guys understand." It's bad enough to deal with the stresses of being a student with our busy schedules, but now we lose our weekends, the time we desparately need to catch up on work, sleep, or simply run errands! We also are losing are two days of apppointed study time to have more classes! Hello! Stop the insanity!!! AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! Can I get an AMEN!?


meow24 04/25/01 10:34 PM      RE: Neighbour's laughter


 i know how annoying the neighbors can be. my neighbor upstairs party every friday night. occationally i complain to the security but i don't like complaining to security. so sometimes i just try really hard to sleep with the noise going on upstairs. i don't know why they cant go to a bar or a club instead. and my neighbor right next door always cook some kinda food that really smells strong. i don't know what it is but i really hate it. to make it worse, they always leave the door open, so the smell comes into my apartment whenever they cook. i don't know if i should complain or not.. its not like they make any noise or anything.. so i don't want to complain about it, but i really want them to keep the door close, so i don't have to smell their food everytime they cook.


Dahlin 04/23/01 11:33 AM         RE: Neighbour's laughter


 I know this is your neighbor but I guess that thing about relationships is true: those things that you found so cute in the begining are driving you crazy two years later.I feel for you, home is suppose to be a place of calmness and a place to recharge. You can't possibly do that when a neighbor is constantly annoying you. Guess what? She probably doesn't even know she is laughing so loud to annoy the people around her. My suggestion to you is confront her. Tell her in person or write her a note. Because if you don't say anything it will most likely keep going on until she moves or you kill her!


snowhawaii 04/23/01 12:03 AM             RE: Neighbour's laughter


 I know what you mean. Well, I have a similar problem at my place too.The girl living the nextdoor, she is always talking on the phone. Since the wall is very thin like a piece of paper, I can hear her very well. I know I cannot claim this, but her case is extreme. She even brings the phone in the bathroom, so that she can answer the phone if it rings while she's taking a shower. I know it's out of my business. But guess what? sometimes, she leaves before she flushes because she reacts so fast to the phone ring. One day, she left the toilet clogged and was talking on the phone in her room. Of course I didn't know it was clogged. So when I went to bath room and opened the cover, I had to see what I didn't wanna see.(yes, it was gross...)If I were her, of course I would do away with clogging first even though the telephone rings because the bathroom is shared with somebody. But for her, the phone comes first no matter what. I think your neighbor's watching T.V. and my neighbor's talkinn on the phone is like a disease. They cannot live without it.


purple848 04/21/01 11:51 PM    Neighbour's laughter


 A girl who lives downstaires talks very loud and I can hear her conversation very well, and she laughs very loudly. Sometimes when I have to concentrate on studying, her voice and laughter interrupts my work becasue I get frustrated even more by that. Almost every night, she gets excited while watching a comedy show on TV and laughs loudly. At first when I just moved in, I was laughing when I hear her laughter because I thought it was joyful. But it's been going on for almost two years, and it's not funny anymore. Last couple of weeks, I had spent most of the time at my boyfriend's, so I almost forgot about her irritating laughter. Since the school started, I came back to my dorm the other day, and guess what? I heard the same old laughter from downstaires. As soon as I heard her voice, I started to get irritated. I got more irritated when I remembered the numbers of times I got irritated by that in the past.


cjn   04/22/01 2:19 PM             lost tickets rage


 Friday morning I bought tickets to see the student body competition that was scheduled for that night. I had it all planned out. Then I went to chinatown to run some errands. The thing was that I left the tickets in the outter pocket of my backpack along with my pencils and wallet. I did the mistake of not putting the tickets away in my wallet or pockets or anywhere they would be safe. So on my way home, in the bus, I was talking to my friend about the event and the time we were supposed to be there and wanted to check on the tickets. I looked and looked but they were nowhere to be found in my bag. I have lost them or someone could have reached into my backpack's pocket while it was still open and I was paying for something. I was so mad and disappointed in myself. I am usually careful with things. I never thought I could lose something in such circumstances. They must have fallen out when I took out my wallet from my bag or else. My afternoon was completely ruined. What I was most mad at was not taking the step of putting the tickets away when I had the opportunity. Now part of me still blame myself for what happened. I also lost some money because of it. My friend kept telling me that I could have lost my wallet instead of the tickets. Him saying that did bring some comfort but that was short lived. Anyway, I think I should look at this situation differently like he pointed out.


skyblue   04/23/01 12:16 PM                  RE: MP Rage


 I hear you! When I drive through the entrance of Fort Shafter or Barbers Point, I sometimes forget to follow the posted speed limit! One afternoon, my mom and I were running late since we had to meet a group of people at Cosmic Bowl. I started to drive faster and my mom told me that I better slow down before an MP pulls me over. I struggled with my internal conflict whether to drive slow and be late or to speed and get caught. I decided it would be best to obey the rule. I wonder why the military bases have posted low speed limits even in non-residential areas. Perhaps, they don't want to be responsible for the lives of others if fatalities occur.


Dahlin 04/23/01 11:19 AM         RE: MP Rage


 I live on a military base also. In certain areas I agree with the speed limit of 25 mph or even 15 mph. However on Schofield they just finished a major street that is pretty wide and has a total of four lanes. There is no housing on either side of the road. This main road is still 25 mph. It seems logical to me that the speed limit for this road could be 35 mph and still be safe. Another road near my home is a school zone. The speed limit is 15 mph ALL THE TIME! This road is about a quarter of a mile long, going 15 mph is some times excruciating. I think it is reasonable to make the the speed limit 25 mph on off school hours and days. I also think it is prudent to follow the speed limit on base because if you get three speeding tickets they revoke your right to drive on post. That would most certainly suck!


