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shaun56   03/04/01 4:03 PM                   RE: Strike rage?


 Strike this..........Strike that............... I am totally sick of hearing a bunch of jibberish about the strike! Instead of getting pissed off and worried about it, I think we should just relax. If it happens, which it probably will, then deal with it then. If it happens and goes on for two weeks, then deal with it then. People do not realize that we cannot do anything to change the current situation. No sense blame people, point fingers, and throw tantrums. If you do all of that stuff, you're just wasting energy. The strike is not about us. It's all about them. Everyones turning into selfish pricks, I can't stand it. But as for the students, I wish that everyone will just chill out and deal with the problem when it actually hits!!!!!!


leis 03/04/01 2:30 PM                Strike rage?


 Somebody might have done for this topic, thoughcApril 2 2001 called as the X day for the strike is coming soon. I hope that people working at the UH including our instructors achieve their goals as soon as possible. . However, now I have been upset a little because if this strike comes true and goes long, it will be nothing good for us. I have heard from my academic adviser that if this semester is suspended by the strike, our tuition will not be refund. And I have also heard that there is a possibility that the credits we have been taking this semester will be invalid. The students who are supposed to graduate might not be able to do so. These mean also that we lose the eligibility for scholarships. I do not want to spend money and time. We might have no choice except that the members of the UH faculty fights with the state of Hawaii , but I hope that they start to concern about us students, who might be given disadvantage, and decide something rational and official for us. For example, grades this semester should be guaranteed and appropriately given to students by any means.


Number11BUS   03/04/01 2:45 PM                    "Blank Profile" Rage


 Hey you guys,Some of you (18 out of 34) have not filled in your profile to include an e-mail contact point. I have have a number of occasions when I wanted to address an e-mail direct, not on the message board, question or response. This is not possible for all the folks in the message board pool. I sure wish the rest of you would take the time to finish your profile for the message board. It helps in communication--and communication is what we need lots of in this computer age of rage. We need to know there is someone out "there" on the other end of "here." Lack of communication "smakes" of aggressive competition. We often find ourselves grumbling about how terrible it is that another does not know "the first thing about...." but do we share that knowledge? Probably not as often as we could. We tend to be stand-off-ish with others and this again leads to aggressive competition. Yeah, I know, we all want a really good grade for the course we are currently engaged in. But, did you know that a message board is supposed to allow for more communication, not less? Did you know the message boards are the n-e-w-e-r ways we communicate with each other? You don't have to "know" the person at the other end of the crisis hot line to be able to contact them, nor do they need to know you. Same principle. You just need to be able to contact them direct. We want our privacy, true, but we want also want to know someone out there knows we are in here. Give it a try. Finish your profiles and meet a new friend, share some really good information, and dis-prove the bell shaped curve that only an exact number will get a high mark for work done. We can all excell when we all use the same tools to approach the task. Quit competing and communicate. Nuf preching...Number11BUSEmail-me


Dahlin 03/04/01 3:14 PM           party rage


 Where I live there are many young adults, most all of my neighbors are young adults. And young people tend to have loud parties. Almost every weekend one or more of my numerous neighbors throw a party. I don't have anything against having a get together but I do have a problem if they don't know when to quit. I think the party should be pretty much wrapped up by ten or eleven pm. Most times the parties are over at a decent hour but last night my neighbor had a party, and it was still going strong in the wee hours of the morning. It makes me mad because my daughter still isn't sleeping through the night so I have to wake up with her in addition to be kept awake by my neighbors. Plus my daughter will wake up at 7:30 am no matter if I want to wake up or not. So the end result is, I don't get enough rest during the night and feel tired and irritated the next day.


Number11BUS   03/04/01 3:51 PM                    Defensive Driving Good or Bad


 The definition and the meaning of Defensive Driving has certaintly changed in my life-time. I will relate two instances, one good, and one bad.Good: I was driving the Beltway in Washing, D.C., in the rush-hour traffic toward home. I toodling along at my 60 MPH and in the fast lane in my Ford Torino (Powerful and Heavy, for safety)and a car in the center land of the 6 lanes suddenly looses the driver front wheel, rim an all. What to do? Well, driver training told me to gage the speed of both the vehicle and the loose-part. Both were still going at the 60 mph. The driver of the car did the right thing--he, and it was a he, began edging toward the shoulder of the fast side of the road because it was closer and the lost wheel was also on that side. He did not try to break suddenly because it would have caused the vehicle to drop on the axel and pivot out of control. He was successful in getting to the shoulder and coasting to a stop before he engaged the axel with the pavement. Because my speed was maintained I was watching all this take place in my rear-view. Meanwhile, I was also keeping an eye on the loose wheel as it was rolling right down the original center lane until it lost some speed and was obstructed by some pavement litter. The wheel eventually began to bounce a bit and was also heading toward the fast shoulder of the road ahead of me. I maintained a space between the wheel which was slowing and bouncing ahead of me and the car that was slowing and moving left behind me. No sudden breaking, no sudden accelleration would help my situation. I did not do either. I maintained a slowing pace to remain between the two obstacles. It worked very well. The wheel bounced to the side of the road and then bounced over the guardrail into a field. The car slowed to the left shoulder and came to rest in the break-down lane. This is a definition of defensive driving as I know it to work well. No panic, carefull monitoring and reacting to the events as they unfold.Now I'll give you the defensive driving that didn't work. I was driving to work in the slowest lane of the same beltway around Washington, D. C., because I was preparing to exit at the very next ramp. An elderly gentleman (83)was attempting to enter the freeway at the current ramp. I was in a Dodge Dart ('69) and he was in a late model Vallent (a veritable tank). He was having some difficulty entering the high-speed roadway and "bumped" into my car by not matching the speed of the freeway traffic. Now the distance from my front bumper to my tail bumper is only about 16-17 feet. I, of course, tried to speed up a bit and allow him room--he sped up too--"bump". I tried to slow down a bit to allow him room--he slowed down too--"bump". Well, needless to say, my defensive driving was matched by his defensive driving--we were both trying to "control" the situation by anticipating the actions of the other driver. He "bumped" me seven times before I slammed on my breaks and dove for the shoulder behind him. (Yes, I had checked my traffic behind me and it was safe to slamb on the breaks because all the other traffic was getting out of the way of the mess going on before them.) Wheeeew!! so here is a definition of defensive driving that gets bad because we are all doing it at the same time--trying to anticipate and COMTROL what is happening on the road. So, for me, I have mixed emotions on the definition and application of defensive driving. Sometimes it works and is a good thing, sometimes it doesn't work and its a bad practice. Cheers (^_^)Number11BUS


JEDI1x 03/04/01 3:52 PM                      Red Red


 It's so funny how I had not expressed any road rage recently and even tried to get my fellow students to mellow out when confronted by it. Yet, last night on my way home, I was crossing Ala moana blvd to pau st in Waikiki. The light is green for me and I see tourists about to cross the street. I started to accelerate just to let them know to get the hell out of my way. Only when I reached the crosswalk did I stop to let them pass. Good thing I did too otherwise I would have been hit by some stupid lady who was about to run the red light. I looked at her and gave her "stink eye", and she doesn't even give an apologetic smile or wave. I was so mad, I felt like pulling over on the side and telling her off. Instead, i was fuming all the way home! Lack of attention pisses me off! Not only that, she had a small kid in the front seat. When I have kids, I'm going to drive like a grandma and watch out for cars from miles away. Like any situation, it makes me even more angry when people don't take responsibility for their own actions.


meow24 03/06/01 11:29 PM      RE: racism rage


 no wonder she's working at 7-11. she can't get a better job!that couple must have been really nice people. i don't know how i would have reacted if it were me. >=<i don't mean to be rude or anything, but i think locals and hawaiians get all the priviledge in hawaii. they have to have everything in their way.people talk about minorities getting unequal treatment, but actually it's minorities that get all the special treatment. think about it. special scholarships, school, housing, ect.. what is this? i think government system sucks!minorities cry out for a fair treatment, but who is really getting the special treatment here???


MsLacey 03/05/01 10:53 AM     RE: racism rage


 I think that is totaly true, bu there is a particularly strong racism problem against African Americans in Hawaii. I am always suprised how many people in Hawaii have a problem with black people in aparticular and not any other race. Maybe because they are obviously not from here. White people from the mainland are treated poorly as well, but it is not always so obvious who is local and who is not, but because there are so few black people here, they are thought of as outsiders, where as japanese people, chinese people, etc.... could easily be from here or not.


rie2001 03/04/01 8:26 PM                      RE: racism rage


 I agree with you, and racism is not only discrimination. I am Japanese, and I don't know how many times people here asked me if I like to go out with African American rather than Japanese. I am tired of people who believe that all Japanese girls want to go out with African American or Caucasian. There are some Japanese girls like that, but I think that is very rude stereotyping!


shaun56   03/08/01 10:50 AM                 RE: racism rage


 Hey man what the flying F@#$!!! Nah, just kiddin'. Actually I think half of your problem is that you live in town. Town is a place for people to act all as if they're the $h!t!! You know. I think if you were to spend a day in the country with me, you'd have a different mental scheme about the " aloha spirit ". I think you are right about the shaka thing though. People think that the fricken shaka makes it A okay. What are they some kind of retards I guess. Anyways, member what we talked about the third week f learning lab?? Be a skeptic right. I think that you've already lost your skepticism about the aloha spirit. You gotta give it a second try. Hey, maybe it is that you are hanging out at all the wrong places?? Well, we'll talk later about this. By the way, I did get my report on the web, check it out and let me know if it's cool or not. Peace out bro!


Daniel1978   03/04/01 8:10 PM RE: racism rage


 Aloha My A**!!! (Sorry) The ENTIRE 6 years I've been out here, I've never felt the "Aloha Spirit." The only time it seems to come about is when someone cuts you off and gives you the Shaka sign. As if that makes it all ok. Sorry. Maybe it's cause I'm white? I dunno. There ARE nice people out here, but there are nice people everywhere. Maybe I've just gotten into too many fights with locals crusing Waikiki looking for a fight. But, that was my rant about racism. It is too bad that African Americans are under reprisented in the Islands. You figure that with all the minorities out here, there would be no racism. Too bad thats not the case. But that was cool of you to give them your place in line. I'm sure it made them feel better. Hopefully all those other 7-11 jerks will take your example!


shaun56   03/04/01 3:55 PM                   racism rage


 Today I had a soccer game. We won. I don't play, but I do coach a tem. Anyways, when I was coming home from my game, I decided to go and get a slurpee at 7-11. I pull up into the store and there is a white caucasian girl at the cashier. She's doin her job as normal. The line was long and there were tons of different kinds of people in line. There was an african american couple quietely waiting in line. The lines merge, so there is confusion. People kept on slipping in front of the couple, and they were getting frustrated. The girl at the counter kept saying "next" to the other people in line, and not to the couple. When I came up into line, I told the couple to go. The girl made a big hassel over the couple's things and made them get a different product. Then they came back in the front of the line, and the girl told them to wait at the end. I was pissed and so were they. I told the couple to take my spot and they did so. The point of this story is that racism is still out there, and it is bad. In a place where Aloha is supposedly supposed to be the theme of the islands, it's slowly withering away. I cannot believe that people are so blind to see past the color of one's skin..


darell   03/04/01 11:54 PM         RE: Road Rage


 I feel the same way. I don't know what's going on with the roads right now but it seems as if there is construction and steel plates and pot holes all over. It is so irritating because it is creating all of the traffic on the roads right now, even when it's not peak time, there is still traffic. So irritating, especially when you're late for work of need to be somewhere at a certain time. It's because of these factor's and many more that creates road rage. But, there is nothing that we can do about it. I guess we got to live with it until it's done with.


