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shaun56   02/12/01 10:27 PM                 Deleting of my previous ADD TOPIC rage


 Alright....... I was just posting a topic on rain rage, when the fricken computer deleted my posting. So, I am gonna have to shift my rage to the deletion. I have ran into this problem about once every time that I come on this site. I cannot understand what the problem is. I wanna know if any of you other people have found this problem a little annoying, or if you guys ran into it at all. Well, it seems as if everytime I want to backspace, the computer deletes my whole message. Then I'm back at the paGE i FIRST STARTED, WITH AN EMPTY DOCUMENT. SEE! NOW IT WANTS TO BE LOCKED ON CAPLOCKS WITHOUT MY DAMN KNOWLEDGE. Okay, I got it off. I thought about going into a desk/computer/technology rage, but I seemed to have calmed my senses. Anyways can someone relate to my stinkin deleting problem, or am I just strange????


purple848 02/15/01 2:01 PM                  RE: SUPERVISOR RAGE ...AGAIN


 I heard it's good to know people who you are working with personally to create a good atmosphere in the work place, and that would lead a better efficiency of employees. I used to be reluctant to go and have dinner or drink with my bosses and co-workers after work. But one day, I couldn't refuse them saying, "Why don't you come with us" any more, so I went with them. Contrary to my prediction, it turned out to be fun, and I was surprised to find myself having a good time sharing a personal story with them. I didn't go into a detail because I might have scared them(I'm kidding), but I felt I was accepted because they told me thier experiences, too. Maybe this was not the only reason, but after that, I felt easier to deal with them at work. So I wonder if you and your supervisor could take an opportunity to get togehter with other employees and have a good conversation on something other than work, it would lead your better communication with the supervisor.


PHYRE2001   02/13/01 12:26 PM                      SUPERVISOR RAGE ...AGAIN


 I think that every time I go to work my supervisor makes me angry. I spent many hours trying to analyze the reasons behind me getting angry and I still find myself blaming the supervisor. I do have one idea behind it though, and I found out that I just don't like the way she talks to me. I get so angry when she tries to give me scoldings, because I feel that her trying to reprimand me is just a waste of time. The last arguement I had with my supervisor had to deal with setting up my work station faster. I work with a computer, a slow computer at that, so i don't realy have control over the amount of time it takes to set up. My supervisor yelled at me the other day for taking too long. I came to work, and she gave me a paper to complete for a customer that took five minutes, and we completed it together. Not one minute after that , she was giving me scoldings that I was taking too long to set up. I explained that the computer was frozen and I was trying to set up as fast as I can. She told me that I need to not worry about the computer and just help the customers. That makes no sense because I need the computer to help the customer. I don't see the point in acknowledging to help a customer to only tell them you have to wait because my computer is frozen and then shipping them off to another worker. I have found that makes the customer even more angry. I did get overly angry, yelling back at my supervisor. I told her to come over and make my computer boot faster, and we would have no problems. The next couple of customers felt my anger too, because I was so steamed at my supervisor. i hope I don't get fired!!


purple848 02/15/01 11:58 AM    RE: fitting room rage


 Until my sister had a baby, I never realized that it was that hard to go out with a baby who needs to have her diapers to be changed and milk to be given so often. And also, babies are not sleeping and quiet all the time. They need to be taken cared of 24 hours a day. I bet my sister had a hard time getting used to handle the stroller which she had never used before. You made me realize how I was inconsiderate of people who are experiencing inconvenience when they need to carry babies around in public place. I thought I knew it was important to think of others by putting myself in thier place, but I wasn't able to do that quit well. I may not be ablt to understand how it really is like until I have a baby, but I will try my best to cooperate with people with their babies.


Dahlin 02/13/01 12:53 PM         fitting room rage


 Yesterday, my daughter and I went shopping. I selected an arm load of clothing to try on in the fitting room. When I arrived at the fitting room there was no attendant. Apparently customers are supposed to show themselves into a room. Ordinarily, I would not have minded this set up. However, I needed access to the large dressing room that could accommadate my baby, her stroller and I. Unfortunately these rooms were locked. My only choice was a regular sized room. I squeezed Isabella and I into this broom closet and proceded uncomfortably to try on clothes, none of which I ended up buying.Going out and about, doing general everyday things is a lot more difficult when a stroller is involved. I never realized how difficult it is to enter and exit buildings, to manuever around display selves and even to walk around the block. If I am having a hard time, I feel extremely bad for handicap people.


AnimalLover 03/01/01 11:31 PM            RE: everyday rage


 I'm glad that there's other peopleut there who are feeling the same way I do. I love my job but I'm just sick of it, I've been working there for four years and now they're changing around the whole system with these stupid, useless procedures and the customers get angry because the new procedure take forever to go through and the store is already really busy so all of the customers end up having to wait a long time. I's even more stressful because a lot of the workers are new so I have to deal with my customers and all of their questions. To make matters worse, I've been working more hours so I have to deal with it more often. I've also been dealing with the stress of school so pretty much everything irritates me because I feel like I have no time to myself. I've recently started exercising so I'm hoping that will be an outlet of my rage and I can be a more pleasant person.


lavaflow 02/16/01 6:50 PM        RE: everyday rage


 I understand about your feeling because I've felt one time getting irritaed about everything happening around me. But it usually happens when I'm really busy or I experience some bad things many times in the same day. So it goes away within next few hours or next day. I think it also can be due to change in your physiological condition that causing you to be more impatient than you normally are. But since you experience rage more often when you are at work, I guess you are not happy about your work environment. If it's the case, I guess you've been working at the same place for long time. It can be temporary and everyone may have the same problem as you when one is keeping the same job for a long period of time.


oshale   02/13/01 3:20 PM          everyday rage


 I'm not sure if everyone has this or i have become really a rageful person, but i feel like i am raging towards anything and anybody. Is it the menstrual cycle or hormonal change, i'm not sure but i feel like everyday i am bombarded with these feelings of anger and hatred toward people, especially at work. Other coworkers making stupid jokes, customers making stupid jokes, all used to be okay but now i can't handle it anymore. I feel angered that they don't know how i feel, and they go on about some stupid joke. I guess i'm being unreasonable for expecting people to read my mind but sometimes i feel like i want to be left alone without anybody bothering me.Am i antisocial? I'm getting concerned. But it is not so bad when i'm not at work. It is at peak when i am at work but i feel like my raging episodes are more frequent than before. Is it because i am more aware of my rages or i became more rageful due to increase in stress at my workplace and school? I really don't know.


AnimalLover 03/01/01 11:22 PM                        RE: ftp rage!!!!!!!!!!


 I don't know how to use the UH ftp but I had a hell of my own posting that thing. My friend and I spent all day trying to figure out how to post it! We didn't know what the ftp was or whether our computer already had it so we just sat at the computer all day trying all of these different things. I was going crazy!Finally, that night I got a hold of my sister and her boyfriend and I brought all of my work to their house and they helped me figure it out. Obviously it was confusing because my sister's boyfriend is a computer nut and he knows pretty much everything but he had a hard time getting into the system to post it, that's when I was really happy to have gotten a hold of them because I'm way too computer illiterate to have figured it out.


sakodash   02/14/01 10:00 AM               RE: ftp rage!!!!!!!!!!


 Hi Kathy!! Oh my god...I know exactly what you're talking about!! I just tried all that FTP stuff--sorry I don't know computer lingo but anyway, I couldn't do it!! The login and password didn't work for me either. I hate it when it kept saying "Access Denied" in ugly red letters. It's so frustrating especially when you don't know a thing about computers!! I hope I figure this out soon. How are we going to do our project?


silverfox2001 02/13/01 9:08 PM                         RE: ftp rage!!!!!!!!!!


 HiI ran into the same problem you did, I was so mad that I wanted to just hang it up and say this is my story and this is all I am going to do. I tried every which way to get into the ftp and could not upload my page. I do not know what is up with this. I have to do so much on the web and it is fustrating when the program does not work. I am beginning to think it is a conspiracy.


kathyhirokane 02/13/01 8:08 PM            ftp rage!!!!!!!!!!


 today i downloaded the ftp program from UH and attempted to create a file for our report. but, it didn't work! on instructions for report 1, there is a figure of what we have to input into the program, like host address, login ID and password. but the program didn't have spaces for those things. they were named differently, so i don't know if i put the right information into those spaces. i kept getting an error message saying something like, it couldn't create a file, or something. i hate this stuff!!! why can't we just turn something in?? why does it have to be on the web? does anyone know how to use the ftp program from UH?


silverfox2001 02/13/01 9:31 PM                         SWR #5/ Delivery Rage


 Hi everybody!My rage this week is one of major concern, I had just bought a new cell telephone and I wanted accessories to go with it. The company I bought it from said, I needed to dial 1-800 and order my accessories through the catalog. I had a little rage that they had run out of products for my cell. After dialing the 1-800 number and the women took my order she said it will only take two days for all your accessories to get here. I was so excited that I would receive all my products in two days. However, this is not the case, it took over two weeks to get here. It took me to call the company to see what happen to my products. I asked them what day did they ship it out and they said the day after my order and it was in Hawaii some where. I had to track down where my product was and by the time I tracked down where my product was, the service that delivered it said there was no address to delivered too. So, they sent it back to the company. By this time I am already raging mad and I get on the phone and start tracking where my product is. I finally come into contact with a real person on the other end. And he has no idea what I am talking about. I tell him put his supervisor on the phone. He has no idea. I finally hang up and start ranting and raging of how dumb people can get. After a while I call back and get a real person again and say can you Please help me find my product. By this time she is saying, I understand your dilema, and start using all the psychology words to calm me down. By the time I was through talking to her I was calm down and my product was on the way to the plant and she was going to ship new order so I would get my product the next day. Sure enough she was true enough to her word and I got my product the next day.


TVR   02/13/01 9:49 PM                       Older drivers!!

       you think that older people should still be driving. I think this is one reason why we have so much accidents. Everyone knows that individuals in the 18-25 age range have the highest percentage of getting into a accident. But then I would think that it's the older drivers. I had a incident last weekend while I was driving and this old man almost hit me. I was driving right on the side of him and then he tried to switch into my lane. He slowly tried to inch his way into my lane. I wasn't sure if he had seen me so I BEEPED my horn. That did seem to work and he continued to get closer and closer. Until finally I just held my horn down. He finally seen me and seemed very shocked to have seen me so close to him. I really thought that I was going to get into a accident. I know there not doing it on prepose and there trying to drive safely. But face it, there not as alert compared to 25 years old.


sakodash   02/14/01 10:15 AM               Under the weather rage


 Hello!! I just wanted to write about how I hate being sick!! I blame the weather for my cold and not the fact that I ran around campus with no umbrella this past week with the weather all yucky and rainy!! :) Anyway, I hate being sick just because you feel like crap and it always seems to come at the worst possible time. I had two midterms and a paper due this week. One of the midterms was for the Learning and Motivation class--I swear that test was unbelievably difficult!! To top it all off I lost my voice. Sorry to keep complaining but it has been a crappy week...and it's only Wednesday morning! I hope things look up soon. However, I am sitting in the SOCS lab staring out of this big window watching the rain pour down across MidPac's field. I REALLY hope the day looks up! :)


meow24 02/14/01 10:32 PM                  RE: parking structure rage


 i understand what you are going through. last semester, i registered late, so i couldn't buy the parking ticket. the result? i had to spend well over $200 for parking fee. plus, sometimes the parking structure would be full, so i couldn't even get in. i spent countless time out in the street looking for a place to park.this semester, i purchased the ticket as soon as registered. now i have no problem getting into the parking structure thanks to the parking ticket, but i often find myself wondering around looking for a parking stall to park. i was already late for a class 4 times because i couldn't find a parking even with the parking ticket, you are not so safe.u must b really a nice person. i don't know if i could give my parking ticket to a friend knowing some of these risks. plus, u pay $136?? for the ticket, right?


