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Daniel1978   02/11/01 5:53 PM Cursing Rage -----


 So I was taking my little sister to Kahala Mall today. She's 4 years old. We took the #58 from Waikiki to get there. So the bus FINALLY comes and it's packed so we've got to stand. Throughout the ENTIRE bus ride some low-class jerk was cursing while talking to his girlfriend. I understand that it may be a part of people's vocabulary, but do you NEED to do it in front of a small child?IT's not as if he didn't see us. He was looking directly at my sister while he was cursing. He wasn't even mad!!! Just doing it to do it! Inconsiderate jerk. It left me very mad and disappointed in people. I hate the bus and I know why. I'll be doing another entry about our experiences on the bus today.


ikibobo 02/12/01 7:34 PM          RE: Dog Owner Rage


 i too understand what happened at bark park. i think that owners should be able to control their dogs, just as parents should supervise and control their children. i have a rottie (she's a runt though, only 75 lbs.) and once when i brought her, she was ganged up on and chased by three (3) killer chihuahuas. This went on for like 5 minutes straight, with the owner not noticing for over a minute, and then just laughed when she saw what was going on. She didn't even bother to call her dogs off. I was so upset, not only because she wasn't controlling her dogs, but because she seemed to think it was so funny. I have raised by dog since she was 6 weeks old (she's 5yrs now) and she doesn't have a mean bone in her. She's always played well with other dogs. If I was an owner of a dog who didn't "play" well with others, I would not be fighting over my dog, I would be embarrased that I didn't take enough time to properly train my dog.


kathyhirokane 02/12/01 4:19 PM            RE: Dog Owner Rage


 hey mslacey,i also take my two dogs to the bark park. they absolutely love it. yet, i understand what you are talking about. i have never seen two dog owners yelling at each other, but i have seen people not watching their dogs and that really ticks me off. sometimes owners are too busy talking to one another and don't see their dogs pooping, or some owners don't keep their aggressive dogs on a leash, and their dogs end up attacking other dogs without provocation. my dog was attacked by the same pit bull 3 times when she was 6 months old and the owner never put it on a leash. i was ticked off!!!! i love my dogs - they are like my babies, and when something happens to them, i take it seriously. just keep your eye out at the park. most of the people there are very friendly and are responsible. don't let those two idiots keep you and your dog from enjoying the bark park.


Number11BUS   02/11/01 8:05 PM                    RE: Dog Owner Rage


 Hi MsLacey,Dog owners are supposed to control their dogs, even in a bark park. The leash is just for that purpose. It is a shame that some owners don't remember dogs have personalities that are naturally abrasive to another dog. Sounds like the pecking order was being demonstrated between the dogs. Too bad it was also happening between the owners. Our community association is trying to put in a dog park too. It will only work if everyone keeps the rules. Hope your next experience at the Dog Park is more enjoyable.Number11Bus


MsLacey 02/11/01 7:29 PM       Dog Owner Rage


 I have a six month old puppy, her name is Maxiena. I take her to Bark Park, a local no leash required park, to let her run around with the big dogs and work on her socializing. Today two people almost got into a physical fight about their dogs. The way the park is set up all the dogs can interact with oneanother in a large open space. It is the unwriten rule that if you have a mean or difficult dog that it is kept on a leash or seperate from the others. Two of the larger dogs took a disliking to one another and they strted to fight. Instead of the owners realizing that these things sometimes happen, they started screaming at eachother that it was the other owners fault, and that they have a bad dog and it should be put to sleep, etc.... Meanwhile the dogs are still going at it and it was scaring all of the other dogs. A police man was driving buy and he pulled over to see about the noise. The whole thing got really ugly while they were trying to pull the dogs apart, they almost got in a physical fight and I think that if the cop wasn't standing there they would have. The park is suposed to be a peaceful place to walk your dog and spend time with your family, what were these people thinking?


shaun56   02/11/01 7:40 PM                   ragin' roadwork


 Well, here's how it goes. Today I was going to another soccer game when I encountered a little bit of rage on the road. I was headed towards Pearl City when I seen two guys on the side of the road fixing a flat tire. There was one guy jacking up the car and another guy watching. I had pulled up to a stoplight, and saw the watching guy yelling at the guy under the car. The guy under the car got out from under, and started to yell back at the other guy. Then they both started to get into it. Then there was some pushing and cursing, then they both stopped and walked off to the side. I took it they were either good friends, or relatives. Then the watching guy went under the car to jack it up while the other guy got the spare. I guess the point of the story is to inform you that road rage can occur when you are not driving. Some bad incidence like this could easily blow a fuse on a wrong day. This could send you off into a rage. I guess it didn't help that there were two guys to tango. But, at least they didn't beat each other down you know. Well, I never got pissed once this weekend while driving, I drove the speed limit, and didn't do anything too illegal; hence, I was a good driver!!!! cheeeeeeehooooo!!!!!


