Weekend Rains Returned to Hamilton

By Irene Green and Rachel Pacarro

Since the 2004 flooding at Hamilton library there have been two more incidents where Manoa rains have damaged both the building and books. The most Recent episode took place Sunday, October 26, 2008 to the roof of the second floor.

“The old roof was gone and so there wasn’t much protection and then the debris clogged the drains so that the water ended up staying on the roof. So when I came in that morning, there were a couple inches of water standing on the roof,” said Alan Grosenheider, Hamiltons assistant librarian.

Approximately 1,000 books were splattered with water because of poor roofing conditions, Grosenheider said. Although the books were not damaged, they were all taken into preservation and later returned to the shelves.

Industrialized strength fans worked to dry the many books, while students studied throughy the noise. Although some students were bothered by the inconvenience, others said they were not.

“Personally I don’t think that it has affected me that much, if not Hamilton, than maybe I’ll go to Sinclair but mainly I just use it for a quiet place to study as far as information, I can use the Internet pretty much throughout the whole campus so access to references and information is not too bad for me,” student Noah Chun said.

The cost of repairs at the library estimated at about $15,000 covering supplies such as dehumidifiers used to pull moisture out of the air and prevent mold outbreaks.

“The most important thing is that we have a disaster response plan and that we know how to implement it, so we are ready for those emergencies when they happen,” Grosenheider said.


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