kathyhirokane 02/14/01 5:22 PM            RE: parking structure rage


 hello. i have a gripe with the parking system here, too.for one thing, how do the security people at the tolls know if the structure really is full? i mean, i bet people come and go without them noticing! there are 2 entrances onto campus to get to the structure, so how do they keep track? they should just let people in! i mean, if we can't find parking, then we can't find parking! what is the big deal?? it's not like we aren't going to pay the stupid $3 fee!second thing. have you ever tried to park on campus? the parking lot by east west road? well, i needed to be at school early on day and decided i would try to get parking on campus. i pull up to the guard shack and the guy asks if i'm a student. i told him yes. then he says that i can't park on campus because it's visitor parking. i'm thinking to myself, i'm going to pay the $3 either here or at the structure. what difference does it make? also, i see the same cars parked in the visitor parking lot every day. does that mean they are just visiting the campus every day? and they aren't inconspicuous cars, either! they're yellow and green for crying out loud! they are obviously students! the parking system is so unfriendly to the students, who make up the bulk of the people who actually park here. they need to start accomodating the students first!!!


charisseo   02/14/01 12:22 PM                parking structure rage


 here's the story.. since i drive to school only on monday,wednesday, and friday i gave my parking pass to a friend who has class everyday and could make better use of the pass. lately i've been stuck waiting for the parking structure to open up because the lot is full. i didn't miss my class becuase my class is at 130 and i got to campus at 1030. as it is the 6th week of school (about) i didn't think that i would have to worry about the lot beging full. i was so wrong. i ended up waiting till 1145 for the lot to open. in addition to this parking problem i did not want to park off campus and walk becuase the weather was so bad today. with the amount of students attending UH i would think that proper consideration would have been made to accomodate the amount of students and the amount of parking stall needed. i guess i was wrong.


Number11BUS   02/23/01 4:29 PM                    RE: Report 1 instruction rage


 Hello shaun56,I can help too. My E-Mail. Number11BUS


mightymousesa   02/16/01 1:35 PM                    RE: Report 1 instruction rage


 Okay, so it appears that there is more than a few of us a little unclear about report 1. Let's see if we can take all our "rage" and come up with a solution. Maybe we could get through our presentations rather quickly this Tues. and all go to the computer lab and get Dr. James to show us exactly what we need to do. Or at least get together some detailed questions of what needs to be done. I admit I am somewhat clueless here on the assignment to, so maybe if we work together we can figure it out! Good Luck and scream if I can help!


sakodash   02/16/01 1:32 AM     RE: Report 1 instruction rage


 Hi Shaun56!! We were having the same trouble too!! (Look under ftp rage!!!) Anyway, another girl and I tried to get that ftp thing to work and we couldn't. It kept saying access denied--whatever that means. Sorry, I couldn't help you out in any way but I just wanted to let you know that there are more of us in the same boat! :) Good Luck!!


shaun56   02/14/01 6:15 PM                   Report 1 instruction rage


 Does anyone have the problem of figuring out just what the instructions for the first report are supposed to instruct? For one, I cannot figure out what the heck we are supposed to do. Two, I cannot figure out the damn FTP thing. And three, I cannot figure out what the heck the report is supposed to be formatted in. I was getting so raged out last night trying to figure out how the hell I was to even start. Well, I know that I am surely gonna do a bad job on this damn thing if I don't get any feedback on the issue. If I email Dr. Leon he will tell me to "look at the instructions" so can anyone lend a helping hand???? As Lex Brodie would say, "Thank you very much!"


AnimalLover 02/15/01 12:01 AM                        Friend's Rage


 I went to Waikiki with my friend today and I must say that I was amused by his road rage. He is always yelling at me about swearing too much but when he gets behind that wheel he definitely swears just as much as me. He was swearing at people who were jay walking and he was yelling at all of the japanese tourists that were walking along the back roads. He pretty much swore at everything in sight or at least yelled some comment about it. I never drove with him before so I was shocked at how impatient he is because when he's not on the road he's so patient and nice but when he's driving everybody irritates him. At least I don't feel as bad now though because he was once complaining about how horrible it was to drive behind me and now I don't take it personally because in his opinion everyone on the road is horrible or annoying.


gemini-gal   02/18/01 10:35 PM RE: Paper rage!!


 I feel your pain...writing papers can be so freaking difficult! It can be such a daunting task. I (along with thousands of other college students across the nation) know how you feel and how frustrating it is to come up with a topic and a coherent thesis statement for a paper. I have to write a brief synopsis of my English paper which is due next Thursday and I am having a hard time getting a focus to my paper. The way I try to deal with this problem is that I try to brainstorm different topics that were mentioned in class lectures. I look over my lecture notes on the novels and stories we read in class and develop a list of potential topics. It's not an easy task though. I think you've handled your situation appropriately by going to the library and writing workshops. My teacher suggested that I go to the writing workshops if I have difficulty trying to get started with my paper. I've never been to the writing workshop yet but I should try it out. But I want to go there at least with a list of potential topics and hopefully, they could help me develop my paper better. I should also go to the library to try and see what kinds of commentary are available. Finally, you could go talk to your instructor and explain your difficulties. Every effort counts!!


ddestrad   02/18/01 10:28 AM    RE: Paper rage!!


 I can completely relate to your dilemma, I absolutely despise writing papers, it takes a while to get into that frame of mind. I have a problem with writing in the daytime, so when i write essays i can only write them at night, my thoughts flow better. I also have to listen to some kind of music, mostly mellow and relaxing music. I did the same exact thing you did on my paper last week. I had to write a 4-5 page essay for my english, writing intensive class and i spent like 4 hours trying to write the essay. I seriously could not concintrate, so i decided to just let my mind flow and come up with a thesis statement at the end, well by the time i finished it i had a whole summery of the book i read and no thesis. Let's just say when she handed it back to me, every square inch of white margin that existed was scribbled on like a two year old with a crayon. So some advice is to just try and think of 4-5 statements that you would like to cover on your topic and just flow with them, and also avoid being in a distracting enviroment.


leis 02/17/01 1:55 AM                RE: Paper rage!!


 I understand your feeling. I have also had the same trouble, even in writing a short paper. I often spend all day long sitting in front of my computer to write the short paper. Then I get upset against myself. "Why do i need a lot of time to write such a short paper". I sometime go to the Writing Workshop, but the thirty-minites-session for a week is not enough to finish my paper. Anyway, I have tried to practice writing, writing, writing!When I find to a thesis, I try to find what I want to know.For example,"why?" "What if ...?" Then I try to research to find the answer


sakodash   02/16/01 1:27 AM                 Paper rage!!


 Getting started writing a paper has to be one of the hardest things for me to do. Have you ever just sat at a computer trying to figure out where to start while writing a paper? Well, I had an 8 page paper to do on basically anything dealing with sex and gender. I had a general idea of what I wanted to write about but I couldn't come up with a thesis statement. Hours were wasted just staring at a blank computer screen. Finally, a friend had suggested to just start writing on anything and the thesis statement will just come naturally at the end. Being that I was so desperate at that point, I did exactly that. What did I end up with? TWELVE pages of useless junk and still NO thesis statement!! I turned that in as basically a rough draft and when it came back, I sure did have a lot of red ink all over my paper, not to mention a "sloppily organized" comment in the margins!! But still, I had to do a final. I still didn't know where to start. So, I figured I might as well try that Manoa Writing Program workshops helping students with their papers. Well now going there was just an embarrassment. The girl there didn't even know where to start. She just looked at my paper. She had nothing to say to me except to go back to the library. Needless to say, I spent my Valentine's Day in Hamilton library frantically searching for new material for my hopeless paper. To make matters worse, the lights in the library went out leaving me in complete darkness. All I kept thinking about was all those ghosts in the library coming out and just wreaking havoc. Obviously, I had a bad week!! :)


AnimalLover 03/01/01 10:46 PM            RE: Men can be pigs rage


 I would like to respond to this. Maybe not all men make a habit out of yelling out their windows at girls but a lot of the ones I have talked to have done it at least a few times. I think that some men are just pigs because I can look like crap just walking around in a t-shirt and short and I still have guys yelling at me, they'll yell at anyone who is a part of the female species. I used to get mad and give them the finger but now I just laugh at them and know I'd never go for them, unless they're handsome and then I'm flattered. I find it amusing to yell out the window at guys to see how their reaction would be. I don't do it all the time but when I have done it they don't look as flattered as they say they would be, they look somewhat degraded. It's good to return the favor once in a while.


shaun56   02/19/01 12:41 PM                 RE: Men can be pigs rage


 I think you better stop generalizing the 90% of the men who are like that on the other 10%. I think that most guys are the "guy guys" the rest are just "guys". Have you ever thought about it like this? Maybe they just do not know another way to attract such a beautiful girl like you? Or maybe they just were screwin with you? You gals just gotta look at it from different angles before you act upon your reactions. Most girls take the single most obvious explanation, with passing by the most simple others. I think that you just ought to be happy that guys even acknowledge you in such a way. Some ladies don't get the time of day from men in any of that sort. But in all, I agree that some men are pigs, but I surely am not.


virtual-b 02/17/01 11:57 AM                   RE: Men can be pigs rage


 In defense to my gender, men can be gentlemen as well. The guy that you encountered probably was a jerk, but let's not attribute his characteristics to the male gender alone. Maybe that was how the guy was brought up. Maybe he watched Married with Children when he was growing up, and grew to learn that that was the way to get women's attention. Maybe his older brother played a joke on him, and taught him that as a good way to begin conversations. Maybe the guy was drunk. Maybe he encountered some female rage beforehand. Maybe a bunch of things could have played a factor. However, the case may be, the guy was not an accurate representation of the male gender.


mightymousesa   02/16/01 1:55 PM                    Men can be pigs rage


 Ladies, have you ever been minding your own business, maybe walking somewhere, and some guy makes comments like:"oh baby, I got to have me some of that" or some other repulsive comment? That infuriates me!!!! I am a cheerleader here at the University and after leaving a basketball game I was walking to my car. I was in a hurry and I did not have time to change out of my skirt and uniform top. As I walked to my car I get a comment like the one above. I just ignored it as more comments followed in an attempt to get a reaction. But exactly what reaction are they expecting? Like I am going to turn around and go "oooh baby, I've been waiting for someone to talk to me like that!" HELL NO!!! How am I supposed to respond in order to get the comments to stop and make them realize that all they have done is made themselves look like jerks?!!!


MadHatter808   02/16/01 2:13 PM          spammers suck


 Hi guys, sorry if this shows up as the same message again... my first post didn't go through so I have to rewrite this again. Ugh. Anyway, I was talking about how I hate spammers who leave you marketing junk in your email about all sorts of new stuff. I've responded with hate mail back which I realize is not only wrong, but a counterproductive thing to do since it only encourages them once they find out someone really exists at that address. I've also participated in forums where as you guys can all relate, people trying to sell or market one thing or another bombard you with advertisements and have seen some really mean messages posted back at the spammer. Now, I see marketing over the Internet in our most private domains as a fact of life and am more accepting towards it though still a little irritated by it. I wish we had bettter ways to control for things like this.


silverfox2001 02/22/01 12:28 PM                       RE: kid rage


 I can relate to what you are saying about children and the different rages you feel about trying to get the message across. I teach kids who are homeless and don't have the opportunity to experience alot of the things other normal kids have, such as a warm bed to sleep in. Instead they have to sleep under the skies or in a shelter. And everytime I go to work I can see the inner rages that are going on and sometimes it can get pretty violent. So, I try to help them work out the different rages they have. But it gets so complicated at times. Another thing there are so much more pressure on them because they are homeless that they don't see themselves equal to their peers which is another added rage. So, I can pretty much understand what you are dealing with.


