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The timing of new climates

Climate change is a topic at the junctions between science, the public and the economy and thus it is not surprising that any new discovery can be of high general interest but just as much highly politicized. Unfortunately, the extent to which these discoveries can generate positive changes is often constrained by attacks on the science and/or individuals credibility. What a better way to avoid unnecessary debates than by being transparent about the results. Here we show a case example of the temporal trends in one of the 39 models analyzed. Data for all models can be downloaded HERE

The projected timing of climate departure

Points indicate the center of the cells for which climate trends are available. Given a size limit in the number of placemarks allowed by Google Maps, only 10,000 random cells are shown. Click on a given point to see the temporal temperature trend and the projected timing of climate departure from recent variability. Displayed here are the data from one out of the 39 models used: the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace Earth System Model CM5A-MR (under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5). The values given on the graph are for this model only as an example - they are not the multi-model averages reported in the paper. Raw multimodel average can be found HERE

NOTE: The trends shown in this interactive map are just for one out 39 models. If you want to see the avarage timing among all models, please get the data from HERE

Download all figures and kml files HERE