BC3   04/22/01 6:28 PM            MP Rage


 Ok this is probably something that most people don't experience but when traveling on military bases, everyone has to travel the exact speed limit. That means that if it says 25, you go 25 mph. If not an MP (military police) will ticket you, even if only one mph over. I hate this and yesterday it was killing me. I was late and had to get somewhere but had to travel at 15 mph!!! I swear that people walking were moving faster than me. But then I thought, how funny is that? That I am mad that I have to follow the law. Maybe I should let it go, but 15 mph is kind of silly. Finally, I thought there must be a reason for this. Maybe children at play?


oshale   04/22/01 7:27 PM          barnes and noble rage


 I was at the barnes & Noble bookstore the last week, or on the day of Easter. My boyfriend and I were trying to study and all the libraries were closed so we decided to study there. Anyway we were there about 1:30pm-ish after lunch. Anyway, it was pretty crowded there. So about 3 or 4 o'clock, my boyfriend went to get a refill on his coffee and one of the workers there was talking to him about something. I approached them, but they were finished talking to one another. But I knew something was wrong because his expression changed greatly. I kept asking him and he said that the girl was saying 'since, you folks were here from the morning, can you move over to the other study area'I was so confused. we were there only from the couple of hours ago. And I felt that my boyfriend didn't explain clearly so I approached her and wanted to talk to her again. She kept on saying we were there from the morning, and i kept on telling her we were not. And she was saying something about no study policy and whatever. But she didn't clearly explain anything. She apologized and she kept on saying 'sorry, what else can I do?" but it was so insincere. She had that fake smile on her face that just drove me crazy. I asked to talk to the manager and he came.I explained what happened and then he told us that there was a 45 min , no study policy. but there was no sign with that policy. The sign outside just said that the cafe was for the customers only and the study areas were elsewhere. But we purchased the coffee and we were even about to buy some cakes and refills before the girl came and ruined it all. I also complained that the workers first of all mistaken us for someone else. There were couple of other people who were there before us and why did she talk to us only? And when she was telling us to move, she didn't explain what the policy was, or anything. It was just the way she said it, and the inconsistency behind enforcing that policy. Why us? Anyway, I was so furious. But i calmed down. I really wanted to punch that haole girl. She was such a bitch. But I was glad how i handled it.I wanted to ignore it first but it was driving me crazy, why she talked to us like that. At first i took it really personally. maybe she thought she could get away speaking to the customer that rude but I just couldn't let that happen to my boyfriend. Rude workers should be handled properly and reprimanded. But I don't expect anything from me complaining. She'll probably go on being that way but at least she realized that she made a mistake.


Dahlin 04/23/01 11:43 AM         RE: Spilled food rage


 One time we were all going to the beach. I had all the food in my trunk. The raw BBQ chicken somehow spilled in the trunk. It was so gross. I left the windows down and the trunk up to some how get that smell out. I had to pull up the mat in the trunk and completely saturate it with water and scrub it out. Fortunately the BBQ sauce came out but now the mat does not lay right in the trunk. It always get bunched up and stuff. It is true, never spill anything in the car. However, beer is the worst thing to spill. Beer leaves a stench that is aweful.


SpoiledBrat 04/22/01 8:20 PM                Spilled food rage


 A pot filled with stew spilled in my car. It was the most disgusting thing to clean up. Luckly it was only on the bottom of my car and not the seat. I have been trying really hard to clean it. Of course my car stinks now. I hav been trying lots of things to disguise the smell. The smell is slowly going away, but I wish it would go away faster. I am just so angry that it happened. It was an accident, but it is just hell to clean. Now everytime I go in my car I have to get use to the smell for like five minutes. It is somewhat distracting when I drive because I end up holding the air freshner in front of the air conditioning while I drive. It is the first thing I do when I start driving and I keep doing it as I drive just to cover up the smell. Do not ever spill stew in your car cause it is hell to clean up.


AnimalLover 04/22/01 8:54 PM             Less Rage


 My mother likes to make me drive home from my grandmothers house because she likes to sleep in the backseat and my stepfather shouldn't drive because he spends the night drinking with my cousins so I'm the only one left. I used to get really irritated at my mother because she is supposed to be in the backseat sleeping but I still hear her yelling things at me like "Watch the road!" when I'm talking story to my stepfather and "Red light!" when I see it way in advance. Now I just laugh when she does that because it will just be a lose-lose battle and I acknowledge her comment with an "I know" or "Please" and my stepfather just laughs and says "Don't worry, she still says the same thing to me and I've been driving since I was twelve", which helps me not to takeit so personally.


leis 04/22/01 10:16 PM Rage Stteled Down


 Finally strike was over. Now I feel much better than past a couple weeks.As strike seemed to continue for a long time, I was not able to plan any schedule even after this semester. So my irritating-feeling was almost extreme. Once strike was settled down, although I have a tight schedule to finish up this semester like most of you and, I feet much better, even refreshed. I want to enjoy the short rest of school life.


kakela   05/01/01 11:08 PM        RE: Nightclub Rage


 Nah, I think that the waitress was just jelous of the way that you guys looked. That is why she was being rude. Some chicks just can't stand other girls. I think it is a self esteem problem. I have also noticed through my coaching of high-school girls that girl dont really get along with achother to good. I noticed that they are much more likely to form clicks and there is a lot of competition and rivalry between them.


Dahlin 04/23/01 11:04 AM         RE: Nightclub Rage


 I have noticed that the costomer service is usually poor in night clubs. The bar tenders are usually so rushed that they practically throw the drinks at you. Not to mention the waitresses being rushed to serve everyone in their area. And like you said being hit on by every man in there.I also think that bar tenders, waitresses, bouncers and others that work in clubs tend to act aloff because of the image of a night club. People who work in a night club are suppose to be cool and some how more "with it" than other people. And therefore act like it.Tell your friend to calm down and chalk it up to the nature of night clubs.


gemini-gal   04/22/01 11:42 PM             Nightclub Rage


 On Saturday night, my sister and I went out with a bunch of her friends to a nightclub. When we got there, the club was still a little empty but everyone started trickling in and the place got packed soon enough. One of my sister's friends, "M" ordered some drinks for us and we started to have a good time dancing and talking with the rest of the people. As the night wore on, however, I noticed that "M" was unsatisfied with the service of the club. She was mad certain waitresses at this club because they weren't friendly at all and remained stuck-up. "M" told me that one of the waitresses was rude because she didn't display any common courtesy to the people she was serving. What made it worse is that the waitress was wearing light-blue colored shades which made her come across like "I'm too cool for you. I don't need to be nice to you." "M" started talking bad about this waitress and saying stuff to "Why do people who aren't friendly become waitresses? They shouldn't be working in places like this!" "M" thought the waitress wasn't being courteous enough and I agreed with her. The waitress did look stuck up and didn't even smile or anything. But I have to realize that she could have been having a rough night. She could have been hit on by a lot of drunk jerks in the nightclub. But for whatever reason, "M" didn't care and remained mad at the waitress for acting the way she did. I think it's time to teach "M" a lesson in controlling her rage!