MadHatter808   02/16/01 2:28 PM          kid rage


 Since I'm working a lot with kids in my job, I encounter a lot of good rage material though my work with children.... good parenting prep I guess. Anyway, this one kid that I teach have a real good relationship *outside* of the tutoring experience though no matter how hard I try to teach him (at least by conventional methods), the more he will rebel. I tried timing out once to explain why it makes sense to learn (i.e. it can help him later in life in areas he may not understand now). It seems his attitude is a little better, though every week, I have a few incidents with him that can sometimes lead to flare-ups. Now, instead of taking a challenging stance toward him, I'm softer (and let him have his say) though still get my point across--like I'll show him how I got the answer using a fun example that relates to something he likes to do (like play basketball) to get him interested in learning.


darell   02/19/01 12:08 AM                     RE: homophobia rage


 I'm with you on this. I think that people should just mind their own business and leave everyone else alone. Who cares what their sexual preferences are. I believe that it's their life and they should be able to do as they please without anyone judging them for who they are. If only everyone in society were as open minded as you, it would be a much happier place.


kathyhirokane 02/16/01 6:31 PM            homophobia rage


 i am taking a women's studies class and right now we are discussing sexuality and what is considered deviant or normal. well of course that ended up into a discussion on homosexuality. this isn't really rage, but frustration i guess. it makes me angry and sad at the same time when i hear about people getting mugged or attacked because of their sexuality. i mean, heterosexuals dont get stereotyped just because they are heterosexual. why should homosexuals? why are people so afraid of homosexuals anyways? they aren't contagious or anything! i just wish that people would be more open minded and not judge people for their sexuality, race, gender, etc...


AnimalLover 02/19/01 11:50 PM            RE: Bus Driver


 I don't know if I would be angry with the bus driver for talking on the cell phone while drving but I may be concerned about how much attention he is paying on the road when he has all of those people's lives in his hands. I've never witnessed that but then I don't pay much attention to the bus drivers so maybe it isn't completely unusual but it is unprofessional and it might make a lot of people a little more uneasy about their bus ride. More than anything else, I find it surprising that a bus driver would be talking on the phone while he is supposed to be doing his job. Being the inconsiderate person that I am I find it more annoying when there are three City Express buses and all of the bus drivers are standing outside talking. Maybe they are on break but I don't see why at least one of those buses can't leave right away to get me home.


BC3   02/19/01 7:44 PM            RE: Bus Driver


 I can feel your dissapointment, but what he was doing was still legal. But that is not fair to the cars around the bus, because a bus hitting something is nothing to laugh at. I've been on the bus twice during accidents, and both times the recieving vehicle was crushed pretty good. We don't have trains here, but I sermise it's the same concept, a whole lot of whoop ass on a whole little car. When I was in those two accidents, that bus didn't do anything. It only stopped because the bus driver slammed on the brakes. Because of this I don't think anybody should be distracted while driving a vehicle. P.S.- Do you ever see the UH shuttle drivers, yes they talk, and all the time....


cjn   02/18/01 11:33 PM                        RE: Bus Driver


 You know what? There should be a ban on talking on cell phone while driving. A fine should be applied if someone is caught on the cell phone while behind the wheel of a car. This is how it works where I'm from. There are limits as to where one takes a phone call. The bus driver could have postponed the call for later when he's not driving or when he's not a danger to anyone.


Daniel1978   02/17/01 12:02 PM            RE: Bus Driver


 No!!! I DON"T WANT TO INSTALL THAT STUPID THING!!!!! EVERY TIME I USE THIS BOARD I GET THAT STUPID MESSAGE!!!! They're trying to annoy me to death!!Whoa! That is scary! Now if he's unaware of his passenger's reactions, he's more than likley to be unaware of many of the things happening on the road. I hope there are some rules as to what a driver can do. I hope not using cell phones is one of them. If I were in your situation, I'd be afraid!


virtual-b 02/17/01 11:14 AM       RE: Bus Driver


 I've seen bus drivers use the phone before while driving. I know there is a phone rigged up next to their seat. The bus drivers usually use the phone to ask for back up. I ride the number one, kalihi bus, and when the bus gets jammed pack, the bus driver sometimes calls to ask for another number one bus to help with the load of passengers ahead. I've seen that happen on numerous occasions, especially when there were no "a" or "b" express bus routes. However, the call was always short and never longer than one bus stop. Also, the phone the bus driver uses, in calling for needed backup, was definitely not a cellular phone. A bus driver using a cellular phone while driving, would probably be for personal use and that would be dangerous for the passengers. There are up to thirty or more passengers that the bus driver is responsible for, passengers that do not have seat belts or any protection against car collisions. The bus has front and rear bumpers filled with water to cushion a crash, but that's about it. I can see why people were angry with the bus driver.


ktootree 02/16/01 8:30 PM                     RE: Bus Driver


 Wow! I ride the bus to school and work and I never came across a bus driver that was talking on his cell phone while driving (or should I say not yet). I would probably be more scared than angry too. I wonder if they have any 'bus driver' rules on what can and can't be done while on the job? They must have something. Anyways, he shouldn't be talking on his cell phone because not only is he putting himself in danger, but also the passengers on the bus, as well as other drivers on the road. Talking on a cell while driving in your own car is bad enough let alone talking while on the job, especially if you're a bus driver. That's just crazy! By the way, did you do anything? If not, if you ever come across that situation again, maybe you can report him or if you don't want to get him into trouble just tell The Bus company what happened without naming names. Any way of reporting it and bringing it to the attention of the company would be helpful and hopefully they will take some action on it.


lavaflow 02/16/01 7:15 PM        Bus Driver


 Few days ago I caught the bus to go school. I heard the bus driver talking to someone. First I thought that he was talking to a passenger but he was talking to his cell phone. When I noticed this, the bus was at the bus stop so I thought he had some urgent that he really had to use the cell phone. As the bus start moving, he kept talking and there was no sign that he would stop doing this. One woman who was sitting in very front noticed this and commented something to a person next to her and she changed her seat somewhere in the rear. I thought that she probably got anxious and couldn't stand looking at the driver who kept talking on the phone while driving. I was more surprised than felt anger about the driver's behavior. I thought it was really irresponsibe as the bus driver. It was clear that he wasn't aware of his behavior that made the passengers to be annoyed and to be in a potential danger. I guess he usually do the same thing


ktootree 02/16/01 8:03 PM                     Sovereignty Rage


 Sometimes when I’m flipping through channels, I come across a particular Hawaiian lady on one of the ‘Olelo stations. I stop flipping it and always watch her for at least a few minutes because it’s interesting to hear her opinions. Every time I watch she gets all enraged about how the American Government took the Kanaka Hawai’i (Hawaiian people)land. She usually begins calmly, but in a little while she starts ranting and raving about how she is a “Sovereign” and not an “American.” In one particular episode she started yelling at a policeman who came by and I guess told her to leave (she’s usually on a sidewalk in Waikiki). She argued about how she has rights and freedom of speech, and she’s not under the control of their authority because she is not part of the “American” government. Some people (like my friends who are Hawaiian too) get upset at this kind of stuff, but for some reason I rarely get mad at these kinds of things. I guess I try not to let it bother me to the point where I get upset. It’s interesting and very thought provoking, and sometimes humorous. I actually think it’s funny sometimes, for example, when she talks and criticizes people or the “foreigners” and then starts talking about the “aloha spirit.” It’s funny because I don’t think that she’s showing aloha spirit at all by her becoming enraged and criticizing. She actually contradicts herself in that sense. She’s a very knowledgeable woman on the laws and about the whole history of these islands, but she needs to control that aspect of her rage (i.e., yelling, criticizing, etc.) because when she doesn’t, she makes herself look like a fool.


Watashi_No 02/18/01 10:19 AM             RE: rage!!


 Yikes what a horrible situation to be in!! You try to be nice but then the person takes advantage of a person's trust and goodwill. When I was reading your message in the middle of it I got the feeling that she would have told you a wrong number or something. But if she actually works at the storage building? If she does that is really bad that her own WORK place doesn't have a number they can reach her at. I know when I'm in situations where I need help or something and the person from the company tells me that I should do this or that I always get their name so I can make sure that I have a person's name to tell the company. I feel sorry for you that the lady did what she did, without regard for anyone. She doesn't want to take any responsibility for her actions and it's hurting you more than it is her. Who knows though, maybe she's crazy. But that still doesn't excuse her for what she did to your car, not in any way. I hope this situation does not turn you into someone that doesn't care about other people, I think that most people are true to others and themselves and wouldn't take advantage of other people. I think that most people in their right mind and with good teaching from parents/guardians would take responsibility for what they've done and not run away from situations that might jeopardize them.


meow24 02/16/01 10:38 PM                  rage!!


 every morning i stop by my mom's place for breakfast before going to ususal, i went over to mom's place to have quick breakfast. since she lives in an apartment, i had to call her from an intercom. as i parked my car in the lobby, someone was going into the building. so i got out of the car quickly and ran to the door. a lady saw me coming and held the door for me. i told her "thank you" as i entered the building, but she stopped me and told me someone threw a bag at my car. so i rushed over to my car and she followed me too.there was a woman standing by my car and a big bag was next to it. i checked my car and there was a dent. i got mad and asked her why she threw her bag at my car. she said she thought my car was someone else's. the other nice lady told me to call the police. the woman got scared and asked me not to call the police. she said she will pay for the damage she made. i asked her for ID, but she said she wasn't carrying any with her. she said she was a customer of a storage building in front of my mom's building, so i could go there with her to vertify her name and phone number. i decided to be nice and do as she asked me. so i told the nice lady that i will do that and thanked her for alerting me with the situation and assisting me.after i thanked her, i went to the storage building to get her information with that woman. i got her name and her phone number there and told her i will call her when i get the damage estimate.after school, i went to auto body shop to get an estimate. they said it will cost about $200. so with that in mind i came home and called her cell phone. but it was not in service. so i called her home number. it was not in service too. suddenly i was worried and upset at the same time. then i was really i went to the storage building and asked them if they had any other number i could reach her, but they said that's all the information they had too. so i left a note for her saying i will contact the police if she doesn't get back to me by tomorrow morning.i'm so mad at her. this is what i get for trying to be nice??i'm so mad now, i'm gonna charge her for two day car rental fees too!!!


cjn   02/16/01 10:52 PM                        service in restaurant rage


 I went with some friends and relatives to get some take out at this chinese restaurant in Chinatown and experienced the worst service. First of all the woman at the cash register was taking orders for take out and the way she asked us what we wanted gave me the impression that she was rushing us. I wasn't even done making the orders when she started doing other things so I did not know if she was listening to me but once she got her attention back to us, she was rushing things. Then she gave my friend and I the total of our orders. I handed the money and as soon as she got it in her hands, she immediately reminded my friend of her amount. I was surprised because she just took the money from me and hasn't even handed me the change, she was already asking for my friend's money. So with the two amount in her two hands, she gave us the change back. Then we waited for a long time for the meal to get done. I understand they were busy but we did wait for a long long time. Then as I was waiting, I saw a customer at the cash register ready to pay for her bill. However, a waitress came in from the kitchen and started talking to the woman at the cash register. So while the two women were talking, the customer was still waiting at the counter right in front of them. Then another waitress comes to the counter and I heard her say in chinese that they should stop talking because there was a customer waiting. I thought they would understand but apparently, they did not think it was more important than their little talk so they kept on talking for a little while. I could see the face the customer was making. I wanted her to yell at them right in front of everybody. I really can't believe it. Well actually I can believe it. I might sound mean but It seems to be a theme for chinese waitresses to be that rude. I'm sorry for saying that but it is true. Of course not all are like that and I acknowledge that but I wish they worked on being more courteous and friendly towards people. I would surely appreciate it and maybe others too.



gemini-gal   02/18/01 10:19 PM RE: wind rage


 I was pretty irked by this week's windy weather. That was my SWR for this week, entitled "Raging Weather". By reading my post, you will see why I was so enraged. It's hard to deal with the negative effects of mother nature and its literally out of our hands when it comes to controlling the weather. We just have no control and that makes us feel so powerless. I totally agree that we need to control our own emotions because we can't do nothing about nature. If we learn to control our emotions, we can at least exert some control of the situation even when things don't go as we would have liked.


virtual-b 02/17/01 11:32 AM                   wind rage


 This week the island was buffeted with 30+ mph winds. The weather did not get to me, but it did get to my uncle. He grew this mango tree that he is pretty proud of. Every year when the mangos are ripe, he picks them and distributes them to family members. It's his way of being generous and also boasting at the same time. Well, I made the mistake of visiting him the other day. When I arrived at his home, he was out back picking up all these baby, unripe mangos that were blown off the tree. He was swearing and ordering my auntie about, obviously in a bad mood. I guess the family won't have his mangos this year. The incident made me ponder how easy a person can get angry. The triggering event does not even need to be caused by a person, it can be nature that ticks a person off. Dr. Driving's textbook says that a person should try to see that it is his job to stay in control. However, sometimes, a person cannot always do so. Sometimes the rage just gets out.


