Economic crisis hurt Chinese tourism in Hawaii

Hawaiian tourism dropped almost 20 percent 2008

From late July to September 2008, the number of Chinese tourists coming to Hawaii dropped to a third of levels earlier in 2008. A lot of Chinese tour guides choose take vacation during this period.

China is the biggest potential tourist market in the next few years,” Ma said. Since China started to implement the reform and open policy, more and more Chinese people experienced the charm of outbound traveling.

Chinese tourism is almost the major vender in the Hawaii’s local tourism industry.

The global economic crisis has hurt tourism. The tourist population in September dropped 20 percent compare with the same month last year.

“After 911 events, Americans changed their travel interests,” said Mark Ma, a general manager of local tour agent Golden Seagull Tour Inc.

Ma shared his experience of more than 20 years working in the local tourism market. He said: “Hawaii takes the advantage of subtropics climate, suits the traveling way that the American likes”.

On the other hand, the Phuket islands’ formerly security problem helps Hawaii attract international tourists. more But rising of oil price has cooled down people’s desire of travel.

During the past year, rising aviation fuel hurt the economy. Aloha, ATA and low cost US Airline Skybus5 also shut down.

Hotel activity turned downward in April, shortly after the abrupt demise of Aloha and ATA airlines, two carriers that accounted for roughly one-sixth of the number of airline seats from the Mainland.

Hotel occupancy in outer islands fell to their lowest level in more than 10 years. Occupancy fell at all types of hotels.


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