mightymousesa   02/12/01 9:18 PM                    RE: SWR: Construction & Road Rage


 I agree that the aggression and rage around the construction is increasing. I seem to have both pedestrian rage and driving rage concerning it. It depends on what I'm doing at the time. I guess that says something bad about me huh! What I don't understand is why on earth are they doing consruction during the main traffic hours of class time. Where I am from almost all construction is done during the wee hours of morning from about midnight to 5am. This is safewr for the workers b/c of the modest amount of drivers, and there is less congestion during rush hour. I bet those construction worker probably have some workplace rage directed to us students for whizzing by them in our cars jockeying for a parking space!!!


gemini-gal   02/11/01 9:25 PM    RE: SWR: Construction & Road Rage


 I know how you feel. My SWR last week talked about road work rage. I remember one time this past week, I couldn't turn into the parking structure because the lane to turn right was blocked off from construction. I was already late to school and of course, the road construction irked me even more. So I had to go all the way down Dole st., take a left on East-West road and turn around to go back to the parking structure. I was totally peeved! Anyway, I have also experienced people weaving in and out of traffic dangerously. I can't help but watch them do that for miles on end especially in traffic congestion. I like to call that "bone-head" behavior. They are risking their lives and making others scared by doing that. These people simply do not care about others but themselves and their destination. I get anxious when people do that for miles on end because you don't know if he/she might get into an accident and there could be a domino effect. I just remember to keep my distance and be cautious and attentive when I am driving with people like that on the road.


Number11BUS   02/11/01 8:21 PM                    SWR: Construction & Road Rage


 If you've been driving about the campus you are well aware of the construction at Dole and University along with the University and Freeway clover-leaf. Don't forget all those students riding buses, bikes, walking and trying to be on time too. It seem all too many drivers were unwilling to be in line and were in the wrong lanes and cutting back in on other lanes to make the left or right turn from Dole Street. Needless to say, it was a real mess. Pedestrians especially were taking their lives in their hands just trying to cross, even when the light were in their favor. Now a little patience and a little waiting let eveyone get where he needed to get to. But one driver in particular in a late model buick was seen in the rear-view to cut from lane to lane with lots of squeeling of rubber. I happened to enter the freeway ahead of him, but wouln't be for long. Even though the traffic was bumper to bumper, once he accessed the freeway, he managed to change lanes not less than eight time in ten car lengths. It was like watching someone stack coins in a hopper. How anyone managed not to get bumped or crunched is a miracle. I guess all the mellow drivers were on the road at that time. Lucky for all of us. Way off in the distance he could be seen continuing this activity of switching lanes until he was out of sight and I exited the freeway toward home. I must admit I was anxious the entire time I shared the road with him. I was releived to exit the freeway. Keep your eyes open...he might be back.Number11BUS


carlisle   02/11/01 8:21 PM                     Parent Rage (irritations)


 Hello there everyone, I do not know how much of you out there, just have one parent. Well, I do. Please do not get me wrong, I love my mother to death. But, gosh dang it she can be very controling and I hate it. I know that she is only looking out for my well-being, but she needs to stay out of my business. I am 22 years old, married and living at home for the time being, until my husban returns from pump in okinawa. I can be doing something and then she comes along with something for me to do. Soemthing that is pretty stupid, something that she can do on her own. What I am trying to say, is that when she starts irritating me, I just want to yell at her. But, that will be very disrespectful, so I sometimes tune her out. Gosh she makes my boil inside, and she drives me nuts to the point where I want to start throwing things. I know I live under her roof, but I still have a life of my own she has not come to grips with that yet. She makes me so frustrated.


TVR   02/13/01 9:35 PM                       RE: Submarine Rage


 I agree with you that the U.S. Navy Captain was very careless when conducting this maneuver. I firmly believe that the Captain didn't follow proper procedures and that was the reason for the accident. On the other hand, I don't think that the Captain was trying to scare the fishing boat. I read something that the fishing boat was in training waters for the U.S. Navy. So there might be some agruement for the Captain. But overall it was the responsibility of the Captain.Finally, about the U.S. not rescuing the victims sooner. I also read something like they were in rough waters and if they did open there hatches. Then the sub might have flooded. I know that many people have there own opinions about this incident. But, people have to remember that accidents so happen and when they do people will get hurt.


snowhawaii 02/12/01 8:14 AM                RE: Submarine Rage


 Number11Bus, I'm mad at a captain of submarine too.There may be something above, everybody can guess like that.But why couldn't the captain who sholud have more experience and should be most cautious expect?Nine people from a fishing boat are still lost.Just because of a captain who irresponsible for his duty.He doesn't really understand what his duty is, what's the first priority which is "safety". I want the U.S. government to examine this sufficiently, and take a measure about the procedure.For now they have to do their best to search for missing people.This incident is the international issue. The U.S. is supposed to take a leadership in the world. Such an incident should never be happened again.


