Research into the interlinks between biodiversity patterns, processes, threats, conservation and human welfare


Global environmental issues and conservation
Assessment of the environmental and anthropogenic causes of biodiversity loss and the social -economic conditions and future scenarios for sustainable development of humanity on Earth.
Click here to see students projects: short one minute TV commercials outlining students attempts to transfers scientific knowledge on environmental issues to the general public

Methods for analysis in biogeography
Hands-on course on the methods to describe and interpret spatial patterns in biodiversity and the underlying effects of environmental and anthropogenic factors. The course follows the entire process, from acquiring data to writing, required to publish a paper in an international peer-review journal.

This is a novel field course proposed for the summer of 2012. The idea is to travel a 1000km stretch along the Caribbean coast of Colombia to explore the different ecosystems and the impact of difference human cultures. This landscape has everything from rain forests to corals, from deserts to snow mountain; all of it under human dominancy from different ethnic backgrounds (i.e. native indians, blacks and anglos). This particular part of Colombia is safe and a common destination for travelers worldwide.