Dahlin 04/23/01 10:42 AM         RE: Lack of Motivation Rage


 I can certainly can relate to your problem. I feel the same way. I know I am suppose to be doing school work but I keep putting it off for another time. For instance I tell myself I can't do homework on the weekend because my husband is home and therefore there is too many distractions. I just put my work off and do other things to make myself feel less guilty. But it doesn't really work because I end up feeling guilty anyway. So today is homework day! I have to accomplish a lot today because I haven't done much in the last few weeks. I guess to get over this slump we must set goals for the day and accomplish them. For me just setting a few goals and then doing them makes me feel so good that I am able to do more or the next day I continue doing more.


ddestrad   04/23/01 12:40 AM    Lack of Motivation Rage


 This strike has caused one Major problem for me and this is screwing with my motivation! Spring Break is a nice amount of days to have off and than jump back into the swing of things, but than having another 10 days to do absolutely nothing is just chaos. It is so hard for me to get back into doing homework and writing papers. I just can't do it, i try so hard to write a paper and than i become either preoccupied or i cant' think when i sit down to do the paper. It is so horrible! I'm in summer mode and i need to get focused for these last few weeks of the semester!!!!!! Any advice on how to get back into the "school" frame of mind?


carlisle   04/23/01 9:53 AM         sunday classes over attendance


 I have this Soc 336 class that falls on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. During the strike we needed to read up on our own for the lectures that we had missed during the strike. So, that means that we do not have to go to weekend classes. But, on May 5 a Saturday the 50 some students who were absent need to go into class and hand in a excuse note for the days that they had missed. To me it does not make sense that we have to onto campus for all of ten minutes just to turn in a excuse note. My professor is so unreasonable. And he made it very clear that he was not going to change the date. The whole class was talking about turning in our excuse notes on the day that we have make-up exams. Our professor put his foot down and said no. Talk about the administration saying the the professors will accomodate the students as much as they can. Our professor said that because he lost pay he does not care. AAAHHHHH this professor sucks. I have to work on saturday, and that means I will have to take off for the whole day just to go onto campus for 10 minutes. Come on teachers work with us. This teacher seemed as if he was taking his frustration on out his students. How much more sacrafices do we have have to make for these teahcers. I am at my witts end with this whole aftermath of strike bull-Sh_t.


charisseo   04/23/01 4:19 PM     RE: SWR#14: Receiving Call Rage


 i can relate to your frustrations with solicitors calling. during the strike i was home in the daytime more and got pretty annoyed at all the calls i was getting for the "head of the household". these calls would wake me up in the morning. the worst case was when a solicitor asked for my mom. i told her that my mom was not in and if i could take a message. the caller said no and that she would call back later. so i hung up the phone and went on with my day. in the afternoon i took a short nap and was woken up by the same solicitor!now i make it a point to check the caller ID. if i think it is a solicitor then i just let it ring.


skyblue   04/23/01 11:49 AM                  SWR#14: Receiving Call Rage


 The phone rang while I was at home in the afternoon. When I picked up the phone to say "Hello!", the lady spoke with a thick southern drawl asking me if we(our family) use MCI. So I said, "No, you've got the wrong number!" Then, she tells me, "Well I see that you're no longer with MCI, so we want you back!" I was very turned off by her choice of words that was tacky! Next, she asked, "Is the head of the household home?". My response was, "The head of the household is not home and that person is not interested!" I hung up on her, and to my surprise, she didn't call again. I knew from the beginning it was a solicitation call, but I wanted to give the caller a chance to speak. Apparently, she rubbed me the wrong way because I didn't expect her to be so unprofessional in her approach. When I hung up the phone, I told my uncle in a loud voice about that caller, "How dare she says we want you back! Who does she think she is?" Finally, my rage subsided and I wasn't upset anymore!


Dahlin 04/23/01 11:59 AM                     On hold rage


 I was trying to make an appointment for my daughter today. I waiting on hold for about four minutes. When I finally got through to a real person. She told me that I couldn't make an appointment because their calender did not go up that far. Then she told me to call back tomorrow because the calender would be ready for the date I needed! That isn't the first time that has happened to me. It made me mad because here I am on hold for four minutes only to be told to call back tomorrow. What is up with that?


Dahlin 04/23/01 12:09 PM         Housing rage


 My friend just got married to a military soldier. They are trying to get housing on the military base. Unfortunately they cannot get housing because they will be here only until December. The military will not give you housing if you are leaving in less than one year. Instead the military will give you a housing allowance to find off base housing. That is pretty good but finding an apartment with a 6 month lease is proving to be rather difficult. My friend is getting discouraged because everywhere they call the apartments are either taken or require at least a one year lease.Yesterday they went to look at a place in Aiea Heights which is not the best location for their needs. Her husband is stationed at Schofield and she works at Pearlridge and they only have one car! Hopefully they will find a suitable home soon because after all they are newlyweds and would like to build their little love nest.


Dahlin 04/23/01 12:17 PM         Going to school during the strike rage


 For one of my classes we had to come to school on Tuesdays to get the essay question for the week. The TA was to hand the essay question to each student. It made me mad because why couldn't she just e-mail us the essay question? Why do we have to wake up, drive, and park just to get this little slip of paper.Last Tuesday I took my daughter with me to get my stupid little essay question. I had to pack all her things which consisted of diapers, baby wipes, extra clothes, milk, toys, blanket, burp cloth and stroller. I drove all the way down there from Schofield. Waited until our class time and recieved my little slip of paper in under one minute.So then I walked back to the car which I paid to park. I unloaded all the baby stuff, including the baby into the car and drove all the way back home.


kakela   05/01/01 11:04 PM        RE: Stalker


 You should have just walked up to him and started yelling at him. Then give him a nice kick in the sac if he keeps following you around. I find taht most girls don't like to yell at people like that because htey don't want to make a scene or out of politeness. I have also known so who try to talk to the guy and ask him to stop doing what ever he was doing. I am like yell at the top of your lungs and draw attention because they don't want other people to know what thy are doing. That is why they are usually quite when they follow you around. If he tries to talk to you and follows you around then let his nuts know that you don't feel like being harassed today.


purple848 04/26/01 3:44 AM      RE: Stalker


 That's very scary. I am sorry that you had such a creepy experience. You are very thoughtful of others because you report about the guy to the employee. That way, people who work at the store can watch any person who acts strange, so that other customers won't be a victim of the person like the guy who followed you. I have a similar experience to yours. It happened in a bookstore, also. The only difference is that the person who followed you was a guy, but in my case, it was a young woman. I am a woman, so I wonder why that young woman followed me. I felt very uncomfortable when she followed me, so I imagine you were more uncomfortable and scared when you were followed by the guy. From next time, please take someone with you when you go to the bookstore. Please be careful and don't go there alone.