Number11BUS   02/11/01 8:29 PM                    Submarine Rage


 Now it occurs to me that as a submarine captain you are supposed to know what is above you before you surface. Was this arrogance? Was this carelessness? Was this to try to scare the "fishing boat" by surfacing really, really close, like drivers cut in close. It make one wonder if there is some swaggering going on in our Navy. And why, for heavens sake didn't the sub immediately put people in the water to help save the folks from the fishing boat. The US used to rescue victims. It's like hit and run. I'm very uncomfortable about this entire incident. It could have been a cruise ship, a yatch, an outrigger canoe. Number11BUS


BC3   02/12/01 9:13 AM                        RE: Limo Rage


 I bet that driver was late. He was probably like "I'm going to get fired if I'm late." See, this is what happens when you don't plan well. How much is that last 10 minutes of sleep? Is it worth losing your job, hit someone and being charged with a crime? What if the night before that driver just went to sleep a little earlier? Last time I looked a hit and run was a serious offence. But if a person does not want to press charges then perhaps the state will. People like that need to be taken off the street. I'm an aggressive driver but if I hit someone or got into an accident I would definately stop. There's a difference between being an aggressive driver and being a criminal.


gotcorey   02/11/01 11:26 PM    RE: Limo Rage


 Wow, I would be pissed too! Limo drivers a right next to taxi drivers as the worste on the road. I live by a limo driver and he takes up 3 to 4 car stalls where ever he parks that long thing. He has a couple of limos so he pisses a lot of people off. I have had to wait behind him to park and he seems to take his sweet time. I realize the limo is long and probably difficult to park and drive, but I can tell his blatent disregard for other drivers on the road. I have been cut off several times by him and he really doesnt seem to care. It really didnt shock me hearing that the limo driver just drove away after hitting that guy. I probably would have called the police anyway just to give the liscense plate number of the limo.


Daniel1978   02/11/01 9:00 PM             Limo Rage


 It's Sunday night and I just got back home. I was leaving my house about two hours ago and right in front of my apartment I saw some poor sap on a mop[ed get rear-ended by a limo. He was sitting at a red light and from right behind him WHAP!!! a limo comes and knocks him off his moped. Parts of the moped flew EVERYWHERE! The limo sped through the red and made a left turn onto the Ala Wai. I ran up to him and made sure he was OK. He was a little dazed but OK. Motioning to my cell phone, I asked him if he wanted me to call the police. He said no. While I was helping him put his moped back together, I asked him to reconsider about calling the police. I explained that if the limo driver were punished for his actions, he would be less likly to do something like this again. The moped driver said not to call the police. I didn't. Calling the police may have done more harm than good for him, for all I know he had warrants out for his arrest. After awhile the moped driver rode off. This was a shocking experience in the sense that the moped driver seemed to have no rage about the situation. If I were in his place I would have been fuming.


Watashi_No 02/13/01 4:45 PM               RE: SWR#3: Acknowledging my sister's rage


 That is really good that you are watching yourself when you are driving and helping your sister to realize her road rage also. I know I've certainly noticed the people I drive with their attitude when on the road totally changes. It's like a whole new person that comes out. Although now that I know to not be so angry at people when driving, I come to realize that most likely 95% of them probably don't do the things on purpose, but it's that 5% of people that drive carelessly etc. that get me frightened. I don't think that I'm a bad driver and when I do drive and make a little mistake, I always see atleast one person giving me a bad look...but I always say to myself why are they so mad?? It's not like I did it on purpose!! But I think that is just what it is, other people take things to personally. I try to give the person the benefit of the doubt, but it's hard because I guess it is what we learned from the people or person whom taught us how to drive. I try to tell others, not in a condescending way, that it doesn't accomplish anything when you get mad and if you do get angry most of the time it leads to even worst situations. I guess we can't see ourselves as "good" drivers and others as "stupid" drivers because whose to say one person is better than the other? It's all according to one person's perspective.


gemini-gal   02/11/01 9:09 PM                SWR#3: Acknowledging my sister's rage


