Chapter 9 Taxonomy of Microdescriptions on the Daily Round

[9.1] *Definitional

[9.2] *Notation Systems

[9.3] *Instructions for a Full Outline of a Functional Analysis of the Daily Round

[9.3.I] *Explanatory Notes: My Vita

[9.3.II] *Explanatory Notes: My Talk

[9.3.II.1] *Introductory Remarks

[9.3.II.2] *The Functional Analysis of Talk

[9.3.II.2.1] *Format of Report

[ -2A]: *The Analysis of Topic

[ -2B]: *The Analysis of Argument Logic

[-2C]: *The Analysis of Sequence

[-2D]: *The Analysis of Relationship

[-2E]: *The Analysis of Setting



[9.3.V] *Explanatory Notes: My Daily Round Setting; My Standardized Imaginings; My Community of Relationships

[9.3.III-V.1] * Introductory Remarks

[9.3.III-V.2] * The Functional Analysis of Talk

[9.3.III-V.3] *The, Functional Analysis of Community

[9.3.III-V.4] * Further Notes on Entry Format with Examples from the DRA

[9.3.VI] *Explanatory Notes: The Sociograph of my Environment

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