Watashi_No 02/18/01 10:33 AM             RE: Ala Moana RAGE!!!!!!


 Whoa, slow down there! I'm sure not all the people at Ala Moana at the same time you were there were idiots. Maybe you were just having a bad day? Maybe they were there just to walk around or see Ala Moana. I'm sure that if you weren't in such a rush that you wouldn't think that there were so many "idiots" over there. If you stop to think about it, I think that the people there were probably not as slow as you made them out to be. If the situation were different and someone was calling you and maybe your friends that you went with "idiots" you would take offense. But since it was the other way around, and people weren't going as fast as you would have like them to go you unjustly call them "idiots" for no good reason other than because they were blocking your way. I'm sure it looked as though everyone was out to slow you down or stand in your way, but I'm 100% sure that that wasn't the case. Did you say excuse me? That might have helped, but if you just shoved past the people then that's creating more rage, and that is not what we want. I understand that you might have been angry or in a rush etc, or you were having a bad day and you wrote the message at an angry moment so I'm sure you are normally not like this. Have a nice day!!


Daniel1978   02/17/01 11:56 AM                        Ala Moana RAGE!!!!!!


 So we've all been to Ala Moana, right? Well, I went there this Friday morning. Valentine's day is over, no Christams season, so you'd expect it to be a little less crowded, right? Well, it was was, but it had a higher concentration of idiots than usual. People trying to walk as SLOWLY as they possibly could. Familys trying to spread themselves out just right so that they took up ALL of the walkway. People stopping to look around just where the esclator ends as if they were stopping to protesting something. And the food court? Forget about it! I've come to realize that these IDIOT inconsiderate walkers are more than likley to carry over their bad habits over into the road when they drive. This scares me.


Dahlin 02/19/01 10:23 AM         RE: Classmate rage


 I understand perfectly. Usually I don't mind loaning or allowing my fellow classmate look or copy my notes. In the past I have actually loaned my notes out for the other person to copy them. I feel good to do this because the other person is in need. However if they were asking every other day for my notes I would feel uncomfortable and wouldn't like it. As for loaning out my homework, absolutely not! I would be shocked if anyone would ask to do such a thing. My husband is in the military and from time to time takes college courses at the library on base. Many times these soldiers don't read, do their homework or study for the exams. They expect their fellow classmates to allow them to copy. If it were me I would say "Hell no, you do your own homework". Why take a course if you aren't going to do it yourself?


gemini-gal   02/18/01 9:46 PM    RE: Classmate rage


 Hi purple848! It's totally unfair when someone expects that you will gladly let them copy your work after you've stressed out trying to do it. If the girl was a good friend of yours, then it would be okay if this happened once or twice. But your story mentioned that you just met her. I think that if you let her take advantage of you, her inconsiderate behavior will remain. I know how you feel because some people used to do that to me in high school and once you start, it's hard to stop. I think you should be more assertive in telling her that you worked hard on your assignment and it would be unfair that she only took a few minutes to copy it, so it would be to her benefit that she did her own work so you guys wouldn't get caught with the same answers. I like to call this strategy the sandwich technique in which you create a positive-negative-positive response. The next time she asks "Did you do your homework?" you can say "yes I did, and I worked hard on it. However, I think its unfair that you copy it because it took me hours to figure out the answers and only minutes for you to copy it." "So could you please not ask me because I don't want to the both of us getting in trouble for copying." That's probably not the best response but that's what came off the top of my head. I know you can come up with something better and I hope that helped.


purple848 02/17/01 12:25 PM                Classmate rage


 I got to know a girl in another class lately. Last week, she asked me to show her my notes of a previous lecture because she was absent. So I did. Then on Wednesday, she copied my assingment just before we turened it in. I spent several hours to figure out the problems, but it took her only a few minutes to copy them. I know I am overreacting because she copied my assignment only one time, and I understand that things come up and it prevent you from doing things that you're supposed to do. I guess I'm upset at her because I didn't like the way she addressed me. If she could ask me nicer, or her reason for not coming to class was due to bad physical condition, I wouldn't mind showing my notes to her. So when she said, "Did you do your homework?", I said in my mind, of course I did, but what about it? I realized myself being mean. I felt she was taking advantage of my heip. It is hard to say no, without making it sound mean.


AnimalLover 03/08/01 10:59 PM                        RE: Rage or Frustration?


 I know what you're talking about. I don't even drive that much during the week and when I have to drive it's usually in a laid back situation so I don't really have very much rage unless someone does something really wrong to me. I don't have complete control over my actions and I can feel rage but it usually takes a lot to get me there. I'm not one of those people who get irritated at that idiot driver next to me unless they do something to me directly. I have a hard time coming up with things to post for this class and it's driving me crazy to have to go driving and try to have rage at others so that I can post it in this class. This class is supposed to make us emotionally intelligent but if you don't already have a lot of rage then it makes you try to have more.


sakodash   02/19/01 10:43 PM    RE: Rage or Frustration?


 Hi!! You know, sometimes I have that problem too. I don't know if what I'm writing really counts as rage. Sometimes I just find myself sitting in front of the computer just trying to figure out what I was raging about all this week. Sounds weird, but honestly, I can't seem to remember sometimes what made me angry so I have to spend some time rehashing all the things that has been pissing me off. I don't know if that's good but I do it to do these discussions. I think it's okay to write about anything that irritates, frustrates, and of course angers you.


ddestrad   02/18/01 10:40 AM    Rage or Frustration?


 I am having a serious problem coming up with topics to discuss on for this class. I hardly ever have anger and I don't want to change the way I think or handle my behavior so that i can come up with something to post on my forum discussion. This is where i have my problem. What is the difference between rage and being frustrated. When I'm in a situation where I get angry i would never mistaken it for rage. I don't really rage. I get frustrated, my adrenaline doesn't start pumping, my vision doesn't get tunneled, i have complete control over my actions. How do we consider that rage? So basically i'm going to do a poll and write about other peoples rage because my own rage is truly non-existant at this point in time.


gemini-gal   02/18/01 7:04 PM                SWR: Raging Weather


 We had terrible weather this week. It was especially windy! I live in Kalihi valley where the winds are fierce! First, we would have power surges and brief power outages at home. Our lights were dim and weak; it wasn't brightly shining to its full capacity and wattage. We also didn't have any hot water! Talk about taking a cold the morning before school! YIKES! BRRR! I had to boil water so that I could at least have some hot water during my shower. I thought that our heater was broken because we have an old house but that wasn't the case. We found out that the fierce and unyielding windy weather knocked out one of the main power lines above our home. The electricity men came to look at our house and the power lines surrounding it. After they fixed the line and replaced the old, corroded one, our lights were regular again and we had hot water! Thank you LORD! Life is normal again:)I also witnessed another incident which I found saddening. When I was driving home this week after school, I saw a man on his moped get into a mean accident. The weather was bad because it was slightly raining and the winds were blowing strong and swift. He was making a right turn on a street and the wind and slippery road caused his moped to hit the curb. He spinned out of control and his moped went flying to the right and he flew off toward the left, face first, onto the adjacent sidewalk! He was knocked off his own moped by the raging and intense weather. I swear, the winds must have been going at about 30 mph. Needless to say, it was scary seeing him get tossed in mid-air and I felt so bad because I didn't do anything to help him. It happened really fast and the worse thing was that he wasn't wearing a helmet! I hope that he was alright because he took a mean fall. To all the people with mopeds, please obey the law and always wear a helmet! Bad weather can do so much harm to those who aren't protected and mother nature can be dangerous! Be careful out there especially with bad, raging weather.


darell   02/18/01 11:49 PM                     rain rage


 Hi everyone!I encontered something very interesting this past week. It was rain rage. I was very irritated by the fact that it was raining so hard. I disliked the fact the idea that I had to drive slower in the rain. Along with that was the wind. It was pushing my car around on the road. It caused me any many occasions to swerve in the lanes because of the strong winds and the slippery roads. It was quite irritating. Aside from that I guess it was good because I was forced to drive more cautiously and be aware of the situations on the roads. And another thing all the damn caused a lot of traffic on the freeways which caused to be late to work. It was an irritating experience but it was fact of life that I had to except. Have a great holiday!!!!


leis 02/18/01 11:52 PM             No Rage!


 I do not know why I have not had specific experience of rage for this week, so I cannot present enough information of the rage. However, I have recently feel frustration doing the household. In spite of the fact that I have a lot of homework, when I found the piled plates in the sink at the kitchen, I feel frustration washing them. And also as I cannot write and read paper quickly, I have often experienced feelings of frustration and irritation.