 My sister was exhibiting her rage towards the so called "Sunday" drivers. I know everyone knows what I am talking about when I say "Sunday" drivers. Anyway, my sister was parked at her working place and she was trying to get out of her parking spot when a huge truck forced her to reverse. The truck assumed that my sister would let him go first but my sister thought she was gonna go first. Since the truck was bigger than our car, we had no choice but to let him go first and he wasn't letting up either. After the truck passed, my sister noticed that the guy had a careless look on his face and his little daughter who sat in the front passenger seat gave my sister a mean old look! I thought it was funny and it meant nothing to me but my sister made a big deal out of it! She said "That punk! I should've gone first! I think he's a punk and his daughter is stupid too!" Of course, I told her to take it easy and tried to turn her negative energy into positive. I told her "you rageful person, you!" I said it in a funny way and then she started smiling! Even though I didn't give her an entire lecture about what road rage and aggressive driving is and how to combat learned negativity, I think I can influence her slowly but surely. I try to practice good driving habits little by little like trying to swear less when I drive (I don't swear a lot but I am trying to not swear at all). I hope to teach my sister more about her bouts of rage as we progress on in the course. That way, at least I know that one person can make a difference.


gotcorey   02/11/01 11:20 PM                Witness to rage


 I was driving on Lusitania st., right before is merges into Kinau and was following 2 cars. The one in the front was going a bit slow, even though it was around the speed limit. But who really goes that slow anyway. The guy behind him seemed to be furious. I saw his hands waving and he must have been yelling too. The only thing he didnt do was beep his horn. He was following aggressivley close to the slow driver and as I was witnessing this, I noticed that my rage level towards the slow driver was next to nothing. I thought about it for a while afterwards and came up with this reason. The driver directly following the slow driver had so much rage, he seemed to have enough for both of us. Normally, if I was right behind the slow driver I would be pissed too, but I wasnt. I actually felt bad for the slow driver that he was getting this guy behind him so worked up.


kathyhirokane 02/12/01 10:21 AM          RE: Stay in your lane!


 i know how you feel. i can always tell the dumb drivers from a mile away! they are always the ones weaving in and out of traffic, almost causing accidents. i know this is bad, but when i see them coming up, i try to box them in so they can't pass. i just laugh at them! i know - terrible yeah? ultimate road rage! however, those drivers are totally reckless, and we should just let them pass. it's safer for us. and anyways, when you come to a red light and see them stopped, you can just smile on the inside and know that their speeding didn't get them anywhere.


BC3   02/12/01 9:05 AM                        Stay in your lane!


 So I'm driving on the pali going back home. I see this civic that's been pimped out and it's going like 80 mph. Now the speed limit is like 45 and this guy's weaving in and out of traffic comming up behind me. It so happens that I'm going the same speed as the car in the next lane (there are only 2 lanes), so the civic weaves back and forth, back and forth obviously getting mad and tailgating both of us. But what are we to do? Both of us are going 50, which is already over the speed limit, so why should I speed up? In any case as soon as a car length opened up the civic cut me off and I had to slam on my brakes. I think I would have chased after him but he was gone before I knew it. I bet he wasn't even late. Hopefully I don't drive quiet that bad, however, sometimes I do catch myself weaving in and out of traffic, oops!


Dahlin 02/13/01 1:03 PM           RE: parking rage


 It seems that when people are in a rush or "only going to be a minute", they tend to break the rules. I am no different, sometimes when I park in a non parking area if I only need to run in a grab an item or two at the local shoppette. But I try not to hinder anyone by my actions. Clearly those people who illegally park on a busy street are hindering people and ought to pay the consequences. Parking illegally like that is just begging to be towed.Another parking upset are the meter parking infront of Wist Annex, right across the street from Sinclair library. People usually line up at the end of the line of meters. Which is across from the lunch wagon. Anyway I think it is rude if you are the first one lined up (across from the lunch wagon)and someone cuts in and starts a new line that forms in the middle of the line of meters. To me it is like they are cutting in line.


kathyhirokane 02/12/01 10:16 AM          parking rage


 i hate it when people park on the side of the road when they are not supposed to. for example, on 3rd ave., you can't park on the road from 8am to 5pm, i think. i'm not sure exactly what times, but those are the times, roughly. anyways. some people park on the side of the road anyways, and it blocks traffic, especially in the morning. alot of people are dropping their kids off at st. louis high school, and if just one car is parked on the wrong side, it creates havoc! i always laugh when i see their cars being towed. they deserve it for making all that mess! they can't say that they didn't see the sign - it's right there. people should be more considerate and use common sense.


