Research into the interlinks between biodiversity patterns, processes, threats, conservation and human welfare

The University of Hawaii is a vibrant place with experts in many fields, plus it has many amenities close by; the perfect place to develop top of the line research while enjoying life!. Please contact me to learn more about research opportunities if you are interested in becoming a part of my team as a graduate student or postdoc.

Camilo Mora Camilo Mora

Research interests: biogeography, threats to biodiversity, global conservation assessments and methods for macroecology

Contact Information

Office Phone: (808) 956 7093
E-mail: cmora {AT}
Faculty Office: Department of Geography Office 413
Address: University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2424 Maile Way Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 USA


GEOG 302 Global environmental issues
Assessment of the environmental and anthropogenic causes of biodiversity loss and the social -economic conditions and future scenarios for sustainable development of humanity on Earth.
Check students' one minute TV commercials outlining environmental issues

GEOG 309 Introduction to biogeography
Study the distribution of living things in space and time by exploring and discussing current ideas and theory regarding patterns and processes on the distribution of life on Earth.

GEOG 710B Methods for analysis in biogeography
Hands-on course on the methods to describe and interpret spatial patterns in biodiversity and the underlying effects of environmental and anthropogenic factors. The course follows the entire process, from acquiring data to writing, required to publish a paper in an international peer-review journal.