6slim6shady6 02/19/01 9:31 PM                         RE: Meanings are in People


 A nice cop is only unaffective against you are looking to break the law. The monetary punishment is more than enough negative reinforcement as long as money runs our nation. I don't understand, you want a cop to disrespect you, that's wierd. Even if you didn't want this, are you defending cops or just trying to stir up a controversy. Obviously a cop would have to be very authoritarian in order to control someone with a bad will. This dude that got the speeding ticket must have had a good will because he was terrified. We shouldn't have to live our lives in fear because of the people who are inforcing the law. I'm not taking sides or nothing, but I just think that cops don't have the right to make us afraid because not all of us have a criminal mind. Maybe we just needed to be given a little reminder that we were doing something wrong, and not a pounding into the concrete. It may be true that a cop has seen the worst of the worst, and maybe he thinks he can save another life, but do you guys really think they are all good people trying to take care of our community. I've heard more bad stories than good ones about officers, and maybe this is why they are so shady. Maybe they think everyone is against them, so they think they are threatened, and they have to inforce the law with such audacity because they don't want to feel like the victim. This whole mentallity is wrong, and we need to start treating each other with respect no matter where we're from and what we represent.


shaun56   02/19/01 1:00 AM      RE: Meanings are in People


 Okay, here we go again. I think that you are right about some things, yet you need to realize some things. Cops can be pricks, and a holes, and other words of that sort; but you have to look on the other side of the coin. They know why they have to be mean. They know that a nice cop is not effective. Imagine if a cop let you go everytime when you sped. Of course, your behavior would not change, and you would probably speed again. Now imagine if a cop just gave you a ticket. You would probably not speed for a while, but again you would speed again(later). Lastly what happened to you, the cop gave a ticket and yelled your ass off. Now STOP, and think about it. He punished you with the maximum punishment plus more. So in turn, he's hoping and prayin' that you won't speed again. I know that it is difficult to think about, but he was trying to get a point across to you. He's probably seen plenty of accident invloving deaths, involving speeding, and involving nno seatbelts. So he may 9and I say "may") be tired and sick of this occuurences, and therefore, resulting to an "i don't know what to ddo to stop this" attitude. Hence, he results to rage whenever he runs into a situation that could pose another sccident. In summary, give the cop a break, he's just trying to do his job with force. He's only out there to try and help us protect ourselves. I know it's easy to sy, and hard to do. BUT WE MUST TRY!!!!!!!


shaun56   02/19/01 12:50 AM     RE: Meanings are in People




MAX676 02/19/01 12:00 AM                 Meanings are in People


 This is not an a apology, but a clarification to those of you who were offended by my topic on Pig Rage. Anyway, If you have ever seen a police car from close up, the words Integrity, Respect, and Fairness appear in big bold letters across the side of the it. In my previous 'speeding ticket' experience I felt violated because I was being verbally abused by this officer. It may have been a little extravagent of me to use the word 'pig', but that's what some of us call officers when they are abusing their power. Also, I think some people were offended when I said 'lets all join together and kill them all.' The line before I said this I wrote 'Somebody help me to change the way I think' in other words 'somebody stop me from attaching a negative stereotype to every officer'.I know that some officers are very nice people, but it is very difficult to look at their good side when you have been disrespected. Anyway, the point of the forum discussions is to controllably vent your anger, and if we can't speak our mind, then that defeats the most beneficial purpose of the assignment. I don't know if our teacher reads the them or not, but if he does, I don't think he should hold anything against us because this is our personal life that we are typing into the computer. I could understand if we were talking about a bo0ok or something, but we are writing about our own experiences that had Rage. For me it's a little difficult to truly vent my rage when I am trying to limit myself so that the words fit the norms of a classroom enviornment when I am sitting in the comfort of my own home.


PHYRE2001   02/20/01 12:14 PM                      RE: Yen rage


 I can relate to your complaints about automated voice services and to your problem concerning Japanese currency. The funny thing about your complaint is that I currently work for Bank of Hawaii, which caught my eye when I was reading your discussion. I use to always get upset with automated services because you have to listen to every single number before you can make a selection if you are unfamiliar with the menu options. To a solution to your angerment about automated services, I have found that if you push any numbers all at once, it will automatically connect you to a "real" person operator. I guess the computer feels that you need assistance, so it automatically connects you. There are operators there to assist you, so you can eleveate listening to all that computer jargon.For your yen problem, the only suggestion that I have is that you cannot procrastinate, especially with yen. I know that banks are only alloted so much foreign currency due to balancing and amount regulations. Therefore, the only time the bank would have a lot of yen is when the Japanese tourist exchange it. There is a foreign currency hotline that you can order the yen, but like they told you, it does take a couple of days. In most cases though, throughout the day the will receive more yen from Japanese tourist, and you can ask them to hold on to it for you and give you a call when it they do get it because there are so many tourist in the town area to begin with.


Dahlin 02/19/01 10:40 AM         Yen rage


 Last week I was calling around to exchange United States dollars for Japanese yen. My husband was leaving the very next day for Japan and really needed Japanese currency. He was told that the bank here on base would have yen, but by the time he went to the bank they had completely sold out. The lady at the bank told us that we could find yen at the exchange center at the airport. I decided the airport was to far and opted to call various other banks. Here is where the problem began. I don't like automated recordings. Many times I think my question belongs in one category only to find out I pressed the wrong option. After finding out my mistake I have to wait to find out which number to press to return to the main menu. Now I usually press to speak to a real person the first opportunity I get.Back to the yen problem, finally I got connected with a real person representing the Bank of Hawaii. But only to find out that it takes two days for the banks to process a request for exchanging currency. That was too long because my husband needed it that day! After spending dozens of minutes on the automated recordings then to find out we had to go to the airport anyway just about pushed me to my limit.


sakodash   02/19/01 10:14 PM    RE: little help


 I know what you mean. Doesn't it just suck when your car gets hurt when you didn't even do a thing wrong!! The other week I got into a minor car accident too. The funny thing was that I was in Chinatown, parked in one of those metered parking on the side of the street. I left a little early so I had about a half-an-hour on the meter still yet. So, I saw a guy pull up in the stall in front of me so I ran to his window and told him he could have my spot since I still had all that time left. Well, I jumped back into my car and this guy, I guess he thought I left, pressed his gas pedal and slammed right into the front of my car!! I had this crack in that fiber glass part right below the bumper and my license plate was almost bent in half. Thank God he didn't just run away or try to blame it on me or anything but needless to say, just that fiber glass part cost $150 (at his expense). Cars just seem too expense to drive already!!


BC3   02/19/01 7:38 PM                        little help


 Well, I got into a little accident over the weekend. I think it is safe to say that I was full of rage, due to the fact that my new car was dented by another car in a parking lot! The person didn't leave a note or anything. I came up to it and there it was, on my back bumper, a dent about the size of a license plate. Now, truthfully, it is not that bad, becuase it looks like 2 scratches, but come on, it's my new car. I can imagine that the person who hit me just decided to leave because they probably didn't want to deal with me and didn't really feel like dishing out extra cash because they caused an accident. Talk about being steamed. I don't think I'm at that stage where I can just say "so what" or that the other person was just having a bad day. I'm pissed.


rie2001 02/19/01 9:05 PM                      Insensitive people!!


 I think all you guys know about the incident of Japanese ship and the American submarine. I was so shocked and felt so sorry for the victims when I saw that on TV. But there are some unbelievablly insensitive people aroud! I was at some restaurant last night with my friends. There was a couple sitting next table. They were talking about the incident. I was almost chocked on food when the guy said that "Anyway, that's minor thing... Japan depends on American military and they need our help, you know. They will forget about this soon.." I am so sure that he thought me and my friends don't understand English. He kept lecturing to his girlfriend and seem to be so proud of himself.I was so upset. Then we started our conversation in English to let him know that we DO know some English. He looked at us and blushed finally realizing what he had said means to us, Japanese.I am not going to bring up the issue of dioplomatic relations between the U.S and Japan here, but I just couldn't believe that he could say such a insensitive thing!! I wanted to give him a slap so bad. I think that incident was a tragedy caused by careless mistakes of submarine. Whatevers the cause is, it is the fact that some innocent high school student died, and he shouldn't say anythig like this. It is his freedom to say whatever he wants to say in the public, but he should know that he just looked incompetent good-for-nothing guy. I hope his girlfriend realize how inconsidarate and insensitive he is.


shaun56   02/19/01 9:15 PM                   hacker rage


 You wanna know what really sucks. Since I got DSL, I've noticed that hackers like to hack p[eople who are directly connected to the web at all times. Every single time I get on the internet, I get hacked by the same fricken person avery single time, and every ten minutes or so. I got this Black ice defender firewall, but everytime I try to block this attecker, it doesn't block the hacker. So what am I to do? Should I trust him/her, or should I just ignore him/her. I just can't understand why them hackers cannot just leave us all alone. What is their problem. Nothing better to do I guess, besides sit at the computer and f@#* people's $#!t up huh! Get a life hackers!


sakodash   02/20/01 10:11 PM    RE: Daiei rage


 Hi, sorry, just wanted to let you know that the light was on for that register even though that station was closed. I thought that was pretty stupid because it's kinda misleading. For me, I tend to just look if that little numbered light is on above the register without even looking if there are signs on that conveyer belt thing. Thanks for answering my forum though!! :)


TVR   02/20/01 2:26 PM                       RE: Daiei rage


 Wow, sorry to hear about that but was there any other registar's open. You said that you went to the only registar with the light on, so there was no other registars open, right. Or, was all the register's closed for 20-30 minutes. If this was the case, I would think that Daiei is retarded because they could be losing sales and/or losing valuable customers.On the other hand, if there was only one register open and there was a long line because you seemed to be there for a long time for one item. Then to me, that would be even more retarded. Wouldn't you think that a supervisor or someone would say to the people stocking to help or something. Even if they couldn't use the registar, helping to bag would have helped out. I don't think customers should be waiting in line that long.


PHYRE2001   02/20/01 12:32 PM                      RE: Daiei rage


 I can relate to what you are saying about these 24 hour stores. I really do not understand why the have to close all the registers for a half an hour so that they can do their night register procedures. To me, the whole purpose of a store being open 24 hours is a matter of convenience for its customers, but the closing of registers is not very convenient. I can understand that all registers need to be night audited for balancing procedures, but I cannot understand why they all must be done at the same time. In most stores, they never use all of the register in a given day. I wonder why they cannot have two registers closed at 11 to do the night auditing. Then when 12 comes around they can re-open those two registers and close the rest of them for nightly auditing. Sometimes I think that people just don't think!!


charisseo   02/20/01 1:27 AM                 RE: Daiei rage


 i can understand your frustration. i found one night that safeway does the same thing sometime between 11-12pm. it's so frustrating. for me i think that if i go to the market at that hour i should be in and out in no time. but first i have to wait for them to finishe the register thing. then i have to wait in line, with all the other people waiting, becuase they only open TWO registers at the most. walmart also does this register thing right before midnight for about the same time, twenty minutes. but when they open up the usually open severval registers, so it's not too bad. my solution for the markets that open 24 hours is that they have a side register that will manually ring up the items or have scan it reguarlly on the comupter then input it in the computer when the all the register's open up. that way customers are not left waiting and waiting to buy products.


sakodash   02/19/01 10:27 PM    Daiei rage


 I should start off by saying that I don't entirely blame Daiei for my being so pissed off the other night. I know if I just went a little earlier then all this would never have happened.I NEEDED to go get a water cooler from Daiei on Saturday night for a match I had Sunday morning. I had forgotten about getting one till the last minute so my boyfriend and I rushed to Daiei at about 1:30 in the morning. I just wanted to grab it and go since I had to wake up early the next morning. Anyway, we go there and I find what I want (plus a little looking around) :) and I stand in line (one with a lighted number). I'm looking around for somebody, anybody to ring us up. Then I see this sign on the register saying that the registers will be closed for the next 20-30 minutes. I just wanted to know why they need to close the registers for? It's not like they were doing anything on there or anything. All the workers there were just stocking shelves--is that why they closed it? Does anyone know why registers need to be closed? By the time I got home it was like 2:30 and I was just dozing off into sleep when my boyfriends 3-month-old neice, whom we are babysitting, wakes up screaming at about 3:30 in the morning! That was just a horrible night!!


MadHatter808   02/23/01 7:21 PM          RE: Statistics rage!!


 Hey, I know how you feel. I don't like feeling lost in lecture either especially after I thought I read the chapter carefully. When you feel all boiled up like that, it helps to go see the TA or the prof about it to clear things up. If they're super busy during office horus (which they probably are since this seems to be like a course students might have difficulty with), you could always email the TA. I find most TAs are receptive to that and can help out a lot if you ask good questions. Moreover, going to their office hours might help you to understand better through other people's questions that are probably similar to yours. I've had a couple of stats courses and am taking methods now (PSY 212) and from my understanding of it, central tendency is measured by the mode, median, or mean while variability is due to differences in measurements taken from observations that actually make up the distribution (and hence determine its shape). Variability can also either be *intrasubject* which is due to differences in measurement for the same subject (or person, animal, or thing) or *intersubject* which is due to differences in observed measurements between subjects (so a measurement is taken from each person, animal or thing). So in the second case, if you have 100 people and you measure each person's height, they'll all be different, and hence their heights will *vary*. If you plot all these measurements on a graph, you'll end up with a distribution curve that'll reflect that variability. From that curve, you can also calculate the central tendency (the mode, median, or mean, whichever measure they specify to use--usually it's the mean, though). Thus variability determines the shape of the curve and from the actual observed measurements themselves, you can calculate central tendency.


charisseo   02/20/01 1:14 AM                 RE: Statistics rage!!


 hello,i was also at the study session on monday night for soc 225. i found it helpful, but, i'm still a little blurry on some of the sections. what makes me more discouraged is that i was sick so i missed on lecture. my car battery died so i missed another lecture. then i had to meet with my teacher reguarding me enrolling in her class, so i missed another lecture. so right now i feel like i'm catching up more than studing. i do agree with you when you say this class is hard. it's nothing like any other class i've taken. so all the information is new to me. for example problems are nothing like any math class that i have taken before. and the problems are nothing like the material in psy 210. but i just hope i do okay on the exam on thrusday. good luck on the exam!


sakodash   02/19/01 10:35 PM    Statistics rage!!