Watashi_No 04/23/01 1:47 PM   Stalker


 The other day I went to a Barnes and Noble @ Kahala mall. The only reason I am saying the name is to let people know out there which store just in case it happens to them. I went into the bookstore and I was looking in one of the aisles. I turn to look down at a book and I see this guy standing in the same aisle. I thought everything is normal because people go in the same row all the time. When I was finished looking in that aisle I move to the next one. Which by the way was a totally different subject. I see the same guy coming around the corner to the aisle I was in. I kinda stared at him, thinking something was a little fishy, and he smiled at me. I started to look at the books again, but by then my attention was not on the books. So I thought to myself ok, try another aisle so I move to another aisle all the way to the corner, which was like four aisles away from the one I was at. Low and Behold here he comes looking in each aisle, when he finds me he comes into the aisle and makes like he was looking at books. I knew then that he was following me which really creeped me out and irritated me. I did the 'test' several more times and he followed me the whole time. So I walked out of the last aisle and went to tell a worker over there just in case he had been reported before this would have been another complaint against him. I walked out of the store and was angry because he was doing this, and what if he did it to a young girl or someone! I fear for the safety of the people he 'preys' upon if he is that kind of stalker!!


charisseo   04/23/01 4:27 PM     parking line rage


 at my building there is a pillar, my stall, a white line, another stall, then a pillar. the lady who park next to me always seems to park as she possible could. this leaves me to park as close to pillar as possible. this does not bother too much becuase on my left side is a pillar and i am able to park up enough so i can open my door w/o banging the pillar. there are days when it rains and i do not want to walk into a puddle to i park a further back and away fromthe pillar. you would think that the lady would in turn park closer to the her pillar and further from the line. but she does not. this would not be so bad if she didn't have small children who aren't very carefull when they open the door. so every day when i park as i drive in i am reminded about how my parking neighbor just won't park either in the middle of the stall or away from me. so i've been thinking maybe i should park closer to the line to push her more into her stall.


shaun56   04/26/01 4:38 PM                   RE: people who steal rage


 Well, there's the problem of coincidence huh! We always tend to assume everyone is a suspect after something bad happens to us. I tend to do that all of the time. But I have learned to realize that is not the correct and proper way to go about your suspicions. I think that we are gullible to the blaming of whomever comes in the light after the bad occurrence. I think that the unfortunate things that happen are more easily seen than the good things that happen. I mean, look at TV! Can you say that there are more positive aspects or negative aspects on TV? Negative right?!?! Well, that's just an example of how people like to pay attention to the bad things (negative) that occur. Well, anyways I hope he resolved the problem, and I think he was being a man by not doing anything about it. I guess he takes after you huh?? Sweet, polite, and nice all in one. Well, I hope you are doing OK in your classes. Better get goin on report 2 before its due. Well, I'll see you in class on Monday!! Bye bye ~ Shaun


mightymousesa   04/23/01 5:35 PM                    RE: people who steal rage


 Tell your brother I know how he feels. My car has been broken into three times and each time I am sure it is the same people, but they know the police won't do anything about it. It has gotten so sad that they stole my $4 radio that had broken knobs on it and only played AM radio!! I've gotten to the point that I laugh about it. It's just stupid!


charisseo   04/23/01 4:31 PM     people who steal rage


 this is an incident that happened to my brother last monther his car got broken into. he was pretty mad about it. what made it worse was that shortly after the incident someone who lives near by mentioned to him "i heard someone broke in to your car?" the think is that my brother did not mention to anyone at that time about the break in. and he also had a feeling that the person who confronted him was someone that he thought could have done it. this irritated me becuase that guy knew that he would not be caught and had the nerve to confront my brother about it. in the end my brother contained his rage and and told "ya..." but really he wanted to tell him alot more...


SpoiledBrat 04/25/01 9:51 AM                RE: Saturday and Sunday Class Rage


 I am very angry that we have to attend weekend classes. They say if you can't attend class that it's okay and to get the notes from someone else. That is fine if they don't penalize you. The problem I have is in one of my classes, the profesor goes over so much material it is not possible to write down all of the notes. Basically, listening to the profesors lectures is where all the information needs to be retained from. I actually would not mind if school was extended because then I would feel like there is more time to prepare for finals and other work. All of my deadlines were pushed back and everything is due the week before finals, so while I am trying to do reports I also have to study for finals. Weekends is what I count on to get a lot of studying done and for those who have to work it is a major inconvenience.


kathyhirokane 04/24/01 5:54 PM            RE: Saturday and Sunday Class Rage


 hello. i totally agree with you! we weren't the ones who started the strike. we may have agreed with it, but now we are getting punished! our weekends are for us to do other things. it's like, the professors probably have nothing to do on weekends, since teaching is their job, but students have jobs along with school! i am just relieved that i don't have classes on the weekends. i seriously would have to debate going to those.