shaun56   02/12/01 10:39 PM                 RE: babysitting rage


 YEs, I agree with you. I don't think that the mother has her head on her shoulders correctly. I think she has forgotten her responsibilities by simply pushing them off onto someone else. And to think she has the nerve to go clubbing at oceans?!@#$%^ What the heck. I think that mother's are often given custody because they have been labled throguhout history as the caregiver. Not till recently have the sexus roles of seperation been abandoned. Yet, I don't think that they have been totally thrown away. We still need to integrate the roles into one, to make a working family. As for you and your boyfriend, I think you guys are doing a good thing for the girl. At least she has you guys to love. Don't ever leave her alnoe or abandoned. You guys will make the difference in her life. Her mother will return to reality one day hopefully, but you guys should still be there for the lil baby ALRIGHT!!!! later~~~


kathyhirokane 02/12/01 4:12 PM            RE: babysitting rage


 hey sherri!i totally feel for you! i think you guys should have a talk with the baby's mother, especially since it sounds as if she is taking advantage of you and mike. the baby is HER responsibility (also the father's)and she needs to realize that. sometimes it's hard to say no to some people, especially when there is a baby involved, but i think that the mom needs to have a wake up call - she has to put her baby first before herself. also - about mother's always getting custody - i can't stand that either. sometimes mom's aren't always the best; dad's are cool too! well, good luck with this; take action and tell the mom that you won't be pushed around and that she needs to start being more responsible!


sakodash   02/12/01 10:21 AM   babysitting rage


 I have to start off by saying that I LOVE babysitting my niece BUT I hate it when my boyfriend and I babysit 5 nights out of the week just because her mother just doesn't have the time. At first we babysat because she said she has to work so fine. But then we found out from friends that she was at Oceans Thursday night getting drunk with some friends. How's that? My boyfriend and I basically have no life anymore because we babysit for his brothers baby (he can't babysit because he has 3 jobs and works 2 8-hour shifts back-to-back). We do it as a favor for him, just to help him out. The mother works PART-TIME and apparently cannot watch her own baby if she works the next morning but yet I guess she can go clubbing instead. The baby is 3 months old, she doesn't know what a stable family is. She's basically passed back and forth between two houses and now I'm just worried that she'll be a little screwed up when she gets older. This is just the tip of the iceberg but this little tidbit of info got me so pissed off this weekend. AND, it's not that easy to just not watch the baby. If we don't watch her, who will? Why do mothers ALWAYS have to have custody?


Watashi_No 02/15/01 1:15 PM   RE: SWR #4: Imitating Rage


 That is certainly interesting that your mother is copying your driving habits. Most of the time it is the other way around, the child copying the parents "bad" habits. Isn't it nice to know that you realize what you are doing and are trying to stop it? I know I feel like I can actually change myself doing my "bad" habits, just because I catch myself doing it and kind of scold myself. I think that bad habits are the most easiest to transfer from one person to another for some reason. It is awful when I don't actually realize what I am doing and I pass on my bad habits to my younger cousins etc. I wonder if parents look at our bad habits and take it onto themselves that they did something wrong, not thinking that it is the childs fault too, not all the parent to blame. It's funny too that some people when they come to a stop in back of a car they are so far away, maybe like a car length away. But other times I see a car that is really close to the car in front of them. It makes me nervous when cars stop really close behind me because I have a five speed and I think that I'm gonna roll back and hit them. Then that will be a bigger thing, even though it wouldn't be my fault because the car was too close. I just want to say that your mom should be careful because the guy in back of her might take putting on the reverse brakes as a bad thing, and may try to do something to her.


skyblue   02/12/01 12:48 PM                  SWR #4: Imitating Rage


 This past week when my mother drove on Alakea Street in Downtown during the five o'clock pm traffic hour, she got upset at any vehicle that stopped too close behind our car. If my mom thinks that the driver is invading her space, she shifts the gear to R, so that person can see the reverse lights are on. I told my mom to stop raging at the drivers that stop too close, as long as they don't hit our car, then everything is alright! However, I notice that she continues to get paranoid, sometimes she gives the driver a mean "Don't mess with me!" type of look, and she rolls the car forward. In the past year, I have demonstrated the same kind of behavior on the road. Unfortunately, my mom is imitating my bad habits. The good news is I have not engaged in this pattern for two weeks and I hope to keep my road rage down to a zero as much as possible. Now, my goal is to stop my mother from following this same pattern because someone will get hurt in the end!


Watashi_No 02/12/01 3:11 PM               Telemarketers


 Now I know that the people who sell things over the phone are just doing what they are doing because it is their job, and/or they may not have any other choice...but they always pick the wrong time to call, it's uncanny. I've noticed that they always call when I'm eating, or when I'm studying..and when they call it's not the best time for them because I get irritated that they call then and there right at that time. Recently, for some reason or other, I've been getting alot of calls from credit card companies that want me to sign up with their credit card. Now I don't mind them calling IF they don't keep on pushing the limit with me after I've told them very nicely "no thanks", but when they keep telling me how great a deal it is that's it, I hang up on them. I try to be nice, sometimes they even call later than I thought they would, like at eight o'clock or nine. I know that their situation is that if they keep the person on the phone, listening to them, then they have more of a chance selling to the person. I saw somewhere that this one lady had gotten so many telemarketers calling her that she had to do something to stop them, but they didn't stop!! They were by law required to because she wrote to be put on the non-call list (or something). For myself, I have caller ID now so I check the numbers, makes life so much easier.