SpoiledBrat 03/04/01 5:34 PM                Road Rage


 The roads all over are terrible. There are pot holes and you can hardly see the lines on the road. I hate when there is construction of any kind because the road is torn apart and bumpy. I hate driving over the plates, which seem to be everywhere right now. What I hate the most is pot holes. Sometimes I don't even see them and when I fall in them I feel like I'm destroying my tires. What is really irratating is when the pot holes are fixed and a little while later the hole is back. What is really bad is when there are a whole bunch of pot holes and you can't move around them cause where ever you go you hit one. Maybe one day Hawaii will have nice roads.


purple848 03/04/01 5:49 PM                  A lady complains too much


 I went to a dry cleaning store to pick up my clothes yesterday. There was a lady at the counter already, so I waited behind her. Soon after a store clerk brought her clothes, she opened the bag and checked her blouse if the stain was removed. Then she accused the clerk of doing a lousy job and that's why the stain was still there. The clerk explained her that they send clothes to the factory, so they are not the ones who do the cleaning, and some stain did not come off although they tried hard. I think the lady was still upset and wanted to complain some more. She then complained about the blouse seemed to be shrunk, and started to measure width of the blouse by her hand. And she angrily told the clerk to explain how much her each clothes costed and came to a total of 24 dollars. Looking at her giving a hard time to the clerk irretated me. I went there 30 minutes before the time the store closes, but it was 10 minutes till already. I got more irretated by thinking what if I couldn't get my clothes before the store closed because this lady complained too much. I felf like telling her, when she was measuring her blouse by hand, a cotton blouse doesn't shrink, hello, but I didn't. I was just glad that the lady left before the store closed and I could get my clothes.


leis 03/04/01 9:53 PM                RE: Report rage


 It is not just you. I had also experienced your feelings. I had never used the clip arts, so that taking this opportunity I had decided to use them. Then what I had fallen into first was the chain of the clip art sites. It was so irritated for me to close the windows. I could just think,h what was going on?h I felt like wasting time and irritated. I realized that I had to do something and asked somebody who have experienced net surfing well enough. He gave me a sort of trick. He advised me to scroll until the end of the clip art site. He said that there was usually the icon of gENTERh or gCLICKh with the name of the web site itself, which match to the address of the top of the window. (Could you understand this??) I tried to do according his advice. Finally, I could access some web sites for the clip arts. I could find that most of the web sites have the format as he suggested me. He said that the owners of the click arts web sites do such things to earn money. Itfs still difficult to find what I want. though. Please try in this way again, if you want to do. I do not know the day of our final paper duec..


sakodash   03/04/01 5:58 PM     Report rage


 I think I'm just about ready to give up already...I feel like I've looked at this report one too many times. I honestly don't know what to do with it anymore. I'm having so much trouble trying to find clip art. Is it just me? It feels like clip art sites link to other clip art sites and then some more clip art sites so basically I see NO clip art for a long long time. Is anybody else having this problem? Oh well, I guess I'll try again later. Oh yeah, does anybody know when our final paper is due? I know he extended the rough draft deadline so I was wondering if he extended this one too?


TVR   03/09/01 9:57 AM                       RE: I HATE ALA MOANA!!!!!


 Sorry to hear about your crazy weekend. But, I know how you are feeling because I also hate going to Ala Moana because of the crowd. It's like everyone there is only thinking about themselves and nobody else seems to even exist.Anyways, when I read your post it kind of reminded me of a time when I went to Ala Moana and this type of incident happened to me. Ofcourse, it was during the christmas season and you know how the malls are then. I was shopping with my friends and I to was going up the escalator. Then I seen this stupid guy and girl standing in front of the escalator making it hard for people to get through. When I seen this I got really upset. When I reached the top of the stairs I just walked right through there conversation. I think I also knocked the guy to the side. But, who cares I was so irritated because they weren't thinking of others that I had to make it a point to show them how it felt.


oshale   03/09/01 9:51 AM                     RE: I HATE ALA MOANA!!!!!


 Sorry to hear about your crazy weekend. But, I know how you are feeling because I also hate going to Ala Moana because of the crowd. It's like everyone there is only thinking about themselves and nobody else seems to even exist.Anyways, when I read your post it kind of reminded me of a time when I went to Ala Moana and this type of incident happened to me. Ofcourse, it was during the christmas season and you know how the malls are then. I was shopping with my friends and I to was going up the escalator. Then I seen this stupid guy and girl standing in front of the escalator making it hard for people to get through. When I seen this I got really upset. When I reached the top of the stairs I just walked right through there conversation. I think I also knocked the guy to the side. But, who cares I was so irritated because they weren't thinking of others that I had to make it a point to show them how it felt.


sakodash   03/06/01 11:56 PM    RE: I HATE ALA MOANA!!!!!


 Oh god, I hate Ala Moana too!! I think I started hating it more and more ever since I started taking my 4 month old neice with me shopping. People can obviously see that I'm carrying a little baby but they still push past me!! Sometimes they say sorry but still how am I suppossed to explain to a 4 month old baby that this lady is sorry for knocking her in the head?!! I remember one time when I was shopping at Ala Moana this couple was pushing their young son in a stroller. It was Christmas time and it was really busy and I guess this teenager was talking to a friend and didn't see the woman pushing the stroller and he bumped into the woman. The man got so mad that he pushed this kid and started swearing at the middle of the very crowed mall!! But then again, I guess Christmas makes everyone crazy. The worst has to be those stupid people who sit next to you, stand next to you, or whatever smoking their cigarettes cooing over my little neice. How stupid do you have to be to not know to not smoke in front of an infant?!! I mean they're in her face practically blowing smoke in her face!! I hate to be rude and all but I just have to excuse myself and walk away from these people. For some strange reason, all of these bad incidents have happened at Ala Moana. How weird!!


Dahlin 03/05/01 1:25 PM           RE: I HATE ALA MOANA!!!!!


 It sounds like a scene from a movie! I too hate going to the mall on a weekend, especially Ala Moana during a sale. The other day my mom and I went to Pearlridge on a week day morning. It was great because we pratically had the entire mall to ourselves. Even eating at McDonalds was peaceful. I usually try to do those kinds of trips during the work week but my husband doesn't enjoy doing things after work. Shopping or doing anything during rush times can just about drive you nuts! Since you are irritated and enraged it makes the pleasurable experience a chore. I love shopping but under the right conditions.


Daniel1978   03/04/01 8:36 PM I HATE ALA MOANA!!!!!


 I made the mistake of going to Ala Moana on Saturday with my family. Oh, Boy! Never again! That place was CRAZY crowded! And of course, as soon as people get to Ala Moana, they forget how to walk. Everyone goes back to the time they were 4 years old and forgets they have abody. The most popular place to stop walking in right where the esclator lets off. So of course people are like, falling off the side of the escalator. Idiots. Then after awhile, I was sitting on the planter outside of Shirokeya on the planter. Some FOOL sits next to me and starts YELLING on his cellphone. it was pretty noisy out there, but instead of moving to a quieter place, he decides yell at the top of his lungs (No joke) into his Cell phone. "YEah, Babe. I was Soooooo Totally wasted last night....Blah, blah, blah, blah..." I've got this retard on my left and on my right, my Father's singing to himself rather loudly. Oy! I was RAGING, but I'm happy to be out of there. I'll try to avoid that place like the plague from now on.


Number11BUS   03/11/01 9:42 PM                    RE: Phone rage


 Hello rie2001,Phone rage of this sort will pop up over the course of the rest of your life. I was recently engaged in a phone tag with an property/development attorney that had agreed to attend a community meeting. Needless to say, he did not actually put in writing that the meeting would be attended. So, when I sent the confirmation letter for the meeting date, he called--yelled a lot and said I must have heard him wrong. (I hadn't--I still had my notes). Well, I continued to request the information for the community via letter and requested he respond via letter, fax, email--anything that was in writing. I had taken a deliberate action to NOT ANSWER THE PHONE. He left rude messges over a several day period and then my housemate answered the phone. All heck broke loose. The attorney yelled, screamed, disparaged my name, my organization, my housemate. I was witnessing a couple of bull-dogs going at it. I had already decided not to play the game with the attorney. My housemate was itching for a chance to defend me (as if I needed it). You have to remember, the attorney is hired to do just this kind of job--not give out any answers to the questions the community has asked. He does it very well. All the getting angry is a waste of energy. It saps the energy needed to continue making good decisions with the community. I don't choose to play. So, back to your friend and the ex. You could have just hung up, or you could have said something like I don't allow people to talk to me that way and hung up. Your friend is out of harms way by having broken off the arrangement. Your friend has decided NOT TO PLAY. Sorry you got caught up the the middle of someone elses situation. Glad you friend got out safely. Hope you don't take the yelling of the ex personally. It was not directed at you. The ex may "grow up to be an attorney" someday and be yelling at other for pay. You never know...Number11BUS


purple848 03/10/01 10:48 AM                RE: Phone rage


 Your friend's ex is very rude! He should have told you first that your friend didn't live there any more because they broke up, instead of yelling at you and told you not to call his place any more. He could have been very upset about him and your friend got into an argument and they eventually broke up with each other. But even if that's the case, he didn't have to act rude to you who have nothing to do with him and your friend braking up. I got upset, too, after I read your story. No wonder your friend broke up with him if he was such an irrational person. You must have been hurt by his thoughtless act. I feel sorry for you. I hope you feel all right now.


rie2001 03/04/01 9:00 PM                      Phone rage


 This weekend, I called up my friend who just moved to her boyfriend's place on mainland. I called her, and her boyfriend picked up the phone. I asked him if I can talk to my friend, and he remained silence. Then suddenly he started yelling at me. I didn't know what is going on. He told me to stop calling HIS house. I thought my friend lives there, too. I didn't know what to do. Then he hang up on me. My friend called me next day, and told me that she fought, broke up with him and moved out. Maybe he was still mad at her or something. But there is no reason that he can yell at me, I didn't know that they broke up!! It's unbelievable how some people can take their rage on anybody aroud them.


purple848 03/11/01 6:59 PM      RE: a friend's experience with pedestrian rage


 I'm glad taht your friend did not succeed in finding the couple that made her angry because I also think if she could find them, we don't know what chould be happened to her. They could physically hurt her because, according to your story, they were angry with her, too. Even if she found them and said something, I don't think she could convince them to apologize to her. Or maybe she could say something to them, I doubt that she became feel better afterwards. Sometimes I get very upset and almost get aggressive to others just to get even, but later when I come back to myself, I think I'm glad that I did not do things I almost did. Maybe your friend thinks back the incident and now she is glad that she couldn't find them because it could end up with a tragedy. Today, there are many psychos are out there, so we don't know who is really dangerous and best avoid making a contact with. I am happy, too, that your friend did succeed in staying out of trouble.


darell   03/04/01 11:25 PM                     a friend's experience with pedestrian rage


 Hello everyone!I would like to talk about my friend's experience with pedestrian rage. She was telling her story about how she was very upset with a couple of pedestrians that were crossing the street. She was telling me that while she was driving, a couple decides on crossing the street right in front of her and not even in a crosswalk. She was already having a bad day that day and the pedestrians just pissed her off even more because they were taking their time crossing the street so she had to wait. While she was waiting, she began cussing and doing gestures at them. What really pissed her off was that they were returning the words and gestures. So she went around the corner, parked her car, and began walking to find them, but she couldn't find them. I guess it was a good thing that she didn't find them because she would have gotten herself in a much bigger mess if she did.


skyblue   03/09/01 10:00 AM                  RE: Multi-tasking behind the wheel...YIKES!


 Hey gemini gal...It's your pal skyblue! Indeed, God was watching over you and your car. I must admit that I still do multi-tasking when I'm driving and I'm fully aware that I'm putting mine and other people's lives in danger. There are several things that I do in order to prevent the vehicle from rolling if I must search for something while I'm driving. First, I arrange my items in the car in a way that is within easy reach before I drive away from my destination. For example, I will keep my phone on my right side in a holder, so if my cell phone rings I can easily grab it without having to look down. Second, it's a good idea to put your gear in neutral to prevent your car from rolling just in case the driver behind suddenly hits the bumper. Third, if you don't feel safe about this idea, shift your gear into park cause when you accelerate the gas pedal, the car will not be moving forward and you will only hear the sound of the engine revving. By all means, I'm not encouraging you to perform multi-tasking, but if you have to, I hope my advice will help you in dealing with this situation.




silverfox2001 03/05/01 9:37 PM             RE: Multi-tasking behind the wheel...YIKES!


 I have been in the same situation you have been trying to do to many things at one time. I can always remeber when I was driving with my sisters children in the car. I would be screaming at them, turning my head to see what all the fussing is about and trying to drive all at the same time. I almost got into a huge accident trying to do all these different things while controlling a moving vehicle. I am glad that I am still alive to talk about it and I am glad that you had no damages to your vehicle and you realized the risk you put yourself in by being a multi-task person behind the wheel. The lessons we have to learn while behind the wheel.


MsLacey 03/05/01 10:56 AM     RE: Multi-tasking behind the wheel...YIKES!


 I went to the North Shore this weekend and I drank too much so I ended up spending the night. When I woke up I was so spaced out I was afraid to drive because I knew something just like that would happen to me.


gemini-gal   03/04/01 11:31 PM             Multi-tasking behind the wheel...YIKES!