PHYRE2001   04/24/01 1:01 PM                       RE: Saturday and Sunday Class Rage


 I totally agree that Saturday and Sunday classes are just wrong. Luckily for me none of my teacher have assigned Saturday and Sunday classes, but if they did I would not be able to attend. I think that it is just wrong for them to say that students have to come to class when that is their time off. I understand that the professors felt that they needed to be paid more money, but the only people that ended up suffering was the students. No one told the professors to go on strike, that was their chose, so its their problem. If the semester does not permit them to teach cerain material, then take it out of the final. I think that the professors need to come up with a better plan.


mightymousesa   04/23/01 5:44 PM                    Saturday and Sunday Class Rage


 Okay, I do believe that the teachers and professors of Hawaii deserved a raise. However, when I signed up for classes this spring semester, I signed up for classes that specifically fit my work, practice, and family schedule. This idea that Saturday and Sunday classes is a solution is wrong. Too many of my friends are being put into financial hardship because they have to miss work or get a baby-sitter due to the Saturday and Sunday classes. I'm glad the strike worked for the instructors but I still think the students are paying to high of a price!!


meow24 04/25/01 10:55 PM      RE: Shopper rage


 oh.. that must have been really upsetting.. that happens to me sometimes too. i don't know why they have to stop in the middle of the aisle and block the whole walk-through. usually they move when i say "excuse me" but there are times people just don't move! and this makes me really mad too. what i do at times like this is just push them and walk through. i know some people might find me mean but those people deserve it.oh! i just remember something i saw at ala moana. there was this cute family i saw a few months ago that i can't forget. ala moana was crowded as usual and this family was walking in a line instead of holding each other's hand. i know it's nice to see a family out there holding hands and looking all happy and stuff, but when you are in a mall, they can be a human wall. =) anyway, this family was walking in a line. dad was in the front, a little boy right behind dad, a little girl behind the boy, and mom at last. the little girl went up to her dad and told him that she wanted to hold his hand, but he gently told her that if they did, they would be blocking other people,so she would have to get back on line. it was the cuttest thing i ever saw at the mall. i think she was only four and her brother was around five.


Dahlin 04/25/01 9:50 AM           RE: Shopper rage


 I commend your attitude that was a great way to handle such a bad situation. Usually when I encounter public incidents like that one I simply forget and get on with my life. To me it isn't worth wasting my time and well being on other people that have no idea how they affected me. I guess that is why I do not rage very much in public. However I rage in private to make up for it!Seriously though, I enjoyed reading your story because it made me feel like there is hope for us all. I say that because you controlled your rage and just moved on to what you were there for. Another person or another situation may have been different. Right now I can think of a few choice words to say to the group of ladies and the lady that bumped into you. Anyway, job well done.


kathyhirokane 04/24/01 5:58 PM            RE: Shopper rage


 i know what you mean! i hate it when people are obviously blocking the pathway but don't care. they just force others to go around them! how inconsiderate! i call them sidewalk hoggers! they should at lest move to a place where there is space for people to move around them, not squeeze by! that is so rude. i mean, don't they get irritated when other people do the same?


PHYRE2001   04/24/01 1:43 PM           RE: Shopper rage


 I must admit that I am very proud of you controlling your anger. I know that I would not have been able to control my anger. That really upsets me when people are so inconsiderate of the people around them. No you are not the center of attention, so move on the side and let people through. I know if I was in that situation I probably would have walked through the middle of their conversation to give them a clue to get of the way. I know it would have been rude, and two wrongs don't make a right, but I just don't understand people like that.


oshale   04/24/01 11:25 AM        RE: Shopper rage


 I really think you did the right thing although if i was in your shoes, I would have definitely said something like, 'Excuse me' really loud or after I passed by them, say something like, 'geez, those ladies take up so much space' really loud so that they can hear. But you are better person than me i guess. It really is not worth getting excited over, and waste your energy. Those ladies were inconsiderate, and there are many of them out there in the world, and I guess all we can do is expect the worst and when they do act that way, we can prepare for it so we don't get into rage or anything. Somedays, I'm also like that where I try to not let those things bother me but somedays, I get really irritated and I blame it on PMS. Anyway, I think we are improving on reducing our rage episodes. That's good!


ktootree 04/23/01 7:33 PM                     Shopper rage


 Just the sight of a crowded mall gets me a bit agitated, so I try to avoid shopping during those times, but the other day I went on that kind of day because my friend had to go shopping for a gift. This incident doesn? really involve a full-blown rage, so there? not going to be any fistfights or strong verbal attacks. It began a couple minutes after we just got to Pearlridge. We were passing through Liberty House to get to the open area of the mall when we came upon a group of 5 or 6 ladies talking in the middle of a narrow aisle by the jewelry section. People were trying to pass through from both directions. I noticed some of the ladies saw my friend and I wanting to pass through, as well as a bunch of people from the other end, but only one of them moved like a couple of inches (just enough for one person to fit through). My friend and I stood there and let the other people file through first. I said, ?xcuse me?to the group of ladies, but they either ignored me or were so involved with their discussion that they did not hear me. As my friend and I passed the ladies, I stared at them for a short while and they kept on talking like they weren? blocking anybody? way. I was irritated at that point, but didn? say anything to them. Then, maybe around 10 seconds after that, a lady comes rushing from behind and bumps into me. I looked at her and gave her ?tink?eye, but she didn? see me because she was in a rush. She just kept on walking with no excuse me or sorry or anything. I just stood there and was about to say something like ?xcuse me!?or ?atch it? but I took a deep breath and let out a sigh and let the lady go. I was going to complain to my friend, but then I thought that wouldn? get us anywhere, so I just gave it that ?orget-about-it?attitude. I think if I held onto that frustration, it would have ruined the whole time, but because I didn?, shopping wasn? all that bad that day.


snowhawaii 04/24/01 3:13 AM                RE: Cousin's Aloha Shirt rage


 I know your cousin A's rage. Does your cousin B did it on purpose? If so, she's mean. Did she want to make an Easter joke or something?Even though it wasn't on purpose, she should've not let other people know that. Anyway, you're right. It was good that your cousin A could control his rage. If I were him, I would complain to her.


ktootree 04/23/01 7:35 PM                     Cousin's Aloha Shirt rage


 This particular incident deals with my cousin? rage. One day my cousin (cousin ?? and his girlfriend went to Liberty House to buy an aloha shirt for Easter. My other cousin (that? his cousin too; cousin ?? was there working at the time and she offered to help them. According to my cousin? girlfriend, she followed them around until they finally picked something. He picked an aloha shirt that he liked, and my cousin (?? told him it was nice, so he ended up buying it. On Easter, he wore the shirt and cousin ??and her boyfriend came up to him and his girlfriend while they were talking with other cousins and friends. Cousin ??said, ?h look (her boyfriend? name), (cousin ?? and you have the same shirt on, but in different color!?He was kind of embarrassed and mad because she made like an announcement about it, but he didn? try to show it. Cousin ??and his girlfriend laughed along with cousin ?? but for the two it was a fake laughter. My cousin ??was upset because the one thing that he hates is wearing the same thing that someone else is wearing. After my cousin ??and her boyfriend left, my cousin ??was like, ?hy didn? she tell me that this was the same shirt her boyfriend had or if she knew I bought it, why would she let her boyfriend buy the same one??You could tell he was upset by the look on his face. One of his cousin? asked, ?oh?hat if he was wearing the same exact shirt, color and everything??My cousin ??said, ?h man. I don? know. That would?e been it.?In this case, I guess it was good that he controlled his rage while my cousin ??and her boyfriend were there, or else it would have been a much worse episode of rage. (Good thing the shirts weren? the same color too!)


