Cycle Manoa advocates healthy living though bicycle riding

On-campus club shows there's more to bike riding than an easy communte to campus.

By Steven Tonthat

With fluctuating gas prices, students today are looking for new and healthier ways to commute to and from campus. One group on campus is looking to promote healthy living as well as a fun and easy way to ride.

"Cycle Manoa" is a registered independent organization that advocates healthy living through bicycle riding. According to Cycle Manoa founder and graduate student, Daniel Alexander, the purpose of Cycle Manoa is to raise awareness to the benefits of bikes both healthfully and spiritually.

"Transportation takes up a good amount of our time," he said, " and if you're spending that amount of time doing a physical exercise, it just promotes a healthier lifestyle."

Alexander originally formed the club as a way for a community of bicyclists to get together, but soon realized that there could be more.

"we developed this community which brings people and they end up contributing in the mechanics section," he said. "But at the same time it's also a social setting."

The club was first formed in early 2008 and are funded through support from the public and ASUH, Sustainable Saunders and K-VIBE. The club operates out of a small garage on Maile Way. The garage, said Alexander, is where the members repair and refurbish used bikes, which are doneted to them by members of the public. So far, they've repaired and refurbished over 200 bikes.

"We get bikes from donors and then repair them," he said. "After ... we resell them back to the students at an affordable price."

The club also holds free repair clinics every Thursday at the Campus Center courtyard from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Earlier this year, the club held a special bike sale where they sold all of their refurbished bikes within 45 minutes.

"We originally had six hours over two days," said Alexander," But the bike sale got so popular that we sold all of our products within 45 minutes of the first day."

For Alexander, Cycle Manoa is more than just a club advocating bikes. Alexanders said he sees a huge potential for the club to really promote healthy living and sustainability.

"We have three words, 'Advocate, Educate and Ride,'" said Alexander, "And that's what we aim to do with our club."

to learn more about Cycle Manoa, visit their website at:



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