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Find out what's going on during the month of October and how people are making a difference.


Dara Carlin, a victim of domestic violence, shares her experience. Click on photo to view slideshow by Kimberly Yama.

Raising awareness for domestic violence

By Kimberly Yama

October is not just about costumes and candy, it’s also a month of getting involved in raising awareness of domestic violence. One in every eight women will suffer from breast cancer; one in every five people suffers from a disability and one in every four women suffers from domestic violence.

“For domestic violence awareness month we actually do lots of different activities to raise awareness, to get students to think about ways that they can help and be involved,” said Christine Quemuel, the director of the University of Hawai’i Mānoa Women’s Center. The Women’s Center is helping with a number of events during this month.


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57-year-old Yoellah Yuhudah crafts a bowl in her ceramics class. Yoellah said that art helps her cope with her ADD and numeric dyslexia. Click on photo to view video by Meghan Lopez.


Disability month recognized at UH

By Meghan Lopez

More than 49.7 million Americans report to have some type of a documented disability, according to the U.S. Census, and 1.9 million of them ages 16-34 are currently enrolled in school.

In order to accommodate for such a large mass coming in to the public schooling system, federal mandates have been put on colleges across the nation requiring schools to provide services to disabled students.

At UH, the Kokua program began in 1966, nearly 22 years before the first ADA act was introduced to Congress. The program acts as a gateway for students with a variety of disabilities to attend classes.


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