lavaflow 02/16/01 6:59 PM        RE: sidewalk rage


 It happens me all the time too. This makes me even more irritated if I happened to wear a nicer pair of shoes than usual. Since I noticed that I could hardly expect people to give me some space within the sidewalk,I usually try to move off the sidewalk when I see someone coming towards me. I do this because it works better for me to avoid getting anger than I expect someone to do things for me. Of course it would be nicer if people can become more concern about other people also walking on the narrow sidewalk.


oshale   02/13/01 3:05 PM          RE: sidewalk rage


 hi kathyit seems like rage is unavoidable wherever we go. That's because we are surrounded by inconsiderate people from all over the world. But i don't know if you noticed or not, but when you walk around Waikiki, most Japanese tourist do not apologize when they bump into you. Sometimes when the sidewalk is really crowded we have to bump one another but when it is avoidable, and they bump into you shouldn't they at least apologize? Pushing you off the sidewalk is one thing but just bumping without apologizing is also terrible don't you think? Is this just culture difference or what?


AnimalLover 02/12/01 7:41 PM             RE: sidewalk rage


 I totally know what you're talking about! People always do that to me. I get sort of irritated when they do that but I'm always rude about it. What I do is squeeze past them without getting off of the sidewalk and I usually bump them, or I walk right through them. I know they don't like it and I irritate them but I don't think it's very hard for them to move out of the way, it's not like I'm the one taking up the whole sidewalk. I don't feel I'm in the wrong because I move out of the way when I'm in their position. The most harm that I do is comtribute to their sidewalk rage but vice versa so that's okay. Anyways, I'm not completely rude about it, I always say "Excuuuse Me!"


kathyhirokane 02/12/01 4:24 PM            sidewalk rage


 has this ever happened to you? you're walking down the sidewalk, when two other people are walking towards you. as you get closer to them, they don't let you go by and force you to walk on the grass or mud. well, this has happened to me all the time. no one is courteous anymore. the least they could do is walk single file for that split second to let me pass or walk closer together to make more space. hardly anyone does this and they force people off the sidewalk. SIDEWALK HOGGERS!!!! whenever i am walking with someone, i always try to move on the side to make room for the other person. it would be nice if people would do the same.


MadHatter808   02/15/01 8:03 PM                      RE: Doctor Rage


 I can relate to the part you were talking about waiting for your doctor's appointment for a *really* long time. I was in the same situation when I thought I had a thyroid problem which my doctor asked me to see her about. I actually called in to see if I could come half an hour late because I was stuck in traffic. Her receptionist told me this was not possible and so I rushed over there and made it just in time with one minute to spare. Everything went according to protocol, and I was happy to be taken into the inner rooms to wait for the doctor to see me. However, the *one* patient that came before me was being treated and the doctor spent over 2 hours with her! Suffice to say, I was in a rage when she finally did come in to see me. She's my pediatrician and so I have a very personal relationship with her but even I could not hide my anger with the service I was receiving. So anyway, I get my thyroid checked out and went ahead with the laboratory test she recommended and had my blood drawn and everything only to find out that my thyroid was functioning normally (this was partly due to a radical change in lifestyle and diet, however). Anyway, I feel for you and understand what you went through. It seems that sometimes public professionals and "servants" whom we imbue the most trust in are the ones who do not carry through all the time. When that happens, I try to think of all the right things my pediatrician did do for me that showed her exemplary performance as a doctor--namely, when she saved me from suffering from irreparable brain damage from an asthma attack I unwittingly did not know I was suffering from at 12 years old!


carlisle   02/12/01 5:08 PM                     Doctor Rage


 I do not know how many of you students out there go to Tripler Hospital for medical problems or check ups. Well, two weeks ago I had to go for one of those female yearly checkups. I do not want to bad mouth Tripler's doctors but, don't they have the common courtsey to tell there nurses to tell their patients that they are going to be behind in seeing you. I mean I had to go an hour and a half early just to be seen by one of the doctors at three o'clock. This is because when I went 30 minutes ealry a couple of weeks ago, they made me wait for 2 hours. I did not stay of course I had class. The worst part of it all was being seen by two male doctors all at once. Talk about uncomfortable. I am so use to having female doctor's doing my yearly exams. This rage is something small but, when the patient tells their doctor that they feel uncomfortable with the exam, and the doctor don't listen to you, it's rage at its fullest. I felt like I was not being treated correctly from doctors at tripler, call me stupid but I told that Kaiser's doctors are a lot more understandable. The other part of the rage was the doctors not giving me straight answers when dealing with my physical well-being. I just wanted to walk out, but what could I do, but express my feelings.


