Research into the interlinks between biodiversity patterns, processes, threats, conservation and human welfare

Increasing public awareness on environmental issues
One of the greatest challenges of our generation is to prevent the loss of biodiversity; we are not only causing the loss of species at rates only seen in previous mass extinction events but we are also tampering with the functioning of ecosystems and a large number of biodiversity goods and services. Triggering action to effectively alleviate the degradation of biodiversity requires, however, better appreciation, by the general public, of the current biodiversity crisis. Below you will find some of our efforts to communicate science to the general public as well a TV commercials by students in my conservation course.

Introducing biodiversity loss

Students TV commercials
These are short videos by students in my conservation course about communicating key elements of the biodiversity crisis.

Class projects of 2015
Class projects of 2013
Class projects of 2012