 So here I am again. I have to write my self-witnessing report for this week and boy, do I have something to talk about. It's not very exciting but it pertains to the class. Anyway, I was on my way to school on Tuesday morning and my mind was totally occupied with other things besides the road and cars around me. I was at a red light with a red Honda in front of me. Since I was at a red light, I figured that I had some spare time to look for my cell phone and change the music on my CD player. So I took on these tasks and before you know it, I heard a loud "THUD". I inadvertently rolled into the car in front of me. It just happened so fast! I looked up and I was frozen for a moment because of the shock that set in. I HIT THE CAR IN FRONT OF ME! AAAAHHH! Okay, so the passenger of the car that I rolled into got out of the car. He was an elderly Japanese man who I apologized to. I told him I was so sorry and that I wasn't paying attention. He inspected his bumper and said that there wasn't any damage. I wasn't even looking at my bumper or his for damages. I was still tripping out about the entire accident. Then the driver of the Honda came out and she looked mad and I told her that I was so sorry and that I wasn't paying attention. She inspected her bumper and agreed with the old man that there wasn't any damage. I didn't even bother looking at my bumper still because I was just totally relieved that there wasn't any scratch or ding that I caused. My car was okay also. Not a scratch. THANK GOD! WHEW! Life is normal again. However, after the entire incident, I still felt bad because of the way I wasn't paying attention. IT NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. So to make myself feel better and less worried, I took time to take deep breaths and calm down. Then, I spoke to myself and said positive things like, "I was involved in a minor accident when I wasn't paying attention. However, it wasn't a bad accident because there was no noticeable damage on either of our bumpers." It could have been worse but I turned the negative into a positive outcome. It helped me get through that day. I could've gotten so busted from my parents especially my dad! Thank God there was no damage! I learned my lesson about multi-tasking. Don't take the chance because you'll never know what may happen! Remember, eyes on the road!


lavaflow 03/09/01 6:37 PM        RE: Forum rage


 I understand how you feel because it's happend me many times. It's happend just three minutes ago while I was writing a reply. I think the forum site really slow and it takes long time to switch to the next message or to go back to the message list. I don't know why it happens to me either. One time I was about to finish my writing the connection was suddenly lost so I had to do the same process again. Yes, I agree with you that I also want to read other people's disscussions more but it's difficult and takes forever because it's really slow. I want to know if there is some way to improve this situation


meow24 03/05/01 10:19 AM      Forum rage


 Is it just me or is this forum website unbearably slow?I wanted to post a new topic on Saturday but when I tried to preview what I wrote, I got kicked out and couldn't get in again. So I was gonna post it again later that day, but I totally forgot about it till this morning.And even now, it took me a very long time to get into this site.It's little bit faster sometimes, but that's very rare.I use roadrunner, which is cable system, so its much faster than a phone line. I don't know if others feel the same way I do, but I get irritated of this slow web every time I come here.I want to read more discussions, but I can't even do that because its so slow. I look at the topics and pick the only interesting topics and read them. =(


MsLacey 03/05/01 11:03 AM     Magoo's Pizza Rage


 I went to Magoo's on Friday night. We went early and had a few beers, it was mellow, not to many people, cheep beer, things were good. After about an hour it ws like a bus arrived and unloaded every inconciderate punk they could gather up and dump out. Everyone wanted to steal out chairs when a person at our table got up to go get beer. No one gave our table space, it strted raining and it got worse. They don't have enough bar tenders so it was inposible to get a beer, anyway the whole thing was really frustrating and we had to leave. Why is it that half of the places to go out in Hawaii close because of no business and the other ones are so over run you get claustiphobia just being in there!?! Why does everyone have to go to the same place on the same night? If half thoes people would go to another bar it would be happening too and we could all sit down with a one inch space around us to breathe.


virtual-b 03/09/01 11:58 AM                   RE: Computer Assistance rage!!!


 I agree that computer assistants should know a bit about computer work. They should know basic knowledge on all the programs on the computers in their labs as well as some general knowledge on the Internet since the computers are afterall networked through an ethernet or other connection. I, personally, ask the guy next to me when I'm at the computer labs. A lot of times, the guy who is quietly jamming on the keyboard pretty much knows what he's doing. Also, I find that the computer assistants on the third floor social science building computer lab, really know a bunch about computers. If you're desperate, there are always online tutorials available.


mightymousesa   03/05/01 5:02 PM                    Computer Assistance rage!!!


 Okay, I know we have all had our frustrations with our reports or other assignments on the internet for this or other classes. When I first got to UH I was expecting that in the computer labs offered over in BA, Keller, and in SOCSC that there would be helpful computer assistants working the counters. This is not the case. Every time I have been in the lab and required assistance the lab assistant has either looked at me like I am a loser,has tried to brush me off, or (my personal favorite) they reply "I don't know" before I even describe the problem!!!!! I work on campus as a notetaker and I get paid a lot less then these guys and if I wrote "I DON'T GET IT" on my notes for a class I would be in big trouble. I'm not saying that they have to be computer wizards but if they can't answer my question or help me, at least try to tell me who can!!! People do the least amount of work they can get away with and I'm sick of it. Have a little pride in what you do, even if it is helping a computer moron like myself!


silverfox2001 03/05/01 10:14 PM           Blame It On a Monday


 Monday is here and its another week of school and work. I start my daily routine okay. I am getting in gear for the whole week, when all of a suddent I walk outside to the car and the first thing I notice is someone has deliberately splash mud on the drivers side of the car, after polishing it on Sunday. The second thing I notice is that my left hand blinker light is out. I am thinking to myself what else can go wrong today. It was not enough that my blinker is out my brake lights on the left hand side is out. So, I am thinking to myself there is nothing you can do about it so just take it into the shop, leave it there and pick it up in the afternoon. I get to the maintenance department of the dealership. He tells me I have to bring the my vehicle back on Wednesday. I am thinking to myself, I am not going to drive it around with everything out on the left hand side out. So, I go down to the airport and rent a car from Alamo what happens is I ask for a midsize and get a compact. I get in and there is not enough leg room and everything in this car is manual and the guy at the gate is asking me for my contract after I have put it away. In the meantime, my partner is in the car I own, and I am in the rented car. We decide we will take it into Firestone and have the tires rotated. What does the sales rep tell me my left wheel alignment is off and I need to get it fix. What else can go wrong today. If that is not enough I am late getting to school. I am late going to work and now I am staying up late to finish my forum. My whole day was on blame it on a Monday. The good thing out of all this is that my car is still under warranty and I don't have to pay for any of the maintenance.


Watashi_No 03/05/01 10:50 PM                         Rage Transference


 I hate it when people get mad and to the closest person to them they put all their anger on them like it's the innocent bystanders fault something went wrong. My first reaction to someone being mad at me is to get angry at them in return. But then I have to try and calm down and think why the person is angry in the first place. I know I don't totally stop being angry at the person, because I can still feel the anger inside. If the person keeps on pushing my buttons and I didn't do anything wrong I would get angrier at the person, even though I know the reason why he/she is angry in the first place. I can calm down and be civil to a point, and I can rationalize rage all I want to but it doesn't help if someone is still angry and taking it out on me. I just realize that to not have an argument the best way is to turn and walk away, still the best way...much, much better than getting angry and it turning into something very, very ugly. And the time spent away from the anger can help the other person also because they wont have a person there to rage on. It's better for the person to vent it in a rational, civilized way. I try to remember that if this is a good friend or family member that fighting isn't worth it because it's probably over something that happened and if I start fighting with the person then it might cause a rift in the relationship for awhile. I can't stand confrontations but if angry or if need be I will stand up for myself and do what I think is right (even though the "right thing" at the time seems right because I'm in an angry fit right then which is bad, but I'm rambling so I'll stop now).


charisseo   03/12/01 3:51 PM     RE: gotta do laundry rage


 thanks for the reply and comments. as for making stink eye at you... i'm sorry i did not intentionaly do so. and i'm kinda surprised that you thought that. i'm usually kinda distracted during presentations and stuff..and i hope that i'm not making stink eye to everyone in class... what if i'm creating stink eye rage in class?


shaun56   03/08/01 11:05 AM                 RE: gotta do laundry rage


 Tha does kinda suck, a curfew for your laundry. Wow, I never thought that such a thinkg could happen. But what can I say, because I still live at home. But I can say that I have laundry restrictions as well, but not enforced as crudely as your I suppose. I live upstairs, and my brother lives downstairs. The washer and dryer is downstairs, so as you can see, there is a slight problem. I do not know why the washing machine is such a irritation. To me the washing machine sens a lovely humm adrift with a little splishity slashity sound here and there, but I cannot be egocentric and think that all people here my lovely tunes. As for the dryer, I guess it can be a little irritating, especially since the vent is right by my brothers window. It could be good on cold nights, but here in Hawaii it just adds to the heat. Anyways, I feel your pain, but don't worry, be happy. Be happy that you even have clothes to wear. Be happy that you have money to wash the clothes you wear. Better yet, be happy you have money to buy clothes to wear, and still have money to wash the clothes you wear. Okay I'm starting to sound retarded now so I'll shut the heck up. Bye bye. Oh! by the way, why do you always give me stink eye in class??? just wondering?!?!?=)_


sakodash   03/06/01 11:43 PM    RE: gotta do laundry rage


 Hi!! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. The only difference is that my apartment only allows us to do laundry until 9 on weekdays and 10 on weekends. That pretty much sucks!! Our washing machines are on every other floor in our building and it just so happens to land on my floor so that's really the ONLY good thing. We always have problems of people just leaving their clothes in the washing machine and dryer for hours after its been finished. I don't want to touch it and take it out but sometimes I have to. The first time I moved in there I had my laundry sitting in the washing machine for maybe fifteen minutes after it was finished and when I came back someone had taken all my clothes out and thrown it on the dirty dryer. I was so pissed off!! But nothing beat the time when ALL of my clothes just mysteriously disappeared. I sat for hours outside on the washing machine waiting for the person who left their clothes in the dryer because that's where my clothes were last. Since still no one came, my sister and I called every apartment in the intercom and asked if they had done laundry on our floor. Nobody said anything so I decided to go to every apartment and knock on their door. I went to every apartment and when I finally reached the last floor first apartment, I knocked on the door and these two little kids answered the door. I swear they were only about 5 or 6. When they opened the door I saw a whole pile of clothes on the couch but I couldn't very well accuse these little kids of taking my clothes especially if I wasn't even sure if it was mine. So I told my sister and my brave older sister went upstairs and asked them herself. A girl maybe in intermediate school told her that they didn't do any laundry on our floor. I was ready to give up already. I sat out by our washing machine for a little while longer still waiting for those people whose clothes were in the dryer to see if they had taken it out when the same two little kids came back downstairs. In a basket they were carrying all of my clothes!! AND it was still wet!! I guess their mom had told them to get the laundry but since they're so young I guess they accidently went to the wrong floor and got my clothes instead. And then, how can you possibly get mad at a couple of cute little five year olds? And I just don't understand why such young kids are doing the laundry anyway--where the hell's the mother?


meow24 03/06/01 10:49 PM                  RE: gotta do laundry rage


 i understand how u feel. till i was 22, i never had to do my laundry, because my mom did it for me. then i got married and moved out from my parents house and started doing laundry on my own. first condominium i lived in had washer and dryer, but when i moved to another condo., there were no washer and dryer. i had to share them w/ same floor people and that really bugged me a lot. but it was opened 24 hours and wasn't too crowded. because only one bedroom people had no washer and dryer. i did my laundry around 12-1am because no one did their's at that hour. i really hate bumping into others when i do laundry, so even though i was tired, i did my laundry really late at night.i bet your laundryroom will be more crowded now that some (like me) cant do their's at convenient hour. maybe if you complain it to your manager and she/he might remove the restriction.


charisseo   03/06/01 9:34 PM                 gotta do laundry rage


 well here's my story. i live in condomium that just put up a new rule that no laundry can be done after 1100pm. i can understand that the laundry room is just below a few units and the noise from people can be rather loud. but, 1100pm that's a little early. some nights i do not even come home in time to start my laundry safely in time to finish by my 1100 deadline. then with this new deadling the laundry room is now more crowdedbetween 700-900, the time when i'll be availible. such a hum bug..