 Is anyone taking the SOCS 225 class? Well, all I have to say is that it's too hard!! I just can't understand when to use what central tendency or variability in certain problems. Tonight, we had a review session for 2 1/2 hours and I left there still in a slight daze. I just hope that I'm not the only one not understanding all this statistics stuff! What makes me even more worried is that I know this girl who's taking this class for like the 4th time. I really don't want to be like her and flunk statistics. I think I'm just scared to take this test!!


snowhawaii 02/20/01 9:00 PM    RE: Library rage!!


 Why not? I would ask if I can get the same book by myself. It will help them too, because they don't have to take trouble to get. If you're sure the book on is same as one you borroed from the library, why don't you go ask? If they say no, then you have to pay $60. But if it's o.K. to get the book by yourself, you pay only $5, and save $55. I think it's big.Also I would call the public library if they still keep the book which was returned wrong. Somebody may laugh at you? Who cares?Everybody does these kind of mistakes. It wasn't on purpose, and you are willing to compensate. I don't see any problem to just ask if you can get the same book cheaper.


sakodash   02/19/01 10:49 PM    Library rage!!


 Wow, sitting here trying to remember everything I got made at all week, really brings up a lot to talk about!! :) I hope that doesn't just make me an angry person!Anyway, I'm so mad at myself for losing a book from our library. I just can't seem to find it anywhere!! I think that I was actually stupid enough to return it to the public library--at the time I had a whole bunch of books from both UH and the public library for a research paper. Anyway, when I went to the library last week, I found out I owed $60 for this book!! I was so angry because on I found the exact same book for $5!! How can these prices be so ridiculously off?!! Do you think I can buy the book at Amazon and just give it the library in place of the book I lost? It seems reasonable to me...I'm just too afraid to ask in case I get yelled at or even worse, laughed at by all those library people!!


AnimalLover 02/19/01 11:18 PM                        No Rage


 I would say this has been a good weekend because I have had absolutely no road rage. I guess I sort of prevented it because I wasn't in a mindframe to get irritated easily. I was pretty laid back this weekend so I just got in my car and went on my merry way. I left early for work so that I wouldn't blame everyone else for making me late and I tried to be more conscious of what I was doing so that I didn't leave myself open to stupid situations. I spent the whole weekend thinking that I haven't had any examples of road rage yet so something is going to happen to me just for having a positive attitude but I'm happy to say that nothing has happened so far.



6slim6shady6 02/19/01 11:58 PM                       Concert Rage


 A couple months ago when I was visiting my sister on the mainland I went to a Eminem/Limp Bizkit concert and the house was packed. It amazing how these musical artists are able to take all of their anger and release it in their music. It is truely a gift to be able to channel your negative energy into a productive form of art. If you have ever listened to a Limp Bizkit song you know that it is packed with agrssion, but when it is performed live the aggression is amplified a countless number of times. When you go to one of these concerts you really can tell who is there to enjoy the music and , and who is there because they were bored. It is really stupid when someone tries to release their negative energy onto another person, especially at a limp bizkit/eminem concert. Pretty much every song they sing is a release of negative energy, but some people in the mosh pit just get drunk and start throwing punches. They are not even fans of the music, and they try to spoil it for the people that want to enjoy the music.



charisseo   02/20/01 1:20 AM                 being sick rage


 two weeks ago i was sick and missed two days of class. although this is not alot of class to miss i am finding myself still catching up with my work. i've done the assigments asssigned but, there is all the reading i did not get to while i was sick. with my exam coming up this thrusday i feel as though i'm catching up on my work instead of reviewing and studing for my exam. in addition to missing class and studing i used my either all or at least half of my excused absents for all my classe! and it's still the begining of the semester!! oh well i just have to make sure i don't miss any more class for the rest of the semester.


MsLacey 02/20/01 8:32 AM       Airport Rage


 This weekend I flrw to the Big Island. Traditonally the airlines oversell their flights, but it usually works out because people don't show up and don't cancel their reservations. Unfortunatlly this was not the case this weekend. Everyone and their brother showed up for the flights. People with confirmed tickets and boarding passes were getting bumped from the flights. Talk about rage! People were freaking out at the poor employees at the counter like it was their fault. It was obvious that the flights were over full. I got bumped one flight and then the next one they let too many people on my plane and some of them had to get off. On the upside I got to fly first class because their wern't enough seats in coach.


shaun56   02/22/01 7:58 PM       RE: No Aircon. Rage


 I agree with you. I have three cars and they all don't have AC. But let me tell you, there are ways to cope with it, and they are all legal. First, try to not wear dark colored clothes when you are driving between the hours of 10-2. Second, try to drive next to tall trucks or vans to catch the shade. Third, try to get your windows tinted so the heat is not contained in your car. And fourth, try to get a new car(just kiddin'). But actually, I find it most effective to just listen to the favorite CD of your choice and RELAX!


TVR   02/20/01 2:14 PM           RE: No Aircon. Rage


 Yup, I know exactly what your talking about. I also don't have any aircon in my car and I find myself really irriatated when it's hot. When your hot, sweaty, and stuck in traffic is the worst. I'm usually thinking to myself for the people to drive a little faster so I can get a stronger breeze! I also see myself driving faster and cutting off people when it's hot. I don't think that I do it on purpose but I feel like just getting to my destination and getting out. It feels like I'm couped up in a hot stove and I hate that feeling.On the other hand, I don't see myself acting or driving like this when it's cool. This is why I totally agree with you about how Hawaii's temp greatly influences bad driving and road rage. I guess were just going to have to get use to it for now.


MsLacey 02/20/01 8:36 AM       No Aircon. Rage


 I think this is relevant in Hawaii because it directly leads to bad driving and road rage: No Air Conditioning. The aircon in my car is on the fritz and it makes driving a miseable exspereance. If I am stuck in hot traffic I will get cranky and go out of my way to cut in front of someone to get off the freeway faster. The heat also makes me spaced out and I pay less attention to what I a doing, and how I am driving.


PHYRE2001   02/20/01 12:21 PM                      CO-WORKER RAGE!!


 Have you ever gone into to work to relieve your co-worker and all the work is there for you to complete. This happens to me from time to time, and I end up wondering what they did all day. I went into work on Sunday morning, and maybe it was just the fact that it was Sunday, and no one likes to work on Sunday. I went into work to only find the office a big mess. My co-worker was running around like a chicken without his head, trying to finish his work. There were no customers around, and I looked at the place, and there was no customer in sight. There were stacks of paper work all over the place, that is suppose to be completed by the night person. It would not have been so bad if he explained to me that he just had a hard time keeping up, but instead, the minute I walked in he asked me if he could leave. Technically I cannot make him stay, and its his mistake if he does not complete the paper work. But, if he does not complete his paperwork, my paperwork will be all off. I was furious, and of course I told him to leave because I felt like ripping his head off. I don't understand how some people can care so little about job performance, and on top of that put in onto another co-worker. I understand he was busy, but I get busy too, and I don't put my work onto someone else.


PHYRE2001   02/20/01 12:26 PM                      REALIZING REALITY


 I think that I have finally found a way to control some of my workplace rage, at least towards the customers anyways. They always say the golden rule concerning customers is that customers are always right. Working in retail for the past six years, has made me realize that they are not always right. In fact, nine out of ten times they are wrong. I have realized though, it is up to us, the worker, to be better than that. Is it really worth getting yourself all worked up because a customer yelled at you because you did something. I just feel that I am there to service and help customers, but it is still my choice to do so. So, if a customer gets you upset, just no that you may never see them again, or you don't have to help them the next time they come in. You always have the right to be treated like a human being, and if you are not, then just let the customer know you will no longer be services them because of their lack of respect for people and for the company, in a polite way of course!!


skyblue   02/21/01 2:52 PM                    RE: theft rage!!


 I totally understand your frustration! If the thief/thieves were so desperate to steal both side view mirrors, they should have just bought their own pair! But...No! The kleptomaniac(s) had to snatch it without caring and considering how costly the parts are. Unfortunately, I have a neighbor, a "kleptomaniac" who is around 20 years old now. My neighbor has stole too many things from our family. His deviant behavior came to a point when he stole my pager from inside our house. So everytime I see him outside of his house, all I want to do is kick his butt! Instead, I observe his unpredictable mischievious behavior and maintain self-restraint. I'm sorry to hear what had happen and I hope someone blesses you with money or offers a new pair of side view mirrors.


TVR   02/20/01 1:59 PM                       theft rage!!


 It's was Sunday night and I had just came home from a long day at work. There was someone inside my parking stall so I had to look for parking on the street. I parked my car, locked my doors, and set my alarm. Hopefully, this would deter thives away from my car. Boy, was I wrong. The next morning, I had to wake up early because I had to run the Great Aloha Run. I jumped into my car and started it up. I looked out the window to see if it was clear to go but then I noticed something strange. I looked out my side view mirrors and I couldn't see anything. I was wondering what the problem was so I got out of my car and looked at it. What had happen was someone took both of the side view mirrors. This really made me mad but I couldn't do anything. I had to go down to the run already. I was late already and I didn't want to miss the race. So I just drove off. This is one reason why I got enraged. But the second was the amount of money it will take to replace the parts. The manufacture said that I can't just replace the part but I have to buy the entire assembly. This will cost me some bucks@!!!!!!!!!