AnimalLover 03/01/01 11:14 PM            RE: Almost Road Rage


 I know what you're talking about! Whenever I'm coming home from going out there's either a bunch of psychos speeding down the road or there's a bunch of drunk people swirving around the lane. They all drive me crazy but I just try to stay away from them. I go the speed limit so when people come speeding down the road they just zoom by me and I don't get in their way because I'm just happy to be rid or them and I continue on my merry way. Aside from those idiots, I like driving home after I go out because I feel like I have the whole road to myself as opposed to the daytime when everything is so congested. That's when I come closer to road rage.


rie2001 02/12/01 5:54 PM                      Almost Road Rage


 I was doing pretty good recently.. didn't rage... until last Saturday. I was driving from Aiea to Honolulu about 2a.m. I knew that all the street racers comming back from circuit will be on H1 around that time. And there they were. I remember one loaded Sentra was there in front of me, and next to Sentra, there was an Accord. I swiched the lane to the passing lane to pass them. Sentra saw that and somehow get mad. Sentra ravved hard and sped up, and swiched the lane to block my way. So I swiched back to the lane I was in, and again, Sentra came in front of me. Accord stayed on the same lane for a whole time, but because they were driving next to each other, I couldn't pass. I almost raged. Then I thought about my decision... to become a mellow and nice driver... but that was so frustrating!! All of sudden, it started raining really hard. That was like a storm, I hardly see Sentra anymore. Then I backed off. I didn't want to die for my frustration. By the time I get Honolulu, I was so tired from my frustration. Why would people want to stir up the other's feelings? Is that fun???


AnimalLover 02/14/01 11:50 PM                        RE: Car Rage


 Actually, my car isn't that old but it's going through that time when everything needs to be replaced I guess. It's a '91 Nissan Sentra so it's still got a long time left on it and I planned on keeping it while I remained in Hawaii so that's a few more years. I guess there's a lot more problems I could have with it but I'm so busy that just the littlest things feel like they take so much time out of my schedule. I guess it's more irritating when I have a bunch of things due and I have to go on other people's schedules to give me a ride home so it makes it seem even worse. Also, it's inconveniencing to not have the car there when I want it even if it's only for a week. I guess I'm just in a whiny mood right now.


TVR   02/13/01 9:13 PM                       RE: Car Rage


 Sorry to hear that your car seems to be always crapping out on you. I was wondering, how old is your car? I mean if it's really old maybe it is better if you just get a brand new car already. Even though the problems that you listed doesn't seem to be really expensive types of problems. I know how irriating and frustrating it can be for you if you always have to bring your car to the station. As for me, I have a hard time just trying fit in the time for my car to get a tune up.Anyways, my recommendation to you is think about how much longer you plan on keeping this car. If it's not that much longer and it still gives you problems. I think you should really consider getting a new car.


AnimalLover 02/12/01 7:49 PM Car Rage


 I haven't had the opportunity to have any road rage because I haven't been able to drive my car. My car has yet again another problem and it needed to be taken into the station to get fixed AGAIN. I just bought the car and it was in good condition when I bought it but for some reason now it wants to give me a bunch of problems. I bought the car from my mom and it was really good to her but I think the car is mad that I have it now so it's being difficult. First both of the dashboard lights went out and then it turned into psycho car because the headlights were flashing even of the car and the lights were off. I guess it's just trying to be difficult but the costs of upkeeping it i giving me RAGE.


oshale   02/13/01 2:57 PM                      RE: RAGE@work...again


 Work rage is really scary but i know it can be really stressful. Everyone is so different in handling their emotions and perception of different situations. We sometimes say things out of anger and just blurt out what we are thinking at that very moment but soonly will regret later.i hate to admit it but i have problem with managing my emotions. Many times it is repressed but when it comes out in the public, it becomes a big scene like the one you mentioned at the hospital. We all know we shouldn't let our emotions get in the way before us but we are humans and sometimes under stressful situation it just happens. But i think like wisdom, these things can be resolved through experiences and learning after your mistakes. Taking control and being aware of your even your bad emotions can be a start in a resolution.


ikibobo 02/12/01 8:08 PM                      RAGE@work...again


 It's been so busy at the hospital lately. Must be the sudden change in weather. Well last weekend, it seems our nursing staff couldn't take it anymore. We were one patient from "maxing-out" our nurse-to-patient ratio, and the nursing supervisor called demanding that we downgrade three (3) of our patients from telemetry (on heart monitor status) to med-surg (regular floor) status so we could admit patients that were waiting in the emergency room to be admitted. The nurses already are busy with their patients, let alone transferring and admitting more patients! Since all this commotion was going on, our unit's charge nurse was a bit stressed out and when delegating some responsibilities, managed to unintentionally offend two of our other staff nurses. That was it. It was a big fight in the middle of the hallway. Usually there is a moderate amount of noise in the unit, phones ringing, heart monitor alarms, nurse call system, and general conversation going on between patients and visitors. But, for a LONG minute, it was bickering followed by an even longer minute of tense dead silence. They realized everyone was listening, and it was totally inappropriate to be discussing assignment amd staffing issues in front of patients, doctors, and other staff members. They went into a private room and were able to resolve the problem. Its really hard to keep your cool under intense situations that may arise in the hospital, or any other stressful working environment. Since the incident, our unit manager and several other employees have signed up to take a class in resolving employee conflict. Hope they get a chance to read some of Daniel Goleman's work...