meow24 03/06/01 11:10 PM      RE: Computer Rage


 don't you hate it when computer suddenly freezes? it happened to me several times too. since then, i got a habit of saving my work every 10 mins. to the disk. or you can even set your computer to automatically save it for you every 5 mins. I do both of them to be sure. i save them in the hard & zip. so even if one fails, i still have one more backup.i think setting up the computer to save the work every 5 or 10 mins. is the best way. so even if you forget to save it, your computer will have it for you.i would be really mad and furious if my report disappears like least you printed out some of your work. i had nothing w/ me the last time i lost my report.. >=(


SpoiledBrat 03/06/01 10:45 PM             Computer Rage


 On Sunday I fixed my report 1 for class. The completed report was supposed to be due on Monday. I fixed half of it and I thought I saved it. Well, it was not saved. So I redid everything. It took me a really long time. I was up till around 5:00 the next morning. I do not know anything about FTP and transfering web pages. I saved my report and I saved it on a disk. I do not know what I did exactly but I screwed up big time. I was try to put my report in a folder, which I am still not sure how to do. It all happened by accident. Anyway, while doing all this my report starts getting messed up. Things are changing in my report, so I try to fix them all and it gets more messed up. Then for some reason the stupid warning sign came on saying I did some illegal act and it was closing down. I did not know what to do. I thought maybe it's okay I have a copy saved. It closes down and I try to retrieve my report. I can't find my saved one in the computer, so I put in my disk that I thought I saved it on. To my surprise it's not on there. It is 5:00 in the morning and my report was completely erased. All I am thinking is it's due that day and I have nothing. I can't use my draft because that completely sucked. I think by then I was so cooky from no sleep I redid my whole report without having a breakdown. What completely sucked was everything I wrote was off the top of my head. I was sort of lucky cause I had a little less than half of what I wrote printed out. I am doing my report and I realize I am not going to make it to class. I will again state I was up from sunday 10:00am and I started redoing my report at around 5:00 that night. It was just about time class ended and my friend calls me. She tells me the report will be due on Friday. I really believe the lack of sleep saved my sanity. Not only did I screw myself over in this class, but in another class as well. I had a quiz or what I call a mini exam for that class the next day. I took like a 2 hour nap and decided to wake up to study. I studied and decided I needed to sleep if I wanted to even make it to school. I had about 5 hours of sleep. Today I can't even remember how I got through everything. It is all a blur.


lisa43 03/08/01 4:19 PM                        RE: Letter rage!!


 Let's just assess the situation here. Sherri and her boyfriend willingly take on so much more responsibilities than they should because they are kind and compassionate people. I'm not just saying that because I know them but anyone who meets them knows that they are. I understand that the parents have to work but they have a child that THEY should be taking care of, not Sherri and her boyfriend. I just feel that as responsible and caring parents, they have to make the time for their child. I think that it's cool of Sherri and her boyfriend to help out once in awhile but not the majority of the time you know! In addtion to that, Sherri and her boyfriend have their own lives to lead. They have school and work to deal with and I know that Sherri is tyring to get her BA in Psychology real soon. So in helping them out with taking care of the baby they are just adding to the workload. I'm not trying to be mean and say that the baby is like dead weight or anything. She's a beautifu little human being that was just brought into an unorganized environment. Poor baby! She is just being bounced around from person to person. She'll have no sense of a real home and maybe she'll start RAGING on her own! I know that the father of the baby is very grateful towards Sherri and her boyfriend and gives thanks and is making an effort to spend more time with the baby. On the other hand there is the birth mom whom we'll call "Jane" I can't believe that Jane has the nerve or audacity to tell Sherri how to take care of HER child. I understand if Sherri is getting paid and is a professional at babysitting. But Sherri and her boyfriend are just volunteering their services. How can she tell Sherri how to take care of a child when she can't even properly take care of her own? The least she could do is like Sherri said and ask nicely. Plus parenthood isn't something that we all instinctively know. Maybe if this was Sherri's child then it would be different but this is another person's child! How is Sherri supposed to know what jane wamts or doesn't want. I can't believe that a mother is acting like this. To me she acts so immaturely it's unbelieveable. What makes her think like that? It doesn't make sense to me at all. It's like talking to a wall. Nothing will get through or comprehend in her head what's "right" or "wrong". She just has to grow up already! I was thinking what if Sherri did clip the baby's nails or put lotion on? I think that Jane might have complained about somethingelse like the way the nails were cut or the about the type of lotion used. There is just no pleasing this person at all. If she just acted like an "adult" everything would be fine. Another scenario might be that if Sherri did complain would Jane take the baby away permanantly? That sounds like a childish act that I can see Jane doing. This whole thing can be avoided if Jane just started growing up! I have a feeling that if Sherri just ignores Jane then she will just continue to complain and make a lot of people's lives miserable. I just don't want no action taken and Jane goes on her merry little way as usual. She'll never learn that way. I don't want her to go "unpunished". I wonder if she thinks that it's a blessing that she ALLOWS other people to take care of her child. All I have to say is Poor Baby! Poor Sherri! Poor Boyfriend! They are all victims of this obviously unecessary situation! Sorry just needed to vent out my Stupid People Rage!


oshale   03/08/01 1:07 PM          RE: Letter rage!!


 I couldn't believe that she wrote you that kind of letter. If it was a serious problem, she should have called you and talk it out instead of sending a letter through a baby. It wasn't even a big thing. She is the mother and it wasn't like you were taking care of the baby for a whole week right? It was just for the weekend and she's expecting you to clip her nails and other things. Those things should have been taken care of before she was delivered to your house. She is really dumb and has no common sense. I had a roomate once and she always use to write me letters and post it on my doors. I know how some letters can be so mean in the tone. Urgh!!! I really feel for you. But just ignore her. You don't want to be like her right, although revenge letter would be an option, too. =)


kathyhirokane 03/07/01 7:39 PM            RE: Letter rage!!


 sherri!!! why do you put up with her??? if she wanted you to do everything perfectly, why doesn't she pay you??? you aren't professional babysitters, and she is taking advantage of you. it makes me mad to hear that this girl is being mean to you and and on top of that, telling you what to do, when it is her responsibility. i know that you do not want to risk not seeing the baby anymore, but i seriously think you need to put your foot down. she is not taking responsibility for HER baby, and she is forcing you to do her job. and to top it off, shes a major bitch about it! sorry, but this makes me angry. i would not tolerate this and i think you shouldn't either!! please please please confront her. you're not the baby's mom and she needs to realize that!!!! AAAH!!!


sakodash   03/07/01 12:11 AM               Letter rage!!


 I'M SO MAD!! My boyfriend and I help his brother watch his infant daughter all weekend while he has to work. Well, the other morning the baby came to the house with a letter from the mother with her. Basically the letter implied that we were not taking care of her baby properly. She had said that we need to keep baby's complexion nice by washing her face everymorning with a washcloth (which we do) and then put baby lotion on her. If we cannot afford baby lotion, then she will buy it for us. We also need to clip baby's fingernails because baby doesn't look cute with scratches on her face. If we cannot afford a nailclipper then tell her and she will buy one for us. In the end it said that she hopes she will see some imporvement in baby's complexion after this letter. I don't know if it's just me being sensitive but the letter felt like she was implying that we cannot take care of the baby. For one thing, I don't think it is our job to clip her nails--why can't she do it. She's the mother!! And, it's not like we go and scratch her face on purpose so that she won't look cute. I can't help it that sometimes she scratches her face. Just like I can't help it that she pulls her hair and doesn't know how to let it go. I guess I just feel that if she had written the letter in a nicer way and not in such a condescending, accusing way then I wouldn't have gotten so mad. We are not parents--we did not do our research on how to take care of a little infant. We do not get to see her doctors to see what's best for the baby. We do not know any of these little things that mothers know because we are not parents ourselves and the mother doesn't share this information with us. I see it that we are doing them a favor by babysitting, the last thing my boyfriend and I need is to be accused of doing these things wrong. Why can't she just ask us nicely?


lavaflow 03/09/01 6:25 PM        RE: people who copy my notes rage!!!


 I don't think that those people asked for your notes can get good grades on the exam. Or there is no way they can have better grades than you just by reading your notes on the day of the exam. I'm sure that you did well on that exam because you spent all weekend to prepare. You studied and wrote the notes by yourself so I think this process was very important to remember the materials better. Since you prepared well but they didn't, I'm sure this will be reflected on the result. I think you are a really generous person because you let them to review your notes.


snowhawaii 03/08/01 9:06 PM                RE: people who copy my notes rage!!!


 I had the similar experience in the last semester.Whenever I remember this, I still get really mad.This person and I were taking the same PSY class and REL class. We didn't talk, but just knew each other. One day she asked me if she can zerox my notes from REL class becasue she missed the last class. And I said sure and told her to bring it on the next day (because we were taking the same PSY class). But she didn't show up on the next day, and I couldn't get my note back till the following Monday.(I gave her my note on Wednesday) I was supposed to study over the weekend because the exam was coming, but I couldn't. Since I didn't know her phone number or even her name, I had to worry if she was going to give it back to me. The exam was 100%based on lectures which mean class notes. So I copied notes in the class, and added everything the teacher said in every class. When she gave it back to me, she excused herself that she was sick and couldn't come to the class. But if I were her, I would come to school to return the note even if I were sick. She never knew I was upset and felt uneasy without notes till she gave it back to me. I said that's O.K. but kinda expressed I was upset to her. However, she had a nerve to ask me to borrow my notes from the classes which she missed again. I couln't say no, and let her borrow my notes. And what's more, later of the semester, the same girl asked me to zerox my notes from REL class again. I told her I need to study with the notes, and she said she could go to Sinclair and make copies and then give them back to me there. I had no reason to do that and I really didn't want to do that either, but I thought I should be more generous and I let her do that again. Surprising thing is she made copies for 3weeks which is for 6classes!! For me, even when I was terribly sick, I went to class to take notes and to listen to the lecture so that I could make better notes, and she knew my notes were helpful for the exam. What's her nerve!! To get that notes, I had to go every class, and listen carefully the teacher, but she got the same notes only in a few minutes!! I really understan how you feel. Oh, well, I feel my blood pressure is raising still now. I couldn't stand those people who are very exploitative. If I will meet such a student who is just lazy and rely on the serious student's notes and ask me to borrow my notes again, I will definitely say no!


kathyhirokane 03/07/01 7:44 PM            people who copy my notes rage!!!


 there is a person in my class who did not properly study for a exam we had a few days ago. well, i did study. all weekend! so, the morning of the exam, this person asks to see my notes since they did not study. i couldn't say no, so i let them look at it (this is while we are in another class). so, this person takes half the class reading my notes that i worked all weekend compiling, then has the nerve to ask me to see the notes i had just been taking for the class we were in since they were so preoccupied with reading my other notes! can you believe that? the only reason i got mad was because i really worked hard to study for this test. i really needed a good grade on this exam. and then this person reads my notes, so they are getting the information for free, practically! i'm calming down somewhat, but that really irked me!


charisseo   03/12/01 3:34 PM     RE: bank of hawaii rage


 i also had a bad experience with bank of hawaii. first off for the student account is only good for two years. after that you go to the basic checking. the one my account went automatically to was the one where they charged me something like $6/month plus $4 for the debit card. this is from nothing with the student account. the first thing that bothered me was that who is a student for only two years!secondly, they did not tell me that they were switching my account from the student account to the basic one, where they were going to charge me$10 more a month.


MsLacey 03/12/01 10:16 AM                 RE: bank of hawaii rage


 Bank of Hawaii does suck. I have had an account with them since I was 5 years old and I just switched to City Bank. Bank of Hawaii has a damn fee for everything, and they just keep rasing them. The tellers are unfriendly and the phone service sucks. They started off as a nice local institution and have turned into a big mainland like institution. Good job on droping them.


meow24 03/09/01 7:00 PM        RE: bank of hawaii rage


 my parents had two accounts w/ Bank of Hawaii, some years ago, but they closed them because of the bad service there. i also heard from other people that this banks service sucks. i don't know why they don't improve their service. i think banks w/ the word "hawaii" have the worst my parents case, their bank cards expired but they didnt receive new cards even after one month expiration date. so they went to the bank to see what was happening and they told my parents that they will send them new cards as soon as possible. still, cards didn't come and that's when my parents decided to close the accounts there.isn't bank supposed to provide a good service??