Watashi_No 02/20/01 6:33 PM   Car Alarm Irritations


 I know alot of people have car alarms for the very reason of someone not breaking in and stealing anything. But please, please, please if you are not going to go out and check your car to see why the alarm went off then please do not turn it on. I know a friend that had a car alarm. One night he turned it on and went to sleep, the next day it was broken into. The alarm went off and he didn't check to see why. Just because an alarm goes off DOES NOT mean that other people will look outside windows to see why!! I think people are so desensitized to car alarms already that no one looks anymore. If the alarm keeps on going off because it is too sensitive then that is just a waste of money. There is a car where my aunt lives and every time a big truck goes by it, (which is every 5 minutes!), the alarm goes off and the person doesn't stop it. I am so tired of car alarms going off at 3 or 4 in the morning and the owner lets the alarm go on forever without even checking to see why it went off in the first place. I wish people would atleast take responsibility for their cars and not put it on other people to watch their cars for them or be bothered by the alarms ringing unnecessarily.


carlisle   02/20/01 8:08 PM                     Wittness to coffee rage


 This is kind of funny. Today, I was standing in line to get my daily dose of coffee. Anyways, there was this lady infront of me who was mumbling something really loud, about her being in rush to get to work. I mean if she was trying to get the attention of the coffee maker person she was not doing a very good job of it. I was standing there thinking gee, I must look pretty stupid when I am mumbling something to myself while waiting for coffee. I take it as, chill out women, you gonna get your daily dose of coffe in just a minute. There is no sense to get mad if you are going to get your coffee in the end. Besides the lady at the coffee stand was not quite ready to serve people yet. I just thought it was pretty funny. Now I know not to mumble to myself when I am in a rush in the morning, because I would only look like a carzy person in people's eye's.


virtual-b 02/24/01 11:37 AM       RE: Calling Okinawa Rage


 Yes, calling foreign countries can be difficult. My brother's wife lives in the Philippines and he lives here, so he knows first hand how frustrating calling long distance can be. He uses a phone card, and calls her cellular phone. The connection is so terrible that half the time, my brother is yelling. I remember talking to my sister-in-law for the first time on the phone. Then later when I traveled to the Philippines, I found out that her voice is much different than the phone connection made it out to be. She said the same about my voice. And if the she goes to mountainous areas, which practically everyday in the Philippines, the phone just won't get a connection. I can always tell when my brother is calling long distance when he is talking normally, then abruptly stops, and has to dial the number again.


carlisle   02/20/01 8:27 PM                     Calling Okinawa Rage


 I do not know how many of you people out there call a different country on a daily basis or every other month or something. Well, my frustration or rage with using the telephone is this. My husband is in Okinawa for pump with the marine corps and we have a DSN number which allows us to call for free. I love that. But, what pisses the heck out of me is that at certain times the line to the operator is busy. I can call at other times, but the times that I call are the most convient to call him. Since they are a day ahead of us. I can call and call and call, and the connection is still busy. As it is I have to dial at least 18 numbers or more just to be connected to him in Okinawa. But, I have come to this conclusion. There is no sense for me to get inraged because, I am not the only wife that may be having this problem. And I could also buy a phone card but that is not free so I deal with the busy signal. Besides, him being in Okinawa will not be for long and those operators on the other line are busy. I use to get so upset in the begining, but I have gotten us to it.


MadHatter808   02/23/01 7:04 PM          RE: Kids Rage


 I think you have the right idea. Parents ought to teach their kids how to behave in public places, the theatre no doubt, being one of them. I would get exrcuciatingly irritated in the same situation and probably'd tell the parents to please ask their child to keep it down b/c we were in a theatre. Sometimes parents need to be reminded of that lesson too. If they were too irritated to do so, I'd probably move to another seat if one were available (actually, I'd probably do this first unless I thought the parents looked receptive enough to take some advice). My problem is with children who are seemingly well-behaved in public but are completely different in private. It seems like most people tend to just let it all hang out when their at home and all the courtesy and respect just goes out the window.


ddestrad   02/23/01 10:00 AM                RE: Kids Rage


 I completely agree with all of your responses, the parents shouldn't have taken there child to a movie if it is going to be hard for the kid to understand. For respect to the others who paid for the movie they should have been less annoying about it. It's just as bad as two adults at a movie and talking throughout the whole thing, the parents of the child should have been more respectful. The worst thing about children today, which doesnt' pertain to this exactly but kids nowadays have no respect for anyone. Exspecially back home in New Jersey, kids like 4 and up are just horrible. There is a whole lot of poor parenting going on, kids at age 5 saying the f-word. I can't sit here and say i have a great choice of vocabulary but I think I'm a big girl and can take care of myself, I know when and where not to speak like that. For example my best friend back home has two younger siblings around 7 and 5. Her parents are not good parents. They set such horrible examples in front of the kids, and they curse so bad as well. Their son who is 5 learned the f-word like 2 years ago and says it all the time, in perfect context, like when he's angry and mad at you. He also calls women bitches if they are mean or if he doesn't get his way. Let me tell you how I would have loved to slap that kid around, he completely models his father. The worst thing about it is, is that they find it cute, "awww,cody said f***" and they'll laugh about, he's their only son so anything he says or does is just cute. Screw that my kid will never curse and that will be because i will censor myself in front of them. After babysitting those kids numerously I'm probably sterile anyway.


kathyhirokane 02/21/01 5:29 PM            RE: Kids Rage


 i agree with not bringing young kids to the movies. find a babysitter or something! sometimes i wonder how parents can bring a baby to the movies. do they think the baby will enjoy the movie? i don't think so! and, when the baby cries or starts to get noisy, some people don't even remove themselves to be courteous to others! that is even worse!! there should a rule that says if your child cannot stay quiet throughout the whole movie, then don't bring them. of course, not only children are noisy.. some adults are idiots, too, and talk through the movie. but it's mainly kids.


MAX676 02/20/01 11:59 PM                 RE: Kids Rage


 No, you should not be more tolerant. The parents should be responsible for their childs actions. Some people cannot even take responsibilities for their own actions, and my guess is, the kids parents probably fit into that category. People arn't stupid, they can tell if they are being rude and disruptive. People need to start realizing that they are not the only people going out to watch a movie. I know that when I go to a movie I want to escape from my life and relax, and I understand how a blabbering kid would get on your nerves. I know that children have a hard time understanding things, and they ask a lot of questions, but their parents have to teach them when it is apropriate to do so. Maybe the movie was a little unsuiting for the childs taste, and you were destined to sit next to him. But look on the good side, atleast you weren't sitting next to someone who had an impecable body odor.


snowhawaii 02/20/01 8:34 PM                Kids Rage


 First of all, I don't want you take me wrong. I like kids, and I think I'm good at plyaing with them too.I went to movie on the last weekend. The kid sitting behind me kept talking and asking questions to his parents. His parents, I expected them to tell the kid to be quiet. However they responded to him every time. There was no "Sh!". It irritated me a lot. I couldn't focus my attention on the movie. As I was getting irritated, it was harder to concentrate on watching movie.My rage is not toward the kid, rather toward his parents. If the kid is not old enough to stay quiet, they should not take him to the movie, or they should take him to the Kids' movie.I don't wanna interfere their parenting style. Actually, it is good to response to all his questions. But in public placce, they should concern about others, and it's their responsibility to teach their kid to consider about other people.They could tell him, "Be quiet, everybody is watching movie. I can explain later at home." or something like that.Or should I be more torelant?


AnimalLover 03/08/01 11:14 PM                        RE: Kid Almost Hit By A Car


 It sucks that the little girl had to go through that! I know when I was little I almost got hit by a car but it was my fault because I ran in front of the car but it was scary as hell and I totally learned my lesson and now I'm pretty careful. It's worse in that case because it wasn't even the girls fault and she had to go through that. I've notice that in town that happens to me a lot, I will be crossing the street and some rude car will stop like right in front of me and wait for me to get out of their way so they can go. It's rude because I have the right of way and I feel like I have to hurry across the street to get out of their way. I tell you, some people!


shaun56   02/22/01 7:38 PM                   RE: Kid Almost Hit By A Car


 Yeah man, stupid f#*&kin lady. Nah, Daniel, I think that it is wrong to curse the lady with the wrath of the incidence happening on her, but instead, you should hope she doesn't do it again. I also think that it could've been partly the kid's fault;but I truly do not know, because I wasn't there. But there is the agreement on those stupid-no lookin'-right hand turn-drivers. I do believe that people take it for granted that the coast is always clear. I think it is pure laziness, and the fact that everyone's trying to get from point A to point B in the quickest amount of time possible. What's the fricken rush, unless it's an emergency. But then again, what is considered an emergency? Is it the need to pee, the lady giving birth in the car, or the kid who has to go to the soccer game? I guess it is all just subjective on our part huh! Later~


MAX676 02/20/01 11:30 PM     RE: Kid Almost Hit By A Car


 I hate people like that. This lady needs to be aware of what she is doing because she could have killed this little girl. Whenever I'm in a situation similar to the one this lady was in, I make sure that I am not going to put anyone in danger because I know that a car is a very powerfull object. Some people just don't value 'life.' It is a terrible thing to put a childs life in danger, and not having the courtesy to apologize makes it even worse. Situations like these remind me that you can never be to carefull, especially if you are looking after a young child. You probably realized that this little girl could have been you sister, and that is a very scary thought, but it could also be a blessing in disguise.


Daniel1978   02/20/01 8:57 PM             Kid Almost Hit By A Car


 I was walking home from school today. I was at the corner of King and University. The light turned green for all of us to cross towards Kinko's. A young girl (about 9) with light brown hair was crossing right in front of me. A car that was stopped began to make a right turn (perfectly legal), with out seeing the kid. Just at the last possible second the car screached to a halt. I think the bumper just grazed the child. The stupid ^*#$@ lady driving didn't even apologize to the child. The kid ran across the street as fast as she could. She was scared stiff. When the rest of us (Pedestrians) looked at the driver, she just turned her head and avoided eye contact. She knew she had done something HORRIBLY wrong, but didn't want to acknowledge it to the rest of us. You see this happen all the time. Stupid drivers taking right turns without looking, but when it happen to a child, it seems all too real. Very scary. What if is were my little sister crossin that street? As bad as it sounds, I hope the driver of the car finds herself in the same situation that the little girl was. Aside from that, I can't see her driving improving at all.


MAX676 02/20/01 11:41 PM                 Rage in the Moshpit


 A couple months ago when I was visiting my sister on the mainland I went to a Eminem/Limp Bizkit concert and the house was packed. It amazing how these musical artists are able to take all of their anger and release it in their music. It is truely a gift to be able to channel your negative energy into a productive form of art. If you have ever listened to a Limp Bizkit song you know that it is packed with agrssion, but when it is performed live the aggression is amplified a countless number of times. When you go to one of these concerts you really can tell who is there to enjoy the music and , and who is there because they were bored. It is really stupid when someone tries to release their negative energy onto another person, especially at a limp bizkit/eminem concert. Pretty much every song they sing is a release of negative energy, but some people in the mosh pit just get drunk and start throwing punches. They are not even fans of the music, and they try to spoil it for the people that want to enjoy the music.


snowhawaii 02/21/01 3:06 PM                Elevator down rage


 When my friend or somebody says "f__k", I'm the one to say "Excuse me!?". But I used the f-word today though nobody could hear me.I went to Sosical Science Building to do homework this afternoon. When I arrived there, I saw the notice just saying "Down" at the elevator.All three were down. But there was nobody who is trying to fix the elevators.Climbing stairs to 6th floor was so discouraging. But I had no choice. I didn't walk back to Sinclair either.So I climbed up to 6th floor, and went to the computer lab, andI started working on my homework as I usually do. Normally there is no class this time today. However only after 15 minutes or so, many people started to gather in the lab, and the lab monitor said "we have class now." I asked him if I can stay in the lab and keep doing homework because sometimes there's no problem to do so depending on the teacher or lab monitor.But his answer was no.So what I did was walking down the stairs to the ground floor again.I climbed up to 6th floor to use the computer just for 15minutes!I was so upset. But I know I could complain to nobody. I just had no luck. And I got to know people says "f__k" in these kind of situations.


virtual-b 02/24/01 11:24 AM                   RE: Social Science 635 Lab Rage


 I agree with what you're saying. If there is more than enough computers for the class and you were not disturbing them, then why should you leave? The lab hours are stated on the door, and they should be open at those hours. I know that the student lab monitor who works there always seems to even open the lab a few minutes before the stated hours. I personally think that as a university, we should have more labs that open around the clock. And that those labs have the basic applications on the computers. Students like myself do not own a computer and cannot afford to buy one. It's a miracle that I've lasted this long without a computer. I remember taking ICS 101 as a core requirement, and the computer labs for ICS would always usher me out the door when classes began. Over the semesters, I've learned some tips to cope. Sinclair clic lab is open on saturdays, pclab is open until 9pm on weekdays, and if you forget to bring a diskette to save your work on, you can ftp your files to your uhunix account for storage.


