October: a month to be aware

One in every eight women will suffer from breast cancer; one in every five people suffers from a disability and one in every four women suffers from domestic violence.

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Sex offenders in Hawaii

With over 2,500 convicted sex offenders in the state of Hawaii, people in the community should be aware. Students at UH Manoa are more cautious after some recent incidences involving sexual assault.

Crave greens

Crystal Thornburg and Dave Homcy, an inspiring couple living on the north shore of Oahu who particpate in eco-friendly projects.


Preparing for the real world

From October 6-10, UH Manoa’s Career Development and Student Employment hosted a series of workshops for employment-eager students.



Chinese art exhibit honors culture

A rare collection of over 300 costumes from ethnic minority groups throughout southwest China has made its way to the University of Hawaiʻi Art Gallery.



Blocked walkway at UH dorms

Construction on a walkway at the UH dorms stopped for months, creating a roadblock for disgruntled residents.



Friday farmer's market

Now hurry and get to the University’s Campus Center early Friday morning so you can have your pick of The Market’s lot.



Possible economic backlash

College students have yet to determine what impact the nation's current economic turbulence will have on them, but some are already feeling affected.




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