TVR   03/09/01 10:36 AM                     RE: bank of hawaii rage


 Yup, I know exactly what you mean. I'm also a customer at the Bank of Hawaii and a local credit union and this is what I found of a lot time ago. Local banks suck and credit unions rock. First and probably one of the main reasons why I like the credit union is because the lines are always short. Unlike, BOH and FHB there always packed especially during pay day. I use to hate it when I had to stand in line for 15 minutes just to deposit a check. And now that you have said there charging a fee to do a deposit. I think that is ridiculous. How do the banks think they can attract new customers with this kind of stupid fees. Also, if you want loans of any kind the interest rates are usually a lot lower. I don't know how people can stand to use the local banks. Oh, also your right about the employees at the credit union, their so much nicer.


kathyhirokane 03/07/01 7:51 PM            bank of hawaii rage


 i think i have decided not to stay with bank of hawaii. they are so user-unfriendly. for one thing, they charge you $2 just to deposit a check. can you believe that? and i have an account there. you would think they would be more accomodating to their own customers! they also have other extraneous fees that are pretty dumb. anyways, i need a student loan for summer school and fall, so i called them this afternoon. i asked the woman who answered the phone how i could get a STUDENT loan, and she said that she would connect me with someone who could help me. well, i ended up waiting over 10 minutes just to be helped. then, the person who finally got on the phone said they don't even have student loans! and, to make things worse, a regular loan requires you take out a minimum of $2500! whatevers! for one thing, i waited on hold for no reason, and then i find out that the only way i could get a loan is if i needed $2500 or more. i don't think so! anyways. i ended up calling the credit union, and they were much more friendly and useful! i could get a student loan, and there is no minimum requirement. THANK GOD!! bank of hawaii sucks!


lisa43 03/08/01 4:28 PM            RE: Porn mail RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Oh my god, I know exactly what you're talking about. Although, my situation is a little different. My boyfriend's roommate always goes on my boyfriends computer and looks at all these porn sites. I swear, when I went to the HISTORY part, like 30 porn sites were listed!! And trust me, I know they're porn sites with names like Dandildo, Porn City, J-Girls, and all this crap. Well, my page that I was looking for in the history part just so happened was above one of these naughty sites. I ACCIDENTLY clicked on the one below it and all this porn star stuff came popping up. But that wasn't all, I would close one window and then another window would open and then another and then another until I swear it would never end. I was so scared that one of his roommates would wake up and see what I was looking at. I finally had to shut the whole computer down...the popping up of porno sites just wouldn't end!! I was so mad that morning!! But now that I think about it I guess it was kind of funny...I can just imagine what I must have looked like all panicky and stuff trying to shut all these windows. Sorry I couldn't give you any advice on how to stop your emails. Good Luck!!


shaun56   03/08/01 11:13 AM                 Porn mail RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Alright.......So here's how it goes. I go on the web, and do searches right. You all know when you find something you are looking for and, you go into it right. But sometimes windows open up all over and just so happen if a porn one opens you're totally screwed. After that one porn opens, you close it, and another ten open up. What the hell?!?!?! Then you finally close them all and go on with your work. You shut down your PC and go to have a nice day. Then the next day you go to log on and check your email. Whoop there it is!!!!!! A whole bunch of porn mail. I get pissed because my email server, Outlook express does not have the function to block the email sender. So I've been dealing with this rage for a little while now, but it's driving me insane already. If anyone has a solution to this dilemma, please help. I'm a porned out already.


ddestrad   03/09/01 2:11 PM      RE: Stress Rage???


 Well Holmes, I'd have to say that was quite deep. You truly broke it down for us. I think there is a possiblity of stress rage, it can also be considered frustration, we all get frustrated and angry because we can't control a situation which therefore results in us feeling stressed out and overwhelmed... and this results in us having all of that stress and anger built up and then it turns into rage- and this is the point of which we snap and we get all angry and want not(our heads spin, flames shoot out of our mouths, we attack random people for just looking at us, we turn into lunatics!!!) So basically yes i believe that stress rage does exist and it stems from frustration from a lack of control or a built up of negative emotions.


shaun56   03/08/01 11:24 AM                 Stress Rage???


 I have been dealing with a lot of stress recently. I was just asking myself a question, is there such a thing as stress rage?? Well let's break it down. Stress is a physiological symptom that occurs when one is overwhelmed. It may also take a toll on the psychological side as well. We must take into account that one's stress can be totally different from another's; therefore causing stress to be a subjective aspect. Rage on the other hand is an emotion. I see rage as an overexpression of anger. It also can be an action. When one is angry, he/she does not always act upon it. On the other hand, when one rages, they usually act upon it. We must also assume that rage is subjective also. To one person an occurance could conjure up rage in them, yet to another, it could possibly just be funny; hence rage is als subjective. So stress rage eh dear Watson??? Can it be? Can it just be stressin' out, or can it be rage against the notion that "I" cannot accomplish it. Maybe we just let stress get the better of us, maybe rage is applied to too many things. Well, I guess it is all subjective huh?? What do you think Watson???


purple848 03/10/01 11:28 AM                RE: waiter rage


 I, too, feel sometimes some waiters and waitresses are being rude to their customers. And sometimes I think the reason why they are being rude to me is because they have a prejudice against some aspects of me. The aspects they have a prejudice against me can be my sex or my race that is not the same as theirs. I also think that I want to leave the place if the employee was rude to me. I would say, most of the time I stay because the employees may not be trying to be mean, but it's just how they are all the time. But when I leave, I give myself a good reason that I don't have to spend my money on the place hires a rude employee who makes me feel miserable. You made a choice not to leave the restaurant because of the waiter's attitude, and I think it was a wise choice. I'm glad you ended up having a good time with your boyfriend over the dinner.


ktootree 03/09/01 10:48 PM       RE: waiter rage


 Did it seem like the waiter was just 'talking story' with his co-worker or did it seem like something important? If they were just talking story then that waiter is rude. It's his job to seat the customer(s) as soon as possible. I think you did a good job controlling your emotions by not 'exploding' in the waiter's face. Even though you were upset, you were still able to have some self-control and not let that rude incident ruin your whole evening. Good job!


oshale   03/08/01 12:57 PM                    waiter rage


 I don't know if I am being just a bitch or something but I recall one incident last week when I went to the Chinese restaurant for dimsum. I was fairly in a good mood. As I entered the restaurant, there were a lot of people leaving and all and I looked inside the restaurant, and it wasn't a full house. I saw few tables open on some parts of the restaurant. As I was about to enter the restaurant, the waiter or the host stopped me and told me to wait. So I did wait. I thought he had some purpose. But he was just talking to one of the e coworkers and as i sat there for close to 5 minutes, I looked inside the restaurant again. This time he saw me, and he said, 'follow me this way.' I was so upset. I wanted to leave the restaurant right there. But my boyfriend stopped me. He thought I was overreacting. I kind of thought about my reactions and feelings and I think I was more angered by the fact that the waiter was ignoring us and didn't think we were important enough to give us his attention. I don't know why i felt that way, but i just did. I just felt that he looked down on me or something. Maybe it was the way he looked at me at first or his expression but I felt it. I don't know. But the meal was good, and at the end i did feel like i was over reacting.


AnimalLover 03/22/01 11:56 PM                        RE: SWR# 7: Litter Bug Rage


 I'm glad to know that there are other people out there who get irritated when they see people litter. Whenever I see people throw things out of their car I want to yell at them and report them so they get fined. I'm constantly yelling at people who throw things out their window but they continue doing it, they just call me a psycho but most of them have learned to at least not do it around me. I can't believe how many people think nothing of throwing things out the windows or onto the streets and sidewalks but that's a problem I constantly have to face when I'm spending time with people who don't me very well. I think it's extremely disgusting and sad.


skyblue   03/08/01 3:47 PM                    SWR# 7: Litter Bug Rage


 This week I noticed two people in their cars who littered their trash on the road in Honolulu. The first incident occurred on Nehoa St. in front of Roosevelt High School where I stopped behind another vehicle because the light was red. I immediately saw the teenager open her door and dump a crinkled McDonald's paper bag on the side of the street. I felt my rage building up since I wanted to stick my head out of the window, and call her a litter bug! The second incident took place on S. School St. near Nuuanu Shopping Center where an older man dropped his cigarette butt on the road while his truck was moving forward. The cigarette could've came flying my way! I don't hold anything against people who smoke. However, I believe that these two people are not setting a good example for others to follow and if police officers were there to witness the act of littering, they could've received a fine. I just don't understand why the teenager didn't throw away her rubbish in the trash bin because she could've asked her driver (male) to stop and dispose it at a proper place. On the other hand, in the adult's situation, the guy could've put the cigarette in the vehicle ashtray since he was operating a vehicle. My psychological explanation of the reasons why these two people littered on the road is they probably don't think that others would've noticed their socially inappropriate act or possibly, they don't care about keeping the road litter free, as long as a police officer doesn't give them a ticket, both of them can get away with committing social deviant act.


purple848 03/10/01 3:04 PM                  RE: exam rage


 I spend a whole time given for the exam solving problems, too. If I have 5 or 10 minutes left, I go over the exam. So I feel the same about the people who inconsiderately start talking to the professor as soon as they finish taking the exam. They are being selfish. I know exactly what you meant when you said "it was only 5 minutes or so, but I need that 5 minutes". During the exam, I think most of us have experienced an increasing anxiety as the time passes when taking the exam and struggling to remain calm in order to solve problems. These people who start talking to the professor in the classroom while others are still taking the exam lack common sense. I think it's good to keep a good communication with professors, but they can do that some time after the exam.


snowhawaii 03/08/01 8:26 PM                exam rage


 I had a midterm today.I was sitting in the front and was taking time to solve the questions.I usually take longer than other students. After around 50 minutes,the students started to leave when they finished the exam. But other students including me were still working on. There was a girl who started talking to the teacher, and laughing... The teacher was trying to talk very soft, but the girl wasn't. And I was so disturbed. I was trying to concentrate on the exam, but I coudn't while she was talking. I glanced at her, but she didn't recognize or ignore it. I was really irritated. Why she had to talk in the quiet class room in which the exam was going on as if she and the teacher were talking alone? She finished the exam, but she didn't see others were still working on the exam. Maybe she just doesn't care about others. It was for only 5minutes or so, but I need that 5 minutes, and maybe others too. We're studying psychology, so we're supposed to be more considerate how others think or feel. But I guess she is not.


AnimalLover 03/08/01 11:46 PM            Rage at myself


 I had no rage last weekend at the other cars on the road. My problem was that I decided I wanted a change so I took a different route to work. Well that wasn't a very wise decision! The one day I decide to go this way there was traffic so I started running late to work. I usually have to ride in to work with my mom and I'm so busy that I usually have no time to myself so I look forward to these drives to work because it's sort of my time away from people but having to deal with traffic just took the joy out of it. On the bright side, I still got to work on time so I spazzed out for nothing. I guess I should learn to relax more but I know if I get to work late I'll have to hear my mom (who calls to make sure I got to work on time, by the way)telling me that I'm setting a bad example for the other girls, etc., etc. and she always tries to blame me when we get to work late so I like to get to work early on the days she's off to prove my point that it's still her fault.


virtual-b 03/09/01 12:11 PM       RE: Login Rage!!!


 I think that maybe the guy used a computer on campus and forgot to uncheck the box that says Automatically log me in during future visits from this computer. If he didn't uncheck that box, then the next person who accesses the DrDriving forum site, is automatically logged-in as so-and-so. I guess, it would be okay to leave it checked if it involved his own computer, but using a computer on campus is a different story. Logging in is always involving a risk, because if you don't log-out, you're leaving yourself open to a bunch of ills.


TVR   03/09/01 10:14 AM                     Login Rage!!!


 Ok...I would first like to say sorry to Oshale for writing something that wasn't his. It all started like this. I was trying to respond to a post called I hate Ala Moana and something strange happened.!!! I typed in my respone like usual and then posted it. After I do this I usually check to see if it went through. So, I went back and found that it didn't. I was like, what?????So at this point I was getting a little frustrated and mad because I thought the computer had lost the info and I would have to do it all over again.Anyways, I wanted to finish this weeks posts so I decided to do it all over again. I was typing and typing and then I noticed something. When you look at the top right side of the page it tells you if your logged in or not. Then guess what I seen, it said that I was logged in as oshale. How did that happened? So, oshale sorry.. I don't know what happened!!


Daniel1978   03/11/01 11:21 AM            RE: Sick Rage!!