PHYRE2001   04/24/01 1:08 PM                       SUPERVISOR RAGE!!


 Sometimes I just don't understand my supervisors at work. They get me so angry at times that I just feel like quitting. I understand that they have certain guidelines that they must follow, but sometimes I feel like they just need to get off my back.The other day at work, I had an irrate customer that took about twenty minutes of my time. I thought I was doing my co-workers a favor by taking this last customer, by making the line go down. I know that I had back work that I needed to complete before I left for the day, but I did not know at the time that she was going to take twenty minutes. After my customer had left I was already five minute past my time. My supervisor came over and started scolding me, telling me that I needed to hurry up and finish my paper work. Its not my fault that it takes so long to close up, fifteen minutes to be exact. Not two minutes later my supervisor came around and told me to hurry up. I don't like to be rushed because I make errors, and sure enough, I made two errors because she kept telling me to hurry up. What is up with the rushing anyhow, she could she that I was rushing and not taking my time. It makes no sense at all to rush someone who is already rushing....thats just irritating.


rie2001 04/26/01 10:29 PM                    RE: MOPED RAGE!!


 I don't like mopeds riders, either. They just drive anywhere on the road and don't stay in one lane. Some of them are soooooo fast but others are soooooo slow. I often feel like to run over them!!


PHYRE2001   04/24/01 1:13 PM                       MOPED RAGE!!


 I cannot stand the way that moped riders drive their moped. It is like they own the road. They think that they can go onto sidewalks just to avoid traffic. Moped were not made so that people could weave in and out of traffic. They were made for the convenience of not having to get into a car to drive short distances. And of course a moped will beat walking, unless you enjoy walking. I was driving the other day and came to a stop light. The car in front of me had come to a stop at the stop light, choosing to go straight. The option was to go straight or turn right. Well I guess the moped rider behind me felt that we were taking too much of his time, as he decided to go onto the sidewalk and go around. He almost hit this old lady on the sidewalk during this process. All I could think was "Impatient FOOL"


PHYRE2001   04/24/01 1:18 PM                       CHORES RAGE!!


 For this forum, all I have to say is that I hate roomates. Have you ever had a roomate that chose to live like a slob. I don't understand how people cannot clean up after themselves. If you cannot live inside, then maybe you should live outside with the rest of the rodents. I work two jobs and go to school full time. My total hours for my combined jobs is about thirty -six hours and on top of that attend school full time. My roomate happened to lose his job about a month ago, so has been home the entire time. Dishes would sit in the sink for about three days. I don't understand how he could not clean up after himself. Is it not enough that I have to pay for the entire rent, but to come home after a long day at work, I do not want to see a sink full of dishes. It makes me think that he is just a little inappreciative of my time and money. I wish I had more time to clean my house, but I don't . The least he could do is help out.


purple848 04/30/01 4:26 PM      RE: CUSTOMER RAGE!!


 I can understand what you mean. I had been engaged in a service industry once, and we used to have a customer just like the one you had once in a while. I think those people who act superior to the store employee is narrow-minded. They are such a small person who cannot find a way to feel confidence in them other than to act bossy to the employees who they think hardly ever rebel the customers. Probably, the unpleasant customer that you had has a dominant wife and he is a timid employee at work. His life is probably pretty much miserable. That's why he gave you a hard time to let off steam. He must have vented his frustration on you and it is not a forgivable thing for an adult with discretion to do. I bet he is still somewhere out there and doing the same thing to other employees because he must be living in a misery.


PHYRE2001   04/24/01 1:25 PM                       CUSTOMER RAGE!!


 I really do not appreciate rude people. Why do people have to be so rude, and feel that they are superior to others. I was working the other day and this man comes up to me and asks for assistance. I help him out and he was extremely rude the entire time. Nothing I was doing seemed to be good enough for him. Was I not helping him enough, was I not pleasant enough, was I not smiling enough. Who know what the answer was, but he was just a jerk. Finally he leaves, and I proceed to help another person. He comes back five minutes later, saying that I messed up. I asked him to wait a minute and I would finish helping my present customer and then correct any error. No, he wanted me to help him right then and there. I understand that I may have messed up, but please be considerate to everyones needs and not just your own. I hate people like that.


Supreme-Finess 05/01/01 1:18 AM         RE: self-rage


 I believe self rage can take many forms. Motivation seems to be yours as you have stated. Self rage is an important issue for me as well. For a long time I hated myself and blamed myelf for the break up of me and my love of six years. It was especially a hard year for me because I had both my grandparents die within one year and I really felt that I couldnt go on feeling the way I feel. I felt like fading away and disappearing forever. I was at my lowest, unresolved issues still plague me but sometimes I just try to forget and move on. Its hard, I miss her everyday, and when i think about how it all came down, my self rage gets to build up, but try to remain focus, because if you don't it will eat you up inside like it is me and its not worth the pain. Find a point my friend where you feel comfortable and try to rise above.