MadHatter808   02/15/01 7:02 PM                      RE: Blockbuster Rage


 Hey, I can relate to this. In the span of three or four days, I had two late charges on Blockbuster videos. I rented these for the kids I'm privately tutoring and was so pissed off that what I *thought* to be the policy wasn't really so. Basically, I thought it was two *full* days you can have the video rented out meaning that it would be due the third day by noon. Well, the first video I returned was not a new release so you have five days to watch it so I deserved getting that one in late. It was just a day late though, but still, I should've paid more attention when the Blockbuster representative told me when it was due which is their policy to do after they ring you up. So anyway, you can imagine my rage when for the second time I found out I had to fork up yet another late fee. These videos weren't even for me! I got "A Chinese Ghost Story" and "Land Before Time 3" for the kids which they enjoyed so that made me feel a little better. But anyway, I was pretty grumpy about having to pay up at Blockbuster but know that from now on, I'm gonna give a heads up when they tell me when the tape's are due!


Dahlin 02/13/01 1:18 PM           RE: Blockbuster Rage


 My husband loves to rent Blockbuster videos. Unfortunately we often pay late fees. It is difficult to get the video back by noon. it would probably be easier if Blockbuster allowed more time, such as until midnight or closing. As for the late charges, I think paying for the entire amount of a rental is crappy. Our neighborhood shoppette rents videos, but only charges one dollar a day for tardiness. I heard somewhere that charging the late fees is where these stores make the most revenue. Better luck next time, I guess you will never go to Blockbuster again or at least not return the tape back late.


PHYRE2001   02/13/01 12:17 PM          RE: Blockbuster Rage


 I know exactly how you feel towards blockbuster. I really do not understand their system behind renting videos. They have certain videos that are rented for two days, and then there are other videos that are rented for five days. So if you rent two movies, sometimes they are due on different days. I don't know about you, but I really don't have time to be going to blockbuster every couple of days just in insure that I don't get any late charges. In my opinion, companies bank on the idea of late charges, and thats how they make their money. Yes it is unfair, but what can you do. Unless society somehow makes the company go bankrup, you have to obide by the rules. But, with a little advice towards blockbuster, just don't go. Oceanic cable has this new thing called i-control. You can rent the movie from you cable box for 3.95, and you can pause and play the movie whenever you want. It still is cheaper than blockbuster, and you dont have to even leave your house.


mightymousesa   02/12/01 9:35 PM                    Blockbuster Rage


 I hate Blockbuster Video!!! Let me explain. I rent a video for 4.94. If I rent it at 10:00pm on a Monday it is due back by Wednesday at 12:00 noon. They do this thing where you are supposed to feel like Blockbuster is being nice to you by letting you have it till noon. Well today I turn in a video that was due by noon and I get it there at 12:15. I take it inside the store and personally hand it to the guy to return. As I turn to leave he asks me if I want to pay the 4.94 late charge now or the next time I rent. I was astonished! I checked my watch and asked him if he was serious. He was!!!! But it wasn't his fault he said that was their policy. I can understand his position but I couldn't believe it!I just had paid over ten dollsrs (including tax) for some movie that wasn't good enough to watch in the theater!!!I could have bought the thing for 9.99 or gone to the theater for 7.00!!!!! I hate it when I feel like companies are looking for excuses to add to the customers cost.


shaun56   02/12/01 10:27 PM                 Deleting of my previous ADD TOPIC rage


 Alright....... I was just posting a topic on rain rage, when the fricken computer deleted my posting. So, I am gonna have to shift my rage to the deletion. I have ran into this problem about once every time that I come on this site. I cannot understand what the problem is. I wanna know if any of you other people have found this problem a little annoying, or if you guys ran into it at all. Well, it seems as if everytime I want to backspace, the computer deletes my whole message. Then I'm back at the paGE i FIRST STARTED, WITH AN EMPTY DOCUMENT. SEE! NOW IT WANTS TO BE LOCKED ON CAPLOCKS WITHOUT MY DAMN KNOWLEDGE. Okay, I got it off. I thought about going into a desk/computer/technology rage, but I seemed to have calmed my senses. Anyways can someone relate to my stinkin deleting problem, or am I just strange????



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