 Yes! Kill the sick!! Ha! Yous was an amusing posting....unless it wasn't supposed to be funny, then it was very educational. HA!YEs, being sick DOES suck. Everyone at my workplace had been sick for the past week. They went to Boston and brought back some mad cow flu. It's really bad.What bothers me about being sick is that it always happens to me during our vacations. I don't know if this is medically possible, but with school I'm always going non stop. I don't have time to be sick. So whenever we have a vacation, my body knows that this is it's opportunity to catch up on all the hacking and sneezing that it missed during the semester. As much as it makes me RAGE, I know I'd be even mopre pissed off if my being sick during the semester made my grades drop. I find it hard to catch up in some of my classes if I've missed as little as one class! OK. I hope you feel better. See you monday!!!!


gemini-gal   03/11/01 7:23 PM    RE: Sick Rage!!


 Getting sick is one of the worst things. I have a little cold too because of my allergies and not enough rest. I think sometimes we all work too hard and play too little. You know what I mean right? And when you're sick, it happens at the worst time. Like when you have to study for a midterm or write a paper. It totally sucks. I can also be very moody and unfriendly when I am sick. I am less tolerable of anything. It's almost like PMS, ya know? But let's not go there. PMS is another type of rage! HEHE! Hope that made you laugh! Anyway, I think for your sake, now that you got everything off your chest, you should focus on resting and taking your medicine. Sorry to sound like your mom but its the truth. I recommend taking Nyquil and getting as much sleep as you can. Get well soon! Hopefully we'll see you in class on Monday!


Daniel1978   03/11/01 11:21 AM            RE: Sick Rage!!


 Yes! Kill the sick!! Ha! Yous was an amusing posting....unless it wasn't supposed to be funny, then it was very educational. HA!YEs, being sick DOES suck. Everyone at my workplace had been sick for the past week. They went to Boston and brought back some mad cow flu. It's really bad.What bothers me about being sick is that it always happens to me during our vacations. I don't know if this is medically possible, but with school I'm always going non stop. I don't have time to be sick. So whenever we have a vacation, my body knows that this is it's opportunity to catch up on all the hacking and sneezing that it missed during the semester. As much as it makes me RAGE, I know I'd be even mopre pissed off if my being sick during the semester made my grades drop. I find it hard to catch up in some of my classes if I've missed as little as one class! OK. I hope you feel better. See you monday!!!!


shaun56   03/09/01 7:31 PM                   RE: Sick Rage!!


 Hello dear Watson. I just wanted to say that sick rage is terribly hilarious. Not to be rude or anything!! HE HE HE!! But think of it on the contrary to what you have already fixed to blieve. Think of it as a positive. Since you are already sick, you have cut down the chances of getting sick later. Imagine if you were to get sick on SPRING BREAK instead of now!! Huh?? That would surely suck ass. Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is to pull a positive from a negative. And I want you to try this for everything and anything. I promise, it makes a shitty thing feel not so bad. Anyways, to let you go: Get well before our awesome class on Monday. I couldn't imagine class without you! Take care Watson! ~Holmes


ddestrad   03/09/01 1:50 PM                  Sick Rage!!


 As much as we discuss how venting isn't all that beneficial I'm still going to vent, I don't care! I hate being sick and I think I'm experiencing Sick Rage, if that even exists, if it doesn't than we're making it one today. I have been sick for the past four days with a 102 fever and I have this nasty cough to accompany it. When I'm sick I'm not the happiest person, but I don't want to come off as a bitch to people so I keep my distance from everyone to avoid being moody with my neighbors and roomate. Well let me tell you I need to vent because I hate being sick and not being able to sleep and not being able to go out and party, or to feel myself... It Sucks!!!!, If i had enough energy this might actually be called raging but I'm so drained that I am harmless. So I'm basically wearing myself out by typing excessively and thinking about how angry i am about being sick. It's pretty pathetic that I cant' find anything else to rage about except being sick.....So thank you for letting me vent...Have a Nice Day!!


MAX676 03/12/01 12:39 AM                 RE: Dorm Rage!


 I can't f***ing believe that the cafeteria isn't gonna be open, that is kind of ludicrous. It's like, you wanna stay in Hawai'i to enjoy the beuatiful weather, and a week off from school, and they f**k you over. Maybe the dorm correspondance should be considerate enough to explain why the cafeteia is closing over the break. The UH system has the bad habit of never letting the students know what the f**k is going on. Maybe they can't do this because they really don't have a good reason to kick you out of your dorm, and shut down the caf. They should never leave a group of people singled out. You should always make everyone feel like they are appreciated, but frankly the UH system is not very good at that. Anyway, I hope you can find a way to enjoy your break despite all of this.


BC3   03/09/01 4:48 PM            RE: Dorm Rage!


 Yes! I live in the apartments, and I must say that housing is not particuarly kind to us. For example our "convienence" store is only open from sunday to thursday, and then only from 7pm to 1am. I guess people don't need things during the day or on weekends. Don't you hate how the cafe's hours change on the weekend so it is open only 1/8 of the day? We also put in a repair form for the screens in our apartment. It says that the landlord (or RA) must respond within 14 days. Well it got fixed the other day, you'd be interested to know that the date we requested screens (we live on the 2nd floor above the dumpsters) was 26AUG00!!!!


ddestrad   03/09/01 2:04 PM                  Dorm Rage!


 Let me tell all of you how much this school annoys the shit out of me. This school is all about screwing us students as best it can. I live in the dorms and for spring break they plan to basically give us the boot, but they don't set us up with housing... we have to pay to move into another dorm room during break, as if they don't jip us enough. And as if that isn't horrible, they set us up with rooms for $135, but they don't have the cafeteria open, they have the campus center open from 7am -130pm, that's it, so what are we supposed to do, eat breakfast and maybe lunch, which probably wont' happen and then skip dinner, they are all about making money off of us students, it makes me so mad! I cant' stand how everything costs sooo much money!! So us students are either going to starve or spend a ludicrous amount of money to stay elsewhere and survive for the week, and nothing is really cheap here either, everything is pretty expensive. So there is my rage to add on for the day.


BC3   03/09/01 4:41 PM                        So Slow!


 I would have to say that one thing that annoys me the most are people that fail to use turn signals. Those are usually the same people that try to fit their car into a slot the size of a golf cart between two cars. Must they get into that lane right at that instant? That forces the other drivers to speed up or slam on their brakes, neither one of which is a favorite of mine. This happened to me just the other day and I must say I really had to fight the urge to accelerate and close the distance so that person could not switch lanes. But instead I backed off, I guess because I felt it wasn't worth the stress of having to tailgate another car just to see justice done.


virtual-b 03/10/01 10:34 AM                   RE: At circulation desk


 I doubt that she was the only one working at the time. They wouldn't lay off so much responsibility to just one person. I worked in the state library as a librarian assistant, and know that there are always other workers behind the scene that the library patrons do not see. And for the state library at least, there are always workers working at the "on-call desk" so if there was an overwhelming amount of patrons at any given time, other workers could pitch in. I personally wouldn't leave a student worker on his/her own. Maybe the worker failed to ask for more help, or maybe his/her help was lazy. In either case, it is not encouraging patrons to frequent the library again, which is what the library workers are there for.


lavaflow 03/09/01 6:12 PM                    At circulation desk


 I went to the library yesterday to check out the lecture notes. At the circulation desk, I thought at first that there were other people working who I just couldn't see at the moment. But there was only one person working at the time and she was helping a woman. There was no other people waiting so I decided to wait (I don't wait if I see a couple of people in a line because I don't want to be irritated by waiting long). After about five minutes, the person at the desk was still helping the same woman. There were three or four other students behind me when I finally got helped by her. So she was really the only person working at the time. I was frustrated because I usually saw at least three people working but this morning. I couldn't believe it happened in busy morning when most students come and need their help.


MAX676 03/12/01 12:03 AM                 RE: in-class movie rage


 Did anybody see Scary Movie. Your example reminded me of the part of the movie when their was this annoying lady in the movie theater. She would keep making stupid comments, and she was incredibly bothersome to the other people in the theater. Finally, a old lady grabbed the knike from the killer in the Scream sequel, and she stabbed the bitch. Everyone started cheering. Everyone in the theater had a knife, and they all took their turn to stab this annoying women. I know it sounds pretty incensitive of me to use this example, but if you saw the movie, it is all pretty hilarious, probably because it is a remake of what happened in the beginning of Scream 2.


cjn   03/09/01 8:11 PM             in-class movie rage


 This is the second time this happens to me in class while watching a movie. As soon as the movie starts, I could hear the same people talking and making comments about the movie. The first time they were sitting right behind me but this time, they were sitting on the same row. I hate when people talk while watching a movie especially in those circumstances where they aren't obviously not alone in the room. I wouldn't mind those comments when watching a movie at home but this is not home, it is in a classroom full of students. Why do those people feel the need to talk at the same time? I could feel the irritation rising. I tried to calm myself. Luckily for everybody, her comments were not continuous. Now I always dread watching a film in class knowing that that person would be around.


ktootree 03/09/01 9:21 PM                     Friend's Semi-Rage


 Me, my cousin, her boyfriend and a few of our friends went to Fort Shafter bowling alley to go Cosmic bowling. We were put on a waiting list because none of us are in the military, so some of us played cards. The beginning of the rage started during one of the games played. The total rage was released after we left. What happened was my cousin had told my friend to "shut up" during the card game because I guess she was laughing at her. I could see on my friend's face that she was shocked (& maybe a little embarrased because other people were around) that my cousin told her to shut up. At first, I thought my cousin said it in a joking way, but by the look on her face, I don't think she was. Then my friend's face turned to an angry expression, but my cousin didn't notice. They continued to play until we left (after 2 hours of waiting to bowl we left). When we left the bowling alley I got into the car with my friend and she started expressing her self calmly at first, but then her voice got louder. She was totally venting and saying how she just wanted to storm out after my cousin told her to shut up. She said she didn't because that would have ruined everyone's evening, so she had to keep her composure at that time. In the car she kept going on and on. She knew she was getting all frantic too because she even said, "Oh look at me. I'm getting all nuts already." She calmed down after several minutes and we met some other friends at Ana Miller's to eat dessert. I think my friend did a pretty good job of controlling her emotions. She totally 'vented' in the car, but she calmed herself down. It was pretty cool to see someone go through the different stages. She was shocked--then a bit upset, but showed self-control by not exploding right then and there--then let it out by venting--then became self-aware of how she sounded--then calmed down. Everything is okay now because I think she and my cousin talked it out the next day.


JEDI1x 03/11/01 7:15 PM                      RE: Angry bus driver


 Not only is that scary, but if I was in that situation I bet his behavior would arouse irritation in me as well. It's funny how perhaps some people take the bus in order to avoid encountering rage on the road while they are behind the wheel. Instead, they are relying on a public service for transportation. In the other hand, I can also picture myself going up to the guy and asking him to take the other passengers into consideration. They should have a phone or something, or a red button on the bus to alert authorities of any potential danger. That's probably too much huh? Like any other driver on the road, the bus man is entitled to his anger. Rage doesn't care what position or situation you're in.