Number11BUS   02/23/01 4:15 PM                    RE: Social Science 635 Lab Rage


 Hello skyblue,I know EXACTLY what you mean because it happened to me on the 21st as well, probably the same professor. Yep, rude! Now I checked the large-pring door posting on hours reserved for classes in particular and open times for the lab in general. I went back in today (Friday-2/23) and completed my work, however, I was most peeved at being shoooooooooed out of the room. And I was told the shooooooing would be in effect for two hours for this course XXX. It really made me feel quite irritated. As a student, the lab had not properly posted all the schedules for the lab room--nor had the TA been in the room at any time that I was there (and there have been a number of attempts, by me, to work in the lab). So, there was no one to ask questions of, there was no one to resolve the hours with, much less the directions. AND, as the time for our usual Monday 2/19 class was a holiday--you guessed it--I was home working on my computer just coding the report1 data. I have now been SUCCESSFUL in uploading my report on this Friday 2/23. I feel much better now that I have accomplished what I started out to do in the first place, upload and check out the report1. (Anyone else reading this having trouble with the FTP upload, I may have some of the answers, e-mail me, and I'll pass along what I know.) Sure hope you have a better day today. I did.Number11BUS


skyblue   02/21/01 5:12 PM                    Social Science 635 Lab Rage


 I'm diligently working on my web page for psychology class without disturbing anyone in the corner at the very end and somewhat hidden from the entrance, so if other classes come in, I don't have to worry about dividing the students/groups. What really irritated me was when two instructors from two different classes at two separate times announced, "If anyone is not enrolled in Sociology ###, then you must leave now!" I couldn't understand why two different instructors said that when their class takes up only half of the seats in SOCSC Lab 635. If the class has to take all the seats, I would be glad to give up mine. However, the lab monitor didn't give his input so I remained in my seat. I don't see a need to kick out UH students especially when he/she is not disrupting the class. I guess some instructors don't realize that UH students enrolled in any Social Sciences course, provided that they opened an account there, can use the computers in SOCSC BLDG 635. Unfortunately, this lab is the only place I know on campus that students have access to Microsoft Front Page because the program is not offered at Clic Lab.


kathyhirokane 02/21/01 5:16 PM            motorcycle, moped rage!


 my rage for today is: mopeds and motorcycles!!!Today as I was driving home at around 4:30 pm, which is rush hour, i see this guy on a motorcycle driving between lanes! He was squeezing his butt through the fast lane and middle lanes, like he didn't have to follow any rules! What an idiot! I was hoping that someone would cut him off or something. I also hate it when motorcycle riders ride on the side of the road! Hello! That is illegal!!!! Obviously these people need to read the driving manual again! The same goes for moped riders, who think they are above the law and pass car drivers left and right, regardless of who they endanger. These people really need to start using their brains, if they have any!


ikibobo 03/13/01 11:12 PM                    RE: tiffanyandco. rage!!!


 I have had similar problems with tiffany and company! AARRRGGGGHHH!!First of all, they would not help me, even though I waited patiently for 10 minutes. I know that they work on commission, and that I apparently don't have that "got a whole lot of money to burn" look, but a simple "May I help you?" never could hurt. I only wanted to have the jewelry my boyfriend bought for me polished. When someone was ready to "help" me, they shooed me away to the "customer service" window, were the guy supposed to work the window, told me he'd be "just a minute", while he unnecessarily "supervised" a transaction for another customer which two sales people and a manager were also helping. He was the "polisher" for Christs' sake, not supervisor of the cash register! Anyways, you should have got the lady's name so that you could write her up for discrimination!!!!


meow24 02/24/01 10:39 AM                  RE: tiffanyandco. rage!!!


 I can't believe what they did to you guys... oh, must have felt really bad. I know how you feel, because I don't go into those boutique stores unless I'm dressed "properly", you know. With so many "rich" tourists in Hawaii, sales people really don't care to help customers that don't look "rich" enough to buy their products.I went to Gucci to buy my sister's B-day present last month and I found out that even if you buy something from them, they don't really care if you only buy one or two items.Aren't these sales people filled up with the "attitude"? They are there to help customers, but what they are doing is they are judging us by our appearance and decide who gets their attention.I'm so fed up with their attitude, I really hate going to boutique stores anymore.


leis 02/24/01 2:26 AM    RE: tiffanyandco. rage!!!


 I am glad to hear that you said you would boycott Sears.I have another reason but I have also made a decision not to buy at Sears. Please read the previous my comment of "Department Store Rage." It is just about Sears! How on earth do they concern about customers? What they want is just money. Only a solution what we can do is just stopping being customers.


silverfox2001 02/22/01 12:58 PM                       RE: tiffanyandco. rage!!!


 If I was you I would shop at Bens and Bridges just for the fact that they take care of their customers and leave a prejudice store like Tiffany's alone. If they cannot accept you just as you are then your money should not be wasted on a company like that. I had the same thing happen to me and my husband in a sense. He and I had just got off from work and we were going to look for a big screen tv. So the first place we tried was at Sears. We were looking at the tv's and I saw one that I liked so I wanted more information on it and everytime I tried to get help at the ALA MOANA store no one would help me. I felt insulted. So, I walked out. I decided to try the PEARLRIDGE one and the same thing happen. So, I decided I didn't need a big screen tv and boycott Sears ever since then


snowhawaii 02/21/01 7:58 PM                RE: tiffanyandco. rage!!!


 I really understand your rage because it happens sometimes to me too.Especially in Waikiki, or Ala Moana shopping center which are the Japanese-tourists dominant, the service persons' attentions are only toward Japanese tourists.They are very helpful to me at first, but as soon as they find out I'm not a tourist, but a student here, they just leave, and obviously show no interest to me.And they definitely discriminate from our outfits too. When I dress fancy, they normally treat me very polite, but when I dress just casual, they don't even say hi to me in the worst case.I definitely agree that they should treat all customers equally.Because they'll never know, the one who wears just a T-shirt and shorts may buy a 0.5 ct diamond ring impulsively.


kathyhirokane 02/21/01 5:22 PM            tiffanyandco. rage!!!


 My boyfriend and I went to Tiffany's on Sunday to look at some rings. Well, we were wearing just junky clothes, nothing fancy. Of course people were looking at us, since all the customers in there were Japanese tourists. All the people who worked there never asked us if we needed help and this one guy who worked there kept staring at us. Did he think we were going to rob the place?? One woman who worked there had just finished helping a Japanese tourist couple and I was about to ask her to help us, but then a whole bunch of more Japanese tourists walked by, and she turned away to help them instead. Whatevers! Finally we found someone to help us. She was nice, but when I asked to see a 3 carat ring (which is humongous), she said it was too expensive for us and wouldn't take it out of the case. My boyfriend asked her how much it cost, and then she took it out, since she had to look at the tag on the ring. How rude! Just because we're not dressed in suits and whatevers, doesn't mean that we can't afford to buy something in the store! I think that they should be nice to anyone there, because we may or may not go back, depending on the service.


kathyhirokane 02/21/01 5:35 PM            getting rid of some rage


 in class tuesday, i brought up a story about a co-worker who is a total witch. my classmates and professor james said that i should have everyone who feels the same way about her write their opinion down. well, i had the chance to do that today at work! sort of. all of the people that i work with are going on a seminar thing to re-evaluate everything that's going on at work. i guess to improve efficiency, or something. the students that work there aren't going, but everyone else is. anyways. i was asked to fill out a questionaire about what i felt about the clinic, what i liked, disliked, i wrote down that i didn't feel comfortable working with this particular person and that she should be confronted about it. now i feel good that i got this off my chest and that everyone will read it! thank goodness my name isn't on it. she would probably try to get revenge on me!


carlisle   02/24/01 10:40 PM                   RE: Sister Rage


 I understand where you are coming from. I have two older sisters, both are about 14 to 15 years olders then me. So, like most olders, they think they no everything. Well, at least that is how my sisters think. My experience with rage was with the middle sister. She can call and call every hour on the hour to remind me to put her mail together so that she can come and pick it up. She lives someplace else and she does not want to change her address. It gets so frustrating for me because she keeps calling to remind me of the smallest things. And to make things worse she call me at 3 o'clock in the morning tell me that she is coming over and to put her mail together. I found myself just hanging up the phone a couple of times, and I also found myself taking on a sassy tone with her. But, I have come to the conclusion that, getting all worked up over something like gathering mail, is small banana's. I just spoke to my sister in a civil tone and told her that I would appreciate it if she would stop calling me every hour on the hour to remind me of something so piety. So, she only calls me once to remind me to do something for her.


silverfox2001 02/22/01 12:46 PM                       Sister Rage


 My rage this week has to do with sisters. My sister who happens to be younger than me thinks she has to be the big boss in charge everytime we are going on a trip together. Last year she planned the trip and it felt like we were always running to catch a plane or we never got enough time to do anything. Or we got booted out of hotel rooms because they would only book it for one night and have everyone sleeping in one room the next night. I felt I needed another vacation after a vacation. However, this year was suppose to be my turn to book our annual vacation, it started out that I was making all the arrangements and confirming everyone's vacation time and getting things in order. Then, what does she do, she changes all the plans and start rebooking everything under different dates and just doing things on her own and feel she just going to do what she likes. On top of that she was suppose to stay home this year and take care of her new house. Instead, she is making arrangements for everyone else. That it got to the escalation of ragggge, that I felt like boxing her to the next world. Instead, I stepped away from the scene and brought my temperature back down to 98.2 degrees. Before, I regret what I might do to her. On the psychological part, I decided to pull out and not travel with my family for awhile until she realizes everyone is entitle to an opinion. Secondly, one trip is not worth fighting for a life time. I do love my sister but sometimes she puts me in those rages.


Number11BUS   02/23/01 4:20 PM                    RE: NO MORE FTP RAGE!


 Hellow kathyhirokane,That is wonderful. I know just what you've been going through. I got my report1 up today. Sure feels good! That FTP was a real trip (that and getting kicked out of the lab over and over.) Good Job!!! From 409aNumber!!Bus


kathyhirokane 02/22/01 4:13 PM            NO MORE FTP RAGE!


 the ftp program for 409b finally works!!! i just uploaded my report! yeah!!! if you're in my class, try the FTP thing. it works. i'm so happy!!!


cjn   02/26/01 1:28 PM RE: Gym rage


 Are you serious? I've never seen anything like that at the gym. I hope I won't have to deal with someone like that girl. What is the deal with stealing someone else's machine when it's been reserved? I don't get those people. Some people think they have the right to do anything they want just because they want to. Well I hope you won't have to deal with her again. What about complaining to the front desk or something.


ddestrad   02/23/01 10:16 AM                Gym rage


 I'm not real big on going to the gym only because i am lazy as all hell. But i did go a couple of times in the beginning of the semester. Let me tell you how packed it gets. Every machine had someone on it and there was one standing next to it waiting to get on it.(..slight exagerration) They have these machines where you run but your not on a treadmill, the name has slipped my mind, anyway you have to sign up for it. Last time i signed my name and was preoccupying myself while waiting. Well my time has arrived to jump on the machine and start burning calories..but what to my wondering eyes should appear but this chick who's on My machine!Well, i thought maybe i could be wrong about which machine i'm on so i walk over to the sign up sheet, my name has been crossed out and another name is replaced... hmmm, funny i don't remember doing that, so i walk over and tap her on the shoulder and ask her name, she tells me it and i say oh so you crossed out my name, and why would you do that? She said she didnt' think i was going to go, yet she crossed it out 10 minutes prior to me going on i look that stupid?, I don't think so. I was nice about it though so i just took my neighbors machine next to her. I was furious but i didn't want to make a spectacle. Well funny thing is my neighbor went to the gym this week and signed up for a machine, would you like to guess who steals her machine... yep lil'machine hog she is! My roomate is not so nice though, she made her get off the machine and got in her face because the girl called my neighbor a bitch, let's just say my neighbor asked her to take it outside, but the girl just walked away talking crap. What is wrong with people nowadays? No respect for others!



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