Watashi_No 04/29/01 3:07 PM   RE: self-rage


 I'm exactly the same way. I know I have to do something, and I tell myself I will do it and I wont procrastinate but then I end up putting off the assignment or paper until a day or two before it is due. It is not good because for one thing, that I definitely know, is not my best work! And for another thing, sabotaging my work and my self-esteem because when I don't get the grade that I know I could get on the paper I totally put myself down and I don't think very much of myself. It is a bad habit, but I always try to atleast do a little of the work before I totally procrastinate and not start on anything until the day before. I remember a teacher telling the class about a paper we had to do and she said that we should do something we are interested in. That way if we are interested in it then we would be motivated to do the paper and not wait until the last minute. Well for that paper I was kind of interested in the topic I picked, but I guess not so motivated as to start as early as I should have on it. I did start it earlier than usual though, but it didn't work. I guess the reward of procrastination is more rewarding than if I start something and finish it early. Although that is not true, because I have finished things early before and I felt so good about myself. I knew the positive aspects of finishing early(I could re-check the paper, add things, erase things etc.) and yet 90% of the time I'm procrastinating on things. I don't know what's going to get me motivated. Maybe I should see why I started on those other papers early and try to see the motivation so I can transfer that motivation on to other things I do.


lavaflow 04/27/01 6:32 PM        RE: self-rage


 I assume that there're many people feel the same way as you sometimes. Probably, students are the people repeatedly suffering from this situation. I think you are not lazy because you've been making effort to analyze yoursef about reason for yor problem. I'm having similar problem after the strike because this event destroyed my patterns of studying that I had established since the beginning of this semester. In my experience, I remember that I could not be as efficient as I wanted throughout one semester in the past but I became fine in the following semester. So I hope that you'll be doing well soon. I understand how you're frustrated about yourself but try not to put so much pressures on you.


TVR   04/24/01 7:19 PM           RE: self-rage


 I feel the same way as you especially when it's ending of the semester. Usually at the beginning of the semester, I'm really motivated but at this time it feels like I'm all burnt out. I wish our semester's were shorter like the mainland.It could also have been the strike. I didn't do much during the strike and this could have contributed to my laziness also. I'm just happy that most of my professors aren't going to have weekend classes. Anyways, I guess the only motivation I have is to graduate and get out of school. Are you about to graduate soon. If so, that could be a good motivater for you!


PHYRE2001   04/24/01 1:47 PM                       RE: self-rage


 i think that everyone feels what you are feeling from time to time, escpecially toward the end of the semester. I noticed that I stopped wanted to come to school right after spring break. It could be that I am just worn out due to working full time and going to school full time, but none the less, I still have to force myself to attend school. Even when I do attend school though its like I am not even there, I hardly pay attenetion to what the professor is saying. I feel guilty all the time, but I make up for it on Sunday when I finally do decide to study.


oshale   04/24/01 1:29 PM                      self-rage


 I don't know if anyone has this but I think I have these self rages a lot. There are so many things that I have to do and yet I am so lazy at this time of the semester. It could have been the strike or even before that. Just the thought of studying and things like that is making me feel really lazy. Some classes that I like, I don't mind doing work, but for some classes that I don't really like, I don't feel like doing homework and things.The problem is that I feel guilty afterwards. I don't really get into rage but sometimes, I feel like slapping myself because I get so angry at myself for being so lazy. What is a little effort put into studying or doing homework?I think I need to get some help in getting more motivated and more diligent, and trying to get rid of this laziness. I know this is my most strongest weakness and most detrimental one. I really need to do something about this.This type of self rage, I feel almost everyday. Mild most of the times, but it doesn't feel that good since I feel sometimes, worthless, guilty, and just stupid. I need to get inspired but even that doesn't last that long. Inspiration fade away quickly and I feel like I am always back to the same unchanged person.What can I do?


Watashi_No 04/29/01 3:33 PM   RE: library rage


 I have another cellphone story, but it's not located in the library. One of my classes is notorious for cellphones ringing for some reason or other. And my teacher doesn't say anything, so people just keep the phones on and LOUD like they have to get it then and there and show everyone. Anyway, the teacher was lecturing and about ten minutes into the class a phone rings. So that totally screws up with the concentration right? So everyone looks around to see who the culprit is, but the teacher is still talking like nothing happened. Then the student has the nerve to pick up the phone and answer it right then and there!! She was talking really loud too. The teacher finally stops lecturing and just stares at her like is she really doing this in my class? It was so irritating, I think people don't remember when there wasn't any cellphones! Even if it is an important call there is always voicemail...Leave a Message! It's getting out of hand already. I read in the newspaper that more and more restaurants and clubs are making people turn off their phones or putting it on vibrate or something so as not to disturb the other patrons. Sounds like a good idea, ESPECIALLY during class and places where people are supposed to be QUIET.


TVR   04/24/01 7:01 PM           RE: library rage


 Yup, I know what you mean. I really hate it when your studying hard for a class and then you get bothered by a cell phone or pager. It's true it's not that bad if they don't answer or if they leave and talk. But when some people just keep on talking and talking on their phones, it just pisses me off. People should learn to be more courtious, especially in places that suppose to be quiet areas. Sometimes I just want to go over there and smash there phones. Oh, oh I think I'm feeling some rage right now. But, I do agree with what your saying.


kathyhirokane 04/24/01 5:52 PM            library rage


 i was studying in the library when i hear a cell phone ring. it was the girl who was sitting next to me. i thought she had turned it off, since it stopped ringing, but then she started talking on it! i was like, no way! and she was whining, too. so it was very irritating. people like that should have the courtesy to leave the building or room, or not even answer the phone at all! why do people leave their cell phones and pagers on in class anyways? it is so annoying!


Supreme-Finess 05/04/01 9:41 PM                      RE: Taxi driver rage!


 What is the deal with these taxi drivers. They think they own the road or something. Just because they got a taxi sign on the top of the car they think they are lords of the streets or something. Some of them cant even speak english and they behave like they are the president or something. they'll be doing things like trying to force their way in front of you when there is no room or try and cut you off or something what is their problem. I too have built up negative feelings when it comes to taxi cab drivers as well.


JEDI1x 04/24/01 8:54 PM                      RE: Taxi driver rage!


 Arghh, I agree with you. I think taxi drivers take some course requiring them to be inconsiderate of others and traffic laws. Even as I try to do some mental reflection and try and see their perspective, I really can't think of any but to be apathetic and a**holes. I guess I'm biased though. I had this one experience with a spooky cab driver who propositioned me to suck his you know what, and I don't mean it like he was being mean. I was super quiet, he then proceeded to drop me off waiving the cab fare. I guess he realized how violated I felt. Duh!! I hate to say it but cab drivers should at least look presentable to the public. I mean this guy was a really scary looking fu man chu with the 3 hair beard. I want to be safe and not worry about having to catch a cab.


TVR   04/24/01 8:05 PM                       Taxi driver rage!