Daniel1978   03/11/01 11:03 AM            RE: Angry bus driver


 Yep. I hate to say most of them are like that but....I don't know if they have terrible experiences with passangers or if the actual driving causes them to be like that. Or it could be that MISERABLE people are attracted to the job. HA! I don't know! When ever you ask them if this is the right bus to go wherever, they will just give you one word anwsers or a bloody GRUNT! It truely bothers me. THE BUS IS PART OF THE SERVICE INDUSTRY!!! You are serving people. You NEED to be nice to them. THere is one guy who drives the number 4. He's nice so a lot of the passangers say "Thank you" when they get off. For the most part, we've learned that most drivers will ignore our words of thanks. It was VERY bad in Montreal (where I used to live). Montreal is a BILINGUAL province. All state employees are required to speak English and French. When you'd ask the bus driver a question in English, he would ignore you! You'd have to ask him again in French! Of course, they were simple questions and he understood them in English, but wa just being RUDE! Anyway, enough ranting.


ktootree 03/09/01 11:02 PM                   RE: Angry bus driver


 That bus driver must have had a bad day because from your description, he seemed to have had a negative reaction to everything. I would be scared too if the bus I was riding on was being driven by an enraged bus driver. He needs to learn to control his anger, especially on the job because similar to what you said, he is not only endangering his life, but all the passengers' lives on the bus too. The Bus Company should have required workshops that teach their drivers how to prevent road rage and control their anger if they don't already have that sort of thing. People with road rage in cars are dangerous enough let alone drivers of big busses.


purple848 03/09/01 9:51 PM                  Angry bus driver


 I took a bus yesterday. I sat down by the door, so I could see the driver and what he was doing. I don't know if he is like that every day, but he seemed like he had been irretated by something. He was mumbling to himself, and honked impatiently, soon after the light changed to green. When a car passed and came in front of the bus, he raised his right hand as if he was showing the driver of the car that he was upset for being cut in. It seemed to me that the car gave the bus enough space before coming in the lane. When a passenger came to ask him a direction, he was responding rude. Then the same passenger asked him for a transfer ticket, he just said "No." Obviously, the driver was not at his stable state of mind, so I was very scared the whole time while I was on the bus. The bus company should hire somebody who can control his or her anger and drive safely because the passengers put their lives in a driver's hands.


darell   03/12/01 12:46 AM         RE: procrastination rage


 Hey virtal-b,I can so relate to what you are going through right now. I feeling the same exact way. The first two semester of my freshmen year, I played around and messed up my GPA. After that, I realized that I had to work harder at school because I know that my education will be the one to stabilize my future in a career that I choose later on in life. Last semester and this semester, I feel like I am going back to how I was my first two semesters. I don't feel the urge to do my work. I don't have the motivation. I always procrastinate and hesitate doing things because I feel lazy. I am really scared because I was planning to graduate in the summer but I don't know now. It all depends on how I do this semester. The only thing that I know is that I want to graduate from college with a degree, but I don't know when. I really don't want to slack, but somehow it just happens. I guess because it may have formed into a habit.


gemini-gal   03/11/01 7:10 PM    RE: procrastination rage


 Hey, I know exactly how you feel because I am in that same community psychology class and am anxious about our midterm on Tuesday. I too am aware of my procrastination habits and sometimes I do it so much that I get so burned out at certain periods in the semester. Last spring, I used to sleep at 10pm, get up at 1am and study till 4am. Isn't that insane? During that same semester, I would usually stay up till about 2am or 3am to study. I really don't know how I managed to pull that off but I did! Now, I have a hard time staying up that late to study. I guess some people can work best under pressure so they put things off. I am like that but I think the key definitely is time management. If you study a little bit everyday, that really helps because you don't have to cram everything in at the last second. Cramming may work sometimes but in real life, when we get real careers, it won't. I have tried to organize my time better because I'm involved with so much extra-curricular activities this semester. It's a way to keep you from going insane. Take one thing at a time and don't panic! Trust me, I've been there. Good luck with the exam on Tuesday!


virtual-b 03/10/01 10:48 AM                   procrastination rage


 I'm angry with myself for not keeping up with my readings. I did okay on the first exam of my community psy class, and so I eased off in my work. Now I'm not going to be able to read all the chapters that will be covered in the next exam. For some reason, I'm not all here this semester. My mind is wandering somewhere. For the first two years or so of college, I procrastinated every semester. Then, I wised up and altered my studying habits and focus. Now I regressed back to the frosh mentality of blowing things off until the last minute. I'm getting older, I am no longer able to pull out an all-nighter. If I study when I'm sleepy, I frequently find myself reading the same paragraph for thirty minutes. I'm so angry and disappointed with myself. It's this feeling of helplessness and regret that often leads me to bouts of rage. Like it or not, I have to accept my situation because I can't change the past.


meow24 03/11/01 3:03 AM        study rage..


 i have an exam on monday, but i can't concentrate on study.. i still havent finished one chapter yet. i want to study but my mind seem to be somewhere else. i look at the notes but nothing is coming into my head.. i just want to do something else. anything but study..what do i do??? i did pretty well on the first exam, so if i do well on this one, i don't even have to take the third one.drinking coffee has helped me calm down and study before, but its not working either. what's wrong w/ me??does anyone have any advice on how to concentrate on study? i really need to be studying right not tired or anything, its just that my head feels really empty and dull..


Number11BUS   03/11/01 9:28 PM        RE: suicide rage


 Suicide Rage, well, now if you look at it closely, we get angry at those who choose to to dramatically demonstrate to us, or others, that we have not been listening or at least they feel we are not listening (however this translates that they are not talking or don't yet know how to master talking about what is troubling in the first place). I seen quite a number of suicide attempts in my lifetime, each one was dramaticly different in timing, method and successfulness. One thing was in common. The inability to communicate their pain to someone who would really hear them. They are not "doing" the suicide to us, but we are the ones left holding the bag of question. We wonder why, we blame ourselves for not noticing, being there, working it out for someone else--but when you come right down to it, it really takes a professional to work with a suicide attemp to really get to the root of the problem. Just ask you friend to "promise" you not to do that ever again without calling you first. At least that promise may save a life, let an intent be known, or buy time to talk some calm into the friend. Time. Time. Time. The rest is up to your friend. Number11BUS


silverfox2001 03/11/01 6:10 PM             RE: suicide rage


 Yes, this is an unusual rage because suicide rage is an internal rage and it is a kind of rage that is not discussed with anyone. So, it is understandable why your husband is upset and cannot comprehend why his friend would want to commit suicide and leave the people who care about him behind. Also, your husband need to understand that not everyone joined the military for the same reason. There are some of those that joined the military for incentives and they are those that join because of circumstances. One thing I do know is that they need more social worker, counselors and psychologist in the military to deal with issues like this. Second of all there are those men and women in the military that need that extra TLC from a friend, hopefully the next time someone is thinking of committing suicide, your husband will be the one to talk them out of it.


carlisle   03/11/01 8:46 AM                     suicide rage


 Hello there my fellow classmates. Yes, I know this is a strange type of rage. Well, my husband had a good friend that tried to committ suicide on thursday. They have been going through a lot up in Okinawa, being that they are in the corps. But, he is upset because he doesn't understand why his friend would try to committ suicide. There is so many explainations behind why he did yet, there is no reason for someone to take their life and leave people that care about them behind. Some of you guys may disagree. This type of rage resonse is very different from the rest, on the bases that it is combined with hurt. He rages because his friend always talked about, how trying to kill yourself is just a cop out to life problems. On a good note, this friend only took enough pills to make him drowsy, so that he would pass out. And he sliced his wrist enough to only a leave scratch, he is still alive. It was a cry out for help, because when he was found by his Staff NCO the door was wide open. I can understand why my husband would feel so upset and confused. But, the only thing that I could say is, at least you still have your life, and at least you are the type of person to open up. Then the next day after his friend tried to committ suicide another one of his Marine buddies, admitted that he thought of committing suicide once before. My reaction to all of this was, that maybe the Marine Corps is doing something wrong. My husband says that the corps only has weak minded individuals. Yet, the corps doesn't like people to show emotions. My husband is very upset over the matter, but he can not do anything but go on with his life. This whole suicide thing is traumatizing to the mind and very upseting. It makes me scared that maybe one of my close friends are thinking that life is not worth living, and not wanting to talk to anybody. But, it is understanding, people just need to be aware of the warning signs. Yet, even if the warning sign are out there it is not fool prof.


carlisle   03/11/01 8:46 AM                     suicide rage


 Hello there my fellow classmates. Yes, I know this is a strange type of rage. Well, my husband had a good friend that tried to committ suicide on thursday. They have been going through a lot up in Okinawa, being that they are in the corps. But, he is upset because he doesn't understand why his friend would try to committ suicide. There is so many explainations behind why he did yet, there is no reason for someone to take their life and leave people that care about them behind. Some of you guys may disagree. This type of rage resonse is very different from the rest, on the bases that it is combined with hurt. He rages because his friend always talked about, how trying to kill yourself is just a cop out to life problems. On a good note, this friend only took enough pills to make him drowsy, so that he would pass out. And he sliced his wrist enough to only a leave scratch, he is still alive. It was a cry out for help, because when he was found by his Staff NCO the door was wide open. I can understand why my husband would feel so upset and confused. But, the only thing that I could say is, at least you still have your life, and at least you are the type of person to open up. Then the next day after his friend tried to committ suicide another one of his Marine buddies, admitted that he thought of committing suicide once before. My reaction to all of this was, that maybe the Marine Corps is doing something wrong. My husband says that the corps only has weak minded individuals. Yet, the corps doesn't like people to show emotions. My husband is very upset over the matter, but he can not do anything but go on with his life. This whole suicide thing is traumatizing to the mind and very upseting. It makes me scared that maybe one of my close friends are thinking that life is not worth living, and not wanting to talk to anybody. But, it is understanding, people just need to be aware of the warning signs. Yet, even if the warning sign are out there it is not fool prof.


charisseo   03/12/01 3:08 PM                 RE: kid rage


 i can understand the frustrations that you experienced in waikiki with parents and their children. it surprises me how some parents discipe thier children, or should i say, don't discipline their children. the way i see it is that if the parents can not take the time to discipline their own children, who is going to do it? their teacher, their peers? most likely not because it is the parents who have the greatest impact on the children's behaviors. when i think of parents and their envolvement in their children's life reguarding their behaviors or education i surprises me. just the other night i had a conversation with a friend who is a substiutue teacher at a private school. as a regular sub he deals with the same students on a regular basis. frequently he is faced with students who do not want to learn or are not motivated. when my friend gets meets with the parents of these students he gets the same attitude from the parents. in addition the parents, at times, make it clear that it is the teachers job to teach the students. so basically the parents believe that they hired the teacher to raise their children? it's so sad sometimes that some parents do not take a serious role as parents.


silverfox2001 03/11/01 6:18 PM             RE: kid rage


 Like you I love kids, but you have to remeber we live in a society of alienation, self-absorbing and little discipline. Because most parents when they have tried to discipline their children, someone is always calling the cops or child service protection agency on them abusing their children. What you may see as being undiscipline a parent may not see it your way. That they let the child run around late at night. Also, being a tourist, the father and son might be in a different time zone. I don't excused from not apologizing for kicking the ball into you. But we have become a society of tattle telling on everything we see.


snowhawaii 03/11/01 10:24 AM             kid rage


 Again I love kids. But about those who are not disciplined, it's a different story.On Friday night, I was taking a walk with my friend in Waikiki. It was pretty late, around 11:30p.m.There was a kid who was playing with his father. The boy was kicking the football in the middle of the sidewalk, and this parent and child didn't care other pedestrians. So we had to dodge a ball. But this boy faced me with the ball under his leg, and kicked the ball towards me! I didn't even think he was going to kick, rather I thought he's gonna wait till we pass by. We were so close, and I got hit the ball on my leg. It hurt!!! But this kid was smiling and no sorry. His father who was watching this didn't say anything either.Hello!! Your kid just did wrong!! They are not tourists. I wounder how come the father had to take his little son (5-6years old) in Waikiki at night, especially that late. And how come the father didn't teach anything to this kid?The kid is not supposed to play soccer or football where many people are walking. And if he troubles somebody, he has to say sorry. Aren't these stuff common in the world?In Japan, the parents first teach their kids not to trouble others.If they do, the parents scold their children and sometimes phusically punish. It is really important for Japanese not to trouble others, and if do by accident, we apologize right away. But obviously this kid's father doesn't have such an idea, and maybe he wasn't disciplined by his parents either. That's why he cannot discipline his own kid. And maybe this kid has more possibilities or risk factors to become aggressive according to my social development PSY class...


silverfox2001 03/11/01 6:36 PM                         Bothersome Sisters


 If there has ever been a time I did not love my sister it is right now, at this very moment. I have tried to be patient and understanding with all she has requested, however it is now out of control! Here is the situation: I have a daughter that is a teen ager and is gearing up for college life. She has been preparing herself to take two summer sessions this year, plus participate in freshman orientation. She has decided not to go on a trip, we started to plan the beginning of this year. No Problem Here! The problem is not here in Honolulu, it is with my sister, who lives on the outer island, who keeps on insisting that my daughter goes on this trip. I have told my sister countless of times my daughter does not want to go on the trip because of school. My sister, just don't get it! That now she is coming to Honolulu to convince her that she is going on this trip.I am so outraged behind her behaviour I feel like not going on this trip too. I love her, but it is at the point of duck taping her mouth. Everytime, my sister calls here, she gets the whole house in an uproar, that nowadays I don't even feel like picking up the phone.To solve the situation, we feel like telling her you don't even watch your own kids, so WHY ARE YOU WORRING ABOUT OUR DAUGHTER! LET HER PARENTS WORRY ABOUT HER.There are times sister's need to butt out.


