Students voting for change

By Irene Green and Kendra Jones

Never before has America seen a presidential campaign of this magnitude.

With the economy facing disaster and many young people fighting overseas, college students have a lot to consider when choosing who to vote for in this upcoming election.

Graduation is just around the corner. For many that means preparing to face life in the real world. Suddenly college students have to think about whether their degree will land them a career with a reliable, financially stable company. Soon, they might also face applying for their first home loan and having to decide which bank to go through, given the lack of economic stability.


Several students at University of Hawaii at Manoa said they are looking for leadership in the next president. Whether democrat or republican takes the seat at the white house, they want somebody that can make decisions that benefit Americans and carry those decisions out with competence. Josh Duhaylonsod, a senior at UH said, “Well first and foremost they have to show leadership capability, being able to persuade the nation that what they are doing is worth getting behind. The whole nation, not just half or half depending which party you may claim for yourself.”


The economic crisis has taken the spotlight over previous areas that were of concern. Students are worried about rising cost of tuition and how the state of failing banks will relate to their loans. Junior Nick Young said, “The current economic crisis… is obviously going to affect a lot of student loans and how we are going to be able to run on credit.”

Students also want the next president to be cautious of environmental issues. Some feel that Bush ignored the problem for too long and caused us, as a nation, to miss precious time that should have been used making a difference. Duhaylonsod said, “I would love an environmental president who cares about the planet, helping global warming, helping out with the safe climate act.”

The deadline to register to vote is October 6th. UH has set up various registration tables throughout campus center, making it quick and easy for students. It is important for everybody to exercise his or her right to vote in this historic election.


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