 I'm not trying to insult all taxi driver's but some of them are so stupid. I had many incidents between taxi drivers but this time it really made me mad. It was around nine in the morning and I was heading to school when I encountered a taxi driver blocking my exit. I was already late and I was getting more upset because he was in my way. I waited there for around thrity seconds when I honked my horn. He then said something that really made me upset. I started yelling at the guy. He then moved his car and gave me the stink eye. I also gave him the stink eye and left. If I wasn't late for class I don't know what would have happen. I don't know what happened but I was just upset with him. Could there have been some depressed anger within me? I think so.


snowhawaii 04/24/01 9:51 PM                RE: Brother rage


 I know how you feel. I have a younger brother too. So if the similar situation will happen to my brother, I will react as you did.But I wonder if he really has no intention to marry her. Or maybe he does want to marry her. Whether he and his GF want to marry or not makes the crucial difference. Because he's young and still a student, he will have to give up something if he'll have a family now. But if he really loves her and is happy with her pregnant, I don't see much problem here. But I do understand that you get irritated especially because there's nothing that you can do with this incident.


JEDI1x 04/24/01 9:00 PM                      Brother rage


 My brother got his girlfriend pregnant. I guess I'm acting out the role of the overprotective older sister, but I am really pissed about it. I even find myself putting all the blame on her, even though my brother is twenty one years old already. I don't know why I'm angry, I guess I was really happy for him for fulfilling his goals so far. He makes good money, went to school, and helps my parents out. I feel like he'll be cheated from other things later because of the great responsibility that comes with raising a child. I don't think it's fair to the child either, because my brother has no intention of marrying his girlfriend. It shouldn't be my business right? I need to learn to be more accepting of things and I need to realize that things will happen that are beyond my control.


snowhawaii 04/24/01 9:38 PM    Conventional teacher rage


 I'm taking Japanese dance class. I don't know why but she always picks on me, and sometimes I really feel insulted. Today she also told my friend that I didn't know how to fold Kimono at the beginning of this semester. But I knew how to wear and how to fold Kimono from before I took this course because my grandmother saws Kimono and she had taught me how. I assumed the teacher was misunderstanding with somebody else. So I told her that I knew how to fold Kimono from the beginning. And she looked kinda mad. After the class, my friend told me that I should've not talked her back. I go, why? She told me that the teacher is Japanese(loco), and expects me to behave in Japanese way because I'm Japanese. What she meant Japanese way is that I just listen to the authority and no question, period. Whatever!!She also told me that I'm very much westernized, and should change my attitude when I deal with people like this teacher who concerns Japanese tradition or convention.It made me upset. As an internationla student, I do know there's so much differences between Japanese culture and American culture. And I'm trying to adopt to the American way since I'm living in the U.S.Of course, I'll go with Japanese way when I go back to Japan. I understand this teacher concerns a lot of Japanese convention, but I think it's wrong to just say yes even when she's wrong.Even in Japan, I hardly experience such an irrational treatment.I didn't imagine I would be haunted by such a convental idea here in Hawaii!


virtual-b 04/28/01 1:13 PM         RE: End of the school semester rage


 The end of the semester always brings some anxiety, simply because the end means final exams are near. However this semester is even more stressful due to the strike. Well, at least everyone is in the same boat, same situation. I went to grad session last week, and I found out an interesting thing. A lot of students have struggled over their academic life. The guys who sat next to me, confessed that they flunked and withdrew from classes in the past. So it's really no big thing. I've learned to just try my best and accept what I earned in the end. That philosophy has gotten me this far, and I'm content with things. A bunch of students have taken classes over until they pass, although that means more money to pay, sometimes we just have to accept things. I guess my advice would be to not over-stress. Stress can be good in a right amount of quantity, but don't over do it. Have fun and good luck.


SpoiledBrat 04/25/01 9:29 AM                End of the school semester rage


 The school semester is almost over and I am feeling the pressure of reports that are due and finals that are coming up. With the strike being close to the end of the semester and taking up two weeks of class time all the tearchers are trying to get in as much material as possible. Some of my profesors have pushed deadlines back and that helps, but there is so much to do. I have five classes and so much to do I am stressing out. During this time of the semester I get very edgy and I don't have time to tolerate little tedious things. The rage is building with all the things I have to do inside and outside of school. I cannot wait until it is over. This semester has been crazy and extremely stressful.


kakela   05/01/01 10:56 PM        RE: People who stick things under your windshield wipers rage!


 I sometimes go walking down the street and pull all that shit off everybody's windshield wiper and throw it on the ground. They piss me off and their shit is litering the ground and other people's cars. I feel that it is a form of vandalization. I would love to actually catch one of these bastards in the act so that I can yell at them and pick up all the fliers they left and throw them all at 'em. I can be an angry person


SpoiledBrat 04/25/01 9:41 AM                People who stick things under your windshield wipers rage!


 One night I went out somebody stuck a flier under my windshield wiper. I was driving when I saw it and I was planning to remove it when I to where I was going. Well, I forgot to take it out because it was not noticeable. The next day when I had to drive I was on the freeway and it started to rain. I turned on my windshield wiper and the stupid flier came up onto the windshield. It was at the very bottom and not blocking my view, but I got pissed. I was afraid the flier would move, but it did not since it was raining and it plastered itself to the windshield. When I was able to take it off the paper was shredding into fine fibers that started to build up to where my windshied wipers would end. People who put fliers under windshield wipers is a pet peeve of mine and I feel they are unnecessary.


Dahlin 04/25/01 10:04 AM         Reading an Article rage


 Last night I was reading one of my baby magazines. In these magazines infant care, child care and maternity issues are discussed. There was an article discussing boss's reactions to maternity leave, child care and time off when your child is sick. I read an account from a lady that wanted to go on maternity leave but her boss kept post poning her leave. She even got a doctor's note but he still wanted her to work. Finally her water broke at work.Another article a lady recounted an incident with her boss when she was asking for time off because her son needed surgery. She put in the proper sick leave slip and stated "child scheduled for surgery" as the reason. Her boss stormed in her office and threw the slip at her and said this will have to come out of her vacation time. She said she didn't care about the vacation time but what bothered her was her boss did not even ask why her son needed surgery or if he was ok afterwards.Reading these articles made me mad and it scared me because I too will be a working mom. I will have to deal with child care issues and eventually maternity leave. It is sad to realize how crappy bosses can be.



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