Watashi_No 03/13/01 6:24 PM   RE: Drivers in California


 I haven't experienced driving in another state besides Hawaii or even another country for that matter but I think that drivers everywhere do need to be more courteous to other drivers. I understand that it is a really stressful time, and people may want to get home, or get to where ever they want to go, but it only takes a second to thank someone for letting them into the lane. I know when I'm driving around and I switch to another lane, and the driver in another car seems to be speeding up so I couldn't get into his/her lane I wave a short wave and it seems like the driver backs off. Maybe that is the secret, even though the driver may not have wanted you in their lane, just give a short wave and maybe it would catch them off guard and actually think twice about tailgating and/or getting angry. When people come right up to the back of my car trying to pressure me into going faster I just stay the same speed limit. Sure I do get mad and start getting angry but I wouldn't be so mad if the driver slowed down and went into the other lane. I know it's not his/her fault, but I can't stand people who come right up to tailgate and I look in the rear view mirror and the driver is getting angry.... ESPECIALLY when there is another lane and it is clear. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that your friend who was driving didn't have too much road rage. There is too many cars on the road and not enough road space for everyone to be happy, but we all drive and it shouldn't be a problem, hopefully. :)


leis 03/11/01 10:14 PM             RE: Drivers in California


 Actually, I am supposed to drive in California during this spring break. I have never driven except Hawaii. So I have been wondering whether I can drive well or not there, because I have often heard that there are many rude drivers on the mainland. Your comment helps me figure out what will go on there during my driving. I will take care of myself. Thank you for sharing your experience!


gemini-gal   03/11/01 6:54 PM                Drivers in California


 Last weekend, I was in San Jose, California visiting a friend. I noticed that there isn't much traffic there because there are so many interstates and highways. However, when we were on our way to Oakland, we encountered some Friday afternoon traffic which was a little reminiscent of Hawaii's Friday pau hana traffic. Anyway, we were trying to get on the freeway and almost missed the on-ramp so we had to signal to get in the the left lane. I didn't think we were in the way but someone on the right side of us honked his horn as he was zooming by. We weren't even in his way! That was irking. When we finally made it on the freeway, we encountered more rude drivers. Some were slower than the flow of traffic, some just cut us off and others were just too busy talking on their cell phone to even notice. Our driver was pretty annoyed by everything and I told him to ignore the minor irritations and he did good by not saying anything. I would've had to lecture him on his aggressive tendencies if he kept on cussing everyone. The congestion was pretty bad until we got to the carpool lane. We took off and said aloha to all the other drivers in the other lanes. It was smooth sailing from then on. I'm not saying that all California drivers are rude. There are rude drivers all over the USA! Anyway, it would be in everyone's best interest if they enrolled themselves in a class like ours. Unfortunately, that's not gonna happen. So just do your part and apply what you learned in this class to your own behavior and others' on the road. Wishing you good driving.


rie2001 03/11/01 10:02 PM        RE: boyfriend rage


 I have similar experiences as you guys, too. As my ex and I got really close, we started treating each other freely, and it got too far. I had never got mad at anyone as I did to my ex before, and I had never treated nobody harshly as I did to my ex. I was so frustrated!! I was totally raged, and I think so he was. I knew that I have to cool off but I just couldn't control myself at all. That was pretty scarely for me that I sometimes felt I can do anything to make him understand, literally anything, even if it is physically and emotionally abusive to each other. Of course, rage didn't give us any help. I broke up with him because I didn't want to see myself being totally raged and out of contorl. I don't want to go through this again. I can't give you any good advise because I still don't know why I was so upset and I could treat someone that harshly. I definitely learned something though... rage not only hurt people around me but also hurt myself really bad.


gemini-gal   03/11/01 7:35 PM    RE: boyfriend rage


 Your post presented some really serious stuff. Thanks for being comfortable and trusting enough to share your personal info. I think that love can make people do stupid, crazy things that could cause so much hurt to others including ourselves. I am not saying that you are stupid, just the act was stupid. It's really scary and I know how it feels to get into an emotionally intense and verbal battle with a boyfriend. My ex and I used to get into those really heated fights once in a while. I am glad that you guys worked everything out and no one seriously got hurt. I think the key is communication because your rage might have been a source of keeping things bottled up too long and you just snapped. If you take care of the little things and don't let it add up by talking it out in a non-threatening way, fights like the one you had should decrease. Sometimes its okay when you guys yell at each other but being physically abusive or using objects to get your point across is too risky. If you feel like you are about to explode or ready to throw something, take a deep breath and walk away from the situation. Cool off and regain your perspective on things. Your mind is too cloudy when you are enraged so take a time out. I've learned from my past relationship that its not worth getting so angry and bitter because the more times these things happen, the more its gonna take a toll on your relationship and no one will be happy in the end. I really don't mean to sound preachy. It's up to you if you want to heed my advice! Good luck!


JEDI1x 03/11/01 7:23 PM                      boyfriend rage


 I just had the most horrific fight with my boyfriend a couple nights ago. I don't even know what started it. What is apparent is that we were physically and emotionally abusive towards each other, and at some point I grabbed a pair of scissors. No, I wasn't going to hurt him. And we've made up. What I'm in awe about is where the impulse came from. Why did I pick it up? Could I be capable of actually hurting him? It's really scary, and I never want to be in that kind of position ever again. Is rage and love derived from the same source?I think that there is some whack connection between the two. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I think that if we are capable of love, we are surely capable of rage. I agree that rage is a serious issue and that we need to take great measures in controlling it. But I can't remember a time when I could control my love either. It reminds of how powerful such emotions can be, to the point where you are no longer rational and the beast comes out. My god, what if we were fighting in the car?


Number11BUS   03/11/01 9:50 PM                    Cops and Light Poles


 Hey Gang, The four police officers on the way to Honolulu at 4:30 in the a.m. from Kailua that got dumped over a light pole that was on the ground. Now it seems to me that those light poles may be on state property. It know the poles are not secured with a guard rail on each side like the others in the median strip. There are three of them for sure, there may be four. You remember the light poles that were being replaced because a number of people have had them fall into traffic in the last 4 years from corosion and rust? Well, now, maybe there was not "dark colored vehicle that knocked the pole down and ran away" Have you heard any 911 tapes of when it was reported to have been knocked down? Seems to me the reporting is scant, the police are injured and getting to the bottom of this is really important. Only a few days before a tree fell across both sides of the Pali in the same area...did that disturbe the poles at that time, or did one of the emergency vehicles "bump" a pole that was later brought down by additional high wind? Yeah, Yeah. I know, this is a type of conspiracy theory...but........ I continue on with what happened next in posting News8 and the MustangNumber11BUS


Number11BUS   03/11/01 10:07 PM      News8 and the Mustang


 A Black Mustang was closing the distance behind us very fast. It caught up and began tailgating all the way up the hill of the Pali on the way to Honolulu. We had an opening to move over to the right lane 400 feet from the first tunnel. The Mustang shot past and changed lanes between the cars 3 more times racing up the hill--then as we cleared the first tunnel I was aware of the reflection of red tail lights in the second tunnel ahead of us and ahead of the mustang. The mustang changed lanes again into the fast lane and then quickly back to the right lane. One more time he/she darted into the fast lane. Then we were on top of the site of the Cops and the Light Pole incident. That mustang hit the brakes so hard it fishtailed and everyone in every car behind went into defense mode. Brakes were squeeling, tires screaming--I was holding the "frady" bar and moving my feet to the side of the well--a real crash was about to take place. Wonderful drivers here in Hawaii...great recovery! News 8 was on the right side of the road. Six Cops were on the left side of the road and NO ONE was alerting traffic, directing traffic, or signaling in any way that this crowd of people were gathered on the side of the road around a downed light pole. The time was no longer 4:30 a.m. It was 8:30 a.m. Now I must remind everyone of the wave effect of a traffic incident. The Cops and the Light Pole were still to be having an effect four hours later. News8 got great shots of the pavement and a good scare as vehicles were suddenly eating up the pavement and approaching the grassey areas they were standing on. The Cops on the spot were about to climb over the guardraid to avoid being struck. The traffic must have gone from 50 mph to 5 mph in less than 150 feet--and a lot of this had to do with the mustang that was whipping by, changing lanes, and grabbing all the drivers attention's. The focus was on the mustange to be alert for his/her (tinted windows) actions--the mustang nearly caused yet another incident--more cops, more cars, more people may have ended up in Queens. The Mustang was not a "usual" in our driving crowd. Remember I've said we have a driving community? Well, I like the skills of my driving community very much. We worked very well together. Number11BUS


Watashi_No 03/13/01 6:38 PM   RE: parking lot rage


 I remember when I used to go to another college, and the class times that I had were the peak hours for the one parking lot the school had. Usually, when it was raining especially, the parking lot would be really crowded and the cars would be lined up waiting for parking spaces. I don't know how it was for you, but usually to save the whole parking "lane"(which means that any parking space in that one lane) a driver would park their car in the beginning of the "lane" and wait there. If the lane were two ways, the direction you were pointed in, one side, was "reserved" for you to get the parking space (unofficially of course). Sometimes one person would park at the ending of the lane, and one would park at the beginning, and kind of split the "lane" in half. But anyway, I know people if their next in line to get the next open parking space, people don't usually back into another car and take the next available space. Don't get me wrong, I did do that a couple times and got into heated arguments with other people, but usually people don't do that, they wait for the next available parking space in front of them. You do what you want though, there isn't a law or anything (that I know of anyway) that prohibits a driver from taking any parking space they want.


rie2001 03/11/01 10:29 PM                    parking lot rage


 I just experienced a parking-lot rage last night. My friend and I were waiting for a parking spot at some restaurant in Kapahulu. We were waiting for about 15 minutes. Another car came into the parking lot, and waited behind us. One guy came out of the restaurant and approached to his car. The spot, about to open, was located in between my car and the car behind. My friend and I thought, of course, this is our turn to get next open space, so I started my car blinker. Right after I parked my car, another spot became available, and the car behind us parked there. One couple got out of their car and came to us, and said " I think you are so rude". My friend and I were so surprised. We didn't know what he meant. He said " That was our space. You weren't supposed to back into our car like that. That was so rude". We were waiting first, and I would be upset if the guy took our space. He kept saying how rude I was. I thought HE was rude. He kept staring at us while we were eating. I felt disgusted!!


leis 03/11/01 11:38 PM             Personal Daily Cycle Rage


 I have been upset my daily cycle and myself. . I usually get up at 9:00AM on weekday and around noon on weekend. Then I go to bed at 3:00 am or 4:00 am, which is almost morning, every day. So I usually go to school with 3 or 4 hours sleep. During the classes, I feel so sleepy and dizzy. After I come home, I need to take a nap. When I get up from a nap, it is almost evening or night. I feel it time to call it a day. However, I have a lot of things to have to be done, for example, homework, preparation for the next classes, reviews, cleaning, cooking for dinner and lunch for me and my husband. I also go to my husband office to pick him up at midnight by car. We eat dinner around 1:00 am. After the dinner, I start to study again until going to bed. I have kept such a life for a long time. I like studying, cooking, cleaning, and driving. The problem makes me upset is the cycle! Now, I feel bad in my healthy. For example, it easy for me to be irritated by something, It is hard to concentrate on something, it is easy to feel stress, and so on. I want to change this terrible life to a healthy life. However, I also get upset myself, because I have been not able to leave from such a daily cycle.


shaun56   03/12/01 5:02 PM                   RE: baller rage


 You know what the problem is..... Every damn kid nowdays is trying to be "cool", you know. What's uup with these kids. I think they'd be a lot cooler if they'd just be themselves. I remember in highschool when everyone was trying too hard to be soooo cool. I didn't even change a bit about myself. I think the more people change, the more identity they lose. To me, the best is to be yourself, and be yourself always. Don't wear a mask or a costume, you just looking stupid. You hear me bro????? ~ later


MAX676 03/11/01 11:53 PM                 baller rage


 I went to shoot hoops at the park near my house early this evening, and I saw this one dude that looked familiar so I said what's up, that's when he said 'do you wanna ball with us,' and I said 'that'd be be cool.' I went over to their court after they finished their little game of one-on-one. The three of us started playing a game of 'twenty-one', which is a half court every man for themself game. The dude that I knew took the first game, so we started the second game. I started off really well in the second game, and I think they were getting a little afraid of loosing, because one of them said 'I'm geting kind of tired lets just f**k around. These where the kind of kids who need to feel respected by everyone; I don't know, maybe all the rap music is going to their head. They need to feel proud about themselves, and can't handle it when they are going to lose at something. They always need to look cool at everything they do, and are afraid to show any type of weakness. I don't really understand it because if you lose a basketball game, that is not a weakness, it is part of competing. I mean, you don't just pull out of a game because you are afraid to lose.



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